Having problems with your 1995 Lexus LS 400 ?

Can someone narrow down my options as to which pulley is most likely to make my fan belt pop while i was driving on the expressway at 70mph

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Answers :

Most likely I would say is the tension idler or the largest pulley
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Can someone narrow down my options as to which pulley is most likely to make my fan belt pop while i was driving on the expressway at 70mph

Most likely I would say is the tension idler or the largest pulley ... 1995 Lexus LS 400

Had car running went inside store and when i came out the car was making a weird slapping sound so i hurried up and drove the car home. When i popped the hood i saw a belt all ripped up its directly on the left side of the engine, of a 95 geo prizm. Other then the ssound of the broken belt the car seemed to be driving okay tho i only did go about a half mile or less. Just trying to determin if its something like the surpintene belt which would be the worse or hopefully a fan belt

I believe you only have 1 belt on that car unless you have a/c then you have 2 \015\012\015\012go to auto zone they give pics with directions on changing belts ... 1995 Geo Prizm

Got into the truck yesterday and it was making some noises LIKE a squeeling fan belt, but it wouldn't subside with time as squeely belt typically does. Got out, popped the hood (engine still running).....noise DOESN'T quite sound like a sqeely fanbelt (as I would expect w/ hodd up, etc.) There is a tiny bit of rattle in the fan......way back when I had a '77 Toyota P/U, when the water pump went out, the fan had a lot rattle in it. Would the '03 rattling fan be indicative of a failing water pu

Park your car overnight and put a large white piece of paper underneith your car. In the morning check the paper. If the paper is wet with liquid, you could have a water pump leak. ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

2001 Bonneville makes awful noise when fan for heater/ AC is on. Its like a rapid popping noise that gets louder as the fan is turned up to a higher speed. It's too obnoxious to drive with the AC on and too hot to drive without it. Please advise!!

... Cars & Trucks

Clutch fan? i was told the cluch fan , would make it sound like a tractor trailer, fan stays engaged until 10 min of driving , do you think that is the timing belt tensioner?

No the fan that is used on most vechiles is called a viscus fan , it operates from the heat from your radiator, when you first take off the fan stays engauged because the liquid inside is cold and thick , causing a lock up in the fan, this is normal. ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

My engine continues to idle high while driving sounding like a school bus...I was told it's the cylinder fan and now it's starts to make this squeaking noise which I too was told that was my serpentine belt...

Your engine cooling fan clutch is defective, have a shop look at it, the noise from the belt is caused by the huge resistance of the defective fan clutch, that is why the roar. ... 2002 GMC Envoy

Whirring noise I have a 2001 S60. It is making a whirring, pulsing, squeaking noise under the engine. Sounds kind of like an old sci fi flying saucer. It takes the noise 5-15 minutes driving time to begin from a cold start. My mechanic friend (doesn?t do Volvos) put his long screwdriver to his ear in various locations to try and localize the noise, but to no avail. My first guess was a water pump, pulley, or fan belt, but the noise isn?t specific to those areas.Once it is warmed up, the idle chu


I have a 1993 M marquis when i start it up it doesnt want to idle at first and i have to press the exhilarater if i try to start off right away it has now power it will make a popping sound . once i get it driving it will somtimes pop and ill get a serge of power . after the car heats up it drives fine most of the time but still lacks power at times like on hills and such . i was told it could be the egr valve whats your opinion . when the car is running right it runs and idels like brand new ju

Its the groove under the Airhorn gasket. There are 8 bolts and a ten dollar gasket to change. This groove supplies the exhaust to make the EGR and the sensors work correctly. Just take off the Airhorn behind the airfilter ductwork and scrape out t ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

Hi all. My '97 jeep cherokee sport wont turn over and makes a sound like a car with popped timing belt. The day before it overheated and the oil pressure gauge began fluctuating(which it never does). Fluids did not help the next morning. Also makes a popping sound when I press gas while trying to roll it over. Please help. Also. Does this car have a timing belt or chain? and if so, where? I amusually good at working on it but this one has got me.

An engine with a failed belt or chain generally just spins much faster than normal when cranking. Since your engine overheated, I'd check the wires, cap and rotor to make sure all are dry. If coolant got inside the cap, it will cause cross-fire ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

Timing belt i replaced the timing belt got the car to start..first problem...it started but the drive belt tensioner wont stop moving now and it is making a knocking noise everytime it bangs ...second..the car wont turn off when i turn it off it will run for like another minute or two...third i have a broken throttle position sensor..will replacing the throttle position sensor and the drive belt tensioner fix my problems...or did i not time the engine right when i changed the belt..keep in mind

You obviously need to replace your TPS, and you may need a new belt tensioner as well. On these cars the timing belt setup is not about no 1 cylinder being top dead center. Here are the proper steps to do a timing belt on this vehicle:\015\012 ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

1994 Camry started making a loud noise like belt squeaking, got louder when air was on, then it stop making noise then air only blows hot, I opened hood and belt was loose when I moved the belt a part fell off which appears to be maybe a pulley? Car starts but the belt does not move, would it be safe to drive to car repair shop?

The short aswer is No. You run the risk of creating more damage than you currently have. Hope this helps. ... 1994 Toyota Camry

2005 elantra gt - I live in Philly and the temp is about 20. I was out driving and a noise started. It sounded like a belt or the fan. I turned off the fan and the sound stopped. 5 minutes later I turned the fan on and the engine cut off. I drove it home, looked under the hood and the belt seemed fine. I turned on the fan and the engine shut down right away. What's going on ???

Sounds like the altenator failed and you just made it home on the power in the battery. Check or have the altenator checked. ... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

Replaced serpintine belt & fan belt, started car up & ran fine & when I put top back on it started making noise like a bearing or something realy vibratin. I losend the belt of but it didn

You need a trained tech to listen to this noise, see the local dealer. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1999 1.6i Focus makes a horrible squeaking sound when started. I almost certain it's the fan belt, as friends have also advised me. Had a pal check for a loose pulley but apparently it's all tight, I'd really like to know how to tighten then fan belt or how else I can stop the noise?

Try spraying some preferably graphite on belt or wd40 ... 2000 Ford Focus

When i turn on air con the pump makes a sqeeling noise just like when your fan belt needs ajusting could this be the moter bearring or its oun fan belt i would be most gratefull for a reply,roger.

Your belt has an automatic tentioner.So it sounds like you need to replace the motor. ... 2000 Land Rover Range Rover

My 99 Plym Gr Voy started to overheat. I added water to the water reservoir and radiator. It seemed to be fine for a week or two, then the fan belt broke. I had that replaced. It started to overheat again and the car makes a noise that sounds like an animal is crawling inside the engine or something like a vacuum suction sound. I checked under the hood to make sure no animal was in there but noticed the water reservoir was empty. I filled it but in a few hrs the water was gone. I am finding a wa

Check water pump and all rubber hoses make sure they are tight fitting with no damage . ... Cars & Trucks

The AC system is making an purge noise not sure if when the compressor kicks on the belt slips or what because it only does it while driving not at idle. In the cab windows up sounds like purge widows down sounds like belt slip. Also does it when in defrost mode fo a split sec. each time compressor kicks on.

The belts dont generally slip if the tension pully is working .. since its likely that yours is slipping then that usually damages the belt .. check the tension pully to see if it operates properly .. make sure the belt is under proper tension .. ... 1999 GMC Sierra

Recently my timing belt and cam balance belts both broke as i shifted into 3rd gear at prolly 25-30 mph i replaced them both making sure all the notches and tdc marks were where they were supposed to be but now the cars idles real rough but seems to drive smooth when accelerating its seems like the timing is off or a plug is fouled but like i said seems ok when accelerating its one thing after another im going crazy with this car and would really appreciate any information about this.. thanks, m

When your timing belt broke it's likely that a valve got bent from being out of time and hitting a piston. The first step is to do a compression test and see if you have one or more cylinders low. ... 1992 Honda Accord

This morning, when i started my vauxhall corsa (S REG, DIESEL), black smoke came out of the air vents. The car was making a funny noise like a fan belt slipping, the battary light was flashing on and off. I must admit that the weather was rather cold and before hand the raditor was leaking and i forgot to put anti-freeze in. I've now taken the vehicle out for a test run and the car seems fine, the fan belt is on and working correctly. ANY CLUES ANYONE ????? THANK YOU

Sounds like your waterpump was frozen causing the belt to slip on the pulley.Fit a new belt[check it for glazing and cracks] and fit 2 litres of antifreeze in to a flushed cooling system. ... Volkswagen agon

I have a 2003 Chevy impala and last week driving to the store I heard a loud pop didn't think much of it I went into a drive thur and my car started to smoke so I pulled over and looked under the hood everything seemed to be normal had my uncle come look at it tried to start it and it was like my steering wheel had lock on me come to find out my belt broke ok fixed that two days later got a tune up and 2 days later which is today my belt is broke again and my power steering is out what could be

The reason the belt broke was not found yet. Most likely you have a belt tensioner issue or a frozen pulley. ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

I have a 1997 Ford Thunderbird. Upon turning the ignition key the cooling fan turns on and the car will not start. There is nothing you can do to make the car start until the cooling fan turns off which takes about 5-7 minutes. Once the fan shuts off, the car will run and drive for as long and as far as you like. Once you shut it off and go turn it back on, the cooling fan turns back on and will take 1-2 minutes before the car will start, once the cooling fan again shuts off. It also seems

... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

I replaced the clutch fan in my 2001 rodeo,manual tranny, but the problem is still there, the fan is always on, it sounds like a tractor trailer, the fan will go off after 10 min of driving ,when you get it up to a high enough rpm, the water pump and timing belt were replaced (supposibly) when i bought the vehicle, why does my fan stay engaged ?

Usually two types of clutches available,one engages with heat,the other is rpm controlled. The thermal clutch will stay quiet until the engine temp gets too high. Centrifical clutches seem to make more fan noise. ... 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

My 94 Civic EX is over heating when I'd drive on the freeway above 80 mph(not much above) for a few miles and then slower the speed(like coming on to traffic jam). If driving locally or maintain less than 70 on freeway, then it's fine. Minor traffic jam is okay, too. Fan works, radiator, timing belt and water pump has recently been changed. No loss of coolant if driving normal city speed. However, if the heat does go up(cause of driving above speed), the coolant is significantly loss. I ch

You need to install a lower temp thermostat. and check the timing too far advanced will also cause this problem ... 1994 Honda Civic

Where is pcv valve on 2006 audi a4 2.0T?? My car started making a whiste noise when I started the car the other day and it sounded like the fan belt. But today it didn't do it at start up but when I got home it was noticed that it was whistling in idle and continued for several seconds after the engine was turned off. It almost sounded like it got lounder then shut off like a balloon you let the air out of and it kind of peaks then stops. I bought this car used, it has 70K and it's had a lot of

... Audi Cars & Trucks

My isuzu trooper 2001 - When I stop at a red light at first starting to drive. I press the gas to go on green but it feels like it wants to go but it makes a popping noise as if it going to shut off and sometimes the tires spin but then it is okay for the rest of my drive and this only seems to happen when I first start to drive at the beginning of my trip or when I am starting again say for instance on my way back home.

Hello and welcome to FixYa!As a first course of action, I strongly suggest that you remove the spark plugs. It can be corroded or full of carbon that's why it hesitates on the first take off. If it's full of carbon try cleaning it. If it ... Isuzu Trooper
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