Having problems with your 1995 Lexus GS 300 ?

My 1995 gs300 tank is leaking gas, there is a rubber seal that connects the gas line to the tank and the ruuber seal is crystalised, where could i get this rubber seal from

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Answers :

1995 LEXUS GS300 3.0L 2997cc L6 MFI (J) [2JZGE] DOHC : Fuel/Air : Fuel Pump Tank Seal
\015\01214.99$ FROM ROCK AUTO.COM
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My 1995 gs300 tank is leaking gas, there is a rubber seal that connects the gas line to the tank and the ruuber seal is crystalised, where could i get this rubber seal from

1995 LEXUS GS300 3.0L 2997cc L6 MFI (J) [2JZGE] DOHC : Fuel/Air : Fuel Pump Tank Seal \015\012\015\01214.99$ FROM ROCK AUTO.COM ... 1995 Lexus GS 300

I had to get a new gas tank on my car because someone had put flour in my tank messing everything up. now my problem is the new gas tank i got from a used part store cut off the hose that i needed to connect to the car and already got rid of my old tank. i need to know what i am looking for. the measurement is one inch on one side and one and a half on the other and about a foot long. can i just get any kind of fuel line from a part store. any help would help.

... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

I cant get my 1984 nissan sentra to start im getting gas thru the fuel line up to the carb i connect the fuel line to the carb & nothing the gas wont flow through the sensor lite comes on at the dash cluster but i dont no what sensor it could be i just dont no & im getting so mad plz help thx

Good day, try to check the spark plugs, ignition coil, i hope this tip will help you. ... 1984 Nissan Sentra XE

Just picked up 2000 vw beatle with bad battery,car turns over fine with new battery, is not getting fuel, is there a fuel cut off switch like the fords? is fuel pump in tank or frame rail on passeger side,car reads full tank of gas, could computer be telling pump not to run. spray statrting fluid in breather car runs then cut off. unhooked 3 lines going to fuel rail and noticed no gas coming out when turning motor over, could fuel pump be that cloged up.

Sounds like and imbolizer problem "anti theft" call the dealer they can walk you thru the reset procedure ? ... Volkswagen Beetle

My 95 Pontiac Bonneville is not getting gas I've checked the fuel pump fuse, the fuel pump relay under the passenger side and replaced the fuel filter. Is there anything else that could cause the gas not to pump or should I take the gas tank off and inspect the gas pump? Also is there away to check if the gas pump is bad. All I know is that there is no pressure in the gas lines and that no fuel is getting to the injectors. Thanks in advance.

What you need to do is have an assistant turn the key on (not try to start, just turn the key on) while you have the gas cap removed and your ear down by the gas tank fill tube. When they turn the key on you should hear a whirl only for 3-7 seconds. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville


There are two place that you can get a replacement tube for your Jeep --- one place is the Jeep dealer, chances are they will have to order it and that could take a week or so to get, plus the dealer will charge you a lot for the part.\015\012 ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1988 ford 150 4x4 with a 351 windsor, I had a gas link in a back tank after dropping the tank to fix it and putting in a new fuel pump im not getting any power to the pump, I have power to the gas float in the tank, have tested with wire tester and found that I have no power at inertia switch and according to mine repair book the switch is connected to the fuel pump relay but Im having trouble finding the fuel pump relay to test weither I have power there. what could be causing this p

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I have a 1986 Chevy Nova and it sat for 5 yrs and there was a quarter tank of bad gas in the car. What the best way to get all of that nasty stuff out of the lines and gas tank without having to drop the tank? Also I changed the fual filter and drove it some then checked it today and it was full of rusty colores stuff and tar like stuff. Could you please help me out.

You need to remove the fuel tank and have a \015\012radiator shop drop it in their tank to clean it\015\012and pressure test it for leaks. ... 1986 Chevrolet Nova

My 1990 dodge caravan wouldnt start when I returned to it. It sarted to and now it just cranks over. I get spark and I primed the throttle body and got it to fire. I checked for fuel delivery by removing the hose from the fuel filter facing the gas tank and cranked it over. No flow. Could there be something blocking the flow inside the tank and if I blow air through the fuel line back into the tank will it damage the fuel pump diaphram. Also is there another fuse besides the ASR that could aff

The fuel pump rela is located under the hood, driver side, front side of strut tower, rear of \012headlight, mounted on inner fender well.However I do suggest jumping the fuel pump to see if pump turns on. Test voltage from ECM if needed. ... 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan

Air problem i have a vw sharan 1.9tdi on a r plate i cant work out why my fuel filter is always empty and i have air getting in have checked all pipes and no cracks or leakages in them but connected to my fuel line by my tank is a little filter with wires connected what is it and could you give me a clue to why im getting air mixed with my deisel

You actually have to bleed the filter sometimes to get the air out. try that. ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a broken brake line above my gas tank and I can not find a diagram to show me if the line runs straight across the tank or if there are other connecting lines above the gas tank that I can not see. I have a 99 dodge grand caravan. Do you know if there are any other connecting lines that met above the tank of is it just a connecting line for the back tires only? Or where I might be able to find a diagram of this vehicle?

... 1999 Dodge Caravan

1972 Chevy small block, 350. no gas getting to new fuel pump, no kinked lines, quarter tank of gas. Glass fuel filter is empty.

... Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1981 Toyota 4WD with a 22r engine. Truck has been sitting up for about 8mos. I purchased it and got it home. The only way I can start if is by pouring gas in carb. I have replaced all vac lines and put in new accellerator pump diaphram. I got all of old gas out of tank that I could and blew out the fuel filter. Every once in a while I can get it to start without pouring gas in carb. Barely touch gas pedal and let off when 1st starting. I need help/.

Check the fuel pump, maybe it is not working. if you put a new accelerator pump, I wonder if it's same as the fuel pump. if so, maybe you need to rebuild your carb, clean the small fuel line in the carb, something block there. ... Toyota Pickup

On a 96 Corsica V6 3.2 Liter. Trouble with a gasoline leak. The metal gas line where it meets with a rubber line is leaking. How is this repaired. The metal line seems to have a flare on it. Is there a special connector for this? What is a way to repair this? Could you please also tell me where I can get a pictorial of the fuel system. Thank you

This is crimped fitting. You have two options. Replace the whole line or cut the fitting off the steel line. You can remove the crimped fitting by cutting it down both sides. Then pull the hose from the line and remove the rest of the fitting. You c ... Chevrolet Corsica

My 2000 Elantra is throwing a p0441 code . I've replaced the gas cap & Evap purge flow solenoid . I cleared the code but it came back again ? Whats next , could the fuel pump seal on the tank be leaking or something with the fuel tank pressure sensor ? My next step is a smoke tester to find a leak in line or tank .

... Cars & Trucks

How do u get the gas line coming out of the bottom of the tank-- off? Do u have to take gas tank out to get to it?

Remove trunk floor and the intermediate shell, work from trunk area should help you. ... 1977 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC

Had a hole in hose connecting the gas tank and the fuel line I fixed that and the car still wont start it will turn over but it sounds like its not getting gas to start it

Your car need to build up enoug pressure in the line and the tank for the Fual distributor to work properly. The distributor not working right is what you are experiencing. Are you sure the fix is proper?\015\012Let pay attention to the pres ... 1995 Ford Escort

I replaced the gas tank on 1997 gmc sevana and now I can not start the car, I was wondering if I could get the gas line diagram or something please.

Turn the key on and listen for the fuel pump to turn on. It should turn on for about 3 seconds. Do not crank the engine, You may need to open th gas cap and listen or get under the van and put your ear to the tank. If you cannot hear the pump then ... 1997 GMC Savana

I have a chevy 3500 express. When it rains the truck wont start. I removed the electrical connection on top the tank and it had moisture on it, i removed the moisture and the truck started. I sealed the connection with rubber sealant. The next day the truck would not start again. I replaced the fuel filter the day before i fount the moisture. I checked the spart at the plugs and i'm getting spark.. I have 230 thousand miles on the truck when i bought it used. Do you think i need a new fue

... 2000 Chevrolet 3500

I bought a 1989 XJ6 and noticed that trunk was full of gas from a leak that seams to be coming from the bottom center of tank. Could it just be fuel line (seals) or a hole? The owner said he never had that problem, yet he hadn't driven it for some time. I guess my question is ,,, is there anything I should know before attempting to pull tank out to locate leak?

Yes there is some think you can do before you pull the tank\015\012Clean and dry the trunk check the fuel line and tank were the leak come from\015\012And just be care full this is real gas that you talking abo ... Jaguar XJ6

1984 BMW 528e: Fuel is not getting to the injectors. I replaced the fuel pump in the gas tank (which was bad) but I am still not getting fuel pumped out. I followed the fuel lines and noticed some sort of contraption under the trunk before it went to the charchol cannister. What is this? Could it be the source of my problem? Craig Shadburn Glendale, California 818-247-5068 [email protected]

Correct me if I'm wrong but does your car have 2 fuel pumps, one in the tank and one in the line? I might be confusing that with a Volvo. Here's a link to an in line fuel pump for a 528e. Scroll down or search for 528e when you go to the website. ... 1984 BMW 5 Series

I was dirving a 98 Beetle when sudenly the engin quit after driving through some water in a rainstorm. I had no acceleration and come to an abrupt halt. I tryed to restart but could not get it restarted eventhough the engine turned over. Then I checked the fuel line and nothing came out when I cranked it with more than 3/4th tank of gas. could the fuel filter be the problem? The check engine light came on but every oil, fuel and coolant were at reasonable or max leavel.

Sounds like you got water in the distributor and on the plug wires they need to be dried off ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

What could be wrong with a ford f-150 that turns over and gets gas but wont start? we have tryed pulling the fuel tank out and checking the fuel line and changing the ignition swith?

Did you look at the ignition control module located on the distribitor this will prevent you from having any spark if this is shot. ... 1991 Ford F150

1997 chevy mailibu doesnt start all of a sudden it turns over it just seems to not be getting any gas. I can hear the pump turn on in the tank with my key. Its been pretty cold it could be frozen lines but its only 5 above outside...not that cold, any suggestions

I had this same problem and there was an electrical problem in the ignition cylinder. I replaced the cylinder and the problem was solved. Searching the internet, you'll find that the early malibus have a problem with the ignition and the theft contr ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

Cant Get Gas From tank To CarbuetorWas Wondering If Fuel Filter Is Along The frame is Pluged.disconect fuel line to tank and hook up l;ine to 5 galon gas can under hood fires the 6 cylinder right know hook back up to tank cant get gas to carb, any help thanks Tim [email protected]

... 1986 Ford F 250
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