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My car will not start, jumper cables did not work, help me! :)

\015 I tried jumper cables, and it still wont start. When i tried to start it, first it made a quiet sputter/farty sound, and then nothing. I have no power to the lights, locks or horn. No gauges register, no nothing. :( I think it may be the battery - when i tried to start it the first time, i saw the alarm lights were flashing (no horn though) when i got out. i just dont know.Please help me!!! I just spent $400 to replace my broken water pump, all i can hope is that this might be a frugal fix. Thank you! :)\015
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Answers :

They don't always charge right up......sounds like you need a new battery....
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Thank you for your help in replacing the fuel line in the 96 Corsica 3.2 The tool for replacing it worked fine.but now the car wont start. It was working fine before replacing the line. I loosened the hose clamp on the return line and gas does drip out. I didn't try the input line. Is there something that I have to do to start the engine after the fuel lines are replaced? I have tried it over twenty times, with jumper cables on to save the battery. Please advise. Thank you

You need to get the fuel pressure checked.It can be checked at any local car garage.Also you yourself can get the fuel pressure tested.A fuel pressure testing tool is available at local auto part stores.Also its available for rent at autozone service ... Chevrolet Corsica

My car will not start, jumper cables did not work, help me! :)

They don't always charge right up......sounds like you need a new battery.... ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Cannot start My ford 1999 Ford escort was working fine Sunday but on Tuesday afternoon the engine would not start. Thinking it was the battery, I utilized jumper cables but even after 15 min it still would not start. The ''check engine'' light remains illuminated. when I attempted to start it again, it did not even make a sound. I replaced the battery and the alt this past summer. Please help me out here before I dump more and more money into this car.

Have someone turn the key to start it... and smack the starter with a hammer... if it starts it's the starter needing replacement\015\012 ... 1999 Ford Escort

I have a 96 chevy blazer v 6 . it is hard to start. cold or warm. sometimes it starts when i crank the engine with quick turns of the key. if i hook up a set of jumper cables to another car it starts immediatly with no problem and runs fine. the battery is not dead when i do this. i even bought a new batt with higher amps. still no good. jumping it always works and it runs fine. is it possible to be a weak coil and the extra battery power gives it more spark power. dont know please help.

Cejck the primary and secondary resistance of your coil - you may also want to check the voltage drop of your battery when your starter soleniod is engaged as well. If the tarter soleniod is starting to go it will pull too much current. ... Chevrolet Blazer

My daughter has a 1997 Nissan 200sx. She left her lights on and her battery died. Her cousin tried jumper cables but put them on wrong the first time. He did succeed in getting her car started but most of the electrical things in the car such as the radio,tach, speedometer,windows and flashers did not work and after about 3 miles her car died again. She is stranded and needs a quick fix. Any Help would be appreciated.

A large fuse is blown close to the battery...40 or 50 amp....took out the alternator and several other things...since you know the reverse jump took the fuse out you can jump the fuse with a large gauge wire (jumper wire) and get it going or ...get t ... 1997 Nissan 200SX

My girl has a 1994 beretta 2.4 manual shift.for the past month she goes to start her car and it wont do nothing the electrical all work engine dont make a sound . other time you can turn the key and it will start right up over and over but after it sits a few hrs nothing. hook jumper cables up and she fires right up so she has replaced the battery the altinater but still doing the same thing please help

... 1994 Chevrolet Beretta

Hello I have a 2002 Saturn sl2. Wife left lights on at work and tried to have it jumped. It started and ran real ruff for a few seconds then died. The man helping her for some reason switched jumper cable positions and his battery sparked to high heaven. Now the car will crank but no start. I'm not getting spark or fuel and I've already changed the ignition control module and the cps. Fuses and relays good and checked the resistance on the coils and their fine. I tried to read any trouble codes

OUCH! sounds like by reversing the polarity the "good Samaritan" blew out your ECM. Unless you can replace it yourself you might want to call a place that will tow it for free to fix it ... 2002 Saturn Sl

When i turn the key I hear 1 click and that is it. It doesn't try to turn over or start. The door buzzer and all the lights work which is why i was thinking it might not be the battery but i kept it connected to another car yesterday for at least 30 mins with jumper cables and it didn't help. I am headed to get another pair of cables just in case and try again....any other suggestions???

Sounds like a bad ground. Check all the wires from battery, paying attention to wires on the starter. If your lights dim when trying to start, it is at your battery, clean your battery connections. Bad batteries do strange things. Local auto store wi ... 1995 GMC Safari

Accidently hooked up jumper cables backward while jumping discharged 2002 chrysler sebring lx...after noticing the mistake, the cableswere switxhed and the car started but the radio no lionger worked....how do i find out if its the fuse or did I ruin the radio....PLESE HELP.

... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

When i put the jumper cables to the front of the car the car has power then i put the cables to the battery the lights will turn on but when u turn the key back to lock and then to start the power is gone nothing i could let the car sit and charge for hrs but will not start . The starter is newand so is the alternator they both have been checked and are good .pls help

Year make and model ?And you are saying you can not crank the engine even with jumper cables ? ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 94 saturn sl a month ago my car died in an intersection i tryed to jump start it with jumper cables but when it started smoke was coming out of the engine back around the engine i ripped the cables off and the car died again leading me to think it was an alternator i replaced the alternator and my car was working good till a month later i was driving a long trip when the charging light came on and all electrical went dead before i was forced to pull over on the freeway could this probl

Could be a bad battery and alternator, the alternator should still be covered. But the battery will need to be replaced, and make sure there are no short in the electrical system. ... 1994 Saturn Sl

I have a 94 saturn sl a month ago my car died in an intersection i tryed to jump start it with jumper cables but when it started smoke was coming out of the engine back around the engine i ripped the cables off and the car died again leading me to think it was an alternator i replaced the alternator and my car was working good till a month later i was driving a long trip when the charging light came on and all electrical went dead before i was forced to pull over on the freeway could this proble

It is possible that you got a defective alternator, but it sounds like you have another problem. Of course, you should check that you have +12V on the field connection of the alternator as well as the battery terminal. I think a more likely explana ... 1994 Saturn Sl

2002 Toyota Corolla S. Replaced battery this morning, drove car 6 miles. Engine tachometer jumped twice while driving, them engine stalled. Tried starting car, engine tries to turn over but will not. Hooked up jumper cables and tried jump starting. This didn't work. Car battery not the problem. Did not smell any gas fumes while trying to start car, did not hear fuel pump trying to prime. Any suggestions?

Look for a lose connection at the crank shaft sensor. This is a signal needed for obtaining tachometer as well as turning on the fuel pump. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

Own a 2005 ford 500. recently had front and rear pads replaced at 93k miles. Several days later warning lights started on startup ABS etc. Several days later unable to start car, battery drained. Jumped started car and used it througout the day without problems. Following day, put key in ignition, all abs lights, repair logo etc were on. Also, radio, started without any help and cd player started initializing. Unable to start without jumper cables again. Mechanic says battery is draining but

Firstand foremost,this snota problem for a echanic tooodagnose. Ifurbatery isdrainng, u shouldcek to cifur charging system is functioningproperly. Ifur ABS lite iscoming on, probaly during dis-assemby, something went wrong witur sesors. check it out ... Ford Five Hundred

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse won't start. Came home from work parked the car no problems at all. Few hours later went out to leave and it won't start. Just out of the blue. I was able to jump start it. No noice when I tried to start, but when we tried to jump start it there es clicking noise only when jumper cables were attached to both cars. Got home and now it won't start again.

Battery is dead... get a volt meter, jump the car and with the car running on its own power check the voltage, anything less than 12v could point to an alternator but a new battery is a better place to start. put it to you this way if the car shuts o ... 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 1989 Cadillac Seville with a recurring starting problem. Car starts fine, but if you do multiple stops thereafter and try to start again. It will not start unless is either boosted off with jumper cables or you let it sit for an hour or so and then it will start. We have checked out starter and replaced it, so that is not the problem. It seems as if the starter is getting hot and won't work until car cools off. Very frustrating.

If a jump works, then it is not the starter, but the battery.But if letting it sit works, that makes it sound like the alternator is not charging right.Put a voltmeter across the battery.You can get one at Harbor Freight for $3. ... 1989 Cadillac Seville

2003 ford mustang will not start all of a sudden. The only lights that work are the interior lights. It is a GT convertible, V-8. When I try to start, there is a dim noise of fluttering, but no attempt to start. Lights, radio, nothing works. I tried to jump start, still nothing, not even a glimmer it would start. Weird, it has never done this before. I appreciate your help. Oh, and battery cables look great and clean. I owned the car for 4 months, and it has 46,000 miles. Thanks!!

Check the ground wire to the frame or the engine. the will look good but not getting a good ground. no matter what you do even jumping it wont work. i have had the same problem with a ford e150 replaced everything come to find out it didnt have a goo ... 2003 Ford Mustang

2005 mazda six. car working fine one day next day not starting and charging system warning light flashing. started with jumper leads. next day not starting again. battery replaced now security indicatore light flashing(engine immobiliser???) car won't start. help

When ever a batter this new goes bad, it is either because it is not being charged, because there is something wrong with the charging system, or there is a constant drain even when the key is off. To check the latter, with everything of ... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

1997 nissan maxima problem alternator was bad I replaced alternator two weeks later battery died I figure it was old and needed to be replaced replaced battery,worked for a few days then battery was drained. Nothing seemed to be left on, like lights or anything.when I jump start the car it started fine but using a meter i can see if I took off jumper cables the voltage would start at 13.4 then slowly just start dropping until the car would just died. Any suggestions. the alternater was a refurb

... 1997 Nissan Maxima

My 1994 BMW 318i cranks over but doesnt start. I was able to get it started once with jumper cables. I have also noticed that when the car doesnt start the power door locks dont work when i turn the key in the door, and also my sunroof wont work. The battery is brand new.

Is the battery fully charged and if so you may have a bad starter..Good Luck!!! ... 1993 BMW 3 Series

Started car and drove car 5 miles. Gas gage went from half full to empty. Car hic-uped and did not start when I tried. I tried jumper cables, but no help/

Fuel pump went out ... 1998 Chevrolet Metro

My ford festiva has been runnin great for the past 3 yrs and alternator light flashed and alternator went out i parked my car puller battery cable off and went in house for couple hours went back out to leave and i had to put jumper cable on my car and only had power to headlights no where else PLEASE HELP!!!! NEED CAR FOR WORK MONDAY Thank you for reading

It is your main fusible link. It is located in the center of a block of 3 fusible\012 links located in the engine bay on the front of the drivers side strut \012tower. Usually it is corrosion. You can usually unplug the lInk ... 1990 Ford Festiva


Fortunately, this is more than likely a faulty battery. Take the battery down and have it load tested. You will probably find that it has shorted internally. I highly doubt that it was caused by you(unless you hooked the battery up wrong, but that us ... Toyota Corolla

My friend and i tried to jump start my 92 civic. I connected the jumper cable correctly. But my friend connected it opposite. Dont ask why because i really didnt know why he did that lol. Anyways, had a big spark so we diconnected it fast. So the car cant start. No lights whats so ever. I checked all wires and and fuses and it looked ok. We cant jump it and stuff like that. Help me someone...i dont have money to get another car. Battery is good bcuz i used a multimeter.

Usually it'll just blow a fuse, did you check all the main fuses also? in the engine bay. Check those first. Also the cables are probably shot, your going to have to use a different set. ... 1992 Honda Civic

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. Last night I jump started a friend's car. The jumper cables were connected wrong. We saw smoke and instantly disconnected them. I drove home fine, but this morning my car won't start. It has gas, the lights and radio are working fine so it's not the battery (is it?). I keep hearing my main fuse may be blown. How do I know? About how much/long wold that take to correct this problem?

Did you see the smoke before or after you jumpstarted the car? if it was before the cables were hooked up incorrectly and with the switched polarity it can not only kill your battery but also computer components. if the smoke was after the jump start ... Nissan Altima
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