Having problems with your 1995 Isuzu Rodeo ?

Battery light keeps comming on

\015 The altinator has been checked, it is fine but something keep scausing the battery to drain down.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You have a short/grounding out issue or if you have the lead style battery terminals any sort of crack in them will drain the battery as well.
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2005 matrix battery light keeps comming on changed alternator same problem checked voltage from alternator reads 15 to 16 volts then goes down to 14 light goes out then voltage goes back up light comes on,tried two more altrnators same problem,battery ok also daytime light stop working when light is on,disconnected daytime same prob,need help

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My battery light keeps comming on and off when i turn a corner or back up some times pops on and off when driving change starter 1 month ago after that the light has done this

The brushes in the alternator are most likely going out,have the alternator replaced to solve your problem.If this was at all helpful,please rate,thank you. ... 1992 Ford Taurus

Battery light keeps comming on

You have a short/grounding out issue or if you have the lead style battery terminals any sort of crack in them will drain the battery as well. ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

Battery keeps going dead after a few days. Replaced battery, replaced alternator. Red battery light stays on in dash at night after vehicle is shut off and locked. Next morning, battery is dead. After replacing battery and alternator, Tahoe doesn't want to idle smoothly or at proper rpm range. Idle keeps shifting up & down, and when ever you stop at a red light, engine dies if you don't keep your foot on accelerator.Also, keeps blowing fuse for door locks.

Take out the fuse for the door locks. Then see if the battery still goes dead. If it does not go dead, then you know the electrical circuit that has the short. You could just leave the fuse out, not have power door locks but at least the battery woul ... 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

Yes, my battery light keep comming on, and then goes off why is that

Possibly your alternator is failing or your battery needs to be replaced. ... 1998 Lincoln Town Car

Battery light keeps comming on - 2001 Kia Rio

Failing alternator or battery. Using a volt meter, check the battery voltage across the terminals with the engine running. If lower than 13 volts, then replace alternator.I'm assuming the alternator drive belt is adjusted correctly and th ... 2001 Kia Rio

My reverse lights want work.disconnect ground from battery and hooked test light clamp to negitave battery cable and tuched prong of test light to negitave battery post. while ignition swich is off the test light is off, when egnition swith is on test light is on. while ignition switch is on pulled every fuse one at a time and test light stayed on. battery is 3 weeks old. keep blowing 25 amp fuse. no power at tail light where harness connects to blub.

When testing for a draw on the battery. If the key is in the off posistion and the doors are shut etc. The test light should be off. When the key is on the ignition system creates a draw and the light will come on. So if the test light is on when eve ... 1990 Ford F150

I recently replace the battery in my 2005 Ford Mustang GT. After I installed the new battery the green light for my dealer installed alarm keeps flashing even when I am driving the car. I went to the dealer and asked how to reset the alarm so it wouldn’t keep flashing when it was turned off and while I was driving the car. The Tech told me to push the button under the dash and the green light should also be a button and to push it at the same time. I told him the green light is not a button, on

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Hello, i have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.9l gas. the problem i have now is that i had lights left on for a while and killed my battery. had it boosted and seemed fine.went for a drive it keeps stalling if i don't keep the gas peddle down a little to keep it running.i asked a mechanic,he said battery may still be low,take it for a drive to charge battery to reset it.i did and same problem. never had battery load tested yet. could this be my problem? dead battery? pls reply. tks.

Yes, have the battery checked. If it was nearing the end of it's life, it may be time to replace it, as the lights left on drained it completely, and it's not re-charging enough due to it's already poor condition. You can get it tested for free at ... Dodge Ram 1500

95 Ford Crown Victoria. Battery light came on. Bought a new battery. After driving for awhile battery light cuts on and off. Radio, heater, and lights keep cuting on and off. When I step on the gas after sitting at a red light, the lights come back on then cut off. My car has not cut off yet. Is this wiring, alternator, or something else?

Wirring you have a short some where major like in the fuse box distrabution block or you alternater wire is lose you need to check all wire for lose plugs or shorted wire ... 1995 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 2003 Mazda protege mazdaspeed the battery light keeps coming on already changed the alternator and battery and all the belts but the light keeps coming on

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The passenger airbag alarm keeps beeping and we just tried to start the car. It has been sitting for about three weeks. The battery was dead and all of the lights came on. We hooked it up to the battery charger, but the passenger airbag light stayed on and the alarm keeps beeping

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I have a 1996 Buick park avenue....when I start the car and start driving all my interior lights keep either flashing or stay on....when I turn off the car and get out and lock it up the interior lights keep on coming on and off and sometimes it stays on...so I have to discconect the battery after I use my car everytime...or my battery dies.... help me pleeeeaaase

This is caused by a defective door ajar switch, it is located on the door latch and there is one for each door, the best thing to do is have the dealer scan the body control module and he can see on the scan tool which switch is the problem one. ... Cars & Trucks

I charged the battery but it did not even go around the block when it died. now it will not start but the head lights shine bright and everything else works. when I try to start it it just clicks until it completely stops clicking like it cannot get a spark. the battery connectors and cables are old and keep corroding a blue colored substance around the terminals. what could the problem be? also the emission control light keeps coming on but i cannot find the reset button. it is not where the ma

First off, the cables with blue corrosion. This is most likely caused by a poor ground. Fords ground at the block and the frame. Look on the right side of the engine towards the bottom for a grounding strap. Remove clean and replace it. As for not st ... Ford Ranger

My 2001 oldsmobile alero will not start, I put gas and it would not crank over. Then the security light started flashing so I turned the key to the on poistion and was waiting 10 minutes and during that time temperature gauge moved to hot the fuel guage went to empty my battery light and oil light went out and my battery completely died. Got a jump lights started functioning fine but security light was flashing and it happened again. I cannot start it either because the security light keeps flas

You have to leave it in the on position until the light stops flashing and then turn the car all the way to the off position then start it it works everytime for me make sure your radio and everything if off so it wont drain your battery ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Battery light I have a 2005 RAV4, my battery light keeps coming on and off. The alternator is still good when I got it tested and the battery is also still good when tested. When I turn the car off and turn it back on, the light goes away but then comes on again. I've cleaned all the wirings and the grounds also. What could be the problem?

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Please help. I have a 96 toyota camry le that keeps dying on me. At first the battery light came on and then shortly after the car died. We had the alternator tested and it was bad so we put a new one in. So now the battery light still comes on. It will come on for a few minutes while I?m driving then switch off, then on, then off, then on. When the battery light stays on for an extended period of time, the car eventually dies on me while I?m driving it. We took the new alternator out and had it

You need to get someone who knows how to use a Multimeter. It is a device that registers how much voltage, is present at your battery when your alternator is charging. Anyone can use one of these tools and they are cheap to buy, just add some AA batt ... 1996 Toyota Camry


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My 1999 plymouth neon will not keep a charge. The battery, alt., brain, and battery terminals have all been replaced at the same time however the car will not keep a charge and the battery light comes on when driven about 1/4 mile and the car is completely dead. Also, when charging the battery it will not take a charge unless the battery is unhooked from the car.

It is the alternater as the alternater is responsable for charging the battery when the battery need charging.It should run you about 60 dollars fro the alternator plus about 50 for the labor ... 1999 Plymouth Neon

My 04' ford taurus check charging system light keeps coming on, I have replaced the alternator and a new battery but light keeps coming on???

Thee wire that does back to the battery runs to starter. check that wire ... Cars & Trucks

My 99 cougar stick shift V-6 2.5 is acting up the Battery light keeps coming on if i dont shift Before 3 Rpm the light goes off or if i do 60 the light then goes off i think i need a new alternator does any body Know hats wrong or had this problem????the out put dosenot drop it just losses power every time the Battery light goes off this is when i reach 60(or when it feels like doing this)also would having a lose or old belt make this problem??

Hi:\015\012I would definitely have your alternator checked out. The battery light means that the car is running off the battery, and not the alternator,. If you can or know someone who can remove it, most auto parts stores will check it out for ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

91 Ford Tempo gls manual transmission battery keeps draining the machanics say its not the alternator has replaced battery 2x have a radio/cd player in it. I take the face off and a light keeps flashing constant could this be the problem. I dont know what to do 2 batteries already had to jump it yesterday.What could be draining the battery if every macanhic says its not the alternator?

You need a draw test done on the car to start to diagnois the problem.it can take a few days to find the problem and should be done by a tech that knows how to check for electrical draws as its not an easy job to do and if you don`t know how to do th ... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

When I was on a trip, the alternator broke down an I keep going with the battery itself as i got home battery was almost dead. it was acting strange by the end I was 70 miles per hour but actualy it was running 30. I replace the alternator and and battery but when it is on and turn on ac, lights, and radio the voltage keeps dropping from 14 to 12. I replace alternator and battery again but still it is happening the same. What could be causing it and how can I fix it. Thank you in advance,

You have to get the battery fully charged. after running with alternator going out it drain the battery get the battery load tested after it charges. if it does the same thing .replace it. ... 1996 Chevrolet Astro

The diodes in the alternator stuck burning the large plug. i replaced the alt. then immediatly started having the battery to run down if left setting for more than 12 hrs. ive replaced the battery the alt. plug, tested the fuse block 1 at a time,the work light under the hood, trunk light, retested the alt. and batt. and cant find the draw with a fluke meter or a snap-on test light what else can i do? ive had the ac com. unplugged,checked these- brake light switch,float plug,int.light wiring, as

I had a very simalar problem before like that it turned out to be a fusable link ... 1987 Ford Crown Victoria
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