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My Isuzu d/cab diesel gives out white smoke when i start the engine is that bad?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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If it smells like burning then its oil....if its scentless its water. Depends whether it disappears when engine is warmed up and what the outside temperature is.
In the morning,it is quite common for some white smoke to appear due to the difference in temperature of the outside and the heat of the engine,but should stop after warming up.If there is excessive smoke,there could be more wrong,possibly a blown head gasket.Try having a pressure check done on the cooling system as well as a compression test done on the cylinders.
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My Isuzu d/cab diesel gives out white smoke when i start the engine is that bad?

If it smells like burning then its oil....if its scentless its water. Depends whether it disappears when engine is warmed up and what the outside temperature is. ... 1995 Isuzu Pickup

2000 TDI - Lots of white smoke at cold start. Engine misses badly at midrange and at cruising conditions. Good power when peddle is mashed and seems to run smooth then. White smoke mostly goes away at idle after the car reaches 190F. Replaced: turbo, injector pump, injectors, glow plugs, rings, egr, MAF sensor, cleaned intake and EGR cooler, timed properly, head was pressure tested. The white smoke is almost certainly unburnt diesel as it smells like it and burns the eyes - and it's ALOT of smok

Sounds like your injection pump timing is off, an injector is leaking or a bad seal on your IP.\015\012VW dealers have a horrible reputation when it comes to TDI's. Check out the posts over at ... Volkswagen Jetta

Isuzu trooper 2003, skyroof version, 4jx engine. Diesel and oil mixing in engine. It might be the electronic fuel injector o ring. Need help badly. Isuzu alabang is giving me some pain. Big Black smoke coming when I put big step on gas. Please help. Louie Lara [email protected]

If you are sure that the engine oil is coming into the combustion chamber, then you have to overhaul the engine. After the overhaul is done, have it calibrated and and clean the exhaust pipe to get rid of the black smoke. And! remember, for diesel en ... 2002 Isuzu Trooper

My isuzu kb 280 is hard to start in the morning,i have to pump manually the diesel pump so that it can start. then i have to keep on pumping manually or else, you have a white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. looks like no diesel coming to the engine.Once engine is hot it runs normally.

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Hello Experts, I HAD TO PICK A CAR MODEL...THE ONE I PICKED IS NOT CORRECT, Please read on. My var is a 2006 Kia Pregio van with a 2.7L normally aspirated diesel isuzu engine. It has 60,000Km and has run well burning between 9.5 to 10.5 Litters per 100Km. I think i picked up a load of bad diesel, it would start running rough around 2800rpm and blowing blue smoke, i managed to drive it keeping the rpm below 2800. I changed the fuel & air filters & filled up with BP diesel & added injector cl

Diesels are somewhat simple but yet still complicated. If the cause was bad gas I would suspect once the bad gas has exited the system fully it will return to normal. But on the other hand if it was heavy water content in the gas then we get to the ... Kia Amanti

I have a 1998 chevy 2500 4x4 6.5 diesel pu.truck starts and seems to run normal ,maybe a little loud, i heard chevy diesels this year are louder than fords etc. blows a little white smoke at startup some times at idle not alot though ive seen gas engines w/bad head gaskets blow white smoke but alot heavier.problem is oil dipstick shows about 4 or 5 qts overful and coolant low . i drained all oil and coolant from engine and rad.new oil and filter in engine new antifreeze in rad . i ran the engine

The head gaskets are blown you can believe that anytime on any engine gas or deisel that you get oil in the radiator and there water/ antifreeze in the oil pan the gaskets and or cylinder heads are bad ... Chevrolet 2500

2006 Kia Sorento 4X4, Diesel. Starts right up but runs "rough" (more vibration than normal and valves rattle at low revs) and produces great deal of white smoke until engine heats up (after about 2-3 minutes of operation). Once engine is heated up it stops producing white smoke but exhaust still smells very strongly, as if diesel is not combusting properly? Engine valves continue to rattle at low revs. Any ideas?

I would check all the basics like spark plugs and check for vacuum leaks around the intake manifold.With a can of 2+2 carb cleaner while engine is running --if idle goes up or down that is were your leak is--check egr too, Lee ... 2007 Kia Sorento LX 4x4

Smoke problem started to give smoke, when I drive fast no smoke power is ok, no loosing oil, no loosing water BUT when stop and leave the engine running, after 15 minuts the grey smoke starts to build up very badly, Now after two months I was driving down, first time she started to loose the power then the engine cut off, then I called AA , he checked the wire plug feeding to fule pump, he found no power going to fule pump. Can any body let me know that what this problem could be and the best so

Heythere are couple of smoke type.blue smoke is oil, black smoke is fuel, and white smoke is \015\012water, if it clears after starting and running a few minutes it's probably your \015\012valve guide seals leaking oil down on top of your pisto ... Peugeot Liberte

When starting the engine the car is kind of shaking after white smoke(very smely) if gets cold might not be that bad shaking and engine doesent smoke but still engine not working very round

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Smokin Hi guys my surf or you call it a 4 runner has a fuel pump fault ive bought this truck with a new head new injectors ive checked the mechanicle timming thats fine the problem is it takes a while to start once it starts it diesel knocks badly and smokes realy bad grey black smoke but when it ticks over no smoke no knock the engine is a 2L/TE EFI control and ive been told its probably the efi settings thats the problem how do i correct this as i cant get a code reader help. Barry

Post your question on toyotadiesel.com forums lots of members have the same rig as yours and would be able to give better advise/remedy. ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, My Toyota Hilux 3000d (5L) diesel engine gave of puffs of white smoke while driving started to jerk. I pulled over and switched the engine off. It battled to restart, it eventually started and drove for about 10 km. The vehicle was switched off for about 15 minutes. When I tried to restart the engine kept on switching off, it refused to idle. I pumped the fuel filter and the vehicle eventually started. The fuel filter was changed and the engine is still doing the same things (refusing to idl

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My toyota seinna pop out white smoke each time i start the car except in the morning .the day it started it showed check engine when it was diagnosed it was bad catalytic converter.what is the cause of the white smoke

White smoke is usually burning oil but if the catalytic converter was clogged then it could just be a build up of carbon and is normal though you should get the converter changed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. ... 2002 Toyota Sienna

I have a 99 dodge ram 2500 5.7L turbo diesel , When I start it it runs fine but soon it begins to idle down and if I give it any fuel it begins to blow white smoke . Sometimes it runs fine for a bit when I give it fuel then begins to run rough and blow white smoke , what could this be

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I have a 2004 f350 diesel. blows white smoke wail going down the road. so got back home and parked it. so now it starts and runs for a few then dies.Every time start white smoke come out and the engine run for 30 second then dies. may you let me know what wrong? how to fix this proplem? Thanks

The cylinder head gasket has most likely failed, or the block or head have cracked or corroded to allow coolant into the combustion chambers. Commonly the fault is caused by such things as failing to use the correct coolant mix (using water only caus ... Ford F-350

Cold start up problems and engine runs bad and smokes white smoke

How cold oustide is it when this occurs. Sound to me like a stiction issue. This occurs when the oil is thick when cold the injectors coils cannot open and close quick enough thus not being able to inject. Glow plug issues are fairly rare on the 6.0. ... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD

I just bought a used 1999 Isuzu Wizard 4JX! Diesel 3000cc turbo at 175646km. After driving it for 1600km it started producing a lot of greyish/whitish smoke. It was now mixing oil & diesel in the crankcase making the oil level rise. The engine start ed hunting and producing a diesel knock. Diesel consumption also increased. Please assist

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Had a check engine light. Dual fuel and ran E85 and started having problems in the fall with rough starts. Engine would be fine after warm up but mileage dropped. Sensor was reading very lean for E85 and burning unleaded wrong. Sensor reset at shop. Now it is worse. Would start at cold temps - 25 degrees. Finally got it started and clouds of white smoke coming out. Cleared up after 10 minutes. Bad gas?

... 2002 Dodge Caravan

My 3.0 d4d toyota fortuner knocking noise engine! a few days before,every first started of engine,white smokes comes out for a few second.and today when i started the engine gives knocking noise,it idle not stable, shaking body and when i turn on the air-condition the engine stall off.what the problem?

... Toyota 4Runner

Hello I have a 2001 ponitac aztec and I am being to have trouble with it. When I start it up it has white smoke and shakes really bad but once I get to driving it it drive perfect. I took it to a mechanic he told me I needed a new engine because when he took the cap of the engine there was white stuff on it. Please help really don't want to have to buy a new engine.

IF the smoke is truly white, it is likely a blown head gasket. If its consuming oil and/or purple ish smoke, its got bad rings. Either way, its a significant operation if you're not mechanically inclined. ... Pontiac Aztek

Blue almost white smoke not at first start, but after 2 minutes idling starts smoking badly, the engine is a 3.2 1984 fuel injected. power is ok, oil consuption is minimal and under road speed around 60 to 90 mph there is no evidence of the smoke, the spark plugs are with black deposits but no trace of oil, looks more like a rich mixture but the mileage is as good as always. any sugesttions will be very appreciated, thank you guys.

White smoke is a sign of water getting in the cylinder maybe blown head gasket. ... 1994 Porsche 911

I am helping my daughter with her 2005 Altima 2.5 They were driving it on the highway and the check engine light came on, started missing, loss of power. It was smoking white (not like a burning type of smoke but a vapor type). When at idle in gear engine shakes badly. When they got home (drove for 1 hour that way)I pulled codes, I have a scanner. It came back with bank 1 02 sensor 2. And engine lean code. We changed out the downstream 02 sensor. I cleared the codes and they drove the car to se

First thing you can do to eliminate a possible cause is trade the coil packs between 1&4, and 2&3. Check again and if 1&4 are now dead, then you replace the bad coil pack. You stated that the plugs were wet, but didn't say fro ... 2005 Nissan Altima

My 04 VW Jetta blew thick white smoke from tailpipe after freeway drive. No indicator lights came on, all oil leaked out (after smoke started)... is this engine or could it be just the turbos? Right before smoke started, noticed unusual sound (slight) and I could not excelerate using turbo (it had speed but not the burst that turbo gives)

A new turbo charger is about $340, but you can buy the bearings and seals and rebuilt if yourself for about $100http://turbosandparts.com/It is not hard, and it does ... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

My wife has a Hyundai Getz diesel (1.5 CRTD GSI) which starts fine from completely cold. It also starts fine after it's warmed up completely. The problem is when you try to start the engine when it has not warmed up enough. Revs won't go higher than about 1500 and you press the accelarator thick black smoke comes out of the exhaust. If you try to drive off while the car is in this state it won't move much faster than about 5 mph while it's giving out black sooty smoke out of the exhaust

Hi,\012\012I've the same probem, it's been 'fixed' twice in the cars life but re-occurs.\012\012I believe the throttle body gets 'gunked-up' possibly due to a faulty solenoid or sensor.\012\012I don't have a full solution but will p ... Hyundai Motor S

My 2003 landcruzer Prado (diesel) gives off a heavy puff of smoke when I start it in the mornings, it also takes long to start. I have the 1KZ engine in my vehicle.

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G'day....I need help in a problem that has happened, I put to much oil in the engine of my 93 Hilux 2.8 Diesel and I drove abot 10 klms and the engine reved out severly and tonns of white smoke came from the exhaust and it would not turn off when I turned it off with the key, boy did I do a runner, it ran for nearly a minute before it turned itself off but it would not turn over when i tried to start it so I let it cool for about 40 minutes and it started again but now there is a knocking sound

You have some serious internal damage concerning your main bearing and most likely other serious damage to dianose with out doing some diognostic tests ... Toyota 4Runner
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