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What do i do i ran my 1995 honda accord out of gas now it will not start is there a bleeder screw for it or what can i do

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Answers :

I there is a pressure check vaulve that needs to be opened it should be right next to the tb when you open it you need to have the fuel pump running hold it open till gas comes out then close it that should let the air out
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What do i do i ran my 1995 honda accord out of gas now it will not start is there a bleeder screw for it or what can i do

I there is a pressure check vaulve that needs to be opened it should be right next to the tb when you open it you need to have the fuel pump running hold it open till gas comes out then close it that should let the air out ... 1995 Honda Accord

My 1997 Honda accord will not start. It has a brand new battery, alternator is good. My speedometer went from 35 to 100 then to 0. Stopped at auto parts store now car won't start and I can not get power window or power sunroof closed. My headlights work, wipers work, blower works on air conditioning.

By pass the starter motor see the diagrams attached. God bless you ... Cars & Trucks

Abs light well i have a 98 honda accord v6. the abs light started to come on and when it did my cars idle would go down below 1,000 rpms and then it would die i would start it up again and it would run fine. a coule of weeks later when i was going down the road the abs light would come on and my rpm would go down and my speed amotor would go down to 0 speed and when it would do this my radio would make this noise light stadic going through it. so id pull off the road and my car would die.

1. Your fuel pump is going bad.2. Your brake pads has gone flat too.3. Have a look at your plugs and fuses.See an expert if you are confused.Please rate afterall has been looked at. ... 1998 Honda Accord

95 honda accord speedometer not working. replaced transmission senor. odometer then worked, then found that speedo needle was behind stop pin at 0. put needle back over to right side of pin. took car for drive everything woked fine.turned car off. started car up again and went for drive, speedometer and odometer don't work. what's wrong? mickey99

Have the dsme problem. need to chech each of the 3 wires for continuity between the v.s.s. and the e.c.m. if good then the speedo is bad. ... 1995 Honda Accord

How screwed is my car, 96 Honda Accord, I was accelerating, shifted gears and it lost power and started making a really bad noise. Check engine light came on, when I checked one of the the black plugs that goes over the spark plug had been pushed out.

Sound like you need a tune up,, light will come when there is a misfire ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a 1991 Honda Accord and when I'm driving the RPM drops down to 0 and the car shuts off, sometimes it will start right back up and sometimes it won't. I have changed the spark plugs but what other things could possibly cause this to happen?

92 Honda accord running good sometimes shuts off while running..I wait a wile and it starts fine.. ... 1992 Honda Accord

My 90 honda accord all of a sudden starts sometimes what is causing this example. i drove to the store and bought groceries less than 20 min got into the car and it would not start it sounded like it wanted to but it didnt after sitting for 2 min it started. does anyone have any experience with honda accords late models

Without doing further testing it is difficult to say, but there is a part called the main relay, located under the dash on the drivers side. it controls the power to the fuel pump, and is a common failure on older hondas. good luck! ... 1990 Honda Accord

Problem with my 1992 Honda Accord When my 1992 Honda Accord sits in the heat for any length of time, it won't start. We have to go back when it has cooled off and then it will start. There also seems to be a problem with it starting when it is low on gas. Can you help?

Check fuel filter and fuel pump. car has probably overheated at some point in time i have the same prob with my old nissan the motor has heated up to the point of expanding the the insides of the engine when its cooled down it goes but doesnt sound g ... 1992 Honda Accord

2003 honda accord 2.2 car will not start. new battery installed with 550 cca. the car start and run fine. the next day the car will not start. remove the starter and have it check, according to kregan nothing wrong with it. reinstalled the starter and reinstalled every parts that was disconnected. restart the car but car just crank and click click only. use jumper cable and the car start and run. turn off the car and restart again the car will not start by itself. battery has 12.20 v. during cr

Sounds like the connection to the battery may be dirty. Check the connections and clean as necessary using a stiff wire brush. Be sure to make the contacts look shiny and new with the wire brush, or else a no start condition. \015\012\015 ... 2003 Honda Civic

Jun 27, 2009- hi what i did mean to say is i have a honda accord 2005 2.4 v-tec automatic transmission its not a V6 engine for sure. this problem has suddenly started like as i said the D4 light starts to blink after certain kms when the car gts warm and than the gear starts to ...jerks like i can feel the ...jerks in the shifting of gears the problem dosnt happen when the care is just started and is on a moove i did give the car to the honda dealer here they did reset the TCM bt after a one day

You indicated that the transmission starts jerking after a long drive.With the mileage on your vehicle, and the possible sandy conditions that it is driven in, your automatic transmission fluid may be fouled, also causing the jerky shifti ... 2004 Honda Accord


Hi oglesby_jack! I will be glad to assist you. check and clean the spark plug, the distributor, coils, there is a possibility that the spark plug , contact point and condenser and coil, is not giving enough electricity in order to fire up the engine ... 1989 Honda Accord 4 Door

2000 Honda Accord SE - Automatic Tran - Car will not start

You probally have a bad bendix in the starter.Which is most common.The bendix is the mechanism (inside the starter) which pushes the\015\012starter pinion gear outwards so it engages the flywheel ring gear.\015\012 I think its NOT the starter, ... 2000 Honda Accord

I recently installed a new distributor into my Honda accord lx 1994 and it didn't start what might be the problem? my friend tried his distributor in my car and it started right up did i install it wrong ? the distributor is brand new and i made shure it was the right one for the car many other people have looked at the car since some dude said it might be the timing belt or the crankshaft or some **** but i still dont understand how my buddy just started the Honda like nothing the car turned o

The distributor is bad,it is a defective part,return it for another one. ... 1994 Honda Accord

I recently bought a used 2003 honda accord unfortunantly from someone I know.....?? Car acts like the battery was bad replaced w/new one same problem persist, doesn't want to turn over, if you try it a few times and leave it sit for about a minute it has always eventually started and it's always the first start of the day after that it starts fine?? with the exception of this morning??? 2.4 Vtec accord ex 2003"

If you have now a new battery and even hard to start, I suggest check your starter; its possible that this is advised about next wrong. Also check your ignition swithc.Hope help; tell us news. ... Honda Accord

1992 Honda Accord LX D4 light stays on. When starting out in D4 transmission doesn't shift through from 1st through 4th but starts out in 3rd or 4th. I have to start out manually in 1st gear and t

... 1992 Honda Accord

1996 honda accord wont start

... 1996 Honda Accord

1988 honda accord dx stalls after starting when cold, when tring to restart smells like fuel and wont start

... Honda Accord

My honda accord aerodeck es 1994 model starts but soon cuts off and won't start for a while. Someone said it could be a fuel relay problem. If so, can i possibly by-pass the relay? If o how?

Too many possible causes - MAF, MAP, IAT, CTS, Vacuum Leaks, worn engine components (rings, valves, etc.) fuel pump/pressure, injectors, ignition system, timing, etc. Take it in for diagnosis.. may save you money ... 1994 Honda Accord

Driving 92 Honda Accord and the engine stopped dead. Turns over but will not start. Checked the timing belt and it's fine and everything looks great and sounds normal. Any ideas as where to look for such a problem 92 Honda Accord 2.2 manual with A/C Derrick [email protected]

Ignition control module or ignition switch ... Honda Accord

I have a 96 honda accord. A few weeks ago my turn signals didnt work. i inspected it and thought that maybe it was as simple as a fuse. So i replaced the fuse and sure enough it started working. two weeks later i get in my car after work and they turn signals fail to blink or click. I replaced the fuse again. when i hit the switch it doesnt do anything. So i went to a junkyard and found a switch from a 95 honda accord. i took out my old switch and put that in. This did nothing. the headlight par

I think that you have a bad flasher unit try replacing that. ... Honda Accord

I have a 2000 Honda Accord with 183,000 miles on it the transmission just started to hessitate before shifting into 2 and 3rd gear. I was told this is common in the Accords and they have a non-recall from Honda, but mine has to many miles. I was also told the problem is caused by the torque converter. If this is true I would replace that, but what to be sure before doing all that work for not.

With that mileage I would find an additive for the transmission. Ask you parts store for the bestt. I cannot mention products by name but there are additives that are quite effective. Might save you some time and give you a chance to dump the car. ... 2000 Honda Accord

Honda accord 1.8 starting problem - 1998 Honda Accord

Maybe your battery low or your fuel relay spoil.check spark plug c spoil or not. ... 1998 Honda Accord

My honda accord 93 won't start wen is hot,mi honda accord no enciende cuando esta caliente o cuando lo dejo bajo el sol

Overview\011\015\012 \015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 Why doesn't my Honda or Acura start sometimes? The main relay is famous for \015\012stranding people for a few minutes usu ... 1993 Honda Accord

My 1995 Honda Accord will not start like it is not getting fuel. Just had Honda replace fuel pump and fuel line same thing is happening but won't start at all anymore.

I had same problem,i changed the main relay located under the dash at a cost of 40 bucks on ebay i found the solution on this forum 18 months ago and fixed it. ... 1995 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord will crank but it wont start - 1992 Honda Accord

Check for spark at the spark plug wire, if theres no spark then id say the distrubutor is no good, replace disturbutor and car should run,also if coil is sperate from dist, then try a coil first, if its in dist, then replace complete unit. if you hav ... 1992 Honda Accord
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