Having problems with your 1995 Honda Accord ?

Codes ABS code 18, what are the proceedures to fix this problem?

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Codes ABS code 18, what are the proceedures to fix this problem?

... 1995 Honda Accord

2001 Isuzu Rodeo V-6 4WD Check Engine light on. ABS light has been on 2 years though all brake components are good, and it brakes very well. Took to reputible Auto shop. Shop says can't fix, since they are getting multiple codes, intermitent codes etc. Problem; it runs fine, except its getting very poor milage, like 10 MPG where it once got 20. I replaced plugs recently in hope of milage improvement, but no change. Old plugs were even burn, clean, carbon free, just ideal, even though they ha

Instead of guessing what are the codes. to quickly test the coil remove one spark plug wire at a time to see if the idle changes on the motor. you will also see the spark "jumping" from the coil to the spark plug wire. it should be a rather intens ... 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

I have recieved several dtc's including P-0740,P-753,P-0758,P-1406,P-1573,P-1654,P-1655,P-1675. some of these code have set before and i thought i fixed the problem. i have change the ignition key, all solenoids in the tranny,output shaft speed sensor and the neutral safty switch,all of which did not fix the issue. the car drove fine after these repairs for about 30 miles. i drove the car, parked and returned to the car 5 minuteslater. I turned the car on and noticed the check engine light, abs

... 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

I have had my vehicle to 3 different dealers to diagnose the problem for a fix. No error codes are being stored is one issue and the service engine light is not on. here is what happens, while drving at any speed, the truck seems to feel like it stalls. All indicator dash lights come on, (service engine, ABS, etc as well as park assist). After a brief second or so, all clears and truck resumes. I was told it is going into limp mode briefly but they cannot diagnose since there are no codes and th

... 2008 GMC Sierra 1500

You responded to my 2000 (actually its a 2001) olds Intrigue problem of all dash board lights coming on after the car is warm/hot.(about 30 minutes of driving before they come on) Codes were checked at GM dealer and it came back to the ABS breaks. Tech said he did a pin test and that I have a bad ABS module (EBCM)($1,100) and if that doesn't fix it I may also need a $1,300 hydralics valve assembly. and that should get the dash lights off. Breaks work fine otherwise. Also the steering gets "heav

Seems like you already know what's wrong, what you need is to fix it for less money. First, find out if your car came without abs. If so, you could then remove the system and install non abs system very cheaply. If it only came with abs then your oth ... Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2000 new bettle that has a fault code of P1649 Engine Control Module, no ABS data. How do I fix this problem

Is that the only DTC under Address Word 03 "Brake Electronics"? Check connections from each wheel sensor and clean magnetic pickup area for debris. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

My 2003 Toyota Sequoia's "Trac off" light, "VSC Trac" light and "abs" light all came when i turn the ignition on and didn't turn off any more.the dealer said got c1223 and c1244 code. how can this problem be fix with out spending so much money?

I had the same problem after I changed my brake pads. I found out later that it had nothing to do with the brakes. I had the codes on a piece of paper, but iI wound op throwing it away so I dont know if this is your exact problem. My problem was a pa ... 2003 Toyota Sequoia

I Have a problem with my DeVille 1992,I have change the RF WHEEL SPEED SENSOR,Because i Had the codes 21,22 and 45,but this 45 is about a LF ABS Valve Solenoid,First,where is located that Valve? If i can fix it or replace it? the light of ANTI LOCK off automatically?

Its probly in the caliper. but chek 2 make sure that the ground wire is still grounded ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

My 2003 altima v6 the abs is activated when brake is applied and car is doing about 20 omit will make loud noise.Had it scan and shows trouble code c1130. How can this problem be fixed.

... Nissan Quest

My 2006 F150 abs light would come on after driving it for a few miles. I changed the rear sensor and it still didn't correct the problem. I had the brake pads replaced and cleaned the front sensors. I had an error code on the front right sensor and after having the pads replaced and the code check again, the error code was gone. I drove it for a little longer period of time and the abs came back on. Is there any other solution you might have to correct the problem with my abs light. Than

It sounds like you might be having a problem with your Electronic control module. Are the only codes coming up just for the sensor? Have you recently cleaned your engine or driven in very wet weather? If so, water could have gotten into your conne ... Ford F-150

About two weeks ago, my check engine light came on. My boyfriend said the problem could be the oxygen sensor. We just recently had a code reading at pep boys and the code came up as p0135. I did a little research and of course, the problem is the o2 sensor. We haven't fixed the problem yet but will very soon. My only question is...every time my car is in idle it feels as if the car is about to give out or die. Will the car actually die on the road if I don't fix this problem anytime soon?

Hi and welcome to FixYa!\012\012It may and it may not. If the sensor reached it's break point it may get you on a bad time. As a first course of action I strongly suggest that you have the 02 sensor replaced as soon as possible.\012\012Ho ... Honda Civic

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab pickup. Last year when winter came I got the check engine code P1281. I replaced the thermostat and fixed the problem. Now, its getting cold again and I get the same code. I know how to fix the problem, but my question is why do I keep getting thermostat problems? Could it be my radiator needs flushing out? I bought the thermo last year at a local Auto Zone. But I would suspect it to last more than ONE YEAR!!

Yes, the radiator might have a lot of crime in it. it would be best to do a complete engine and radiator flush to clean debris from entire system. then refill with anti-freeze. the best thermostat for a vehicle is a super stat if you can find one, ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2003 impala and its reading 5 volt reference voltage circuit condition. what do i need to fix this problem? The problem is causing my car to idle up to high. First the codes read that i needed massive air flow sensor and map sensor now that i have fixed those problems its giving me the new code listed above. 5 volt reference voltage circuit condition ecm has detected a fault in the 5 volt sensor using 5 volt reference line shorted to ground

All your sensors run off the 5 volt ref. so you will have to trace your wiring harness from the pcm\\ecm all the way out under the hood to locate the broken or pinched wire. ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

P0700 fault (pending) code on 2006 sebring. Does a pending code mean it's a real problem or just going to be a problem. The code refers to the transmission control module. Where is it located and if I change it will it fix the problem. Car won't start, if it does start it runs like it is running out of fuel. Had a similar problem last week, code pointed to the oxygen sensors. Replaced both and it ran great for a week. What shall I do?

... Chrysler Sebring

Abs problem I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid in EU where these modell has no warranty. The problem:The ABS System not works but the ABS control lamp not light .When i press the brake pedal the wheels are blocking. The Toyota OBD computer not shown any problem but with a Carman Computer we have seen a problem code: "low pressure in accumulator" A guy from a toyota service said i must change the "actuator assembly" but it coasts 3.500.-US! Have somebody an idee, what shall i do?

You need to chack the software, many times its software problems. ... 2007 Toyota Camry

I have a cadillac CTS 2003, I get a message that says ''Stabily System Engaged'', took to the dealer they can't it to set a code. They want fix the Steering whell position sensor. But, they do not know if that will fix my problem. I do not want to pay for guess work. I want the problem fixed. So, I would like to know if there is anyone that is having a problem like this?

A good chance it would be a wheel speed sensor you have four of them one at each wheel. you get that message when the computer senses a difference in wheel speed making it think that the wheels are spinning at a different rate of speed which will cau ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Abs fault Hi there I have a problem with a 1996 Mitsubishi Diamante' s abs system. The abs light intermtintly comes on, I scanned for codes and got fault code 36. ST-N short. Can't find information anywhere on what this means. I contacted a local Mitsubishi dealer and they said they have no record of that code. So just wondering if you are able to point me in the right direction.

Sounds like a steering wheel sensor. Call Mitsubishi back and tell them that, or try a different dealer. Sensor detects the angle of the steering wheel when determining ABS operation parameters (I think)... ... 1995 Mitsubishi Diamante

CEL(check engine light) flashing on my 2005 Toyota Tundra. Code showed random/multiple misfire P0303 and P0308. Replaced plugs. CEL flashed again on highway. This time code showed P0305 and P0308 indicating cylinders 5 and 8 misfiring. Replaced coils on 5 & 8. Drove almost 4000 km before problems occurred again. Has happened 4 separate occasions and each time code shows P0305 and P0308 indicating same problem again. I'm at my wits end. Dealer unable to fix problem. Anybody able to provide a solu

Unless someone has done a injector service on this I would do this first. Or get some chevron techron fuel injector cleaner and add 2 bottles to a full tank of gas. Since it happened on 2 cylinders I don't suspect a valve issue, Its very common fo ... Toyota Tundra

Mazda 626 (Capella) ABS fault. I have a Mazda Capella (626) 1998, 2.0 l sedan (ex Japan) A few weeks back the ABS and TCS warning lights began to come on intermittently. I took the vehicle to a service dealer who replaced the left rear wheel speed sensor, but the problem persisted. I have since extracted the fault codes by linking the TBS pin to ground as my vehicle is not OBD II compliant. The codes obtained were 14, 44, 48 and 87. After resetting the codes, the fault code 44 comes back and th

\015\012Hi,\015\012Code 44Oxygen sensor voltage was under 0.25 volts for up to 4 1/2 minutes of closed loop operation, lean exhaust. Check the ECM wiring connections. Check for vacuum leaks at the hoses and ... Mazda 626

I have a 05 Chevy Equinox awd, I had the same problem with the abs. its a grinding feel and sound. kinda like the abs is kickin in. the abs traction control lights are on. I put it on the abs computer and it said it was the left speed sensor also. But ive changed this sensor 3 times. It fixes it for a while then a month or so later the same problem over and over... What should i try next?

Is the sensor tone ring in the bearing or on the side axle. If the ring is internal to the bearing have you replaced the bearing when you replaced the sensor (sold as one unit normally, aftermarket). If the tone ring is external, check it for cracks ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

I have an eagle vision tsi 3.5L. My engine light is coming on. I clicked my ignition key forward three time to get my trouble codes, My codes are 12, 33, 21, 66, 66, 55. 12 and 33 are not my problem. its codes 21 and 66. 21 is Oxygen sensor input voltage maintained above the normal operating range or lower than minimum required switching frequency. 66 No messages received from transmission control module. Can anyone help me know what to look for or how to fix these code problems

... 1994 Eagle Vision

Have a transmission code P1750 on 1998 Mitsi Ecplise Spyder GS . I had the transmission rebuilt about a year ago,the check engine light came on and I had it diagnosed .The mechanic checked it out and said it was a code P1750 . I looked at similar prblems with this code and most people say this is a solenoid box assembly problem . What is code P 1750,what is the fix and what is a ballpark amount to fix this ? Thank You for your responses !

P1750 is a Manufacturer Control Transmission. i work at advance auto parts and we get these codes in from time to time. what i tell people is alot of times it is infact your solenoid box assemble is going. what that does is to tell your transmission ... 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Ca smog guyi am theguy with the 2000 z 28 ss with all kinds of code u told me might be a plug flue inj i am going out now to try and fix that my maina problem is that random misfire i live in il so i no the law are dif in cal i also have a code come ing up as gen l circurit what is or where is the l termal at on the alternator can u tell me that and 2 ansure the ca there are pikes hight flow 2 1/2 " the other code that is emision code had a problem with the knock when i took off the manifold i f

Please do not rate this... can you explain your problem more clearly and only ask one problem at a time.. Please type in a timely manner and make sure we all can understand... i know lots about chevy cars and i would love to help you ... Chevrolet Camaro

How can you fix the codeing plug if it has been spliced into and will no longer give you readout. Tried to run code on 95 4wd chevy s10 blazer and they said the plug to attach code reader to had been spliced into and would no longer give out codes. How can i fix this problem?

Find the splice and fix it. It sounds like the splice is bad. If you can take what ever they spliced in off it could be the problem. ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

Here is a Problem for you all! 2000 Grand Am GT ram air v6 ABS and Brake light always on, No trouble codes, and no rear brakes at all key on or off. Has fluid at M/C and to ABS unit but not from unit to rear Calipers. Also when starting with foot on brake no abs and brake light, when pedal released lights come on and abs unit clunks a few times still no cpu codes.

This problem sounds like and ABS module that has gone bad, the ABS module has toothed gears inside that actuate the ABS motor, if one of these gears slips a tooth or "unwinds" itself if will not circulate brake fluid to where it needs to go (ex: the ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT
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