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Honda accord 1995 2.2 Engine dies when brake applied

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Honda accord 1995 2.2 Engine dies when brake applied

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1996 GMC K2500, 5.7 eng, auto trans. Sometimes when you let off the throttle and apply the brake the engine will die or try to die. I had the a/c serviced and while idleing the engine suddenly stopped, it did this 3 more times, but only with the a/c on. Engine dying when you apply the brake was happening prior to the a/c being serviced.

You need to clean the idle speed control valve and the throttle valve, they are most likely sludged up, use carb spray, do it with the enginge at high idle speed, after you are done disconnect the batt. for 5 min. and the reconnect, driv ... GMC K2500

When applying the brakes hardly in my honda civic ek3 automatic yr 2000,the engine died and takes time to restart

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2004 isuzu rodeo 3.5l. Once engine is warmed up it will die out at idle. It will start fine after it dies out but will continue to die out. Runs with higher RPM as long as it is not idling. We replaced the engine a few months ago with a used engine. The old engine crapped out cause of loss of oil. Ran fine with used engine installed for a few months. I cleaned the throttle valve but problem still exists. Whatcha think? Also, Have a 1988 honda accord 119cid. It runs rough at idle. Sometimes dies

Clean mass air flow sensor and air filter ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

My timing belt and water pump for Honda Accord 1990 was replaced and used the car for 2- 3 weeks. After driving about 15 minutes, entering the freeway, my car slowed down but the engine still running. Whenever I tried to put it on drive, it died. After 15 minutes It will crank and engine run and then died. When it was brought home, I tried to drive it to the shop which is about 1/4 of a mile from home. It cranked and the engine run and was able to move it about 3 houses and died and the engine n

Distributor or fuel pump going bad or dirty fuel pump ... 1990 Honda Accord

I have a 1995 Grand Marquis and my check engine light came on a few days ago. The car died today while holding the brake in waiting at a red light. I quickly turned off the car and turned it back on and it started right up. It seems when the brake is held in the engine seems to struggle and begin to die, but then kicks back in. No problems when applying the gas. Any solutions?

Most likely culprit is the ETC (electronic throttle control). Different companies call it TPS (throttle position sensor) i.e. but what's happening is when the car is cold, the initial throttle setting is high until it warms up and kicks down to a s ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

1998 honda accord, with the headlights on the tail lights are on but turn signals do not work. if head lights are off turn signals work unless i apply the brake, if i apply the brake the brake lights work but dash lights light also. with headlights on taillights are lit but if i brake the brake lights do not light but both rear turn signals light.

It sounds as if you have a bad earth to either one or both of your rear light clusters. If it only happens when you indicate in one direction then that is the offending side. ... 1998 Honda Accord

At times when brake is applied,engine dies and brake light comes on,and check engine soon light comes on. Engine will start right away,but service eng light stays on

It sounds as if the brake booster is leaking. When you press the brake pedal, vacuum is drawn from the engine supply, if the booster is leaking, it allows too much vacuum to leak, stalling motors & triggering sensors. There is a check valve loc ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

My 2000 Oldsmobile alero I just bought two days ago dies whenever I brake to much... at every stop light if I don't ease into the brake the rpms will drop to 0 ant the car will stall and then die... I tried tightening the throttle line so that it would idle higher and now I turn on the car and the Rpm shoot to 4000 and the check engine light came on but when I put it in drive it idles at 1500 rpm... what do I do to stop it from dying or stalling at red lights

Is a code showing on the dash sounds like an fast idle sensor ... Cars & Trucks

Drive vehicle down the road for 20 minutes and come to a stoplight engine stops when you take foot off gas peddle and go to apply brake. To keep vehicle from dying you have to hold the gas peddle down

Several problems came to mine.\0121. Check your battery power\0122. Tune up with plugs/wire/distrubitor\0123. Fuel sending unit. ... 1996 Dodge Ram

I have a p38 4.0 ltr hse, it has developed a number of problems over the past weeks, the latest is that it cuts out in traffic, the engine revs drop to below 500rpm and it cuts out, you can put it in neutral and start it and its fine but as soon as you apply your brake again the engine revs die and the same happens, if I press the brake but also keep the revs high with my other foot it doesn't cut out any help would be appreciated. alan


88 Honda idles high at 2000-3000rpm after you rev the engine it will lower and stay at about 1000rpm. When you push the brake it bogs down and then revs pack up. if you pump the brakes the engine will die.

Check for vacuum leaks around the intake ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

My 2002 Honda Civic EX just had a timing belt replaced after 104,000 miles. The car ran fine for a few days then the engine quit. After that It started, died after 3 second and backfired. I have tried to reset the ECU, recharge the battery and tried to restart it many times and got same results everytime ( i.e. started and ran smoothly for 3 seconds and died) During that running time all warming lights went out (Brake, battery, oil, check engine, Maint, SRS) the warnibg lights came back on after

It is very poss the new timing belt jumped time from not being properly tensioned, the symptoms you have all indicate an out of time engine, check the camshaft alignment, make sure it is correct, having this go ... 2002 Honda Civic

Propercrankpositionfor correctbelttiming is there a timing mark onthe crank pulley for refrence to line up with a notch on the engine ,besides the flyweel mark? i am puzzled because i have already bent some valves & dont want to repeat my mistake. i have put the #1 piston at TDC, flat with deck ''0'' deck is this right or should it be slightly below ''0'' deck hight and or should the key way be at 12:00 position. please help me P.S, this a 89 honda accord 2.0 carb.3V A20A1 engine

Send me your email address and I will send you the proper timing positions. I can copy them from mitchel and email it.... ... 1989 Honda Accord 4 Door

1997 Mazda 626 (2.0 liter): The check engine or malfunction light came on and will not go off. Since this light came on, the heater/defrost will not blow warm air. Temp guage shows hot after car has been running for a few minutes. Engine acts like it wants to die when in drive and brake is applied at complete stop. Last night the car started fine as normal. After driving it approx. 3 miles, the car died while driving it (I coasted to my destination). Car would not restart immediately. 2 hours la

Sounds like the head or head gasket is blown. your cylinders may be getting coolant in them which will not only cause the motor to lockup, but also cause bent rods and valves. check your oil dipstick and transmission dipstick to see if it looks lik ... 1997 Mazda 626

I have a 98 Honda Accord and the problem is it won't shift out of Park when the brake pedal is applied. I just changed the shift lock solenoid that's next to the gear selector and i'm still having the same problem. And now I noticed that when I press the brakes, I have no brake lights and it won't shift into to gear (reverse or drive) but sometimes it'll engage cause I can hear the solenoid engage and I get brake lights and it works fine for a few seconds then I try it again and it doesn't work.

The Root cause of this problem is the brake lights being inoperable at times, replace the brake light switch, the switch is located near the top of the arm the brake pedal is attached to, u will need to remove a panel and look under the ... Honda Accord

1996 honda accord lx intermittent stalling. Tachometer will bounce up and down while driving, Tach wil drop to O and engine will die, or engine bucks and will shut off. Car will start in a minute and

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1994 Honda Accord shuts off when brakes applied

Have you tried turning on the lights to see if they are dim. if so you might have a bad ground in the rear of the car. ... 1994 Honda Civic

2004 honda accord--the driver's seat feels like it rocks a little when you apply brakes.. I took it to the Honda dealership...I bought the car as a repo...no warranty...they said the entire rail needs to be replaced and the seat taken out and would have to be reupholstered. Appoximately $700.00 . Is this common with the honda cars? Is there anything else I can do?

Buy second hand cheap seat. Not common that I know of. ... 2004 Honda Accord

I drive a honda accord v6 2000 model. the engine is in good shape but the braking is very poor. It is very dull to response and at times i fear it may fail.. i have changed the brake pads but still it is not working well. what do i need to do about the brake?

Bleed the brakes on all four wheels, and if the rear brakes are drums, adjust the shoes so they are tighter against the drum for better braking overall. ... 2000 Honda Accord

Water recently got into the rear light assembly of my 1993 Honda Accord EX. I realized this when my 'brake lamp' warning light came on...I removed the water and cleaned up the sockets. The signal light is working and the running light works when I turn on the headlights, but I can't get the brake lights(passenger side rear, trunk hood or back window)to work on the side that got wet. The only part that doesn't light is the filament that lights when the brakes are applied. Besides drying out every

Did the water short the system out and blow all the bulbs? ... 1993 Honda Accord

92 honda accord Has gas Started and died like ran out of gas. Car was running. I was putting on my seat belt. The car died. Tried to start it again. Nothing. Pushed accelerator to floor, it started again and then immediately died. Waited about 2 hours tried to start again. wouldn't crank. patted accelerator and held to floor. car started. kept giving it gas. pressed on brake while putting it into gear so I could take off. Got home, but don't know it I will have the same problem

Replace fuel filter first check fuel pressure. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a honda accord 2003 model 2.3 16 valves engine the problem is that when the engine gets warm up after five or six kilometres the engine gets off while braking or shifting the gear

Does the engine shut off?\015\012\015\012Try replacing the air an fuel filter - also tap on the MAS (mass airflow sensor) which is located between the air filter casing and the intake (throttlebody) - if the car dies, hesitates it may nee ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Honda 6cyl Accord Automatic. It has about 69,000 miles. My problem is that the engine shuts off/down while I come to a stop. I can start the car and drive for a few blocks, then the engine dies or shuts off. Then I wait for about 3 minutes and then I can start the car again and then drive for about 10 minutes and the engine shuts down again?! Please help.

Hi,This is a Common Problem with 2000 Accord. I have seen it many Times.It could be Bad Main Relay.For more information, you could read :-http://www.marklamond.co.uk/tech-honda/pgm-fi/main-relay/main-relay.htm ... 2000 Honda Accord

Engine will start and rough idle but dies when either the brakes are applied or the lights are turned on!

Have you checked out your fuel filter? I had my 2003 denali do the same type of problem and it turned out to be a very dirty fuel filter. ... 1998 GMC Sierra
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