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Cranked car, it sputtered and died. tried cranking it again and then cut the lights on and it died again. tried again and it smelled like it was burning. tried agian and i cut on but wouldnt go in reverse then when i cout the lights on it died. so i waited about 5 minutes and it cranked up, lights came on and worked fine.. what could be wrong? ohh i just replaced the battery 2 monthes ago.

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Cranked car, it sputtered and died. tried cranking it again and then cut the lights on and it died again. tried again and it smelled like it was burning. tried agian and i cut on but wouldnt go in reverse then when i cout the lights on it died. so i waited about 5 minutes and it cranked up, lights came on and worked fine.. what could be wrong? ohh i just replaced the battery 2 monthes ago.

... 1995 Honda Accord

My focus tdci 1800 ran fine until recently. I was driving normally on a light throttle & the engine suddenly cut out. On cranking, I noticed the glow plug light flashing, but no start. After a wait of about 5 minutes, the engine started & ran OK, for about a week. Just the other day, the same happened twice. The first time the engine was hot & had been switched off for about an hour. the engine would not start. Again after waiting about 5 minutes, the engine started OK. Later on the same day the

There are a number of faults I'm aware of with the focus which can cause driveability,cutting out and non start problems.\015\0121 poor earth connections in engine bay, you need to check and clean ALL earth connections in engine bay\015\0 ... 2005 Ford Focus

When i was driving on the road the car just cut out, and the engine light came on . I towed it to a garage, they changed the gas filter because it looked dirty, i drove for another while and it happened again , however this time no indicator lights came on, i waited about 10 minutes and it started again. I took it to another garage and they did a diagnostic on the car, but couldn't find a problem, week later (this morning in fact) it was driving to work and the engine light came on. Not sure wha

Is it just cutting out, or sputtering and struggling before it cuts out. It sounds like it definitely has to do with the fuel system. It could be bad fuel injectors, bad fuel rail, or a bad fuel pump. ... 2006 Ford Taurus

I have a 2002 cadilac deville the air bag and traction lights came on and the gas gauge was not showing on. I stopped cut car off and crank up with only traction light on. Drove to work cut off then on everything workin fine. Come from break tried lockin from remote would not lock from temote or door. Tried crankin would not turn over but headlights and dash lights on

... 2002 Cadillac Deville

Alternator started vcar battery light came on after driving for a few minutes car stalled like alternator wasnt working lights went out and it wouldnt start while waiting for tow turned on lights and they seem bright so i tried to start the car and it did after five minutes running it started cutting of as if no current was available and it stalled again, battery is brand new so is the alternator, starter, ignition coil, apart from the obvious which is the alternator what else could be causing

Try checking you belt tension. That happened to me once while I was driving. Turned out to be a broken fan belt. ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

2007 chevy impala wont crank. ran fine turned off, went in house came back out, nothing, doorlocks sound like they are locking and unlocking but arent goin up and down, then you cant get the key out, wait afew minute and then yo can take key out, but stillnot cranking, no sound at all no lights just interior whats up?

Check starter signal wire for voltage.If no voltage at starter check relay and switch. ... 2007 Chevrolet Impala LS Sedan New Cars

P0756 on 2002 gmc 4.3 safari van. Veh engine light comes on when running in rain or slushy snow then the check engine light starts blinking then loose power and get sluggish and eventually shut off. Sometimes waiting 5 to 7 minutes will allow to start ageing but go through same motions til cut off but in wet conditions. Could it be the distributor? I already changed the fuel filter and fuel pump seems fine and she do not back fire. Used a Diagnostic tool and codes p0756 and p0300 came up but I

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Mazda rx8, it ran fine and then while driving just cut out, the red key light came on and when stopped did nothing if try to start, it doesnt even turn, battery fine. the key light comes on for second or two and then starts to flash. tried spare key and also dont work. all other electrical work, hooter flickers etc, as well as dash lights, but not speed gauge if moving. feels like can be imo biliser but why did it cut out totally while driving? is it imobiliser or complete ecu. after ignition t

I was driving my rx8 earlier, and it just cut out, its never done it before, i tryed jump starting it but nothing happened. the battery isnt dead because the radio is still working, could it be the spark plugs ? could that stop the car from starting? ... 2004 Mazda RX-8

Was driving my 1991 Honda Civic two days ago and the check engine light came on, the car lost power but the engine was still on, turned engine off waited a few minutes car started the check engine light was off and car drove fine. yesterday the same exact thing happened. then today the same thing happened a few times with less miles inbetween. then the engine started dying when the check engine light came on but will start after waiting 10 minutes but die soon after and a few times did not sta

Distributor module.... any recent tune-ups? e.g= cap,rotor,wires,plugs? parts are reasonably priced and labor should be around 1 hour... start there... ... 1991 Honda Civic

Have a 2008 Ford F-150. While driving to work, the radio cut off and the gauges all went to zero. After a while, everything worked again. About 5 minutes later the same thing happened. The gauge light was still on and I noticed that the fog lights came on. Also noticed that the power windows were not working. The cruise was set so I continued to work. Came to a red light and pressed the brake pedal and everything worked again. A few seconds after releasing the brake, the gauges went to ze

Check your battery connections to see if they ae clean and tight. Check all the ground wires in the engine compartmen to see if any is loose. Then check under the dashboard ror any loose ground wire connecting to metal points on the frame of the da ... Cars & Trucks

My 2001 Honda Prelude has trouble starting from time to time. Once a month or so. When this happens the Lights and radio work and do NOT dim, car doesnt even turn over theres NO Crank. I just wait a minute and try again and it starts fine. AC/Heat,radio all off when starting. Battery is new. One day my Honda factory alarm went off sounded like the horn was held down I had to unplug fuse for my alarm that was the only way it would stop, and I stopped using my USA Spec Ipod dock ( still attached t

Check to see if the tps sensor is sticking if it does stick it will not let you throtle come bach to the rest point and will not let you start unless you push the pedal to the floor and hold it turn the key ... 2001 Honda Prelude

REDUCED POWER I have a 2005 colardo and about 2 months ago i was driving and the reduced power came and i it wouldnt let me get above 60mph. So i took it and had it worked on and they said they cleaned the throttle system and what not and it worked fine but today as i started to drive it came back on and i made a stop and turned it off for 10 minutes and when i turned it back on the reduced light was gone. The engine light was still on but other than that its driving fine. What should i do? Is t

Had the Reduced Power light on my 2004 Colorado 2 days ago.\015\012It wouldn't rev above 2,000rpm.\015\012It was a Bad battery.. It looks like the Reduced Poewr mode is a Limp Home mode.. if there is a dead cell you'll be able to drive tr ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

My 03 Cadillac CTS I can be driving and come to a stop sign or light and it cut off and then when you try to start it back up it cranks like its flooded I can wait 20 minutes later and it will start and run fine but I never know when it s going to start or not when I get in the car after driving it .

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Problem is with 2003 Nissan Sentra - was left parked 3 months w/out starting, came back won't turn on, battery completely drained. Had new battery put in, new spark plugs, added 3 gallons new fuel plus additive, disconnected alarm, checked/cleaned air filter/intake hose. Now I get crank and will turn on for few seconds, then die completely (lights, radio,etc. all work fine now), try to turn on again and it won't start until I let it sit for a few minutes, then it will start again, but die few

Sounds like the fuel pump is bad.... I would have the codes read and start there... but my imediate suspicions are the fuel pump. ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

Won't turnover. Was driving to work came to stop light. WHen went to depart the car just cut off. Won't crank. Sounds like it isn't getting fuel. All other aspects are woking fine. Could it be timing belt or fuel pump issues.

Do you have awire come off near battery or startermotor ... 2001 Kia Sportage

My daughter's 1990 Honda Civic occasionally will not start. It cranks fine, but it will not turn over. Usually, if she waits anywhere from 5-15 minutes, trying to start it every few minutes, it will crank and she will be fine, even if she turns the engine off and on again. Tonight we had to let it sit at her work for several hours before it would start again, but it started up on the first crank. The only times this happens is if she comes home for lunch and then goes back, and it won't crank wh

If the car just wine's when starting like it would normally and nothng is happening...Check for fuel, either find the fuel pressure relief valve near the rear of the engine, and depress the valve stem (fuel should hit the roof of hood) if not then i ... 1995 Honda Civic

While driving to work this morning my 2005 diesel 2.0L Jaguar X type model s. The glow plug light flicked on/off then the engine management light came on and the engine cut out. after about ten minute

Right try this ,disconnect the battery and join the leads together and leave for a while ,say 20 mins then try again but leave the mobile phone turned off and keep it away from the centre consol .The mobile phone signal can and does interfere with th ... 2005 Jaguar X-Type

2000 alero, started up fine, after about 5 mins on road upon accel it hesitated and felt as if it would turn off. Came to a stop and then upon accel to go., same thing. Went down a hill and upon accel to go back up the hill veh lost power and turned off,lights dimmed as if the batt was low. Jumper cables were put on it and lights did not work at all as if it was not getting power, about 10 hours later start-up was attempted and veh does not crank over, lights work just fine now. and it started u

This is a Direct result of a Bad Alternator. You can Run on what is left in the Battery for a Little while and if it sits for a While the Battery will retain enough Power to Start. You may need a New Battery in Addition. ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

98 audi a4 chugging/lose of power/engine cuts out? Everything was fine I went to turn on to a side street and all of a sudden the rpm dropped all the way down, the check engine light came on, and the car started chugging. The battery light then came on, the headlights flickered, and the car started shaking. There's gas in the car and i just had oil put in the car. I let the car sit for ten minutes and it started up fine with the engine light on and let me drive a quarter mile down the road unt

Not to scare or offend you but it could be many many things. It does help that the check engine light is on, though.\015\012\015\012If you can go to a place like Autozone, where they check your check engine light for free, and post what the co ... 1998 Audi A4

Hi I have a 2002 ford mondeo, the car was fine and I drove for about half an hour, came back to it after I was done swimming, the car started fine drive five minutes stopped and then as I went to start again the dash lights started flashing and the car wouldn't start, got a jump start from someone nearby and it went for about 20-30 minutes and then cut out, and the dash light were flashing, got a jump again and got it home, checked fuses they are all fine, the battery is fully charged as well tr

... 2003 Ford Mondeo


Alternator ... 1997 Infiniti.5 J30

When i first crank the car it idles at like three or so then goes to zero and cuts of it does this a few times especially if i push the brake, i have learned to rev engine lightly and press brake and put in drive at that time, i can drive it then but it will cut off if i stop at a stop sign within a few minutes of driving.. then it switches to not cutting off just jumping at stop signs/ lights and after a few minutes of driving it stops and starts just fine with no further issues until the next

Might be a leak on your brake booster (this will most probable give you a hard brake pedal or a "sucking sound " when applying brakes) also check the vacumm pipe from the engine to the brake booster. It might have a leak, so when you press the brakes ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport was working fine, then would not start this am, jumped it and it started ok, drove about a mile and battery voltage pegged to the right and check gauges light came on, brought it home and turned it off in the driveway and it wouldn't turn back over a few minutes later. Jumped it again and let it sit and run for 15 minutes, battery at 14, looked fine, then took it for a ride around our development after 5 minutes same thing, pegged to right and check gauges came on. P

Sounds like a regulator malfunction to me..need to connect a battery/alternator tester to the system and see if the regulator is bad.. this will cause full charge of the alternator to enter the system.. this uses the battery as a regulator and will c ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Hi i have a s80 01 just came back from the dealer after spending 2500 $ n still have the same problem.. idle goes up and down on park, hazards lights come on and off by them self when the car is looked, dash board speed gauge and rpm stops working while driving, in car lights stop working then minutes later are working fine and while driving sometimes the car starts trying to turn off i stop the car then it starts fine for awhile i have changed the battery timing belt and alternator now there

Replace eletric part of ignition shorting out differnt circits at diiffernt times ... 1999 Volvo S80

Chrysler 300 07. Red flashing light between gas gauge and speedometer came on after being parked at work all day. Started car and light came on and shut off in seconds. Tried disconnecting battery and waiting 15 minutes. No luck but horn worked this time. Now red light flashed without the keys. Suggestions?

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