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95 GMC pick up usually runs good, but the last 2 days it will die and seems to take more cranking to start it. I'm guessing fuel pump, but not sure. If it is the fuel pump is it in the tank? what is involved?

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Answers :

Start with changing filter(fuel). Have you changed gas stations lately? Is it cold where you are. (gasline antifreeze or "Heet")
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95 GMC pick up usually runs good, but the last 2 days it will die and seems to take more cranking to start it. I'm guessing fuel pump, but not sure. If it is the fuel pump is it in the tank? what is involved?

Start with changing filter(fuel). Have you changed gas stations lately? Is it cold where you are. (gasline antifreeze or "Heet") ... 1995 GMC Suburban

2000 yukon denali 5.7 litre .failed to start, mechanic said to hit gas tank around center of tank .After doing this was able to start vehicle .Mech replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and a few days later engine quit while driving. turned ignition on without cranking engine and did not hear fuel pump priming. Stuck gas tank again and then heard fuel pump prime when ignition turned on.Truck started? Truck quit three times trying to get back to mech shop,but would restart after much cranking. Repla

... 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

My fuel pump started to leak on the way to work one day and after setting all day, I started up and pull owt to leave and it died and would not start. I have change the fuel pump, still no gas will pmp up though the pump. I think it maybe the fuel lline or not sure if there maybe a pump in the tank. So should I drop the tank to see if it have a pump? Did not think that you would need a pump in tank if you have a fuel pump on the block (crank case).

There's no pump in tank if you have one on engine. Did you replace fuel filter? It's right near right rear wheel near frame rail - 5/16" inline filter. I'd start there. ... Dodge Ram 150

Have a 1991 Chevy Cavalier Z-24 with a 3.1 V-6 engine. Car was running fine one night and then would not start later that evening. Turned out the battery was dead. We bought a new battery and now it will crank like crazy but will not turn over. Guesses include a fuel pump or a fuel line problem. How can I be sure? Does the 1991 Z have just one fuel pump near the gas tank or is there a secondary one under the hood as well? Any other ideas as to what the issue may be?

May also be timing belt/chain ... 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier

1984 380SL MB, Car was inactive for at list 12 years in a controlled environment. I installed a new battery and crank engine; did not start... As I was cranking oil presure registered at normal presure. Drained old fuel and clean gas tank by inserting fresh fuel and drain it-out again. I put 5 galons of high octaine fuel. I crank engine again but did not start. Test and check the electric fuel pump; fuel pump was shorted-out! Renew Fuel pump and gas filter, and connecting tubing (occum. filter a

Apollo, I would first pull all the plugs out and give a little squirt of something like seafoam or even just a bit of engine oil into each cylinder, you may have lost the seal between the rings and cylinder walls and this will help. You also need to ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

1996 Jeep Grand Cheroke Laredo...Ran tank low on fuel. Then after filling up would not start, while at the pump. So changed fuel filter...no start. Then changed fuel pump. Now does start and run yea! However does not start like it used to. Would fire right up on first crank now takes two cranks? Also gas gauge does not register fuel. I put in a MU198 pump. p.s. 4.0 L6

Likely you did a bad thing to the tank float when working on it If so, it will need to be taken down (again) and checked. First though check that the gauge is getting power at the attachment harness (pump and power side should have a voltage pulse an ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1996 pontiac grand prix crank no start. fuel pump was not making noise. so I pulled the the tank and found the pump at the wire connector was black from heat and melted. i replaced the fuel pump. i can hear the pump running when the key is on. but i have no fuel pressure. i've checked at the pressure releaf valve nothing there i checked the fuel line at the fuel pump (on top of the fuel tank) turned the key on and no fuel comming out/ pumping. if i could get an answer that would be great. thank

Wires on the pump backwards. ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

1991 astro . 4.3 135000 miles . turns over wont start. cranks and has spark but wont start. if you put gas in fuel injector ports starts and dies. pulled fuel filter off and was clear. bad fuel pump or relay i guess. cant find relay location how do i test the fuel pump? or should i just replace fuel pump?

Listen for a buzzing sound in the rear when turning the key. if you cannot than take off the fuel filter and let it hang down. than try turning on the key. fuel should spill out smartly. if not replace the pump. ... Chevrolet Astro

There is no fire going to the in-tank fuel pump. The Isuzu was left sitting over nite and the next when the driver went to go somewhere, the vehicle would crank but not start, after some testing, we determined that the trouble was the in tank fuel pump. So we dropped the tank and replaced the pump. the pump works fine from previous testing .But there is no current getting to it. Both the Fuel-pump Relay and the Fuse are good. I believe the trouble is in the ECM but, a local garage mechanic disag


1987 4Runner 2 Problems, both stemmed from dropping the fuel tank to replace a rusty brake line. After replacing the rusty brake lines and the rusty fuel line I have not been able to get brkae pedal back, I have also noticed that I now have to crank a long long time to start. I checked the fuel pump connection at the tank and also checked for power at the lead with the truck on and have no power at the fuel pump lead. Checked fuses, where else should I look? Yes, the truck will start and run aft

My 1999 4Runner just started having starting problems. I replaced the battery under warranty. still has issues. It has issues with the engine Hot or Cold so I know its got to be something other than the starter. What I figured out last night was, ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

1996 Nissan Altima crank-no start. Didn't hear the fuel pump, changed it. Still don't hear the fuel pump, still crank-no start. Float in gas tank has power, gauge reads correct. Is the relay for the float and the pump? Would the pump have power if the coils or timing belt weren't functioning? Haven't done the tailpipe trick yet, will do next...Thx

There is a disconnect for the fuel line in the engine compartment. Disconnect it at the motor and cycle the key. This will determine if your fuel pump is running. If it is not which I would assume it isnt then check the relay. If the relay is not cli ... 1996 Nissan Altima

I have 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 4.3L with about 174,000 miles. It had been starting with no problem then one day when I went to start it, it won't start. Cranks over good, then found out that no fuel was coming up to the throttle body. Thought the fuel filter might be clogged, but nope. I had removed the tank and removed the pump and all. Hooked up the pump with fuel in a bucket to see if it would pump, I might get a drop or 2 or fuel. Now I am being told that either the oil pressure switch or fu

If you had the pump working, it should pump about a cup [ 8 oz. ] or more in 15 seconds. sounds like the pump is bad or the inlet screen is clogged. the pressure for this system should be at least 13 PSI. I wouldn't test it in a bucket of fuel as ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

Going down the hiway way and my 1994 olds delta 88 royale just died. Car cranks but does not start. I check the fuel pump fuse and relay both seem to be fine. I have power to the fuse and power to the relay. I took the fuel line apart at the fuel filter and turn on the key and no fuel comes out of the line I cranked the engine and still no fuel. So I took the gas tank off the car and took the fuel pump out I hooked the fuel pump up to a battery directly and it works really well one direction and

... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

It cranks but wont start. Checked for spark with the lead plug wire from the coil to the distributor cap. No spark. I changed the coil still no spark. I've been told its my fuel pump. But I've tested it by squirting gas myself through the fuel injection chamber. Still wont start. So I don't think its fuel pump. Maybe something to cause it to spark may be the cause? Also I filled the gas tank with more gas and it seems the ain't workin, I had a quarter tank and added but it didn't rise at all. I

If you are sure there is no spark and you have replaced the coil,then the only other thing it could be is your spark control moduel.it works off your computer to tell your plugs when to fire..somettimes they go out only when they heat up and will st ... 1988 Honda Prelude

1988 Chevy Cavalier 2.0L engine starts, runs for less then a minute (while pumping the gas peddle), then dies. then have to let set for 10-15 minutes then repeats as before. if you try to start before this time it just cranks and won't start, looks like something is stopping the fuel (gas) at the injector. can see fuel spraying from the injector for less then a minute then stops. have replaced the fuel regulator diaphragm, fuel injector, fuel filter, the in tank fuel pump & strainer, throttle po

... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

I just bought a 1993 xj6 and 3 days after bought it want to crank it tries to turnover just won't start. I started turning the ignition on and off trying to crank it pushing gas and it started. 2 days later today it will not crank at all now tried all day. I tryed and replace the fuel filter that wasn't it. i'm pretty sure i hear the fuel pump kick on but not sure could just be antenna motor. so I disconnected the fuel line from the rail and there is gas in it. i guess next should check for spar

Joe,\015\012\015\012If you are sure the fuel is reaching the cylinders then checking the (blue) spark is the next logical check. Also check if the battery is fully charged.A strong battery is what rotates the engine fast enough to start. But i ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

I have a 2001 Bravada. The vehicle will crank and turn over but it wont start. I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the fuel pump relay and the rotor bug. I dont think it is the fuel pump because i can get it started by pour some berrymans in the air intake on top of the engine. I was wondering if there is a check valve on the fuel line that is allowing the fuel to seem back to the tank?????? Im dying here and refuse to buy a fuel pump because i dont think its the problem.

Ok... Wait we have to settle some things here. You can get the vehicle started by pouring fuel down the throttle body, if so then it is most definatley a fuel pump problem. I usually try to bang on the tank with a rubber malle while cranking the engi ... 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada

It wont start the fuel pump is good its getting good fuel pressure but when it stop running it acted like the fuel pump went out so i put a boat tank and high pro pump and it sits the and cranks but n

Do you have a bad crank sensor and the injectors are not firing ? ... 1988 Pontiac Bonneville

I have an 89 f 250 with dual tanks. Front tank has never worked since I bought it. Recently the truck started stalling out ( No fuel to the injectors) I replaced the fuel pump relay. Nothing. I pulled the rear pump and before installing the new one pluged it in outside the tank and Turned on the ignition power. The new pump didnt run. So, I am guessing no power to the rear pump? Where do I look next?

Check tanks for balance tube between tanks If the air pressure is not allowed to equalise between tanks then the vacuum formed will not allow fuel to flow to the pump. Breathers on both tanks are a start. ... 1989 Ford F 150

My 1990 dodge caravan wouldnt start when I returned to it. It sarted to and now it just cranks over. I get spark and I primed the throttle body and got it to fire. I checked for fuel delivery by removing the hose from the fuel filter facing the gas tank and cranked it over. No flow. Could there be something blocking the flow inside the tank and if I blow air through the fuel line back into the tank will it damage the fuel pump diaphram. Also is there another fuse besides the ASR that could aff

The fuel pump rela is located under the hood, driver side, front side of strut tower, rear of \012headlight, mounted on inner fender well.However I do suggest jumping the fuel pump to see if pump turns on. Test voltage from ECM if needed. ... 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan

The problem started out after refueling a very empty tank,..made a few stops and starts...then it wouldn't start up again.... The engine would crank but it seemed like there wasn't any gas,..eliminated the fuel pump relay by replacing it,..not it,..replaced the fuel pump,...not it,..or i'm assuming i can hear the pump kick on when i turn the key..when i hooked it back up before putting it back up....i know the pump works..it is new... and there is low voltage out of one of the connections...test

Did you check your fuel filter to see if it didn't get filled up with **** when you ran it our of gas? If you follow the fuel rail up going into the fuel intake, there should be a fitting somewhere on the line that looks like an oversized tire air i ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Our 1997 mercury mountaineer, started spitting and sputtering dragging down till it finally chocked out. we thought it was the fuel pump and filter inside the tank so we dropped the tank and replaced the fuel pump and filter cleaned the tank, also replaced the inline fuel filter outside the tank, the truck has not returned to normal it stays cranked for a moment or two then it chokes out again, relays are fine pressure is fine all of this is dragging the battery down, what else can we do? we hav

It would be better if you had someone check the codes or your never going to find out for sure and will just be chasing what ifs. ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

95 Z28, is hard starting especially when low on fuel, if tank is low it takes several cranks. If tank is full, it ussually starts first crank. Is this a bad fuel pump ?

Pickup valve or fuel pump ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Guess I entered my problem in the wrong forum, I need a fuel pump relay diagram for a 1990 740 GL. I live on a dirt rd, the main pump/ filter bracket filled up with mud and fried both pumps. Guess the in-tank pump was weak. I am converting to an in-tank high pressure pump (regina style) also relocating the filter ti the engine bay. I cannot get the pump to come on when the switch is first turned on (prime) works good when engine is cranking.

We do not have any wiring diagrams here at fixya. Try your local public library. ... 1990 Volvo 740

2002 Ford T-Bird will not start. Engine will crank but will not start. Looked for fuel shut-off reset button but could not find. Fuel pump does NOT seem to be pumping. Replaced fuel pump 15A fuse in trunk. Plenty of gas in the tank.

... 2002 Ford Thunderbird
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