Having problems with your 1995 Ford Thunderbird ?

1988 ford thunderbird idle goes up and down and stalls at lights

\015 I replaced the throttle body positioner sensor it still did not work\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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1988 ford thunderbird idle goes up and down and stalls at lights

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My 2000 Ford Expedition 5.4L V8 4x4 idles really bad when stopped at a red light. Sometimes it will just stall. It always starts back up. It goes just fine when I hit the gas, real smooth and powerful. It just when Im about to stop it starts to get rough and when stopped it is shaking and sounds like it is choking, the lights flicker and once and a while it will stall. The check engine light is on reading codes: PO171 (system adaptive fuel too lean bank 1) and PO174 (system adaptive fuel too le

... 2000 Ford Expedition

2000 Eclipse GT auto trans. Car stalls at stop lights. will run fine in all gears. R, N,. When gas is aplied car will run fine untill it shifts to first and the rpm goes to idle. The car will jump between 0 and 2500 rpm a couple of times then stall. I have no warning lights showing.

Thats one of two things i had the same problem with my 94 honda civic and my 00 mitsubishi eclipse both were not cheep to fix saddly for you man on my civic my tranny was catching and it would stall the motor out idk if that was the complete problem ... 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hi there,my 2000 jeep cherokee 4.0l temp gauge keeps going up and down,goes up to normal when the car is at idle in drive and then will start to idle rough then miss and then want to stall,and then when i drive the temp gauge goes down to 0 and seems to run rich and get run-on in the revs can you please help me??????and there is no engine check light coming on, thank you

It sounds like a fualty sensor like camshaft sensor or bad 02 but the check engine light should be on if the problem is sensor or electrical related. I would change temp sensor and thermostat. Sounds more like faulty temp sensor if the car is running ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is a follow up question on my 2003 ford focus zx3 2.3 litre it cuts out when idles does not stall and the check engine light goes on for a while then will go off my question is can I still retrieve a fault trouble code when the check engine light is off?

You can use a Code Reader or Professional Scan Tool any time you want toYou connect under the dash & turn the key to the on positionMotor doesn't have to runYour checking to see if any data is stored or present in theP ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Hi I have a 2005 ford taurus SE 3.0 engine.When I crank my car up it idles up and when it comes down to normal it sounds horrible trembling and choking,then cuts off.I crank it back up,then it doesn't sound that bad.I drive off,get to the light and there it goes again choking and trembling as if the car is about to drop dead,I put it in park press the gas, and when I take it off the gas it really tries to cut off,the light turns green I take off.If I would'nt play with gas it would just stall ou

Could be the coil. cracked up or weak. sounds like weak spark or even not sparking on 1 or 2 of the sparkplugs ... Ford Taurus

1994 ford tempo rough idle acts like its not getting any fuel sounds like its backfiring, ck engine light comes on , goes off, comes on ect. stalls while at a stop sometimes wont start again.

... 1994 Ford Tempo

95 Buick Lesabre, stalling and idle problems either too low,(stalling) or too high. Recently replaced TPS, fuel pump, strainer and filter. Runs great when check engine light is on but stalls or goes to very high idle when check engine light is off. Cruise control only works when check engine light is off but that's when I have the problems. Also, cannot read codes as you get an error when scanner is hooked up. Tried 2 different scanners. Any ideas?

Hi, have you checked the idle air control valve? It's right next to the TPS. Take it out and check the passages for blockage/dirt/gunk. There are some tests you can run on it. Sounds like it may be intermittent. On the OBD connector--are you usi ... Buick LeSabre

2004 Explorer Replaced Alternator, but car idle still not right, stalls, ck engine light still on. Car lights when dim and then car died. Mechanic said it was the alternator. Alternator replaced. Car check engine light still remained on. Mechanic said it would reset itself after a little while of driving. Not happening and when starting the car, the engine idles rough or low and then stalls. Does software from ford need to be downloaded on the car?

... 2004 Ford Explorer

My 2000 Oldsmobile alero I just bought two days ago dies whenever I brake to much... at every stop light if I don't ease into the brake the rpms will drop to 0 ant the car will stall and then die... I tried tightening the throttle line so that it would idle higher and now I turn on the car and the Rpm shoot to 4000 and the check engine light came on but when I put it in drive it idles at 1500 rpm... what do I do to stop it from dying or stalling at red lights

Is a code showing on the dash sounds like an fast idle sensor ... Cars & Trucks

Car is 1991 ford tempo 2.3 engine. above idle alternator light goes out at idle comes on. Took to parts store and had it tested said out put was low about 11.5 volts. Spray out housing with brake clean and light went out at idle for a bit. alternator got coated with oil because oil cap feel off. Is it possible the low charging at idle be because of oil contamination? How many volts it take for the alternator light to go out?

... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

I have a 4 liter V6 2003 Ford Explorer ( 2 door). The check engine came on and then it started idling rough. When it idles rough the AC blows hot. Recently it has started stalling when idling at a traffic light or in stop and go traffic. The problem has been consistent until tonight when I had no problems but check engine light still on (rough idle has only been during the heat of the day so far). Read the codes for the engine light and they were as follows System too lean bank 1 system too

Hello! Most probable cause is a leak in the vacuum line or broken elbow connection to the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve...Check PCV and its vacuum line...Send results...Guru..............saailer ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I have a 1989 lincoln town car it stalls alot and will not stay running. When the car is left to idle the car develops a very rough idle and stalls. If the car is left to set for a week or 2 it doesn't do this. The check engine light comes on but will not stay on long enough. When I took it to the Ford dealership they cant get a code because the light will not stay on long enough please help. I love these town cars from the 80's but they just have too many problems.

The first thing that i would replace is the O2 sensors. along with the fuel filter. then i would replace is the maf and/or map sensor. and/or vacuum leaks, pcv, remove the upper intake manifold and inspect all of the passage ways. if they are dirty, ... 1988 Lincoln Town Car

98 Ford Taurus SE. Stalling and lighting problems Here are the problems I have been having with my car for the past 2 years off and on. 1. Occasionally it says my door is not closed when it is, thus leaving the interior lights on. 2. Stalls in all weather degrees, primarily above 70. 3. Must place in neutral when at stop sign or light and idle above 1000 RPMs. 4. When coasting will go below 1000 RPMS (while going 30 or more). 5. When the car does stall I have to typically wait 15 minutes

The Stalling is your crank senser. You can spray some starting fluid in to the intake so U don't have to wait for it to cool down till U replace it. As for your door ajar it is your door switch its located at the door latch. Try some WD-40 on the lat ... 1998 Ford Taurus

1991 ford f-250 7.5 engine scanner gives code 63 signal voltage too low and code 81. Check engine light comes on while letting off the accelerator and sometimes while idleing. the light will always go off by accelerating. Sometimes while idleing the the the engine will cycle in and out of this condition as if a solinoid were kicking on and off. When the check engine light is on the idle increases to 1200 rpm and there is low bottom end power, sometimes the engine will stall when at low rpm and

... 1991 Ford F250

I have 1999 ford explorer that stalls when driving. going along fine and all of a sudden it stalls. pull over and it cranks right up. it may run fine for a while or it may stall after a few feet. the problem comes and goes. i may drive it 2 or 3 days and it do fine or it may act up. idles fine and when taking off easy it does fine but when excelerating quickly it may stall out. i have replaced oxygen sensors, idle air control module, egr valve, and fuel filter, clean throttle body and air flow s

... 1999 Ford Explorer

Electrical i have 1999 jeep cherokee sport. 112,000 miles. stalls out at idle. happends every so often but starts right up. also blower motor cuts out at high position, also airbag,checkeng light comes on and rpm and mph goes out then goes back to normal. happends every so often.because it doesnt happen all the time, mechanics say wait for a failure to bring in for service. steering wheel lock doesnt work, and i suspect that not all of the dash check lights come on like seatbelt light comes on t

It sounds as thought you have a short, or shorts in the electrical system. In all honesty, you are not likely to get a good answer online. I would have to look at the vehicle and trace the wiring to find the problem. A few things to check out first ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

91 Corvette - Service Engine lights, Speedometer goes (usually) to 0, Average miles per gal goes to 5Y5, engine stops. Engine cranks but will not start. Wait a bit, remove key, insert key and it will usually start. only code is 12 which is normal. (Speedometer sometimes goes to 108 or 17 instead of 0 - while sitting and Idleing) Can sometimes get out of engine stopping by flooring it - must be driving to do this.

... 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

1995 Eagle Talon ESi NO TURBO Problem with idling, car seems to start fine , and idles ok when in PARK, but once i put it in gear either Reverse or Drive , the RPM drops to 500 and engine kinda wants to stall and bobles. the car shakes as well. Car runs fine when on highway or at regular speed, but when i come to a stop or red light , the idling goes down to around 400-600rpm and wants to stall. once gas is apllied all seems fine. what could be wrong...thank you

It really sounds like you may have a misfire. Is this the model with the coil at the top of the valve cover with 4 wires going off to their prospective locations? If so, check your wires and look for white tracking marks indicating an insulation leak ... Eagle Talon

Idiling Issue Hi I have 2002 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. About a few weeks ago it started to have idling problems and the check engine light came on. When I?m driving it just fine, but when I come to a red light or a stop sign it starts to fluctuate and flutter like its struggling to stay on. It hasn?t stalled, but it feels like its about to then it goes back to normal flutters then goes back up flutters then goes back up. I took it to a mechanic and was told it had code 402 and another code but the mec

I had a similar problem with my 1999 camry 4 cyl except the check engine light never came on. When engine warmed up if I would stop at a red light it do almost exactly as you described. I would clean the throttle body and definitely the IAC (Idle air ... 1999 Toyota Camry

8 month 2005 ford focus car stalls at a traffic light when it is warmed up and intermitting rough idle

... 2006 Ford Focus

1990 ford thunderbird sc surges in park, higher idle while in park or neurtal. Does it only at stop. sometimes idles perfect other times feels like its going to stall, has stalled a few times.

... Cars & Trucks

Car is stalling out when I push in clutch, the idle won't stay up it just goes to 0 and stalls. Could it be the fuel filter or just an idle adjustment?

... 1993 Nissan Altima

Hi There I have a 1996 Ford festiva fuel injected 1.3 liter 3b (kia) when you crank it it fires and idles but only for 30 sec then it runs rough and stalls and if you press the gas it dies, when you immediately take your foot off after trying to rev it it goes back to idle for a while and stalls. I had a problem like this 6 months ago and fixed it by replacing the distributer because the engine ignition control module is inbuilt so i thought lets do that again but after swapping the dizzy

I would definitely do a fuel pressure test, or if the vehicle is just a high miler put one in it. I had a 90 festiva I drove for years and it did the same thing to me. I ended up replacing the fuel pump, and I am also a professional mechanic and have ... 1993 Ford Festiva

While driving 2ooo silhouette van, the rpm gauge goes erratic and the change engine oil light comes on, followed by battery light, then it feels like transmision slips or en gine stalls and comes back on very fast, creating a thump feel. This can happen at any speed and any condition. I have noticed it on highway and slow driving. Seems to happen after it gets warmed. It has also stalled a couple times. No engine codes have popped up.It idles and runs good except for the "severe hesitation" It a

Sounds like your alternator is about to go out, not feeding enough currant to the electrical components that need it, i.e. ECM , ESM..and so on.you may want to have that checked or replaced.always a good idea to replace the battery when r ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette
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