Having problems with your 1995 Ford Taurus ?

Transmission car.wont.go.into.drive.or.reverse

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If you have your foot on the brake and it will not move, then i would focus on the transmission safety switch. trans has to sense foot pressure on the brake before allowing you to move the stick from park to any position (reverse, drive, etc).
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Transmission problems i recently bought a 1990 civic automatic transmission .the first day i parked it i noticed a lot of transmission oil had leaked and this naturally made the transmission difficult. after fixing the worn out bolt that held the transmission housing i topped the oil to its gauge level. the car worked fine the whole day but the next day it returned to its difficult transmission even though the oil level was ok. Could the leak have damaged the transmission system and i have to ge

The best thing i can tell you and the cheapest is to try to change the screen and filter new fluid if this tranny was driven and never had a tranny change chances are from what your saying the damage is done the only chance you have is to try what i ... 1990 Honda Civic

I have a 1997 chevy s-10 transmission problem i have changed the transmission but still have a simular problem the transmission when u take off in drive the transmission takes off in second instead of first gear it also will not shift to overdrive but it will shift from second to third fine .i can manual shift it from first to third but it won't shift into overdrive.i have a automatic transmission of course i was told that the transmission needs a input for the transmission to shift to first & t

The electrical wires from the trans to the PCM will have to be tested with an OHM meter to check the continuity. It sounds like you have a short in the wires. The trans has solenoids to shift the gears controlled by the computer which is the PCM. 1st ... Chevrolet S 10

Transmission burn all harness on top of transmission was burn (touch by fire) the transmission clutch was burn.harness of the speed sensor was burn,oxygene sensor ,they change 4X4 module transfert case moduleetc..the transmission should be replace. If the transmission harness was burn and all parts i write upper,What can be burn transmission ?The pipe for cooling leaking (rust) and put fire on right side but the fire burn all engine harness and transmission harness

If i understand correctly, your questions is why the transmission should be replaced. well if your main harness was burned chances are if it got that hot that it burned the clutch, then it cooked tyhe oil in the trans mission and melted the seals and ... 2002 GMC Envoy

Transmission problem Hi all. I have VW 1999, 1,8 turbo gassoline, with automatic (tiptronic) transmission. Transmission sistems works well but only from second position to third position it transmisses roughly, very sensitively. I've allready changed transmission oil but it did't effected. what should i do? I hope i don't need a new transmission

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Does the 2002 Volvo S80 have history of issues/problems with transmission after it is rebuilt/replaced, or is it generally a good investment? Volvo dealer says transmission must be replaced ($5700), that newer transmissions cannot be repaired. I did check with local transmission company who said max to replace transmission would be $3500, and that they may be able to repair/rebuild transmission, but would need to diagnose problem first.

The transmission on 6 cylinder has problems the best way is to replace from volvo to rebuild the trans is only short fix or no fix at all only way the right way is to get trans from volvo dealer all parts are new inside ... 2002 Volvo S80

Transmission Shift 2000 Toyota 4Runner, 4X4, V-6, Auto Transmission. With speeds over 60 MPH and then slowing down to a complete stop, the transmission will not engage, i.e. you will not move unless you manual place the transmission in "L" or Drive "2" then you can go and excell and shift into Drive. On speed less than 60, everything works like it is suppose to, you can start and stop and the transmission shift as it is suppose to. Had the transmission rebuilt and the problem is still there. The

Could be a solenoid in the tranny, or the throttle position sensor need calibrating. ... 2000 Toyota 4Runner

1998 Acura SLX. Sometimes transmission will not shift automatically, then transmission check light comes on, but goes back out when shifting normally. This shifting problem only happens occasionally. Does problems with transmission store codes in OBDII system or are their a separate computer system for this? If not OBDII, how do you retrieve transmission trouble codes? Also does this transmission have speed sensors or use a modulator valve for shifting? Note: Transmission does shift throu

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Transmission problems I have a 1996 Acura SLX. I've been having some problems with the transmission. It slips when I'm coming out of a full stop. My main questions are: Can you buy transmission kits for this model? Can you open up the transmission in this model to replace seals, gaskets, ect...? I just want to know if I can rebuild the transmission, replace the whole transmission, or if I have to take it in the rear from the dealer on this one?

In Japan they dont have Acura, they just call them Honda. The 1996 Honda automatic transmission is known for giving out anywherer between 110K-145K miles depending on how its driven. i say, DO NOT GO TO A DEALER!! unless you have substantial cash. ... 1996 Acura SLX

Accord Transmission Swaprn Q. Hey there. 1984 Honda Accord LX-i, 4 cylinder, F4 automatic transmission, 140,000 miles. Now, just a quick question: We are looking to replace the transmission but are unable to find a used 1984 Accord LX-i transmission anywhere. We can, however, find 1985 Honda Accord LX (carb.), with a AS Automatic Transmissions. Have been hearing differing opinions as to whether or not this transmission will be compatible. What is your take? A. The 1986 Honda Accord used a mo

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I have nissan cefiro1992 automatic transmission,and I have trouble at transmission, if I use the car that transmission cannot move only at low transmission only, cannot move to high transmission,how to fix my transmission? Thank you

Its in limp mode (enuf to get u home) I had same problem no garage had the plug to put it on the computer . I endd up up ripping it all out and changing it to manual (cheaper than what it was gna cost to fix) or u can try changing trans, torque conve ... 1994 Nissan Cefiro

My 2007 Toyota Sienna needs the transmission rebuilt. It just had the 60K mile checkup in July where the transmission fluid was drained and replaced. This was done at my local car repair shop, not at the Toyota dealer. I called the Toyota dealer about my transmission problem. He said that the transmission fluid should have never been drained and if it was, then it should have been replaced with Toyota transmission fluid. He said that is why my transmission went bad. My question is -- shoul

Why do you think it needs to be replaced? If you are seeing engine codes like Shift Solenoid B or A, etc...is bad, then it could be just wear and tear. I had to replace both shift solenoids in my transmission because of age at 120,000 miles. As long ... 2007 Toyota Sienna

I have a 2006 ML 500 with the new transmission before Mercedes went back to their "4 matic" version of transmission. The transmission has been worked on several times for different reasons. The problem now is that occassionaly when I accelerate from a stop the transmission does not engage and I feel like the transmission is slipping or just not engaging. The Mercedes house has worked on the transmission so often I am concerned that I will always have problems. I have an extended warranty, bu

This kind of problem is caused by low fluid pressure, this can be a leaking valve body, a sticking fluid check ball or a defective pressure pump, u did not say if u have ever had any trans trouble codes that have been set for this intermittent ... Mercedes-Benz ML500

My son purchased a Isuzu Hombre (Chevy S-10)with a bad automatic transmission. He purchased it from a friend who bought it from a glass company who sold it because the transmission was bad. Friend replaced transmission and drove it 300 miles and the transmission started slipping very badly. My son bought it knowing the transmission was bad, pulled the old transmission out and exchanged it for a rebuilt tranmission. He drove it 75 miles and the tranmission startedt o slip significantly and

When you say slipping what exactly do you mean??? Just want to get a better idea whats going on. Most newer trannys are computer controlled and slippage is caused by worn parts, 75miles is a very short peroid of time for something like that to ha ... Isuzu Hombre

Transmission slips when i start up my car, it runs for a short while about 30 feet then the transmission slips, i did put a can of lucas transmission repair fluid, it doint work, what could it be? Please help me, is a 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport 4x4 Transmission slips after a couple of feet and the o/d light starts blinking when it slips. I poured som transmission oil, and just then it started slipping. i took out almost the same amount of the tranny fluid and it still slips. any advice??

Reading what your saying, the problem started when you topped up with fluid; from experience what you have done is over filled the system which can build up high pressure and burst the oil seals and contamanate the drive plate.if your happy with what ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

96 ford f150 E40d Transmission, replaced two transmissions, second transmission worked perfect for a few minutes,symtoms are the same as the first transmmission, Drive 2 and Drive are the only forward gears. When placed in drive,it starts out in drive, not Drive 1. Manually shift from Drive 2 to Drive and it shifs into Drive. Both transmissions have P0743 , P0753& P0755 codes.Also changed the computer and wiring harness to transmission

P0743 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Electrical \015\012P0753 Shift Solenoid A Electrical \015\012P0755 Shift Solenoid B Malfunction\015\012Which computer did you change? ... Ford F-150

Has been serviced regularly and on time. transmission problem. computer light came on suggesting service transmission urgently. no prior problems and vehicle never abused. engine would rev but no power through transmission. occassionally would 'think' then clunk into gear. finally died and had to be towed. volvo experts could only diagnose that it could cost up to $7k to fix. subsequently found out this is a common problem with this transmission. volvo 'experts' serviced transmission co

Hi,Unfortunately, the XC90 transmission has had a great deal of problems. I've seen them go bad with as few as 25,000 miles on them.As you have got a Message that there is a Transmission problem, the only way would be a Dealer. ... 2008 Volvo XC90

Too much Transmission Fluid - 2001 Eclipse Will too much transmission fluid damage or cause the transmission to burn it's self out? I was told by the Mitsubishi dealership I had about 1 quart too much fluids and they don't think the right fluid was even used. I don't know what type of fluid that was installed in my transmission but it was the "Amsoil" name brand. The transmission failed with me on the highway with no warning or slippage and grinding. I could smell something burnin

Hello Bradley. Get to a garage ASAP as too much tranny fluid will damage your transmission by causinf undue pressure on the seals and possibly blowing them out. Regarding your concern about the wrong fluid in your transmission, I recommend that you ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

What type of transmission fluids required for Mitsubishi Eclipse? I used some transmission fluids from O'Reily, Advance Auto and Amsoil and it appears all these fluids won't work. I was told by the dealership that the proper transmission fluids could only be purchased from the dealership? And this was more then likely why my transmission failed over and over again. Also the last time the transmission failed it was also mention the fluid was 1 quart too much. Even the replacement transmissi

What a bad experience you had there.Look or search for Diamond ATF SP3. Beware Diamond is a brand name and it is the recommended product for your car.Best regards and remember to rate this solution. ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Had transmission rebuilt in 2006 taurus check transmission indicator now turns on code stated torque converter slipping transmission person found badoring on pump removed transmission again and replaced still getting check transmission another code with that dealing with key module not sure what that code was

... 2006 Ford Taurus

Will the vaccum hose attatched to the transmission of my 1997 truck cause it not to start if not attatched? And where does it attatch on the transmission. The seal on the transmission was replaced. the truck started and ran before we dropped the transmission but not it only cranks over and will not fire. The only thing not attatched is the vaccuum hose to the transmission and we can't remember where we took it off


I have a 1996 Sebring convertible it ran just fine then I took it to get serviced include ding the transmission oil getting changed then a few days later my transmission did not want to shift. It still runs smooth it doesn?t make any weird noise and the transmission oil level is fine. The automatic transmission just dose not wants to shift. I took it back to where I got it serviced they said the work on transmission. I pretty sure it is a vacuum line issue. Can any one help?

If they sed the wrong flid it may have damaged trans chrysler sed type 7176 in this trans there are no vacuum lines on this trans ... Chrysler Sebring

Transmission problem transmission leaks but not from transmission.. its leaking at the vaccum hose on top of the engine (i believe).. there is significant "fluid" around the hoses but i'm unable to distingush the fluid. my transmission fluid is gone in a month. HOWEVER i changed my oil and put the exact amout of quarts in as perscribed by ford and a month later my oil level is WAY above where it was. Is it possible that is where my transmission fluid is going due to a vaccum hose? another thing

The vacuum modulator that the vacuum hose connectes to at the transmission has a ruptured rubber diaphram, replace the vacuum modulator and the vacuum hose. ... 1992 Ford Explorer

Electric transmission i bought a 1993 gmc 1500 sierra, 4.3 the transmission is not working, when i looked at this it is electric with about 10 wires, however it seems like this is a USA model, i am in canada, and bought a transmission for this truck, and it is different, it has a 3 wire electric hook up. Does anyone know if there is anyway to convert the transmission to work?? i have a 94 chevy truck 1500 transmission is not shifting until it redlines in first gear.. i have to punch it and let

... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Transmission dripping About three weeks ago, I had to slam on my breaks and I locked up my tires. Well when I put my foot back on the gas I heard a thunk that sounded like it came from my transmission. I dove it home and it drove fine. The next day I noticed transmission fluid under the van. I was wondering what the sound was. Also was wondering are there any hoses that run from the back of the transmission. I found two hoses that come out of the front of the transmissions that seem to go to the

Those hose are to go to your cooling tank in radiator they are a return line maybe they blew off on the sudden break slam? they are rubber line? if so to small clamps the size of a dime hold them on but you should be pissing transmission fluid out wi ... 1997 Plymouth Voyager

Voyager Transmission Is there a problem with these transmissions? I have had to replace mine twice at approx. 63,000-70,000 miles per transmission (the first replacement was NIB from Chrysler, my expense, the second was a rebuilt one, also my expense). I also know of several friends that have had to had theirs changed at the same mileage range. When you look at used vehicles, they also state transmission replaced or needs transmission, generally all in the same range? I have spoken to Chrysler c

Yes the ultradrive transmissions are very problematic. so much so that mopar has had to update and fix bugs almost every year that the transmission has been built.\015\012\015\012do a wikipedia search on ultradrive trannys for more info. ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager
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