Having problems with your 1995 Ford Ranger Supercab ?

Ignition problem turn the key and starter OK > engine wants to start (very very short time) and quits. What gives?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Check ALL vac. hoses. my explorer of your year quietly backfired once and blew a hose right of the manifold "nipple". never started till that discovery
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Ignition problem turn the key and starter OK > engine wants to start (very very short time) and quits. What gives?

Check ALL vac. hoses. my explorer of your year quietly backfired once and blew a hose right of the manifold "nipple". never started till that discovery ... 1995 Ford Ranger Supercab

I tried to start my tacoma this morning but the key would not turn. I tried over and over with two different keys and neither worked. I also tried turning the wheel wile turning the key still no luck. My room mate had a key I had given him a wile back and his key worked this left me confused. Both of my doors also give me problems at times not wanting to open with my key's. I am afraid I will get stranded is the problem my key or the starter?

It's a problem w/your key(s) make a copy of the one your roomate has. Sounds like yours are worn down ... 2002 Toyota Tacoma

2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited - Having trouble starting Im having a difficult time starting my truck, when i try turning it on it seems it wants to kick over and start but i hve to attempt at it numerous times before it will start. I know its not my battery because everything turns on when i insert the key, the problem starts when i try staring it. I also noticed when it started today when i put it into drive i started giving it gas it was starting off sluggish, then eventually it went up to it

... 2001 Toyota Sequoia

318 motor, fuel injected. starts and runs for time at idle. If I give it gas it coughs and sputters. A couple of times I turned the key until it made the buzz. Id id this several times until it didn't buzz, then tried to start it. It started and ran fine but when i turned it off the problem reappeared. After a while I was able to repaeat the key trick and it ran fine again. Now it just starts and idle and coughs if I give it gas and then dies. Whats up?

Adjust the carb.... ... Dodge Ram B250

I have a Hilux SW4 2.8 diesel from 1995. It always has problems starting but they seem to be different over time. When I turn the key the first time to ''Start'', the headlights stay very bright, but the voltage at the cigarette lighter goes to zero and the starter motor does absolutely nothing. If I immediately try again, the starter turns strongly and the motor starts immediately. However, when the engine is hot after a short drive, the problem gets worse. So first key turn, nothing, then the

... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

2002chrysler sebring My car won't start, when I turn the key it makes no sound. A couple of times when my car wouldn't start, I got a jump and it started right up, now it won't start at all. What could be the problem? I wanted to take it to AutoZone to have them check the battery, alternative and starter but now it won't start at all. Hope you can give me some advice! Thanks

Am going through this now. Check the fuses under the hood. One is burnt out due to the short mentioned by guest above. Find the short (where it's grounding out) and fix ASAP. ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

Hi i drive 94 nisssan maxima for my second job which is a driver et pizza store. 2 days ago i stopped to give the order and when i came back and started the car it didn't run. i mean battery was good i'm sure. but when i turned the key to start i heard just clik. that's it nothing else. and i moved the car to the curb. when i tried one more it started. since then i started at least 5-6 times. it ran. but i still don't know what the short problem was there 2 days ago when the car didn't start at

The click was the starter solenoid, first sign that it could go out any time, you might want to think about replacing it, more so with your second line of work, good luck. ... 1994 Nissan Maxima

1994 manual accord lx. trouble turning over - dash light up - radio works - sometimes will start right up other times you have to try and try - it does click when you turn the key. shop kept for 2 days - of course unable to recreate problem - they had no idea - wanted to replace battery and starter - doesn't matter if car has been sitting or just went for short drive - outside temp does not seem to be a factor

... 1994 Honda Accord

Starting Problems I have 1995 Ford Fairmont 4.0 6Cyl. When I insert the key and turn it to start, nothing happens all the dashboard lights come on but no cranking. Take the key out and do it couple of times, it starts up. Some times keep it twisted a bit longer and it cranks and starts. Starting otherwise is quick when it does. It has recently started giving this problem, it was ok before that.

There is a rod that goes from your ignition switch down to a box in the steering colum. and when you turn the key it pushes the rod wich inturn conects the electrical circut and tells the starter to engage. you can fix this by takeing the compleat c ... 1983 Ford Fairmont

I have a 98 dodge avenger sport. when i start the car i turn key half way, wait for fuel injection to kick in, then start it. several times at the turn of the key to start it, it simply stalls out. wont run at all unless i keep foot on gas. after gassing it heavily sveral times for quite some time it will then idle out. have changed fuel filter. didnt help.blows out black smoke and smells gas when it does this. any ideas? im frustrated and usually late due to this problem.

The fuel injection pump should keep fuel at the top end all the time.it sounds like your fuel pump has failed totally. ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

I have a 2005 c320 mercedes sports sedan am having trouble starting ----shop has tried to solve but cant find problem have replaced battery &trans computer parts n.g. still having trouble i turn key inignition some times no reacton at all 2 or 3 tries car will start sometimes a little grunt turnover no start -----3 or more ties car will start like nothing is wrong ---- last time i had this problem key wanted to kick back out of ignition

With what you say I would be checking the current to the starter when you turn the key to start. That will tell you if it is ignition switch or not. If the switch is ok pull the starter motor and have it tested for faulty armature. ... Cars & Trucks

Difficulty starting Replaced battery in June '08 a few weeks later an intermittent problem started where at times when the key is turned it just clicks like battery is dead. Turn key 4 or 5 times and it starts. Friend said it might be the "cyllanoid" (sp?). Does that sound like what it might be and if so is the cyllanoid and the starter encased on this model or is it separate where we can just replace the cyllanoid? Thanks, I have 3 kids and don't want to get stranded.

... 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager

For the last five years that I have owned my 2004 Chevy Impala I have had problems with it not wanting to start at certain times, usually and mostly during the summer months, but not all the time. I get into the car to start, step on the brake and turn the key, nothing happens, no sound, nothing, I will try for about 15 upto 30 minutes then all of a sudden I turn the key and it will start. The car has been taken in to a shop and had an anylsis ran on the engine. The mechanic could find nothi

I had the same thing happen to my impala. It was the sensor in the ignition switch for security purposes. I had too many keys on my key ring, and it caused the ignition switch to not read my key right. Once I had the ignition switch repaired, I do ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Toyota Tercel 92. Manual transmission. When I turn the ignition key, not every single time but most of the time, I hear a single, hard clunk. Starter problem? Also, recently I had my car not starting at all after engine being hot. E.g it always starts when engine is cold but won't start again -after a short stop-when engine's hot. I have a lot of juice in my battery -almost new- and when I turn the ignition key on I can hear the click so wouldn't be the spark plugs either. Could this be soleno

The noise u hear is the starter solenoid starting to engage but failing to make a connection to supply power to the starter motor, this car uses a Denso design started motor and the large copper contacts burn away and create the clunk no ... Toyota Tercel

Ok, I have a 98 escort Zx2. Occassionally when I go out to start in the morning it doesnt seem to want to turn over. I have to turn the Key many times for the engine to turn over and start. There is a single click that I can hear at the starter when I turn the key. Battery is OK, lights and radio heater all working. In the past, when I had that problem in the morning it would start just fine the rest of the day, but today it gave me a little trouble after getting it to start this morning af

It could very well be your starter. I assume your battery is charged and we can mark that off. A starter will usually not go out instantly. It is a process. You can get it to start sometimes by hitting the starter with a hard object. Now, when you tr ... Ford Escort

Saturn problem starting problem starts when it want to changed key but it acts like a starter problem if you try turn key two times in a row you will get no spinning of motor if you wait 10 seconds then it trys to start but wont

... 2004 Saturn ION

I have a Proton Savvy 2009 model milliage still very low but sometimes it does not want to start at first i thought it may be the battery but the battery is fine, when you turn the key all the lights light up and the engine turns but does not start i have to pump the gas a few times and turn the off and on agian a few times before it starts what may be the problem? i took it in to the dealer and they said they cant find anything wrong. its never missed a service. please help

... 2009 Proton Savvy 1.2

My 1994 Honda Accord is stalling after starting and running for a few minutes. I have had a problem of the car wanting to stall out or heave and act like it wanted to die while driving in normal conditions. Usually this happened after shifting into another gear and giving gas to it--other times you would turn the car off to go into a store and come out and it would turn over but not start. We took one of the plug wires out and tried to start it and there was no spark UNTIL the car turned over (u

... 1994 Honda Accord


Well ok, so now it won't start at all? So ok test fuel pressure should be at least 40 PSI check for spark and make sure you have NOID this is the pulsing of the fuel injectors you have to narrow down the MISSING item if you have low fuel pressure ... Mercury Marquis

2001 tacoma v6 doesn't want to start when hot. I can start it by pressing the gas at the right time. The problem is that it cranks differently. not as hard and kind of "skips". give it a half hour or more to cool, and it turns over like it always has. Seems to be getting worse. I'm starting to have problems in the morning now as well. hard to explain, but it sounds and feels different. If it starts when hot without giving it gas, it idles low and rough for a few seconds and dies.

... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

So I go to start my truck and it will not turn over. . . I have had this problem on and off for years. If I was to roll the truck back and forth sometimes it would start. I have tried starting it in neutral and still does not work. When I turn the key you hear a click and nothing. I think its some type of short but I don?t know sins it will start some of the time. I also notice my starring wheel will not lock some time don?t know if it has anything to do with it. 2003 Chevy Silvardo 1500

The starter is most likely the problem...shims will not help engage or dis-engage the partially worn out starter...Hope this helps. Be sure to disconnect your battery before servicing the starter... ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Anyone ever had this problem. 2007 Ford Taurus will sometimes not start when the key is turned. All of the instrument lights come on and I can here the fuel pump engage, but vehicle will not start. I have to turn the key on and off several times beore the car will start. This only happens periodically. What gives?

Hi its the starter motor jamming up, had the same car same fault every now and again.\015\012\015\012it could just be a bit rusty around the connections so the starter does not get full power when you try to start it. clean the connection ... 2006 Ford Taurus

My ford focus ZX5 2003 runs very well. In hot season after starting I can run as many km I want. But if I run it few km and turn off, again start it and run for some more km by doing so When I start it 3rd-4th time after short intervals without letting engine cool, car stops picking acceleration and its idling goes down and car start turning off automatically. I have to cool down the engine to run it smoothly again. The problem comes with repeated turning on-off only and in hot days.

... 2004 Ford Focus

I have a 2000 cadillac deville. Yestersday I was starting the car and it was hard to start, didn't want to turn over. I heard a "clicking noise" while trying to start it. The car did start but I had problems starting it again later. When I got home I turned the car off and tried to start it again, that time it started right up. A few minutes later I tried to start it again and the dash went all black and the car cut off. I am unable to remove the key now and nothing comes on Please help!!!

Your alternator or battery needs to be changed test the battery first. have some1 give you a jump and see if it fires up ... Cadillac CTS

2006 Beetle will not start every time ignition key is turned on. Moving gear selector from Park through range of selections and waiting for a short period of time the engine will start. However, when you turn the engine off the problem still exists.

Sounds like the park/neutral safety switch is having an issue. Sometimes you can get at them and clean them, but most likely you will need a new one. ... 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle
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