Having problems with your 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab ?

95 f150 automatic 4 wheel drive button for high side works but the low range wont engage and when button engages the hubs are not locked in cause i can drive it like still in 2 wheel drive could it be the motor on back side of transfer case?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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95 f150 automatic 4 wheel drive button for high side works but the low range wont engage and when button engages the hubs are not locked in cause i can drive it like still in 2 wheel drive could it be the motor on back side of transfer case?

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I have a 1994 toyota landcrusier and I know is allwheel drive and it supose to be allwheel drive at all the time but also has a little shift on the righ side that say high and low is an automatic truck I did put it in neutral to try out the high and low shift and it did work but when I tried to put it back in place it gave me a light on the dashboard sayin the differencial was lock and it does run but I can feel still on the four wheel drive it feels like the high shift still on and the light st

Driving a vehicle with diff lock on hard surfaces will damage the drivetrain. Try to avoid this. If your center diff is locked, be sure to press the button on the dashboard (Center diff) to the off(button out) position. (Yes, you didnt press the butt ... 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

Passenger side door will not open from inside or outside. 1995 Nissan Maxima. It seems like the door lock is not disengaging all of the way. The latch handle on the inside feels like the rod is still function it just will not open because the door is locked while driving i decided to roll my window down for some reason, i tried to roll it back up seconds later it wouldnt go up. but when i pressed the down button it rolled down. what is my problem?

The switches. ... 1988 Cadillac Brougham

2000 GMC jimmy 2 wheel drive. Was driving down the road and the rear end locked up. Both back tires. While this happened I was using the brakes. When I came to a stop I let off and tried going, didn't move like I was still on the brakes. OK I got it in my drive way check my brakes, they are fine. Noticed while putting my tire back on that when in park jacked up off the ground my back tire would do almost a half rotation before locking. Usually it rotates an inch or 2 forward Ur backwards before

Take the plate off of the rear end and look and see if all the bolts are in the ring gear one could have fallen out and locked it ... Cars & Trucks

I have a Ford F250 XL- While plowing today I notice that the truck was swaying to the left but didn't think anything of it, thought it was the wet snow. Then while back blading some snow, I noticed that the truck would not back up, almost like I didn't have any 4 wheel drive. I would lift the blade and the truck would back up. When I put the blade down and pushed the snow it would move, but I still felt like the truck had no tracktion on the front drivers side. Almost like the front drivers side

Check both front lockouts,1 side or the other could have broken,unlock 1 side and reach underneath and try turning the axel on the other side-----if it turns all the way around, then replace that lockout,if it doesnt turrn then try unlocking that si ... 1998 Ford F250 SuperCab

I was driving my 2000 GMC Jimmy down the road and the rear tires locked up. The tranny was still in drive, but when i pushed down on the accelerator it didn't move and the rpms went up. I put it in reverse and it went back about 4 feet and the rear wheels locked up again. It seems like i can go 4 feet in either direction before the wheels lock up. I don't think its the tranny, because it was rebuilt 40,000 miles ago and i just changed the fluid. I think it might be something in the differen

The differential may be locking up on you. Is the fluid full? Have you drained the fluid and pulled the pumpkin cover and looked inside to see if anything looks to be out of place or broken? ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

When making a hard turn pulling out of a parking space at low speed idle it feels like the wheels are grabing from side to side and like they are locking up . had it to the dealer and they first thought it was the transfer clutches but when they undid the 4 wheel drive function it still did it. if you disconect the 4 wheel feature wouldnt the trans fer clutches act the same. anyway they pulled the xmission pan and showed it to me saying i had transmission problems. there was a normal amount of

You could have the front outer CV joints checked, if one is binding it would cause those symtoms . ... 2005 Subaru Outback

1995 Ford Bronco 4x4. Has howl (metal on metal noise) in left front hub area. I have pulled hubs apart and checked bearings, they looked good, but were loose and the grease was thin like liquid. I cleaned hubs, filled with new grease, repacked wheel bearings, and put all back together and still makes the same noise. i used wd40 to spray on back side of hub where the axle shaft goes though into the hub, thinking it was dry and making noise, but still no change. removed auto locking hub and drove

A howl usually is a bad bearing ... Ford Bronco

Have A ford 500 with A cvt tranmission will not move. if you try to go forward with it locks up left front wheel will rotate lock up then release again. will back up somtimes if you go from drive to reverse but will lock up again almost feels like the emergency brake is on also have check eng light ,and red light with a wrench sign . we put the car in neutral could not push the vehicle off the side of the road I had to put it on A flat bed trailer to move it.

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My 98 s10 is stuck in 4 wheel drive low. i started the truck up and the switch went into 4 wheel drive high by itslef then was flashing and went into low. well i couldnt drive it like this so i pulled back in and tried to put it back in 2 wheel drive and nothing, i also tried to put it in 4 high and nothing. Its just like the buttons stopped working, but it is stuck in 4 wheel low. Someone please help

Pull the kick panel on the passenger side. there is a small box mounted there that is the computer that controls the actuator for the 4wd system. this is notorious for problems due in fact that the connector likes to pull out and away from the modu ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

08 f150 4x4 on front end only one side is disengaging when in 2 wheel drive. The problem is when engaged into 4x4 wheel drive the front drive line spins and both sides engage but only the back wheels spin and when disengaged only the right side disengages. It doesn't make sense when front is engaged in 4x4 wheel drive and the front drive shaft spins and it only acts like it is in 2 wheel drive. What do you feel is the problem?

If I read this correctly ( which I might not have, bit early for me ), the front drive shaft will engage ( from the transfer case ) but the front wheels are not engaged ?If so, sounds like either the vacuum from the IWE ( Integrated Wheel ... 2004 Ford F150

Power windows will only work from the driver's side master control switch and then only if the lock window button is on. If the lock button is off none of the windows will work at all and you have to push the lock window button back on and hold it while pushing the driver's side button to get the windows to work again. I have a 2005 Ford Taurus. We have replaced the master control switch but still have the same problem. The switch seems to get hot if you move the lock button to unlock.

... 2000 Ford Taurus

My jeep would not start and whenthe key was off there was a clicking in the back door hatch. then when i hit the lock button the hazard light button started clicking like it did in the back door. Now they have replaced the battery and the door locks still dont work and there is a clicking still in the hazard botton and back door wont open.

Reprogram fob ... 2003 Jeep Liberty


Sounds like you have a combonation trans and transfer case issues. if you were running youre truck in four wheel on a hard dry surface, witch is not recomended , the trans probibly ran hot. as for the transfer case, it could be a combination of probl ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1995 chevy pickup 4x4, it will lock in four wheel drive but when its in two wheel drive the front end is still locked in so its as if the two back wheels are pulling the front wheels (the fro

... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

I have a couple. I bought a 1998 to have as a second vehicle for child and dog transport. Upon driving for a little while I noticed a clunk when shifting to or from second (acceleration and stopping) that sounds like a transmission problem. It mainly happens once the car has run for several minutes or more. Also, it appears the used car dealer hid a problem with the cruise control from me. The right side cruise buttons on the wheel have broken from their plastic mounts. Can these be glued back o

... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

Power steering Hi guys, i have a 1998 golf 3. When i ride on a wet road or in rainy weather and make a turn my power steering doesnt work for a second or so then comes back. It almost like it jams for a second on in wet weather thou. What can cause this? Also if in standing still and turn the wheel full to either side it makes a continuous sqeeking noise. Can any assist me with this?

Hi,\015\012My best guess is that the drive belt to the hydraulic pump is loose / worn, and it slips when wet. Also the extra load imposed on the system by turning when stationary causes it to slip even when dry.\015\012\015\012Chec ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

All of a sudden everytime I back up or try to turn right my brakes act like the locking up on the right passenger side. Causeing my wheel to not wanta move in I have to push the gas peddle hard for it to go

First, make sure your left foot is off the brake pedal. After driving for a while, stop the car and feel the brake drums and disks with your fingers to see if some are hot and others not. The hot ones may be sticking. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

There was a roaring noise that sounded like it was coming from the transmission. This went on for a long period of time because I didnt know what was causing it. The roaring would stop when I would press in the clutch and it would not roar in fourth gear. I have changed the release bearing, the input shaft bearing and the problem is still there. Then one day I was driving down the road at a low rate of speed and the wheels locked up and that has me scratching my head. Someone told me that the cv

... 1988 Ford Ranger

My chevy Impala LS is having electrical issues. the shift display on my dish stays lit, including the e-break indication if I use the E-break. My traction control kicks on when I first put my car into drive for no reason, when I use the button to lock my car the driver side front door unlocks itself. Now my battery drained over night and I can't get it to take a charge. I have just recently installed two ten inch subs in my back, I don't believe that would cause the dash shift indications to st

Yes it does sound like you are having an electrical issue, possibly with the pcm. Signals are being distroted between tranny and dash. Testing with a meter or running engine codes wouldn't be a bad idea. I would start with pcm ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Steering problem 1997 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 97000 miles I have replaced all the front tie rods.My steering wheel has alot of play in it, is that caused by power steering gearbox? Also, my 4wd shifter wont move from 2wheel into 4wd low or hi. I recently replaced the drivers side wheel hub assembly and the half shaft inside came out. Is there a SPECIFIC way to put that back in? Will inserting it back in the Wrong way mess up the 4 wheel drive?

The half shaft does not need to go in a certain way, Just as long as you get it in all the way. when checking steering play to see where it is. It's best to leave the truck off. Turn ignition on but dont start to unlock steering column, Then look by ... Dodge Ram 1500

1999 chevy silverado z71 5.3 ujoints just got changed loud squeal in back sound like center of drive shaft / no vibration when driving, no play up/down side to side on drive shaft,is it in the rearend or the wheel bearings is the sound traveling thru drive shaft orienting from rear end or can the wheel bearing travel sound thru driveshaft

I would suspect bad driveshaft hanger bearing - to confirm, jack up back end of truck and hold up with jack stands. have someone in the truck to accelerate to the speed where you hear the noise, listen for the noise - a stethescope is very useful for ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado Z71, When i put the truck in four wheel drive the front wheels dont get power , the front diff is locking up but when i jack it up i can turn the drive shaft freely with the back tires on the ground , the transfer case isnt locking to the front drive please help its snowing like a mofo here!!!!!

Good day, it may need some fluid or it may be a bad electrical problem thats why its not locking. hope this helps, have a nice day ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 1999 suburban also stuck in 4 wheel. when i push the button to go into 2 hi it flashes the acuator pulls in then goes back into 4 hi. it wont stay in 2 wheel drive. i have replaces the control on the dash. adn still does same thing. any ideas what to look for next. the acuator is working fine. i pull it out and when the button is pushed to 2 wheel the plunger goes in but then goes right back out to 4 hi position.

... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 2004 jeep cherokee it was working fine then when i hop back in the car for some reason the interior lights where on and wouldn't turn off they where not even turned on now my windows won't go down power mirrors don't work power locks don't work on driver side the power lock button works on passenger side but window button does not work any where. the interior lights work when u open the doors but not on driver side like i can open passenger door a lights come on but if i open driver sid

You have a short in your electrical system to your interior harness. check that and check all your relays and fuses to your switches too. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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