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My car was missing so i put new plugs and wires on it, it was still missing after wards and rite before it stalled i was up a hill and it started missing more and then it sounded like something broke and then stalled for the last time and now it sounds like it isnt getting any spark and the things i think it might be are not cheap so i cant think of anything

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Answers :

Replace your drive belt or belt tensioner.
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My car was missing so i put new plugs and wires on it, it was still missing after wards and rite before it stalled i was up a hill and it started missing more and then it sounded like something broke and then stalled for the last time and now it sounds like it isnt getting any spark and the things i think it might be are not cheap so i cant think of anything

Replace your drive belt or belt tensioner. ... 1995 Ford Escort

Clicking sound when trying to start and no start (sometimes). I think it sounds like the starter is clicking. it is a lot like when the battery is going dead and does not supply enough power to engage the silinoid (sp?). sometimes it starts right up and other times it only makes a clicking sound. it is easier to start when warm. also after starting it gets a rough low idle and feels like it is going to stall. the idle sort of fixes itself quickly and then it runs ok. 2001 tahoe, 5.3 L, 4x

Check starter if you have a silinoid mounted directly to the side of the case your starter may be on the way out, also battery could also have a bad cell (warm weather starts easier) trouble shoot start with cheap, rough idle check vacume hoses that ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

Replaced engine 1.5 sounds like the carby hasn't got enough vac and wants to stall and miss cant find the problem checked timing and dizzy but cant get it to run good can a vac line cause the problem if put in the wrong place.

Yes a vacuum line in the wrong place can do that. plug the PCV valve the plug the EGR port use a can as a shim, also make sure the timing belt or chain is on its mark. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

When I try to start my 88 k5 Blazer, it just sputters out. While running for the short amount of time that it does, it sounds like its missing on one or more cylinders. But I think the problem is that it is not getting enough gas. Could this be the fuel filter?

Yes it could be. check the fuel filter, and check your plugs also. ... 1988 Chevrolet Blazer

Timeing belt 1992 geo prizm 1.6 liter 2 valve i think ,is this interference or non interference,heard like a pop , immediately died wouldn't start....tried to start a few times nothing then was told probably the timeing belt broke which it did after checking so installled a new belt after 3-4 trys to start it finally did kinda crappy sounding tho,,after that time it starts like it normally did but until you get up to like 45 mph it handles or feels rough,a little hesitation and i feel like mayb


Help please! When the car is taken from park to drive as normal-it's ok. When the car is reved up while in park, then taken to drive, it stalls out. Loud sound from engine like air whisping/sucking. Maybe a vaccum leak, but I dont think so. Brand new fuel filter didn't help. Smells like it's running rich. When it's running it runs great; however every time the car slows down it stalls and dies. Loud noise from rear end that may or may not have anything to do with the other problem i just describ

Very possible a vacuum leak somewhere. ... 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Where is the fuel reset button on my 2004 chev aveo? My car just stalled for no reason. it felt like my engine fell out of my car and then stalled. So my dad took a look at it and thought maybe I might need to press the restart button for my fuel. I try starting it but it sounds like to fuel just isnt getting through.

There is no fuel reset button. No way to tell why it stalled unless you can determine you are getting spark. If you are then it could be a fuel pump issue but its just a guess without testing first. You wont be able to do anything. Sorry to tell yo ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

I have a 2kd-ftv motor in a toyota hiace van, it starts and runs for 3-4 seconds getting lower and lower in revs till it stalls , sometimes it doesnt stall and picks up after same amount of time and idels fine has no issues higher in the revs, we have done everything we can think of and we think it maybe a electrical issue like the ecu can not keep a idel signal to give a signal to make it idel and it just dies? any help or direction would be great its got us puzzled

Hi, you need to firstly replace the fuel filter, the problem is the idle solenoid in the pump has dirt in the piston! From the passenger side of the engine remove the solenoid at the back of the fuel pump 2x 5mm Alan bolts, there is 2 solenoids in t ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

4wd issues When I put my 4wd hi on, I get to about 35 mph and a horrible sound starts coming from my engine. It was moaning and I think I heard a ticking sound. It also felt like I had a flat tire, but it was just hopping around in the back like it wasn't fully engaged. I've tried it a couple different times, and everytime it does this when I hit clear pavement. Everything works fine in 2wd. Please help :) thanks!!

Sounds like either a transmission or forward differential issue. The Durango was known for trans issues, as well as 4x4 components. \015\012\015\012A stupid question, but do you have the same size tires on all 4 corners? If not, DO NOT engage the ... 2002 Dodge Durango

Automotive driveability 1999 Chevy malibu 2.4DOHC Stalled and refused to stay running. No code was ever thrown. Did a series of repairs that improved the symptoms each time. Still stalls, sputters at idle (like a dead miss). I have already replaced both coils, coolant temp sensor, cleaned and re-gapped spark plugs (customer has a very low budget), cleaned fuel injectors, throttle body, and fuel rail. I'm thinking the timing may be off or another sensor may be out.

I'd replace the fuel filter and check the fuel pressure. ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

Stalling problems with my 1986 Grand Marquis. It has been having problems accelerating right away after I'm at a stop and it almost feels like it's jumping into gear. It stalled out for the first time, started back up fine. Made it down the block and stalled again when I turned. I parked it and put it in neutral and revved the engine up and it sounded fine. Put it in reverse and it stalled when I was reversing. I kept trying to start it up to get a few blocks home to my house. But each t

Try changing your tps sensor ... 1986 Mercury Marquis

I have a 1996 olds achieva will start but with a bad miss . coming home from work it ran like a new car then bam a miss low power so i scaned it and got code po300 and code po335 so i changed the crank sensor still no change o yes its a 2.4 L and it acts like it out of time when you start it the motor turns fast like normal but ever so often it turns over slow like when one is out of time . think it could have jumped time? and on the missfire part it misses so hard you would think its going too

Check your valve cover gasket there my be oil getting on your plugs ... 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva

I think my car is overheating. I just did a whole bunch of engine work and sometimes when I pull up to a red light it stalls out. It isn't the timing because we've gotten it looked at. Our mechnic says that everything is okay... but it seems like after the car has been running for sometime it starts making a really loud clacking sound. What is this sound from? The water we have to refill is full so we know it doesn't need water added.. and once it starts making this sound it will eventually stal

Without hearing the noise, there is no way anyone could tell you where the noise is coming from. I would recommend taking your mechanic for a ride to show him what is happening. If it is overheating, your temperature gauge will be high ... 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 1996 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and it was running alittle rough but was running. It sounded like it was missing alittle bit. It stalled on me at a red light but started back up and ran good. The next day it stalled and wouldn't start again. I changed the fuel filter thinking it was a fuel problem and it started but ran really rough and the exhaust shook when running. I changed the spark plugs and it started again but ran rough for about 30 seconds and backfired alittle when it stalled.

... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

2003 Kia Sedona Hi there, my van stats ok but then stalls after about a minute. Most of the time I have to hold my foot on the gas pedal and if it sounds like it will stall i step on the gas pedal to keep it from stalling. I have to hold the gas pedal down until the temperature level gets to about half way. After that it runs fine. Have any idea's what maybe causing this?

... 2003 Kia Sedona

CAR STALLS The car does not stay running all the time. It will stall at stop signs, I have to lay on the gas sometimes to get it to start, I just replaced the plugs and wires. The fuel injectors kick on and are functioning like they should. I am looking for the knock sensor and can not find it. It doesn't appear to be in the same location as the Hanes book says it should be. I have looked at everything I can think of and am out of ideas.

Hi. the first thing here is to check the fuel filter and pump actions. make sure the fuel filter is not clogged and, the pump is working correctly with full voltage. Once you establish the fact that the fuel pump and filter ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

1992 toyota celica 2.2 timing belt broke.i turned the crank 360 degrees after compression stroke.cam gear timing marks are lined up.exhaust cam is getting ready to open ex. valve and rotor is pointing at #1 plug wire.does it sound like i am ready to put on new belt yet?not fully sure but i think so.first toyota owner.desperate.

Well hold on there cowboy, first consult your service manual if your cars engine is an interference type. it means that if ever your timing belt breaks the valves that were stranded shall be hammered by up moving piston. eventually bending and&n ... 1992 Toyota Celica

My 1998 Plymouth Neon wants to stall when I'm at red lights. I had a head gasket replaced several years ago, and I think the problem was never fully resolved since I continue to have to add oil regularly. The shakey/jerky stalling has been really bad today. I just would like to buy time before i have to get a new car. It has over 100k miles on it. Thank you so much for your help...

... 1998 Plymouth Neon

I have a 95 grand am quad4. i replaced the engine control computer on it and my cars still wont run right. when it starts i have to floor it just to keep it running and it sounds like its missing really bad or maybe isnt getting fuel??? fuel pump works and is getting pressure, filter is clean....any help?

Did you change the PROM from the old one to the new one? ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

2000 VW Passat, 1.8 T automatic, shakes upon start up - like it is going to stall out, engine light comes on, shut it down and start it up seems to run fine - engine light stays on - 3rd time it has happened, shop says it shows a miss fire - but can not replicate condition - I think it is a coil type of issue - what do you think


My ford dealership says my torque converter is bad. What are the symptoms of this? My car is making a metal on metal noise from the rear end that sounds like tink-tink-tink. This noise only comes about once a week and is only there for about 5-10 minutes at a time. The noise can be heard at any speed, but gets faster as i go faster, and slower as i go slower. My car has stalled twice in the 4 years I have owned it. Occasionally, it has a hard time shifting from park to drive, but shifts fine und

Sounds like the insides of torque converter broke welds loose you will need a new one the description you gave are exactly the symptoms ... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

2002 ford focus will crank but will not start just replaced fuel pump and relay spark plugs getting fire oh, by the way the fuel pum is working again I can here it come on when key is turned. I feel like I am missing something so simple I can't think o it myself . the only other thing I cn think of if it jmped time. I's been a great carup tll now.morgan

Need to find you a couple of gauges 1:fuel pressure gauge & 2: compression checker (to determine if it has jumped time). ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a 00-01 kia sportage was driving it stalled at a stop sine no check eng lit its getting fuel spark n has compresion was thinking timeing-comp-or maybe bad fuel sometimes i get a like backfire wile turning it oveer

... 2001 Kia Sportage

Start it up then you can drive maybe ten minutes then it dies or if you turn car off you cannot get it started again it sounds as if it will turn over when starting but it wont it also sounds like it will miss timing while running and idles a bit fast i did not have any problems until i had someone try to install a stereo and im guessing that maybe this has something todo with security type issue because i can see wires have been cut under dash and steering

Well you could start with the wires because cut wires are never good but it also sounds ike a fuel pump they can heat up and shut off and they have to cool back down befor they start again unless it felt like dieing. when this happens again chck on y ... BMW 525

Have a Toyota Camry Wagon 1996. It has a problem form time to time the enginejust cuts off. This is a full power failure as if the engine is turned off. It only happens at idle or taking off from a stop or near stop. There is no running on or engine missing. When the engine is running it sounds fine. We replaced the 'igniter' thinking this more likely than the Distributor. Before I start replacing more components can you give any advise?

I had that same problem with my 1994 Toyota camery and it turned out to be the ignition coil putting out weak spark ... 1995 Toyota Camry
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