Having problems with your 1995 Ford Escort ?

A loss of hydraulic pressure in my clutch pedal stopping me from shifting gears

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Could be the master cylinder or the slave cylinder

then of course it could also be the reservoir is low or you have a restriction or leak of fluid

first make sure you have fluid
then start at the trans and see if you can bleed the system

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A loss of hydraulic pressure in my clutch pedal stopping me from shifting gears

Could be the master cylinder or the slave cylinderthen of course it could also be the reservoir is low or you have a restriction or leak of fluidfirst make sure you have fluidthen start at the trans and see if you can bl ... 1995 Ford Escort

Clutch hard to get in 1st gear but shift easy when in 2nd. And when comes to dry stop no pressure and hard to get in 1st gear. Over 2 miles gears shift fine from 1-5. When push pedal no pressure in 1st gear.

Hello deejaydevin9,Your description sounds like a u-joint is bad. When a u-joint binds it causes torque in the transmission when the vehicle is not moving making shifting into first gear difficult.The u-joints won't be lose a ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

Clutch hard to shift in 1st but easy when shift to 2nd gear. When comes to complete stop hard to shift in gear. When go over 2 miles shifts fine from 1-5. And when press pedal, it has no pressure.

Have you checked the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder on the firewall next to the driverside windsheild of car? you did'nt specify what year,make,model of car or truck. so i'm going to give you several solutions. clutch master cylinders take ... Dodge Ram 1500

1995 Chevrolet silverado 5 speed transmission. Drives great and runs great . Just started having trouble with the shifting of gears. It has more resistance on the clutch pedal and it takes an excessive amount of force to get the gears to change, it seems the longer i drive the vehicle (stop and go) the worse the situation becomes. after i let the4 truck cool off the shifting works almost a good as normal! I have checked the hydraulic fluid resevoir and it is full. please help confused

I located a web site that offered a technical assistance without any sin up fees or cost and they helped me. ... Chevrolet 1500

HELLO EXPERTS I have a 1995 jeep wrangler with 2.5 engine and five speed trans. I've put about 1000 miles on a new clutch, pressure-plat, throw-out bearing and slave cylinder. I am experencing the following problems: 1. With the clutch pedal fully depressed the clutch remains engaged and jeep wants to move forward. The engine has died at stop signs when the clutch and brake are fully applied. 2. When moving the trans refuses to shift and has to be stronged armed into the next gear. With resultin

Check all your hydraulic connections for seepage . If you find nothing leaking, check where the rod goes into the master cylinder under the dashboard...If still nothing, I'd change the master cyl, as it is likely internally bypassing and permitting t ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

I was stuck in snow and attempting to get out. CRX 1988 5-speed manual clutch pressure was good until i got stuck again (AK thing) now pressure is clutch proper but won't engage any gear...as if in nuetral. Starts in gear as if in nuetral without lungeing forward. In off position, can shift into any gear without depressing the clutch pedal--even though the pedal feels like it has enough pressure. What do I check

Sounds like your clutch disc has failed. The clutch cables on these cars are easy to adjust, the cable routes over the engine, from the driver side to the passenger side, to the release arm on the front side of the transmission. There is a large plas ... Honda Civic

Replaced clutch in 3000GT, all new parts, plate, disc, bearing, flywheel, bled hydraulics, clutch will not engage trans. bled it again, adjusted the pedal rod both directions, disconnected shifter cables & shifted @ trans arms, removed fork boot bearing still connected and travels freely watched it push down pressure plate and release it, still won't go into gear even with shifter arms in position manually. what's next?

Are you sure the clutch disc is installed in the correct direction?Admittedly, I haven't seen the clutch disc for a Mitsubishi 3000GT, but I have seen my share in many makes of vehicles.The clutch disc may be one of those that will ... 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Hard shift into any gear after clutch pressure loss No previous problem with shifting prior to this , with good clutch pressure and smooth shifting into all gears.

Clutch plate is worn out cluch is good just needs cluch plate but you might as well buy the clutch kit and change it all to avoid future problems ... 1993 Saturn SL1

2006 4 Cylinder 4x4 Will not go into gear. After great effort it will finally shift into gear. When stopping at lights , it is hard to shift into first gear. Hydraulic clutch is full. No grinding of gears...when you try it will creep forward or backward without shifting completely into gear, After great effort it will shift into gear and do ok subsequently... then it will not go into gear again. First startup will not shift into gear, any gear or reverse. When it is hot from driving it shifts ok

Sounds like something in your shifting cable, or linkage is corroded, or in need of lubrication. I would guess underneath where the weather gets it. See if you can spray some lube on it to get it to ease up. If it does, you are at the right spot. ... 2006 Jeep Wrangler

Engine was running smoothly, suddenly from the stop light I tried to take off, engine died on me. I did manage to shift it on the second gear and released clutch pedal and it start back up again. A few miles later, I made a right turn and it died on me again. I have changed my Air master flow, fuel pressure regulator and cold start regulator, timing belt. What could be wrong again? Please help!!!

Possible loose ground wire somwhere on engine ... 1985 Nissan 300ZX

Started off with cluth sticking to floor.would have to pull clutch pedal back up with foot. truck would stick in gear. even with clutch fully depressed. seemed like spring had disconnected from clutch pedal. now while pulling back up with foot. tension ( pressure on cluch pedal is much weaker.with truck on jack stands can shift through all the gears without depressing cluct at all. If anyone can help with this problem please do. Thank You, Bob Hall Rochester N.Y.

Your clutch uses a hydraulic master and slave cylinder to disengage. It is likely that the slave has been leaking and the reservoir gone dry, thus allowing air into the system and reducing effectiveness. Check the clutch master cylinder reservoir ( ... 1994 Nissan Pickup

My suzuki vitara 4dr 97 JLX wont shift in to any gear. when my engine gets hot or normal temp, but when its cold, it shifts like theres no problem at all, so what i do when i have this problem is, i pullover, and after 30mins or an hour ( once engine is cold) i start the engine and it shifts like theres no problem at all,.. my clutch pedal is a little hard they say, and my mechanic said i have to replace my Pressure plate, clutch and release bearing.... some mechanic says its just gear oil i nee

... 2003 Kia Rio

Just had clutch, flywheel, Throwout bearing, ect. replaced-now will not shift into reverse after moving forward without raking gears and having to force into reverse. The clutch pedal now has very little free movement. It seems to disengage almost at the top of the range of travel. The other gears seem to mesh and there is no noticable problem shifting from reverse to first.- Just the other was around-after stopping of course. Anyone know what needs adjusted or replaces to fix my problem?

Is the clutch cable operated or hydraulic if cable operated ,the cable is too tight and needs to be let off a couple of turns, if hydraulic make sure there are no leaks present ,also check the gear linkages that nothing got snagged when refitting the ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

Hello I rebuilt my automatic transmission gear one month ago. I changed all clutches, band, regulator pressure valve, 1st accumulator with the spring which was broken before, torque has been repaired. The gear behaved like new and very smooth the first days. Then It started shifting rough from 1st to 2nd. Now, when stopping the car, I feel the gear like shifting inside, as if it disengages and ingages again. Adding to this, it strted to shift hard from 2nd to 3rd, but not like from 1st to

Hello;\015\012Two questions first. please.\015\012Did you chk the converter sprag?\015\012Is the converter and front pump properly engaged? Thanks, Ned ... GMC Sonoma

I was on my way to school this morning and went to go around an ignorant farmer who pulled out in front of me with his farm tractor and when I pushed in the accelerator pedal, the clutch started to slip. I left off the accelerator and pushed the clutch pedal to the floor and when I released it, it stuck. I pulled off the road and finally got it to stop sticking, but now I'm having problems selecting gears and the grab point( where the pedal is when the clutch engages) is shifting around at var

The clutch is roasted, and its not the farmers fault. ... 1996 Volkswagen Golf

Clutch change when changing gears i feel the clutch pedal weak with no pressure and don't have to step on it fully to change gears. is there any way to adjust while i can change it or do i have to change clutch before it stops changing gears.

Hi it seems your clutch is losing pressure,it works like a shock, known as a hydrolic clutch, i recommend you change it asap. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

1997 grand cherokee orvis 44r3 tranny, no 4th gear up shift, pressure overdrive piston is 65 psi, would the overdrive solenoid partially stuck open would cause loss of pressure? Air pressured overdrive piston no audible leaks, can see it applying overdrive clutch pack. Rebuilt transmission due to torque convertor failing, had metal in pan but transmission had all four gears before.

1997-grand marquis (mercury)!\015\012come home from work fine parked up , got in to go to work this morning and wont go into gear? stuck in ''P''\015\012Cant move the shift (on collum) have checked ''break'' fluid thats all good?cant get ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

1990 Toyota PICK UP SR5 V6, when in gear and start releasing clutch pedal, truck starts moving forward with slight jerking. As soon as I give it gas, it starts to **** harder, forcing me to shift into 2nd gear to avoid it. After that, shifting and acceleration is good. Just from dead stop, between 1-2 shifts. Replaced master and slave. Truck on, idling, fine. Rolling out of first, nasty.

Sounds like it is a clutch issue. Have the clutch plate checked or check the clutch and friction plates. I know it sounds strange but In reality we always press teh clutch all teh way in to shift. But going from 2nd to third you actually don't hav ... 1990 Toyota Pickup

My son has a 2000 elantra with manual transmission, there was no pressure on the clutch pedal, when I checked the hyd oil it was empty, filled it and bled it off, but now the transmission acts like it's stuck in an upper gear? You can move the shifting lever and can even get the back up switch to actiivate, but it stays in this forward upper gear? could it still be the master clutch cylinder not fully engaging? or what??

... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Ford bantam 1.3i gearbox whine in all gears,the faster u go the harder it whines,if clutch depressed whining stops,on accelleration whine picks up,if u take foot off petrol pedal whine stops,just replaced all bearings in gearbox and diff and fitted new clutch and pressure plate!!!!!what problem can be

... Ford Fiesta

Clutch problem. Clutch is up high in the morning when I first start out. After about 5 - 10 miles it goes closer to the bottom until I can't shift out of gear or it stalls when I stop with the pedal all the way depressed and my foot on the brake. Have had the main cylinder replaced recently and the slave a couple years ago and the lines bled a couple times with no change. No leaks visible around either cylinder and the fluid is full. After it sits for a couple hours or over night, the pedal co

Could possibly be the clutch pressure plate a car with this many miles on it could hurt to change the clutch in the car anyway probably has only had it changed once since it was new it about time for another one i have seen a bad master cylinder righ ... 1987 Acura Legend

Hello I have a 1993 Jeep Wrangler 6cyl. I was driving it today and there was some play in the clutch pedal, it went and stayed to the floor as if it lost pressure. I was able to get it home and now there is no pressure at all. I have bled it, and nothing. I cant shift into any gears due to the clutch. Could it be a master or slave cyl. gone out? Please help, Thank you.

It's possible the master cylinder could be it, if it were the slave cylinder you'd be losing clutch fluid.. Are you losing the fluid too? ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2002 European built Ford Mondeo Mk3 Sedan with 40k miles on the odo. An year back I replaced Clutch Assembly, DMF, Slave and Master cylinders due to stiff clutch and worn out DMF. But I am still facing the stiff clutch problem. The clutch pedal becomes extermely hard to operate once the car is driven in stop-and-go city traffic for about 15 minutes. It would come back to normal if I don't use the car for few days. As a result of the stiff clutch even the gear shift becomes hard. Afte

Well yes that could be a issue. but why did the dealer remove everything and not replace the clutch and components? makes no sense they had everything apart. oh well whats done is done. now what need to be done it everything need to be replaced but m ... Ford Contour

Hi i have a ssangyong musso 2.9 diesel manuel non turbo 1995 its got a clutch problem ? its hydraulic clutch system the clutch pedal has gone to the floor with no resistance there is no loss off fluid from the clutch resevoir the clutch was not slipping or making any noises before gears all work ok wot could be the problem any help or advice would be helpful thanks .

... 2000 Daewoo Korando


WITH ENGINE ON & RUNNING and you are able to shift to any & or all Gears and with this theres,\015\012No Clutch Engagement Upon Releasing Clutch\015\012With Info Provided seems that you have 1 or all 3\015\012of ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner
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