Having problems with your 1995 Eagle Vision ?

The pull cable is not opening the hood and is broke. How can I manually open it?

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Answers :

I had this same issue with my 94 vision as often happens when you have to open the hood a lot to add oil and such as the car ages and begins to leak or burn oil or other fluids. (or both as with mine.) I ended up cutting back the plastic housing around the pull cable with a utility (razor) blade to expose the cable and use a pair of vise-grips (needle-nose works best for the "wrapping/bracing of the wire.") to grab the wire very tightly about 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch or more in front (depends on your vise grip choice) of where it's exposed by your cut. BEFORE YOU PULL, (this is what the space u leave is for..) wrap the cable around the end of the needle-nose on the vise grip to brace it and keep it from pulling out of the grips as quite a bit of "pull" is required to move this cable as it ages. Once you have released the latch, (you can feel and hear it give just like when you used to pull the lever) you will need to hold the cable and move your grips up to the black casing or apply a second vise grips snug to the casing to keep the latch open if your hood no longer pops up automatically like mine. If that is the case, don't forget to release your vise grips to allow the latch to close before you close the hood or it will open/pop up while driving which could be bad...lol.
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The pull cable is not opening the hood and is broke. How can I manually open it?

I had this same issue with my 94 vision as often happens when you have to open the hood a lot to add oil and such as the car ages and begins to leak or burn oil or other fluids. (or both as with mine.) I ended up cutting back the plastic housing arou ... 1995 Eagle Vision

2000 Chevrolet Blazer The hood release cable broke right where the cable goes into the lever. The little piece at the end of the cable is still in the lever. I tried to pull on the cable using a pliers to open the hood but it won't budge. The cable needs to be replaced but without the hood open, I can't get at it. I also tried to "trip" the latch on the hood itself, but I think the cable lock has to be released first in order to try to disengage the latch?

Grab the cable stub with a pair of vise grips, have someone bounce the front of the hood while pulling...most times that will free a balky latch. Then you can change the cable. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1995 Chevy 2500 Van that the cable that opens the hood must have come loose. I pull on the pull-handle inside the van and it doesn't do anything. Now I have a closed hood that I need to open and I don't know what means I need to take to get in. I have a manual that tells you how to take a hood off and such, but not when it can't be opened. Any suggestions on what I need to do to solve this problem. Thanks

Two ways both are mean to do. laying on the ground under the front of the truck with a long rod and someone else looking though the grill. You need to catch the lever the cable pulls on. then if that desn't work. pull the cable end at the dash remo ... Chevrolet 2500

I can't open the hood to this 2004 chevy optra the cable was broke from the first pull I trie to open pry and bend my hood to open this thing . The latch seems to be working at the front of the hood so why won't it open

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The hood wont open on my cherokee sport. The cable has broke off at the interior release handle. I cant grab the cable to pull it. How can I get my hood open?

Generally you can use wire cutters to peel/cut back the outer casing enough to get hold of the inside cable with vise grips. The cable needs to be replaced anyhow to repair it so don't worry about being neat. ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

The hood latch on my 1992 Buick Park Avenue broke. We have tried to use pliers to pull the cable to open it but the hood will not pop up. My car won't start and I need to open my hood. What can I do?

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Pulled on hood release and it broke,tried pulling on cable with grips but would not move.Need to open to check for possible broken hose .Weather is extremely cold car had steam coming from under hood

While pulling on the cable have someone hit the front of the hood ....this sounds simple but it usually works ... 1993 Buick Regal

The hood release cable did not want to work. I would strech it as far as it goes and it still wouldn't pop the hood open. S o i did the same thing as one of the fellows that wrote here, i used some pliers to pull the wire to pop the hood open but it broke.Now i have a wire to pull on that pops the hood open. but what happen was that i pulled to hard, and now all i have is a wire to pull to open my hood. my question is what do i do know where do i go to get it fix?

Try a salvage yard but compare prices for a new one ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I tried to open the hood of my 87 subaru gl sedan and the hood release cable broke. How can I open my hood?

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Broke hood latch cable pulling it Can't open hood How do I fix it?

You may be able to disconnect the cable behind the broken pull, then use a set of pliers to activate (pull) the cable within the sleeve - Otherwise you'll probably have to see a mechanic or body shop, as they are difficult to access when the hood loc ... Subaru Loyale

The hood latch cable is broke on my 92 cutlass supreme ive tried pulling cable but its dissconnected on the other end how do i open it

Common. drive to a repair shop so they can release the latch manually and recommend a fix. ... 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Broke hood latch on 94 voyager, can not get to cable to pull on. What can i do to open hood.

That is a problem, have to try and grab the cable from under the dash or behind the grille, try to see how it pulls the latch and get a screwdriver in it to release it wont be easy, keep oil or something on it to keep latch working free after getting ... Dodge Caravan

Broken hood release cable. How can I open the hood manually?

The cable is held in place by a metal bracket. If it cam off the bracket it won't work.Look behind the part you pull and you will see the wire and the outer part of the cable. The end of the outer part of the cable has a groove neer the e ... 2006 Kia Spectra

Pulling the hood latch handle does not release the hood on a 98 Volvo v70, it is not out of adjustment because the cable broke from the latch and pulling the cable itself with vice grips does nothing, there is no movement of the cable at all. I took out the grill and can see no part of the hood latch or cable from there. Pulling the cable while another works the hood up and down trying to get it to release has already been tried. I worked at a number of dealerships, including Volvo and Jag as a

Outer sheath of release cable has perished. You need to disconnect the cable from the inside , hold the end of cable with pliers and push forward the outer sheath with v shaped tool eg clawhammer and there will be movement of the cable on the latch s ... 1998 Volvo V70

I assume that this means "hood won't open" not "hood won open". I have a 2002 audi A4 with the 3.0. The battery is dead and I cannot access the battery because the hood release will not work. There is tension on the cable when it is pulled but no release. I have tried pushing down on the hood while pulling the lever and I have tried pulling on the hood while pulling on the lever. Neither has worked. Is there an emergency release and how is it accessed?

Try getting another person to push down above the bonnet latch as you pull the lever.They may have to push it down a few times,A sudden quick push may do it.Hope this helps ... 2002 Audi A4

My hood will not open, the cable release seems to be broken, how do I get the hood open? I pulled the release latch inside and nothing happened, no tension and no release, i tried to pull it with a pair of pliers at the latch inside the car and the cable end with the little barrel end popped out. I need to get under my hood ASAP and i need a long term solution which may be one and the same. Thanks.

You can pop out the intake plastic grid and access the hood lock mechanism from there ... 2001 Toyota Echo

Hey, i have a 95 concorde and i can't get my hood to open. the little thing to open the hood broke and a mechanic loosened the plastic top so i could pull the little metal wire to open the hood, i keep pulling it, but it doesnt seem to loosen the "lock" and i can't get the hood open to re-charge my battery. what else could i do?

Try pushing down on hood as you pull the wire. ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

My 2001 Pathfinder SE seems to have a broken hood release cable. When I pull the inside release handle under the left side of the dash, the hood does not release and the handle does not return to the normal position. I looked under the dash and behind the handle. The cable is not broken here but does have some slack and I cannot pull the cable any further with my pliers. I think something is wrong with the hood latch itself. How can I open the hood? I have pushed down on the outside of the front

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Hood pull cable broke on 1962 T Bird,how to open?

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Shut hood on My 1969 VW and now will not open and if that is not enough the pull cable is broke.

MAy I ask where the cable is broke. If you can grab the cable with plyers you can still open it. ... Volkswagen Beetle

1994 dodge caravan le hood release cable broke how do you open manually?

Most of these cable that break usually break at the connector under the dash. If this is the case you can still open the hood just find where the cable connects and pull this it should open the hood. ... 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a '97 gmc Yukon gt 2-door with a hood that won't open. I tried disconnecting the cable from the lever and pulling it with vicegrips but it doesn't do it. Is there a way to pop it manually from the front?

... 2006 GMC Yukon Xl Denali

My 1996 turbo 850 Volvo has the hood latch on right side(PASSENGER) CLOSED unable to open my hood, how do I go about opening hood when the jaws are closed , pulling on release cable do

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Cannot open my Daewoo Lanos hood open. possibly a broken hood latch. does not open from the in-car, under-steering-wheel lever (connected to cable). other manual lever under hood works ok, but both need to work to open hood. How can I get my hood open??? thanks for your time.

... Daewoo Lanos

My 1990 buick lesabre also has a heater blower problem and I have made it work in the past by pulling apart the connector near the blower under the hood and cleaning the connector. This time I can not open the hood because the hood release cable seems to be broken. Does anyone know how to open the hood to replace the cable?

Try reaching the hood latch mechanism thru the grille, or from under the car behind the front bumper with a long screwdriver or long pliers, or a piece of coat hanger or whatever. ... 1990 Buick LeSabre
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