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Turned key to start engine, battery was low engine only cranked three times. Turned key to off but engine was still trying to crank with the key in off position. put on battery charger and engine tried to crank (key was not in the ignition) where do i start looking? 95 1 ton dodge cummins

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Answers :

Unless something in the steering wheel housing has broken yeah...last post has it. Your starter has been "welded" to the copper ring in the solinoid. You might get by with just smacking it with a hammer, but don't think it will not stay on next time.
Stater bendex/new starter.or relay.but start with new starter.PS make sure your cables are clean AND THE BSTTREY IS HOT.a low or bad batt can do the same thihg
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Turned key to start engine, battery was low engine only cranked three times. Turned key to off but engine was still trying to crank with the key in off position. put on battery charger and engine tried to crank (key was not in the ignition) where do i start looking? 95 1 ton dodge cummins

Unless something in the steering wheel housing has broken yeah...last post has it. Your starter has been "welded" to the copper ring in the solinoid. You might get by with just smacking it with a hammer, but don't think it will not stay on next time. ... 1995 Dodge Ram

Won't start Had a new starter put in about 2 months ago. I tried to give a guy a jump start yesterday and today I stopped ,turned the car off, came back 10 mins. later and the engine wouldn't crank at all, just a loud clicking, I turned of A/C, fan, and radio then waited about 10 mins with no key and then it started right up a few more time until I got home and it sat for a few hours and now it won't start with jumpers or charger. Relay maybe? Or new Maintenance Free Battery?

\012\011This procedure usually works:\012\011\302\267Check the battery cable connections:\012\011Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connection at the battery and at the starter. Make sure the negative cable makes a good ground con ... 2006 Chrysler Sebring

Won't start yesterday i went to start my 2002 trailblazer and when i turned the key to crank it,everything went dead. all instrument panel lights went out and my key wouldn't turn back to the lock position. i tried getting a jump,didn't work. i took the battery to be tested and it tested fine.when i came home and reinstalled the battery and had lights on the instrument cluster like normal. when i try to start the engine it won't turn over and my key gets locked in the ignition. is there a pass l

Very well could be due to anti theft issue. i don't recall the keys getting locked in the ignition from this though. try turning the key to the on postion- not cranking and leave it there for 15 min, then turn back off. do this three times. you may g ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2000 nissan maxima last week it was starting very rough. engine was shaking struggling to start after a few tries it fired up. one day after work i got in turn the key same issues wouldnt start it would crank but no start then it drained the battery... i tried jumping it and when i turn the key nothing happens. lights work radio all that nothing happens when i turn the key to start it not a single sound you can hear the fuel pump engage but thats it. any ideas?

Ck the batt. and termanals 1st ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

My 2001 Chevy Silverado has 97,000 miles and the only problem i experience is that it struggles to start occasionally. If i turn the key right away it will turn over and not start, then it will always start on the second try. However, if i turn the key so that just the battery comes on, and then try to start the engine, it cranks right up.

Hi\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012for using FixYa. First of all you’ll need to check battery voltage, recharge it\015\012if it is low or jump start w ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 5.7L Hemi. I have had a starting issue I turn the key - nothing Turn the key a few more times the engine cranks and starts. It was doing this last spring and I replaced the battery & starter which seemed to fix the problem for a few months, then it started doing it again. Cold or hot weather does not seem to matter. The problem is getting worse - happens every start battery seems to be fine - seems like a grounding problem. I tried starting in ne

Is the engine grounded to the body? if so, you may have a key issue that's only going to get worse. your key is coded, black square ignition key right? $75.00 dealer only. sorry but it sounds like that's your problem. almost like a valet key. only wo ... 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 99 grand prix gt. This afternoon I took it out and ran fine, went back to start it and all I got was clicking from under the hood. Got it boosted fine, drove it home and let it run for half an hour, turned it off and then tried to start it again and got no crank just loud click again. Used a battery charger on it for half an hour and still no start, no crank just again loud clicking. Interior light works fine but as soon as I turn key to accessory and try to start it dash lights dim.. I

It would appear your Battery has reached its sell by date .Autozone . Checker Auto will test your Battery and Alternator FOC, and advise you.\015\012Regards, David ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Hey there, I have a P reg Audi A4 avant sport. The initial problem was that the ignition key did not spring back from cranking the starter motor, I believe this has caused my bigger problem which is that I simply hear a single click when I try to start the engine. It will bump start and the battery isn't dead, I have however bumped it and found a whistling noise emitted until the key was turned back one notch, I'm hoping this was the already turning engine making the starter motor spin rather th

It sounds like you have 2 problems.The first is the ignition switch. Call or visit your Audi dealer and ask about a recall for your ignition switch. I believe it should be replaced under recall.Next, it sounds like the starter ... 1998 Audi A4

I have a 199 chevy blaxer four door-403 EFI engine. The last few days it been hard to get the car to crank over. Last night I went to start the car and the starter was hesitant to crank the engine over. This morning I tried to start the vehicle but the starter din.t make a sound so I waited five minutes and it bearly crank the car. I went to work and around 2:00 PM, I tired to start the car but it did not even make a sound. I replace the battery with a brand new one. I turn the key and the

Hi, if the engine won't crank or cranks slowly when you attempt to start or jump start the engine (and the battery is fully charged), you can focus your attention on the starter circuit. A quick way to diagnose cranking problems is to switch on the h ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

My 2005 Honda Accord v6 will not start! I drove it, parked for an hour, then when I got back in it wouldnt start. all the lights and everything work, just will not start the engine. when I turn the key all the way the car does not crank or make any noise to try to start at all. tried replacing the starter, that didn't work. SOMEONE HELP ME! immobilizer problem ? I got a new battery for the key. that did not work either. ?

... Cars & Trucks

Last week, my 1998 Lexus ES300 wouldn't start (clicking sound) and I thought it was the battery. I jump started it but noticed that it still made the clicking sound, for my first couple of tries, it did start on the 3rd attempt although it the engine cranked slowly while starting. This week, while trying to start, it made the same clicking sound, but if I kept turning the key off and on, it eventually started up (slowly). Any hints?

Starter is going out. ... 1998 Lexus ES 300

H2 Hummer when i turn the ignition switch on starter doesnt spin, repaced starter and starter selonoid, still does not spin when turning ignition key, replaced harness switch for ignition switch, engine started for a moment/starter did spin, but it died and would not spin when i tried to start engine with key. Battery is charged, battery cables clean/tight, every time i try to start it the blower fan, a/c all come i shut them off at their designated switches. But, every time i turn ignition swit

Today 11-12-08 my 2003 H2 Hummer would not start. Checked battery it ischarged. Cables tight. Tried to start with portable booster pak. No go. Tridto jump start with my wife's Suburban. Still no go.\015\012When I turn the switch I hear a singl ... 2003 Hummer H2

Start of day. Engine starts and runs fine. Drive 5 minutes to school. 1 hour later, try to start car. Cranks and cranks. Will not turn over. (Lights: key-in-ignition-position: all lights turn off but check guages remains on. Low trac light comes on. When car is going to start [I noted this too]: key-in-ignition position: (same: all lights turn off but check guages. Car starts: Check guages and engine light go off. [(!) and (P) go with low trac). If I sit there and turn it, it might start in 2 mi

There are usually three things that cause this problem. Either 1. your car is intermittenly having the power supply to the ignition interrupted, i.e., loose battery cable or ground, or ignition module, etc 2. your alternator is failing intermitten ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

Truck starts intermittently, when ignition key is turned engine clicks but fails to start. After several attempts the engine will start. After driving approx 10 miles the engine is turned off and the key is re-tried. The engine starts right up. After truck has sat from 1-2 hours when the key is turned it fails to start. The ignition switch and battery have been replaced and the started relay has been checked. What is the underlying cause of the intermittent starting?

If the engine just only clicks ( but not cranking over ), the starter itself maybe the main cause. \015\012\015\012Ignition switch and starting relay check out fine. You have already replaced the battery which would rule out the weak cranking a ... Dodge Ram 1500

When we tried to start our 2007 Suzuki XL-7 this morning, we heard a loud crack (like an electrical spark). Now when you turn on the key. all lights, radio, etc. work fine. Turning the key to start the engine results in a single click from under the hood but the starter does not turn. Battery connections are good and battery is fine (all other electrical systems work fine and do not drag down when trying to start the car as would happen with a weak battery or bad battery connection). Is there a

Check the start solenoid, starter side, when you turn the key... The battery side will always be hot, the starter side should be hot when you turn the key. ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

I'm having an intermittent problem with my 07 Cadillac CTS. Car will crank but won't fire up and start. After 7-8 tries, it starts and runs perfect. Dealer claims they can't find the problem when in for service. Also, when attempting this start, I can turn the key forward to the start position, let go of it, and it will stay in the start position with the engine continuing to crank without starting. I have to manually turn the key backwards to stop the engine from continuing to crank.

... 2007 Cadillac CTS 3.6L

My 2003 Grand Cherokee will not start (engine will not turn over)and the battery checks out ok. The cables and terminals have been cleaned at the battery and have good connection. With the key in accessory position, the radio and electric windows work but there is just "clicking" when you turn the key to start it. The engine will also not turn over when a battery charger is attached to the terminals for a jump start. Any ideas?

Your starter has had its last breath. ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

On my 02 Totyota Avalon when I turned the key to start the engine there was a sound like a pop and then it wouldn't start. Then there was nothing, it was like the battery had died although there had been no indications of a weak battery. When I turned the key several times there was nothing and there was no power to the lights etc. I then conected it to another car battery with cables and the power came on it did then make a clicking sound when I tried to start but it wouldn't turn the engine. W

Remove the battery and attempt to charge it, then have the parts store perform a free battery test. You likely just need to replace the battery and the pop was an indicator that a dead short in the battery is draining off the electricity that would o ... 2002 Toyota Avalon

2006 G6 GT sedan, was parked a while and battery died. Replaced the battery and started engine no problem, ran for a half an hour. Next morning tried to start but wouldn't even turn over. Plenty of power in battery. Tried with new battery and same issue. Turning the key allows gauges to zero in and a power drain is apparent when turning key fully, Word "error" comes up in odometer display after a couple of attempts.


I went out and started my vehicle acted like battery was dead. Realized the vehicle was out of gear (it is a automatic) placed vehicle in park tried to start. It over turned however would not stop turning over. I removed the key still cranking over. I had to remove the battery terminal. When you place terminal back on it starts to crank again without key(I had starter and silinoid checked, no problems) with the starter removed for testing I checked ignition. It turns all power on (fan starts to

I think the only possible solution is that at the back end of the steering lock is the ignition switch itself ,it has two screws that hold it on and this switch is the problem ,the contacts inside have collapsed or broke loose so its shorting inside ... Ford Escort

We have a 2000 gmc jimmy sle, 4wd, with the 4.3 vortec engine. This morning it would not start, you would turn the key and and the power would fail. I checked the battery, by attaching my battery charger, and the gauge on the charger reads full in the 2 and 6 amp setting. At first with the ignition key turned to accesory, the quages started to "dance" as I heard a clicking noise coming from under the dash board. Now there is no power and I cannot turn the key to off and remove it from the igniti

Clean the two way fuse underneath the battery. I had the same problem with mine. Lost power while driving, couldn't get an electrical connection while the key was stuck in ignition. After cleaning the fuse it ran beautifully. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Started up my car and check engine light turned on. Drove down the road and got curious and decided to shut it off and try to start it back up. When I try to start it back up it would not turn over... it did not make any noise when I turned the key. I tried this about four times before it cranked and started up. I drove directly home and shut it off and it started right back up but the service engine soon light still stayed on the whole time.

This maybe your neutral safety switch, it's located on the right side of your transmission ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

When I turn ignition key to start 2001 Camry, the engine does not try to start, but alarm is activated with horn blowing off and on, dash and outside lights blinking off and on. Thinking battery needed charging, I tried to jump start the battery with another vehicle, but engine would still not even try to start. The alarm remote still works and I can stop the alarming horn and lights by hitting the unlock button. The remote can lock and unlock the power door locks fine. I charged the battery

... 2001 Toyota Camry

I have a '94 oldsmobile cutlass sierra and it won't start. i try to turn the key and the engine won't turn and there isn't any other sound. the battery and alternator are fine and the connections on the battery are secure, as the car starts like it normally should after about 5-10 minutes of trying. when i try to start it, it messes with the time and presets on my radio and the power locks won't work. at first when it didn't start, i thought it was the battery so i had it jumped. it still didn't

Try to put it in neutral next time it does not start.\015\012if it start in neutral then your neautral safety switch is bad.\015\012 ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

1985 ford thunderbird 5.0 liter. turn the key on and car has electric, try to start and all the power completely dies. replased selenoid and did the same thing, it also caused the starter to not stop cranking even after the car started. turned the key off and removed it from the ignition and the starter still kept cranking, had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop. 3rd try the car started normal. i think it is a switch issue, but what could be causing this? help please.

Sounds like the ignition switch is bad, usually mounted on the steering column. ... 1985 Ford Thunderbird
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