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1995 Chevy Lumina that had no coolant and I filled up again and kept eye on temp gauge. Son drove home and temp gauge was in the middle and a big puff of white smoke came out and car stalled? Water pump?

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Answers :

That white smoke is coolant in a cylinder(s) More than likely its a blown headgasket.
Check the engine oil to be sure it isn't over full and foamy as coolant may have drained into the oil pan. If this is the case you may have a bad head gasket due to over heating. If the oil is OK the first, easiest and most inexpensive thing to replace would be the thermostat becuse if it's stuck closed it will cause over heating and depending where the temperature sensor is located may not register the correct teperature on the gauge.
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1995 Chevy Lumina that had no coolant and I filled up again and kept eye on temp gauge. Son drove home and temp gauge was in the middle and a big puff of white smoke came out and car stalled? Water pump?

That white smoke is coolant in a cylinder(s) More than likely its a blown headgasket. ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I have 2000 olds intrigue 3.5l. Jump on gas the other day temp gauge shot upand overheating light came on. I changed thermostat car still overheats. Not blowing white smoke like head gasket is blown. Think that I spun bearings on water pump. Going to try that next but would like to save the 70$ if someone else knows something I don't. I have owned the car for two years and periodically have to top off coolant, more so when using heater like every 3 to 4 weeks, 5 to 7 weeks without using h

Mine did that last summer and is now fixed. When was the last time you flushed the cooling system? If you use DexCool it turns into large clumpy pieces that can't go through the radiator. If you flush it and put in new coolant (not DexCool this time) ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My temp gauge light came on and they said I was low on antifreeze in the reserve. after 3 weeks it came back on and repair guys said radiator was very low. now they replaced the water pump and said that my head gasket is leaking? my big issue is they replaced the radiator in the last 6 months...did they mess something up to cause these issues?

Well while it may have just been a one thing to another issue by the vehicle overheating it is possible that the original problem was the headgasket leaking which in turn caused the problems in the first place . it is even possiblre that you never ne ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

2000 chrysler concorde 2.7L had the short hose direct from the pcv valve blow and release a ton of steam. I replaced the hose and added coolant but now there is white smoke coming from exaust after a few min of reving and the temperature gauge does not move up at all even after runnin for 5-8 minutes with a constant 1.5k rpm rev. Then there was a whine from the water pump and i had to shut it down. Im thinking the water pump and thermostat need replacing but im wondering about that white smoke..

... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Water pump? Was driving about 10 minutes and started to here fan sputtering. While sitting idle, started to smell burning oil, all gauges read normal. truck stalled out and was smoking white from the engine, very hot! Truck now will not turn over, sounds likeit wants to faintly. What could be my issue? Thanks. Nick

Hate to be the one to ell ya this but sounds like you blew the head gasket.wait till cools see color of oil and then open ur radiator cap see if there oil in antifreeze or on your dipstick and see if it looks like a coffee milk shake. ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

I have a 2000 voyager that my water pump went, i lost all the coolant, so i just added water. the temp was out side 10 - 15. the temp is still the same. i went out to start my van, the serpentine belt smoked, came off in one piece. i shut it down, ran only a minute. now i replaced the pump, need to drain the rad. it has 3/4 frozen water, bottom hose frozen. what do i do.

If you do not have acess to a warm garage so you can though the van out properly,it is going to be tough.One can only asume that if the radiator is half full of frozen watter and the bottom rad hose is frozen as well that the block will be half froze ... 2001 Chrysler Voyager

Have a 2001 Volvo s40. it was low on oil and check engine light began flashing. when I stopped the car, the oil was very very low. begin to see puffs of white smoke. After checking oil and adding 3 qts. when I cranked the car, lots of white smoke came from tailpipe and under engine. No oil and water mixing, car did not ever overheat. had a friend come by and he changed the spark plugs and ignition pack according to the code that was being given. Car is still running rough and white smoke.

\012HelloWhen the service engine\012soon light (Also called the check engine light or engine management\012light) is turned on this is to alert you to the fact that Powertrain\012Control Module (computer) has detected a failure somewher ... 2001 Volvo S40

My 1985 toyota corolla gts with the 4age engine after 20 minutes of car running just park it stalls slowly and shutts off i have repair lots of parts like thermostat,water pump,fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs,wires,cap,rotor,ignition coil,temp sensor for dash gauge,temp coolant sensor,fuel presure regulator just now and still the same problem when it cools down it starts then goes back to falling on its face.Please, please help me'''''

It sounds like the ignition module is heating up,and failing,it is in the distributor,and might be cheaper to replace the distributor,used maybe,If the temp of the engine is getting a bit warmer than normal,then the exhaust is restricted. ... Toyota Corolla

1993 Topaz, 4 cylinder, Automatic. Will not shift into third gear. Transmission was fine until the water pump went out and took it to a shop. After the water pump was replaced, white smoke came out exhaust and the car was overheating. The head ended up needing to be replaced due to overheating. The head was replaced twice by the mechanic before the overheating problem was fixed. On my test drive, the car idles and runs fine, but will not shift into third gear. Could the mechanic have put someth

... 1993 Mercury Topaz

Low coolant light came on,water coming out of expansion tank overflow,not heat from heaters and fans came on and did not shut off.Had thermostat replaced and fluid replaced with a vacum pump,all problems have gone,but faulty temp gauge light is on in dashboard,have replaced temp sender,but still dose not work /

When engines overheat they also tend to cook the electrical components at times also. you may need to replace the 2 pin coolant temp sender responsible for sending signal to the dash. the one with more wires will be for the ecu and it sounds like tha ... 2003 Porsche Boxster

Ford Ranger overflow tank bubbling and overflowing, running hot, white smoke, after water pump failure.

The smoke could be the water boiling. Although it is possible that you blew the head gasket, if the vehicle overheated badly, It is also possible that you still have some air in the system. Replace the thermostat and seal /gasket and run the vehicle ... 1992 Ford Ranger

I have a 2004 Grand Prix at 170k miles.. i used for work traveling a lot of hwy miles a day. Yesterday there was smoke coming from the hood and water splattered over my engine. All of my radiator coolant and reserve was empty. Its was also pouring a lot of water under the car when i stopped. My temp gauge was up and my chk engine light that used to be on, went off. ( weird )... Anyways some guy stopped by and said it was the water pump and another said it was intake manifold gasket? Parts cost t

I had the same problem as well. you have to change a lillte part, plastic part that looks like an " L " that connects two metal tubes. they are located be the alternator, and serpentite belt. the belt comes off and the reserved water radiator also s ... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have an 03 mustang gt it began running hot about 2 weeks ago. today white smoke came thru the air vents and from under hood. i filled it with water and turned the motor on and it is leaking water from somewhere above and left of the water pump. oil appears ok

... 2003 Ford Mustang

1999 1.6 dx mazda protege overheating... recently changed thermostat , coolant temp sensor , radiator and did a flush there is no white smoke from the exhaust or any other indications of a blown head... also checked to see if water was leaking from the water pump... none. what is causing the coolant to bubble inside the reservoir and why would my mazda overheat?

... 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Strange idle. Well, in the last year changed fuel pump (diff mechanics) twice. Wow, what a price tag, new radiator, water pump, serpentine and Idle pulley and fuel filter. It idles now like I pulled out a spark plug for 10 minutes at start, then idles and stays @ 1200 with Turbo gauge between White & Yellow, just hangs there (I checked for leaks today since it was 70 degrees outside). Not smoking at all, idles does not alternate, but flairs ever so slightly, so some say it's not the Turbo, and I

Have you tested the idle air valve yet? check for computer diagnostic codes and post any you find. ... 1996 Saab 900

1997 buick lesabre, temp needle showing 200 degrees and rising, so I pulled off interstate and let cool, then added water to reservoir, then when completely cooled, took off radiator cap and added gallon of water, still looked empty. Then car would turn over, but not start. Held gas pedal down, then started and sputtered and white smoke came out tailpipe. It runs though. What could this be? Why did it get hot? Thanx

Lots of reasons why it got hot but now u have warped cracked ,or blown head gasket ... 1997 Buick LeSabre


White smoke is burnt coolant. Take the car in and have a pressure test done on the rad. It's probably going to lose pressure slowly so get a compression test done on the engine. This will most likely show a leaky head gasket. That is the most common ... 1990 Honda Civic

'94 honda civic is overheating, temp gauge is reading 3/4 up, replaced thermostat, worse now gauge is reading upper white line, just below the red mark, cooling fan is workikg and no obvious leaks, could it bethe water pump?

Yes it looks like it. Provided you installed the thermostat in the correct direction, Here's the test, remove the radiator cap, start the car and wait for the engine to warm up, When you can see the temp begin to rise on the gauge the thermostat will ... Honda Civic

1992 lumina,my daughter needed some coolant,the light came on,so she added some now it seems to have a leak dripping on top of the surpentine belt where the diagram is for the belt routing,car has no heat,tried bleeding the system,now smokes white kinda anti freeze smell,do you think the water pump can cause this??also checked no white milkey on the dipstick,any info appreciated,lost in michigan..

Were to start the bad news or the worse news ......these cars have a 3.1 liter motor that are known for the intakes to start leaking.replace the intake gasket will fix this...alsoknown to blow headgasket.....replace headgasket will fix this. ether w ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

I have an '04 grand cherokee, had the water pump, thermostat and gaskets replaced last year and now all of a sudden i heard this noise and the heat started blowing out cold air, the "check gauge" light came on and the temperature gauge went through the red. the car was not visibly overheating (smoke was not coming out of the engine) but it did smell liek anti freeze. any ideas on what it could be???

First place to check is to make sure the coolant level is full, not only in the recovery bottle but in the radiator itself. Then check for leaks after topping it off. If leaking, find and repair whatever is causing the leak. If still overheating, re ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Leaking, overheating --- *fixed* then puff of white smoke 1 week later

I'm not taking sides in this. So what I am going to say is more or less neutral.There is a big possibility you damaged the head gasket when the engine overheated last week. The dealership would have no way of knowing this if it was not yet leak ... 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 2003 Jetta 2.0L. My temp gauge light came on yesterday and so added water to the reserve tank, which was below the min. Several hours later, It came on again, and kept comming on and then shutting off. I temp gauge held study @ 190 ( it always has). This AM I added water to the reserve tank and noticed a steady drip of redish liquid drip out. The dip seemed to coming from back of the engine,but cannot tell with the plastic cover. I was told to check to make sure there is water i

The radiator can not be 'checked' like a traditional car as your vehicle has a constant loop cooling system. For this reason the radiator does not have any service point except the drain.The bottle is not like other vehicles "recovery bottles" ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

My 2004 Kia Sorento AC quit blowing cold air and that's when i notice that my car was overheated! the Temp needle gauge marked well past the "H" , but i was on my way to work and wanted to park it somewhere familiar. As i turned into my job site, my Kia died and smoke vapors came out of the front hood. I opened and noticed ike clear "oil" in front area of the engine. I restarted and the needle went to middle section, but when i turn on AC i hear a "clunky" noise. My friend said i busted "water p

... 2004 Kia Sorento

Over heating.Replaced thermostat using a 192,replaced water pump,too.The temp gauge on dash, cools down in idle speed, accelerates while in D...no evident leaks yet loses coolant. NO BLOW BY, WHITE EXHAUST no norm signs of head gasket issues...It happened "all of a sudden" ran fine one moment & then "BOOM" AGAIN, NO problems w/ drive performance though o-0

Have you pressure tested your rad cap? It may not be holding the proper pressure. Also, is the rad in good shape? Are the rad fins in good shape & is the coolant in the system circulating properly. It is possible the new water pump impellor is slippi ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Was driving and the temp gauge peged and has a loss of power checked under the hood and antifreeze was all over that came out of the resavare. got back in the truck and started it and ran fine 80 miles no problem. changed thermo stat and water pump and it happened again. what can it be?

You need to check your hoses, make sure they are not soft or collapsing in on themselves. Also dont overlook the obvious, make sure your not running pure antifreeze. if you are that could be the reason for the over heating, it needs to be a mix of an ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab
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