Having problems with your 1995 Chevrolet Camaro ?

Put the starter in and hooked up the battery and no power to the starter it dont even turn over and the battery is fully charged

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Sounds like sthe ignition switch. when you turn the key to run do yhe dash lights come on? there is a rod that connects to the key switch and runs down the top of the steering colume. at the top of your colume just before the brake pedal. you should see it. that is actually the switch . to access easier take lower panel off and remove the two bolts that secure the colume. the colume will come down some to give better access. you will need it. there is a couple of small screws that hold it. also check the plug for overheating,this is common. good luck
Also check the fusible links located near the positive jump terminal
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Put the starter in and hooked up the battery and no power to the starter it dont even turn over and the battery is fully charged

Sounds like sthe ignition switch. when you turn the key to run do yhe dash lights come on? there is a rod that connects to the key switch and runs down the top of the steering colume. at the top of your colume just before the brake pedal. you should ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 99 bonneville SSEI. My starter on my car went out. I replace the starter,and I have an new fully charged battery. My alternator is also good. When I turn over key it sounds if it wants to start but won't turn over. My ends on my positive are kind of bad, the red boot covers are all split up and broken. But I can still press them together to get a connection. I have side post battery. The red is a little loose not much. Could that be my problem? I also noticed while putting on starter th

... 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

Put in a starter in a 1994 cavalier, but dont know if the wires got hooked up right.. the starter and battery are fine butthe battery light wont turn off even if there is no key in and when i turn the lights on they wont turn off..

There is definately a wiring reconect issue here. I would say that most likely you have the positive and negative connections at the starter solenoid reversed. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

New battery starter altenater only way to start is to jump it turn key and head lights come on cd comes out of radio seems to me everything electrical is messing up dont know if its electrical problem trickle charged battery but still didnt start but lights inside turned on not for long dont know if something is draining the power

You definitely have electrical problems check an electrician.. ... Oldsmobile 98

When i put the jumper cables to the front of the car the car has power then i put the cables to the battery the lights will turn on but when u turn the key back to lock and then to start the power is gone nothing i could let the car sit and charge for hrs but will not start . The starter is newand so is the alternator they both have been checked and are good .pls help

Year make and model ?And you are saying you can not crank the engine even with jumper cables ? ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 GMC sonoma 4.3 v6 that will not turn over. I can turn the key all the way but starter does not engage. New starter, New relay switch. I get power, all lights lite up, battery fully charged. I can hear relay click once when I turn key to try to start truck but nothing from starter

Try another starter and also try turning the crank bolt with a ratchet and socket to make sure that the crank isn't frozen in place. Do not leave the keys in the car when doing so. You don't want anyone messing around in the truck when trying that! ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Tried jumpering a dead battery with a battery charger. the truck tried to start without me turning on the key. disconnected power, pulled the battery and charged. when the battery was charged and put back in, the starter began spinning, did not engage, and i didnt have the keys in the ignition.confused.

Check that you do not have signal to s terminal on the starter, disconnect it and try hooking battery if starter turns there is an internal short in the starter, ... 1990 Chevrolet K1500

Car wont start. Has a brand new starter. When i turn the key all i get is a single click. I have a optima battery, had it recharged fully, still same results. The weird thing is, only certain things work. The power windows dont work, and my power locks dont work. The power seats work, all the lights on my dash board come on. I can play the radio and mess with the heat and air system. All though the lights on my dash come on, its not reading any levels. No gas, no engine oil, no trans. oil, no no

Hello: Make sure your battery cables are clean at the battery (no corrosion) then check the ground wire (the same size as the battery cable under the hood on the passenger side where it attaches to the alternator. This bolt is hard to see and hard t ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

2002 S10 4 cyl 5 speed manual trans. Truck will not start, no power to starter, or starter relay, when turning key odometer readout goes blank in run position, and fuel gage appears to not power up aswell. Battery is new, and fully charged, have tried a known good ignition switch, and clutch switch. Funny thing, this truck has failed to start randomly a few times in the last few years, but try again and it works, just not now, hasn't started in 2 weeks. Doesn't crank or click ....nothing, dash l

Could be the security system. this same thing happened to my grandmothers s-10. she took it to dealer and sure enough thats where the problem lay. i would start there ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

Charging problems ok well i have an 86 toyota 4wd xtra cab i can put a fully charged battery in the truck and start it but if i turn head lights on or any xtras the truck will loose all power it does that even when i give it gas it is fuel injected and if i undo the battery cable the truck shuts right down as if the allternater was bad but i have had it tested and it tested good.it should read about 12-13 on voltage meter but reads 8 trough 10.please help

Check the battery cables for good connections. if ok check cables for excessive resistance ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

My 93 Prelude won't start. I went out to start it yesterday and there was nothing. Battery was dead, so I replaced it w/a new one, pulled the starter out and took it down and had it tested, it was good, put that back in and still no power to the starter so I replaced the ignition switch(electrical side only)hooked up battery and it started right up. Drove it around for about a half hour, shut it off and turned it back on 2-3 different times. Parked, mowed the lawn and went to move it into the dr

Check your fuses first....let us know what you find...even reseat them, i.e, pull one out at a time and reinsert it. ... 1995 Honda Prelude

Starting engine automatic daewoo laganzer t reg 99 turn key just like not enough power to turn over lights go off plus petrol light on as just brought car as cheap run around window wipers and elec windows dont seem to have much power could this be battery shall charging it work and put a few cans of petrol in

Replace the batery whit new one, is beter. i have nubira1 from 2000 and in 2005 i have this problem and replaced the batery whit a 65 ampers one. ... 1999 Daewoo Leganza

All of the sudden the van just wont start, we just replaced the distribitor cap, and starter and it still does nothing.The interior lights come on but nothing else.We now its not the battery the battery was charged and there is some power .Something is not allowing any juice to get through.The fan dont turn on the starter does not click when trying to start? Any suggestions

Try the spare key.\015\012\015\012Dodge introduced in-key chip around 97.\015\012\015\012The transponder may need to reprogram.\015\012\015\012\015\012Check the factory window stick to verify is the system is in you vehicle. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

Car wont start without a fully charged battery, ( starts right away) but when i imediately turn off car, battery is drained and not rechargeable, it kills the cells, have taken alternator and starter to be checked and they passes all tests, have even changed battery cables , and nothing. all fuses are in working condition and have changed relays with like relays and nothing, dont know what else to check

Check the battery itself, might be dead cell in it. You can do it for free at autozone store along with a current coming to the battery from altermator\015\012Good Luck ... 1999 Dodge Avenger

Sensonic gearbox Sensonic - I have no clutch 5 gears My SAAB Will not turn over - battery fully charged / ignition on with key,all the right lights etc light up - turn key to start nothing - dash still all litup. With ignition on -I can supply external power to starter and the the engine turns over and starts. Now with engine running no gears can be sellected. Please help Regards John

Hi had same problem last Friday you can put a fuse in (30 amp) for gearbox and it will start when you turn key but you will not be able to select a gear I'm 100% sure it's the sensonic activator box you can pick one up for about £150-200 second ... 1996 Saab 900

Kubota troubleshooting The battery on my Kubota 7970 tractor was not fully charged. When I tried to start the tractor, the starter turned slowly for a few seconds, and then the starter solenoid began to ' shuttle.' It would engage until the voltage dropped even further with starter motor load, and then disengage. The solenoid did this, clicking and clacking for a second or so until I released the key. Now I have no power at all to the keyswitch, and no indicator lights working on the in

... Cars & Trucks

Car won't start. Bought privately 2 days ago, started fine, now will not start. Starter replaced in Feb '08, but less than 500 miles put on car since then. Checked battery and it is fully charged. No sound at all when ignition is turned to start the car- suggesting probably not the starter- correct? What are the possible problems? Thanks, Jeff

I know for my taurus me and wife were having same issue found that that the nuetral saftey switch was not positioning right adjusted linkage which solved problem don't know if this will help but the next time it wont start attempt to restart car in n ... 1994 Ford Taurus

I was pumping my sub for about an hour while driving, it started cutting out everytime i put the brakes on, i pulled over turned my car off and it didnt start again. i have bought a new battery and it works i have power to my starter but no power to any fuses at all, i cannot find the fusible link. i dont know if the link is the problem

Many times the main fusible link is close to the battery. In some cars it is the Master link and depending on how the car is wired, the power can split at the juncton of the main fusible link into wires going to other links before the fuse boxes. ... 1995 Suzuki Swift

BMW 325i 2003 ignition problems,(i put the key in ignition dashboard llights up but when i turn it, It doesnt even give a sound that its cranking after tiersome time it may start. And if feels like if it even gets one crank it fires right up w/o any dificulties. The key works fine, battery level good, brand new starter, fuses been checked. I realy dont know what to do but go to dealership but i dont feel like spending a few thouthand dollars for 15 min of work per item that they charge a full ho

... Cars & Trucks

Hi have a wierd problem with 05 transit. Battery fully charged and holding high amps. click the key to start and all dash lights go out and will not turn over as if had flat battery. Put on new starter motor and still the same. It will occationaly will start and runs fine but more often than not fails to start Any ideas please.

Check your battery cables. Mostly for a loose or dirty connection. Also check cables for corrosion. ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 1987 camaro Iroc z28 , it has a 350 small block.... I'm having problems , i put a new battery, alternator and starter in and have no power won't even turn over completely nothing .i checked all the wires and connection came across a fusible link that goes to the starter that was a lil melted,so I changed it and the other link as well , my gauges work but my headlights , radio and interior lights dont work either , so now I tore my shifter apart to check my nuetral safety switch and I h

Did you replace the battery and alternator at the same time?Sometimes if you have a bad alternator and you put a new battery in,the bad alternator can completley drain your battery. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Sonata with an electrical problem. There is no power, but the battery is fully charged and the main fuse is good. When you first open the door the dome light works and you can turn the parking lights on. Once you turn the key, everything goes dead. I tried to jump the car, but still there was no power. I removed the battery and had it check and it was fully charged. Any ideas???

Sounds like a bad wire/ground connection.Make sure battery cables are secure to battery and follow them from the battery to there posts.Check to see if they are loose or posts are corroded ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Electrical problems? 1986 dodge ramcharger won't turn over. It started yesterday. I replaced starter but even new one just clicks. Checked all battery connections. Made sure battery was fully charged. It has always been hard to start but now it won't do anything. my 87 ramcharger runs fine once you jump it, but till then theres no power. i checked the grounds,but their fine. also no headlights and driver tailamp has no runing light.

... 1986 Dodge Ramcharger

Have 1990 ford mustang convertible 4 cyl turn key and nothing happens no click nothing light, wipers power windows radio all turn on and work pulled starter and cellunoid and they are fine battery is fully charged. Any suggestions on where to start

If this is a stick shift car, there is a safety switch on the clutch pedal that keeps the car from starting if the clutch is not pushed in when you turn the key. On older cars, this switch gets out of adjustment and you may have to push the clutch p ... 1990 Ford Mustang

Battery was dead and tried to start after charging, starter solenoid clicked and engine turn over slowly without starting. Now engine will not turn over. Battery is charged have power to all accessories and systems other than starter will not turn over engine.

Okay,think of it this way,you tried starting,engine turned slowly,no start.....then you charged battery,engine wont turn over(although accessories work)WHY WAS THE BATTERY DEAD TO START WITH.Try a jump start(another battery)if it starts then you know ... 2005 Ford Explorer
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