Having problems with your 1995 Chevrolet C/K 3500 ?

Diesel engine stops runing, service throttle light comes .

\015 It takes 10-25 minutes for engine to tart again.\015
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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1995 Chevrolet C/K 3500

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Diesel engine stops runing, service throttle light comes .

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1995 Chevrolet Silverado, 5.7L 350. Service engine soon light comes on while driving and if you stop the transmission doesn't want to change normally, jerks or want change at all.. Turn engine off, wait a few minutes, light goes off, transmission changes normal. Changed throttle positon sensor, still same problem. Had hooked to computer at repair shop, said throttle position sensor LOW. Maybe bad wire connection or bad ecm/ecu? Thanks Roger

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My 2009 impala service traction control light continues to come on which initiates the engine light to come on and says " Engine Power Reduced. I had this service earlier this year at the delearship and thought it had been corrected. When i hooked up the obdII it read a code 2187 TPS, and the dealer replaced the throttle body already. The chech engine light never comes on by itself, only when the traction control service light comes on. This problem is very annoying and i look forward to get

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99 F250 with 7.3 diesel service engine soon light comes and goes but the engine boggs down like there's an injector plugged. I put diesel injector cleaner into fuel and have ran almost a full tank through it. It's not as significant now but still does it. Could it be my fuel pump or will it take a few tanks before it stops?

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I have a 2000 f350 with 7.6l diesel that seems to shut of after it warms up while stopped, had oil changed and new airand fuel filter, but noticed that a light in the upper left corner comes on some times it looks like a thermometer and oil can, and service engine soon light comes on also.

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When I am in park or come to a complete stop at a light , the truck idle back and forth and shakes the truck. I have service engine light with P0171 and P0174 code showing. Have cleaned throttle body, maf, changed pvc fuel filter, Iac

See if catalyc converter is clogged it will make a car idle and run bad ... Ford F-150

Gages stop working, gas, speedometer, heat, and service engine light comes on. Each time I get gas, takes like 3 days and service engine light comes on , then i take off gas cap and put on and then goes off. The gages will stop working when car is started , then might pop on 10 minutes when driving, and then work and then dont work.

... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

0303 trouble code on my 2006 Nissan Altima. Leaving work I noticed a clicking noise coming from my engine and my service engine soon light come on. I had to make a stop on the way home and when I started my car again the click turned in to a load knock at first and silence down a bit 5 second later. I had a 5 minute drive home where I noticed the low knock got louder when idling at the lights. Once home I got the service engine soon code of 0303, which I looked up and found said it was a misfire

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Omega diesel 2.5 turbo my preheat light comes on goes out engine starts go 500yds and engine stops and preheat light comes on again why

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Service engine soon light, loosing engine power light comes on. I hear signals going off. I feel the engine losing power. I pull over and engine dies. I wait a few minutes and it restarts. I drive it home and the service engine light is still on. Mechanic told us it was a dirty throttle. It happened again when I got out of shop. What else could it be?

Sounds like you need to find another mechanic. A dirty throttle wont cause a loss of power. Sounds like fuel pump to me, but you need to have a competent mechanic check the codes, and check the fuel pressure when its acting up. ... 2003 GMC Envoy


I would replace one of the three coils and if that improves performance replace the other two. They only cost around 15 dollars each. ... Buick LeSabre

2002 Oldsmobile Alero. My service VEHICLE (not engine), TRAC OFF and ABS lights all come on when i drive my vehicle. My uncle has hooked it up to a scanner and it doesnt give a code(i'm guessing because the service ENGINE light is not on) . I have replaced the brakes and rotors , it still doesn't stop them from coming on. Please help!

This is most likely being caused by an intermittent connection to one of the abs sensors which are part of the wheel bearing hub assemblies.You would need a scanner capable of reading abs codes in order to determine which wheel is causing the issue. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 06 diesel mitsubishi triton that the engine light comes on and the throttle stops working it wont rev only idle

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Started to notice that the engine began to run rough then would be ok for awhile. The service engine soon light would come on when it ran rough and then go out when it ran fine. Now the service engine light is on most of the time and when you accelerate it begins to flash, then stops flashing when you let off the gas. Light still occasionally goes off but not as often. Seems to be worse with cooler outside temperature.

Hi,\015\012\015\012The first thing you need to do is have the vehicle scanned for fault codes which will be stored in the vehicles ECU. This will provide a clear diagnoses of the fault.\015\012\015\012Without this anything els ... 2002 Nissan Altima

Driving normal, at 80 kms, car seems to studder a bit, (gas wise) engine light comes on. Stop car, re-start, everything fine, no engine light, at 60 kms, fine, get up to 80 km, engine light comes on and stays on. Going up hill appears to be weak. Hard to get it up to 80 kms??? Bought vehicle 2 weeks ago, previous owner had done everything at 95,000 km, now at 98,000 km. Land Rover Freelander 2002. I mean everything, new throttle body, new timing belt, new water pump, vehicle was driving beautifu

First try replacing air filter if not done recently $30, next consider bad fuel put in fuel from major oil company from station with many patrons.Then you need to look at fuel delivery system including fuel filter and furl pump. But first try the 2 t ... Land Rover Freelander

Electrical Problem While driving the check engine light will come on (not blink). Then I can see the the temperature gauge starts to oscillate ( as if the voltage to the gauge is changing). Next the gauge needle goes off ( complete cold) as if voltage to the temperature gauge is gone and the Service 4WD and Electronic Control Throttle lights come on. The car starts to run rough. If I pull over and turn off/on the ignition the lights are cleared (accept for check engine light) and the car runs no

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1994 S10 Chevy Blazer 4x4 w/4.3 Vortec engine stops after 6 minutes. Car runs 6 minutes then stops. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, temperature and spark ignition all good. Fuel injectors not energized. Exhaust coming out of exhaust pipe when running. Service engine soon light doesn't come on. Wait half hour, car will restart for 6 minutes, then stop again. Changed ECM and still has same problem. Do you think ECM, PROM or sensor problem?

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Check engine light keeps coming on and going out, when it comes on you get a engine system service required message and when you get to 40MPH it starts to sputter but if you stop and shut it off it resets and the light and message go away only to come back after you reach 40MPH again.

... 2004 Volvo XC90

Engine light continues to come on ever since I had car repairs done on 2005 S type 10/14/10 ie front brakes repaired, wheel alignment, oil shield was left down, second time engine light on, Emmission service done with direct injector cleaning, fuelling adaptations reset, codes cleared. Engine shakes, can feel vibration in steering wheel when car is still and during driving. Car also has jolts from the rear when slowing down before completely stopping. The car has been serviced 4 times. I hope

Hi Caes431,\012\012It would not be enough just to have the codes cleared. Whatever caused the warning to come on the first time, must be attended to and rectified. As the warning is still coming on it means the reason has not yet been attended ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

Recently purchase used 2004 explorer with 100,000mi. on way home from thanksgiving diner wrench light came on and car lost power to gas pedal. Pulled over and stopped. Wrench, throttle control valve came on and service engine soon light on. Stepped on gas does nothing, engine will idle . shut off and started up , all lights still on engine idles slowly , if i step on gas - sputters slowly but does not increase engine speed. where do i start. Day before when shut car off noticed unual gas smell.

Sounds like it may be the catalytic converter ... 2004 Ford Explorer

I have an '89 olds cutlass cierra with a 2.5 litre 4-tech. While driving the service engine soon light will come on. At the same time, the car seems to run poorly and the speedometer and odometer stop working. The service engine light will go back off after a few minutes and the speedometer and everything else returns to normal. It also seems to get really bad gas mileage during this problem. What could this be? Ive heard sensors, wiring, and even computer problems. Please help!

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I have a 1990 Pontiac GrandAM. The "service engine soon" light comes on shortly after I start the engine. I have replaced the throttle position sensor, chacged the oil - does the service light mean I need a tune up, or does it indicate a specific problem?

It actually gives you a code that indicates a specific problem. Take it to Auto Zone or Advance Auto or another Auto Parts store that offers to read the fault codes for free. Once you make the repair indicated by the code you will have to reset the ... Pontiac Grand Am

My !995 Cherolet Truck Turbo Diesel will stall going down the road or just idling but will always restart. Changed glow plugs, fuel filter, air filter. Service Engine light will come on and it will run fine. Service engine light will go off and it will at some point stall.

Pick up a copy of Haynes Diesel Engine Repair Manual, Part # 10330, at your local auto parts store. It has an excellent diagnostic section, check page 1-44. It's a must have for a diyer with a diesel motor. It costs about $20. ... 1995 Chevrolet C/K 2500

My car is 2002 Nissan Altima. The engine service light comes on and i am having intermittent engine power loss. Before this happens, the break and battery lights comes on and the car suddenly stops . I took the car to a mechanic and the problem is identified as a faulty crankshaft circuit sensor. If it is so, how can i get a genuine sensor to buy cost please, I am in Ghana West Africa.

Do a google search for the part or try Ebay ... 2002 Nissan Altima

94 park ave wont start,I drove 12 miles then the "low coolant" light turned on to spite the fact that i put coolant in before i left , the "overheating" light turned on then turned off as the "service engine soon" light turned on it overheated, started dieseling at first it was only dieceling when i acelerated then at the end itwas all the time, and the engine stopped(that took 3 - 6 min from the start of the dieciling tell the engine stoped), I let it cool for a few hr.s and tryed it, it start

Your Buick is a 3.8 liter, and probably the best engine ever built. But as all good things it has a few flaws. It is a aluminum block, that doesn't do well at all with heat, yet at -03 f. I would be more concerned with it freezing. Again a pro ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue
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