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Is there anyway the measure pressure before fuel pump

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Answers :

You may need to measure pressure from your fuel pump to make sure it is functioning properly
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Is there anyway the measure pressure before fuel pump

You may need to measure pressure from your fuel pump to make sure it is functioning properly ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

1998 K3500 5.7 gasoline truck cranks, but will not start. Found low fuel pressure @ about 35 PSI. Replaced fuel pump assembly in the gasoline tank, started truck drove it home, but next day it wouldn't start, I measured fuel pressure, and now have 60 PSI fuel pressure, but engine will start, only if I pour in a little gasoline. This must be an electrical perhaps missing an input signal to the computer, since some common signal enables the fuel injectors to fire. My assumption is the fuel injecto

A few suggestions:Check the air intake and see if it is dirty, plugged air filter. you\015\012can clean with a good air intake cleaner...follow instructions on the\015\012can.Those years\015\012were noted for problems in the dist cap. che ... 1998 Chevrolet K3500

95 Buick Riviera will start then die after seconds. changed fuel pump,evetytime I do it runs good for a lil but then it dies again and won't start, fuel filter, maf sensor. But on the new maf looks the same but the back reads c09, my old maf sensor reads c10.I don't know if that would be an issue but anyway I jumped the fuel pump at the relay kept it running while I started it still nothing.I have spark untill the engine stalls on all cylinders.pulled vacume line off pressure regulator no sign o

... Buick Riviera

My 91 chevy corvett fuel pump want come on untill the oil pressure turns it on.I checked the fuel pump relay and it checks ok Ireplaced it anyway. i just finished replacing all of the fuel injectors in it and then this problem shows u. The brain shows no problem codes stored in it either. the problem with the injectors turn out to be a shorted injector but as i said I replaced them all. the car only has 33k orignal miles on it.Thanks need help in alabama

... 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 2002 s10 blazer 4 dr 4x4 ...Was brought to me as a no start....I have decent experience with these I sell about 35/40 a year....this is a first .First ever see fuel bleed back to the fuel pump back into the tank...This did after replacing the pressure reg .It had all the symptoms of a bad reg..Anyways Ign swith was junk ign was junk ...now it starts runs and drives...After a fuel pump assy too !! But when it first came the gas guage showed empty knowing s10s I figured to be sender or ba

It is supposed to be up under the dash to the right of the gas pedal,this sounds like the ignition switch,but you said you replaced it. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Where exactly is the fuel pump relay and fuse? I have no fuel pressure at all, i don't really feel like its my fuel pump, (hoping not anyway, don't want to have to pull the tank). Im thinking its the crank shaft sensor (which i have, just haven't put it in yet). but would like to check the relay and the fuse. Anything else it could be besides the crankshaft sensor? The way it all happened is about 4 months ago, my wife called me, the car wouldn't start. So i met her and just reached across from

When you turn the key on you should hear the whine of the fuel pump building pressure up in the fuel line. Turn the key to the on position(but don't turn over the starter), turn it off and then repeat two or three times. Get out and see if you have ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

My 2000 Jeep GCL I have to turn the keys a few times, to start. Then I have Malfunction Indicator Light come on. The fuel pressure is low. I replaced the fuel pump twice and I steel have fuel pressure is reading 20psi instead 55. What can be checked more? I can't spend more money for diagnostics. They doesn't read anyways. Please, help me resolve this problem Thank you!

Who says it needed a fuel pump? you really need a good repair shop to diagnose it properly. anyone check the fuel pressure regulator? you say the MIL light is on, what are the codes? ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

SL2 Won't start; previous codes=PO 133 + PO341 + po420; REPLACED O2 sENSOR - Bank 1 Camshaft Position Sensor Apparently is OK; Resistance=Approx 800 ohms & Output >600 mv; Can't locate Cam position sensor; Think it is near oil filter and has only one wire, but not sure of wire color or sensor resistance or output. Fuel pump relay seems OK; Switched relay with identical one. Fuel pump spins, but didn't measure pressure. Also changed plugs & wires previously & it ran then. WHAT'S


I have a 99 chevy 2500 van with 5.7 engine.I put new fuel pump,new fuel filter,new fuel pressure regulator,new plugs and wires,new crank shaft sensor,cleaned injectors and throttle body,new throttle sensor,air control vavle and coolant temperture sensor.when I installed the air control vavle I pulled it out until it measured 1

... Chevrolet Express Cargo

93 jeep cherokee cranks wont start. No spark new distributer, distributer cap, rotor, coil, wires, plugs, cleaned battery terminals checked connections ruled out fuel problem proper pressure from pump to fuel rail goin to injecters changed fuel filter for good measure. Just put in new computer... Still nothing no spark. Please help.

Maybe cranksensor ... Cars & Trucks

1996 Toyota T-100 starting problem--- when I first turn the key, I hear nothing. After engine cranks over once or twice, I hear a clicking noise around the passenger engine compartment. I'm assuming that it's either the fuel pressurizing or the fuel pump relay. I read online that both the fuel pump relay and the oil pressure switch enable the fuel pump to turn on. What I understood is that if the fuel pump relay goes out, oil pressure switch turn the pump on. This explaining why it has to c

The fuel pump relay should be located in the under hood fuse box just replace the relay with a new one ... Toyota T100

Ford ranger 2002 the fuel pump will not pump in cold weather, when it is colder than @34 F. In warm weather when I turn the ignition key I can hear the fuel pump pressurize and the truck will start. In cold weather the the starter crank the engine, but fuel pump will not pressurize or pump. In cold weather if I use a heater to warm up the engine compartment, then you can hear the fuel pump pressurize and the engine will start. Hope you can help, thanks.

There is no way around this the bearings are won in the fuel pump replace it, it is not that expensive. ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Here's one for the books. 2000 Jaguar S Type 4.0 Sport - no fuel pressure past fuel pump. Checked inertia switch, fuel pump fuses and relay - all good. Installed new fuel filter, fuel pump was shot - replaced fuel pump and I can hear the pump prime when turning the ignition switch on, but NO fuel pressure at fuel filter and fuel rail. Engine started with starter fluid, any help would be appreciated.

Check if the input side of the fuel pump has a restriction . a perished rubber hose can be a problem , the pump should be able reach a pressure 35 psi + and a flow of a quart every 30 seconds at this pressure. ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

1996 pontiac grand prix crank no start. fuel pump was not making noise. so I pulled the the tank and found the pump at the wire connector was black from heat and melted. i replaced the fuel pump. i can hear the pump running when the key is on. but i have no fuel pressure. i've checked at the pressure releaf valve nothing there i checked the fuel line at the fuel pump (on top of the fuel tank) turned the key on and no fuel comming out/ pumping. if i could get an answer that would be great. thank

Wires on the pump backwards. ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 98 Buick Century thats starting to get up there in the mileage. (165k miles). Recently, I changed jobs and had to run the fuel tank under 1/4 full for quite a while, which I know isn't good for the pump. Anyway, the car stalled before i thought i should be out of gas, so I pushed it to the station and threw in enough for a half tank. Tried to crank it, and now it just turns over without starting. Checked pressure in fuel line by removing dust cover and depressing schrader valve on t

It might just be a clogged filter ... 1998 Buick Century

I have a 2004 BA Falcon XT which has a problem starting when warm. When hot or cold it is OK but if left for half an hour or more it takes a while to start or I have to put my foot flat to the floor. The mechanics have been trying to trace it and so far have had the injectors cleaned, throttle body cleaned and fuel pump replaced (it was pumping at half pressure anyway). They have had it on the scope and it all seems to be firing and squirting at the right times. They said they have a couple more

... 2004 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 1988 camper it's on a Ford F350 chasse with a 460 ci. engine. Has one gas tank with a low pressure pump in it and a high pressure pump on the frame rail. The truck runs for an hour and dies. at that point there is no fuel pressure or spark and the high pressure pump is hot. I replaced the high pressure pump and the fuel pump relay but it didn't help. Can anyone tell me why the high pressure pump could be getting hot and would it cause it to not have spark ?

The catalytic converter may be fried. Very poor design of the restricted exaust ports.\015\012 And the fuel pumps are junk straight from the box. Around 94 Ford had to change the design of the fuel pumps.\015\012 I am not a mechanic but ... 1988 Ford F 350

1985 Firebird 2.8 ltr, automatic, FI. I replaced the fuel pump approximately 5 years ago. Car was operating fine and suddenly lost fuel pressure, when I checked the pressure I only had a few pounds of pressure and that was all. Could it possibly the fuel pump relay or maybe a wiring harness issue or would I possibly have to replace the fuel pump again? When the pump was originally replaced, the relay nor the harness were replaced. Please help.

Sounds like a bad fuel pump. The relay would only turn it on or off. If it's off you'd have no fuel pressure. Make sure you replace the fuel filter and the filter 'sock' on the pump as well when you change it. ... 1985 Pontiac Firebird

Low voltage at fuel pump on 2005 new fuel pump no pressure. bench test good but no pressure in the truck. Pump will pump fuel when hooked strieght to 12 volts. I am only getting 10.32 volts at the connection at the fuel pump. Is there a fuel pump relay on this truck. It is not listed in the owners manual.

Hello;\015\012 There is a fuel pump relay used on your truck. Check the wiring diagragm for the location. Then also trace the wiring back to make sure you do not have nicks, cuts, or abrasions on the wire leaking voltage.\015\012Thank ... 2004 Ford F150

If the fuel pump in an Holden Barina 1998 model is gone , not working , what is the main part of the fuel pump is important to change rather than to change everything meaning the top cover , the middle main fuel pump that fits into the fuel kit that has the measuring section . What I am trying to ask is that if I am having with the fuel pump failing to start can I just change just the Main fuel pump that sits into the base plastic frame with the measuring unit.

Yes you can just change the fuel pump, there are genuine and aftermarket options available, You need to remove the original pump from the cradle and this will allow you to confirm the size of the replacement pump. ... 1992 Holden Barina

2000 mercury grand marquis 4.6 Intermittent problem. 35,000. miles. Problem engine died several times wile driving. Also after car is parked from a drive will not start. Found that the fuel pump is not turning on with the ignition key turned on after car was parked. Checked for fuel pressure ...no pressure. Suspect that fuel pump is not on when cart dies when driving. #1 1st Tested car when car was working good and problem was not there. .Fuel pump fuse good. Fuel pressure good 35psi Tested F

... Ford Cars & Trucks

Van quit while driving down driveway. Found not getting fuel, zero fuel pressure at the fuel pressure tap under the hood and no fuel pump "hum"...not even for 2 seconds. Replaced fuel pump assy, relay, and fuel filter and van will still not start. The relay does not click and I do not get 12v to the pump between the gray and black, which go to the fuel pump motor. I have ck'd all connectors for burning or melting and all look like new still. Both old and new relays the coil cks good on meter

I have a 2003 chevy venture and 2 years ago my van just quit, replaced relay, fuse and fuel pump. finally had to take in to chevy garage and they found a short in the wires to the fuel pump up under the dash. cost me about 150 bucks at the garage, th ... 2002 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis I have installed the following: new fuel pump relay, fuel pump & filter, new distributor, coil, ignition switch, replaced two damaged lifters and lifter retainer and fuel pressure valve (located on the fuel rail). This is what is occurring. The engine tries to start, but does not. The fuel pump does not turn off once pressure is reached, continues to run. If the car starts, the fuel pump continues to run. The engine, when it runs, does so badly. Fairly recent plugs

Replace the fuel pump relay,if you can turn the key just to on,not start,and the fuel pump continues to run.If the new relay does the same thing,replace the ignition switch. ... Mercury Grand Marquis

Car won't start put new fuel pump filter and pressure regulator on still won't fire except on ether pump holds 80lbs of fuel pressure but when you crack the fuel line there is no pressure on i

... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Fuel rail pressure drops from normal at 3500 rpm to zero at 4500 rpm. already replaced fuel filter, checked rail pressure regulator, replaced in-take pump, external pump replaced by previous owner and tested by me. the external pump makes a whining noise in the vehicle, but is silent during bench test. what is the box above the fuel tank flange passenger side, just forward of the right rear tire, the external pump takes its suction from this box. is the box related to the noise and/or pressure

Http://www.cabby-info.com/Fuel_System.htm\015\012\015\012some info; hope it is helpful ... 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet
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