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How do i tell if my vcm is bad on my 95 blazer

\015 Is there a way to test and see if my vcm is bad.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How do i tell if my vcm is bad on my 95 blazer

... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

How can you tell if your fuel gauge is bad on 1997 blazer

Disconnect it should read full, ground it with a test light and it should slowly go to empty ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

1997 blazer my fuel gauge reads past full all the time how can you tell if the gauge is bad

I would guess that your sending unit from the tank is grounding out which means it need to be replaced in most cases. If the gauge is bad, it will usually effect the other readings in the cluster. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

My 95 vortec Chev Blazer acted like the alternator was going bad lights dimmed battery quit charging. Right before the lights went out the radio started cutting on and off and the buzzer that tells you your headights were left on started going off. I replaced the alternator but still not charging battery. any suggestions?

Get the Battery tested.Check and clean the battery posts and wire clamps .Check and clean the earth (-) wire where it bolts to the chassis and block .Also when you changed the alternator did it have good connection / Plug to the loom (sometimes these ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I replaced fuel pump in 98 Chevy blazer 8 months ago. Now my car will not start. Fuel is squirting out fuel rail like a water gun then it stops.it starts it I poured gas right into rail underhood an it start right up then shuts off. My check engine light keep telling me the evpor canister was bad since I got fuel pump done but I still drove it until now! When I turn key the hear the pump turn on. It is very loud! Do u think it can still be fuel pump? Or what else can I do to figure out what is g

Fuel pressure regulator. Dont drive it or start it, fire hazard ... Cars & Trucks

Bad windows in 2008 blazer

What do you mean by bad? do you mean there down and won't go up or what? i guess in any case nothing can be done until G.M. fixes the problem, otherwise it will void your waranty, even if someone else including yourself atemps to fix them. fustratin ... Chevrolet Blazer

My 1997 ford windstar van has been looked at by 3 mechanics, they all tell me something different is wrong, it keeps flooding and blowing smoke after going down the road about 3 miles, then it stalls out, and is hard to start. Where should I start to check the problem? Some told me the #3 fuel injector was bad, but we put new injectors on it just a little while ago, some tell me the fuel regulator is bad, some tell me the motor is shot?? can you please help? where can I get diagrams of the motor

It does sound like the fuel pressure regulator, replace it,you can get a free print out at auto zone ... 1997 Ford Windstar

Jeep Grand Cherokee straight 6 1997. My information center keeps telling me my coolant sensor is bad. I replaced the coolant sensor with two different new sensors and it still keeps beeping at me. Truck does not overheat or anything, just keeps telling me coolant sensor bad. Can anyone help me out with this? thanks so much.

You'll have to look around on some of the jeep forums for exact details on how to remove the VIC, but the problem is the #8 wire in a ribbon connector that holds the two VIC circuit boards together. One is the "brain", and the other is the display, a ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Check fuel pressure you need at least 40psi to operate injectors on a 4.6 or 5.4 liter motor. If it reads below this you have a weak fuel pump and or plugged fuel filter. If everything checks out go to step two.\015\012\015\012Step Two ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Ignition coils are bad so I have been told. Took it to the dealre and they told me the throttle body was bad a needed replacing before they could even tell if the coils were bad. That cost $426.00. Then they told me that if they do a stress test on the coils they will definitely go bad and it will cost me a lot more money. Took the car home and it did the exact same thing THE SAMA DAY! $426.00 for ZIP!

How many miles on the vehicle? there is an extended warranty on the coils ... 2005 Lincoln LS

How can i tell if my brake booster is bad or if its my master cyln.????

... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1993 Jaguar XJ6 and can a bad O2 sensor cause the idle speed control valve not work properly causing a bad idle? Then because of the bad idle can it make the throttle position sensor to also ack up making the car tell the transmission to go into limp home mode?

Clean the idle motor with carby cleaner ... Jaguar XJ6

How can I tell if I have a bad tie rod or a bad ball joint and or a bad wheel bearing. I have an idea but every person that comes over "like my friends..:0) say differ. Just want to make a point and w

If the wheelbearing is noisey or if there is any movement side to side or up and do then it needs to be replaced a bad tie rod will give u a knocking noise and free play in the steering wheel a ball joint thats faulty will give movement in and out ... Cars & Trucks

I went to Midas with a bad catalytic converter on my 98 blazer. Well they put the wronge one on and I had no power beyond half throttle, gas milage dropped bad,engine running to hot cause my tranmision to shift bad, my engine light came on before i got home. Went back 5 months later and he was sorry but order the right catalytic converter and it was the right one this time, but charge me 74.00$,said it was a better converter. Is this right. Jimmie Rankin

I have no idea, you will need to contact the dept of consumer affairs and file a compaint with them. ... Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 97 full size chevy blazer with a bad ignition switch and i have a 96 chevy blazer's ignition swith will it work on my 97 blazer?

As long as it has the same slide size it should be fine.good luck ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

No spark Camshaft position sensor cable shows 12 VDC on pin 2 and 3. (Chilton manual says pin 2 should read 5 VDC) I have replaced 2 ECUs on this car in the past 3 years or so. When rthey have failed, I have had the same symptom, no spark, etc. I have read that failed ECUs are rare. I think I may have blown another one. Questions: Do I have another bad ECU? How can I tell the ECU is bad without buying another used one? Can a Volvo dealership test it? If it's bad, what is causing thei

Yes you can test the ECU but you need a diagnostic machine to do so.. Most mechanics have one. Basically what it does is that it connects ti the ECU via the diagnostic port ,, and it checks for system errors and sensor failure .. Some machines can re ... 1998 Volvo S70

2000 chevy blazer viberates bad

Check hub bearings,tie rods,rotors,CV joints. ... Cars & Trucks

Cod 51 means o2 sensor is bad but tell me please which o2 sensor is bad .upstream or down stream sensor

Oxygen sensors code sometimes produced because of some other problem, blocked exhaust or cat converter, over rice fuel supply or vacume leak in intake manifold giving a real lean mix and so o2 out of range in both casesw ... Cars & Trucks

93 Ford Ranger,3.0 jerks while at cruising speeds. It has a squeal on cold starts that goes away after driving a few blocks. And rough idle. This engine does not have an EGR valve. I was told it could be a bad distributor or cam sensor. Does it have a cam sensor and/or distributor? I dont want to feel stupid when I take it in and tell the mechanic that info and he tells me that I dont have them. But I think my older Ranger (93) does have distributor and not a synchrnizer. Thank you!

I just changed my fan clutch on my 93 Ford Ranger and the difference is amazing. It stopped making noise and it drives much smoother now. The fan clutch was only $45 and fairly easy to replace so you might want to check into that. ... Ford Ranger

My mechanic tells me that the computer "E-Prom" is bad in my 1993 Buick LeSabre, and that he cannot find one. The vehicle seems to run rich and he says that the E-Prom is bad. We have already replaced the throttle control module and the oxygen sensor because the engine would intermitantly idol fast and the "Service Engine Soon" light would come on then go off .

Ok, If you have 2- 02 sensors, the front sensor does the primary fuel adjusments and the second one basically monitors the cat conv efficiency and trips the light. So the front, or #1 02 sensor shoul be changed also. E-proms to me are. "I don't k ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

My friend just recently got a 1991 Acura Legend and the other day decided to do an engine shampoo. But when the job was done the car had difficulty starting and when it did it idols badly and shuts off if you try to drive it off! When we poped the hood while it was idoling we noticed one of the ignition coil packs(the one that goes over the spark plugs), was shorting out. Please if anyone has gone through this tell us that the engine isn't ruined. And please tell us any other info on if water mi

The engine is not ruined you just need to dry the ignition parts out. ... 1991 Acura Legend

I'm having several problems with my truck, ranging from low power, overheating, air conditioning not functioning. I'm told it may be a computer (VCM). I'm also told that there are two different VCM's for that year truck. How do I tell if I've gotten the right one for my truck, it didn't correct any problem I had.

Well there is two ways one take a guess and two to be for sure on it call auto zone and ask them and if they dont know call the dealer ship and they will give you all info you need ... Chevrolet 2500

1998 S10 Blazer 4x4 Rear disc brake pads worn out so I replaced pads Now the brakes stick bad enough to smoke badly after just 2 miles on both wheels . I really thought this this would be just like front disc pads as ive replaced prob a 100 of those over the years. Never had a rear disc brake car. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help [email protected] Mo

Make sure all the caliper slides are free from rust and make sure they are lubed. It sounds like the caliper isn't floating on the bracket. ... Chevrolet S 10

How to tell if a torque converter in TH400 is good, bad, or excellent cond? My tranny for most part worked well, going to replace it with a rebuilt 1 cause it leaks bad in frt, can I use old converter no issues with fuild all looks good. Thanks

If you are getting a true rebuilt transmission they will include a torque convertor. do not use the old one. plus it will also void any warranty on the trans. ... 1983 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 1986 chevy s10 blazer 4x4 with the 2.8 motor...When I reach between 60 and 65 mph. the blazer shakes real bad. I replaced both front axle shafts, inner and outer tie rods and sleeves. It has new tires.

Have you checked the U-joints in the rear drive shaft? Also did this happen before the tires were replaced? Take the truck back to where you got the tires and have them check the balance, they should do this for free. ... 1986 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
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