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Heat coming from passanger side when climate control system on

\015 Unless I turn off the full system I get heat from the passenger side vents. I do get cool air on the driver's side with the AC on. The glove box is also very hot when running climate control.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I have seen this before. There is a vaccume controlled panel that opens or closes depending on the dash setting. In your car there are 2 seperate control panels,one for the passenger and one for the driver. There could be a loose or broken vaccume line on the passenger side control panel. It should be located behind the front passenger kick panel on the right side foward of the door. Sometimes you can here the leak. Sometimes if the leak is bad enough you have engine idle problems. It can also be the door itself. Sometimes the control linkage on the door breaks. It can be difficult to access these areas. A maintenance manuel for the car will be helpful. Good luck!
There are,what they call vent door actuator motors that open,and close the vents on each side these go bad time to time.If the glove box is getting hot,the heater control valve could be another problem also.First thing to try is,behind the glove box is a vacuum junction with a threaded stud(very small).There is a nut that holds the vacuum plug to the junction.It is on the stud.Unscrew it(it is time consuming).Then gentley,remove the plug.There will be little **** that align with the vacuum plug that could come apart,so be carefull.Use a silicone spray,and nothing else,and spray in the junction,and the plug real good,and replace the vacuum plug back as soon as you can.Do this as the ac is on and engine is running,so it will **** the lubrication in where it is needed.If it is a vacuum switch is stuck,this will make it start working again.Then ,if everything (vents and cool air)starts working,check the heater control valve to see if it is opening,and closing.The heater control valve closes off the hot water from entering the heater core,therefore,keeping the temp,in the air box from heating up.If I can help,let me know.
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Heat coming from passanger side when climate control system on

I have seen this before. There is a vaccume controlled panel that opens or closes depending on the dash setting. In your car there are 2 seperate control panels,one for the passenger and one for the driver. There could be a loose or broken vaccume li ... 1995 Buick Riviera

1996 Buick Park Ave. V6. 3800. Heat only blow out the driver side. Heat may come on sometimes on the passengers side after turning up the temp. with the passenger climate controls and then turning off the car and restarting it. Then goes back to cold withing minutes. Is the damper controlling the passenger climate malfunctioning. If so how do I access it? The bearings in my AC compressor are going, if that effects it at all.

... 1996 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 1991 cadillac sedan de'ville. The climate control system will sometimes put out heat and sometimes not. You can turn it all the way up on 90, but no heat will come out. Then, somedays it will put out heat. I have changed the thermostat, flushed the system, is full of antifreeze, and the water pump is new. Also the control panel seems to be working.

You need to do is retrieve the codes from the computer; sound like an intermittent fault in the Data Line between the instrument panel cluster and the Heater/ A/C Programmer. Visit some autozone or autoshop witn reader codes to know exactly this code ... Cadillac DeVille

My trucks has dual climate control and when I turn it to heat, cold air comes out of the drivers side and heat comes out on the passengers side.

Have you checked the coolant level? Soemtimes when the coolant is low there is not enough warm fluid to heat both sides. If it is low then fill with 50/50 mixture and check for leaks on radiator and connecting hoses. ... Chevrolet C1500

Heating system I have a 1999 jeep gran cherokee with dual climate control system but when i turn on the heater, it blows cold air towards the passenger side but the driver side get heat. Can anyone tells me what's the problem is?

This is obviously a heater system control problem, I beleive this system is vaccuum controled with vacuum acuators that open and close doors in response to the climate control system comands. \015\012\015\012Listen for the sound of escap ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I can not get hot air to come through the vents on the left side (passenger side)but when i change the direction controls on the climate control panel the air changes direction so we can assume the doors in the system are working.Heat blows freely on the right.When recycle air is on, cold air still comes through the right.The CT did put a ligt on the AC when turned to Lo and on recycle air.When on Hi it put recycle on blows hot air every where to achive temperature it does not do that now.I rang

You need to check under dash to make sure plastic heat pipe is in place to that vent ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2007 Acura TL is having an air conditioning issue... The air is coming out cold from the two vents on the driver's side, but the air coming out of the passenger's side vents is very warm. The air on the passenger's side does not change in temp regardless of the temp the climate control is set at. I have tried the dual setting, the individual side setting, turning just the a/c on with and without the recirculation option. My TL has the navigation system--if this provides any relevence to the p

Navigation has no relevence at all. but what does is the vent system in the dash.there is a flap inside the vents under the dash it sounds like it is not moving on the passengers side. ... 2007 Acura TL Sedan New Cars

When running the A/C on my Buick Lesabre, cold air only comes out of the passenger side of the dash vents. Warm air comes out of the drivers side. The car does NOT have the dual control climate system. It seems something may be blocked under the dash, keeping the cold air to the right side of the car. Any ideas?

The most common cause in these cars is low refrigerant charge (R134A refrigerant). The safest and proper way is to have the system leak tested and the AC pressures tested with gauges. That said many people buy the precharged cans of refrigerant that ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

My 2005 GMC Sierra Truck with dual zone AC & Heating controls; the passanger side with the control all the way down to coldest setting the air coming out switches from cold to warm air while the drivers side stays cold when set to the coldest setting. I purchased a Hayes Repair manual but there is very little on AC problems. Any Ideas?????????? Jim

Hello! There are two door actuators that control driver/passenger A/C...The Passenger Door Actuator Is defective...It is a common failure on your vehicle...Replacing the Actuator yourself will save you about $400...The average cost at an auto parts s ... GMC Sierra 1500

2003 H2 HUMMER- CLIMATE CONTROL UNIT blows cold air for both sides unless you set the driver or passanger to 90 degrees. All 4 actuator doors have been replaced, all sensors replaced and the climate control unit was replaced. still no heat unless set to 90

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My "AC-off" light is on all the time on climate control panel. There is no cooling on the lowest temp setting, AC compressor does not turn-on. Tried to recharge AC system but compressor stays off. Also tried to reset the climate control by pressing both Recirc and Defrost buttons, no change, "AC-off" light remains on. At each ignition turn on, there is unusual flapping sound coming from beneath passenger side dashboard; this occurs eight times then it stops (perhaps on of air flops is trying to

... 2003 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Jeep Grand Cherokee has a duel climate control for the heating system. passenger side has heat, drivers side is just blowing out cold air????????????????

Hi\015\012your blend doors are faulty, the dealer will quote you arond £800 to fix...... go to heatertreater.com they have a permenant quick fix solution that really works. i have fitted a few off these kits with no problem..\015\01 ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

No Heat Passenger Side. I have a 1999 Cadillac Deville. The problem is I can't get heat on the passenger side. Air blows but it is cold. I do have heat on the driver?s side. My car has the spate control for the passenger on the door. I have turned both controls set of controls on and off (Driver and Passenger). Also the air coming out of the passenger side comes out at a higher velocity.

Hello: You have a failed temperature control actuator for the passenger air mix door. Remove the glove box and the close out panel under the dash on the passenger side. You will see two silver rods going from the actuators (mounted o ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

With air conditioner on I get hot air on the drivers side but cool air on passenger side. I put the AC on as low temp as it will go and it feels like the heat is on full blast. Even if I set the climate control at 70 degrees,much hotter air comes out the vents on drivers side.

Check out this link and follow their recommendations. Only on a Jag can things like this happen.\015\012\015\012 ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

Heat blow cold out passanger side even when climate control is on 90 but blows hot on drivers side can u tell me whats wrong and the location of where the part is on the car to fix it

The part is under the dash, passenger side which is a actuator motor that runs off the programmer. It will open and close the heater box door depending where you set the heat tempreture range. There is one for both sides and the right one is the bad ... 1998 Cadillac Seville

No heat The temp. gauge is two points above Cold, Fans runs in all positions except floor position. It shuts off. Changed thermostat, no change. Hoses going to heater core are HOT, but cold air is all that comes intto car. A/C is not working due to leak in system, should this affect the climate control system during winter?

\015\012No Blower in Floor Mode\015\012A customer arrives with a 1983 to 1995 Full Size Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury\015\012automobile with automatic temperature control. If the complaint is no blower operation when\015\012the f ... 1988 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII, the air ride was removed and now there is a short somewhere causing voltage regs to fry and draining the battery. We found a connection under the hood (passenger side) and once we disconnected it the problem went away but car dash lights do not cycle at ignition, climate control lights flash contsant but system works, no heat, but control wise. The turn signals do not flash on the dash panel. I am stuck. Please help/

After replacing the air system on your Mark, you should have turned the switch off in the trunk and left the air pump intact.....that way the system does not know that anything has been done....you can then just remove the bags and tape off the lines ... 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

Hi my 2001 yukon denali just blows hot air only on my auto climate control front and rear .i had someone put a new rug in it and my h/ core housing [under the passanger side [ has something hanging is that a resister ?plus if a RESISTER IS GONE how come all the dials work on both panels[front and rear control pnls ]

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Dual control set to 80 degrees but cold air comes out drivers side and heat on passenger side I have 2005 buick lacrosse cxl

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I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Limited Cherokee, it has climate control heat/AC for each side for the driver and passenger. While the drivers side blows heat the passenger side is cold. Both climate controls is placed on the warmest heat (HI) what could this problem be?

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Audi A6 heating not working, got very hot a couple of times on climate control then went very cold, now only outside temp coming thru system

System may be blocked check for any restrictions in system ... 1996 Audi A6

Lincoln ls dual climate control system driver's side has no heat

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1999 Olds Aurora with Dual Temperature control. The passanger side of the car blows cold air continuosly weather heat or air is on. Also when defrost is turned on, the air condiaioning light comes on?

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I have a clicking noise coming from within the dashboard passenger side which seems to be linked with the climate control unit on the vw polo gti x plate (2000) as certain settings make the ticking increase, the clicking / ticking noise is there when the system is also shut down !

The polos have a recycle flap motor located on the passenger side behind the glove compartment and a temp. flap motor also located behind the glove box but more towards the center of the dash and near the bottom.one or both of these motors are probab ... 2000 Volkswagen GTI

I have dual climate control in my 06 Chevy silverado. The passangers side vents, dash & floor only blows heat. checked fuses but saw none were blown.

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