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Fuel Trouble? I am having to really press on the gas pedal for it to go. The pickup on it is not as good as it once was. Today, when going from a stop light, it almost studdered and I felt it was going to die on me. I just recently replaced my air compressor for cool air, but I'm not sure if the two are related. Also today, once I got home, it has a strong odor of gas inside and outside of the car. What can this possibly be? Please help. Thanks!

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Davidslade , sounds like you may have some ignition trouble (not the ignition where the key goes). The plug wires could need to be replaced and or you could have a bad coil pack. tonight when it gets dark out, pop the hood and check for a light show- what i mean is you should see little arcs of light if the wires are bad, BUT not all the time. take a windex bottle with water in it and spray the plug wires from the coil pack to the plugs. then watch and listen for changes in its run-ability. if your not sure take it for a quick spin with the wires wet down. if you have an ohm meter you can test the coil pack by checking continuity between the studs where the wires go onto it. it should have aprox. 1300-1500 ohms. if ofer 1500 ohms the definately replace it. if you see and white corrosion replace the wires as the terminals will be corroded inside the end.
\015\012 One more thing you can do for hesitation is clean the mass air flow sensor. it is the black box on the throttlebody that is held on with 3 phillips head screws. don't loose the o-ring when you remove it. blast off the two wires suspended between the two posts with good choke cleaner but do not touch them with anything no matter how much you mant to-k?. reinstall it and whether that was related the car will run better and get better fuel milage. Good luck.
\015\012Please rate this response , and let me know if ya need more help!
First find the origin of the fuel smell? It could be a small leak ,the vehicle maybe running rich or you could have a concern with the evap. system? When was the last time you replaced the fuel filter? If it is restricted it can cause the power loss. Is the check engine light on?
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Fuel Trouble? I am having to really press on the gas pedal for it to go. The pickup on it is not as good as it once was. Today, when going from a stop light, it almost studdered and I felt it was going to die on me. I just recently replaced my air compressor for cool air, but I'm not sure if the two are related. Also today, once I got home, it has a strong odor of gas inside and outside of the car. What can this possibly be? Please help. Thanks!

Davidslade , sounds like you may have some ignition trouble (not the ignition where the key goes). The plug wires could need to be replaced and or you could have a bad coil pack. tonight when it gets dark out, pop the hood a ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

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Most times a problem as you outlined is either caused by a failing fuel pump or a partially failed crank sensor. However, touching the spark plug wires would do nothing to correct that or any other problem.I would first though pull the coil wir ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My wife had bought this car for a new job i am getting while i was out of town. It drove good at first then my battery light and abs light came on. when i hit the gas my digital display for miles would go out and my rpm's and speed would go all the way up. When i let off the gas everything would go back to normal. Also when i hit the gas my airconditioning fan would blow much stronger. Then today it died on me. When i got back home i noticed that my 25 amp engine fuse was blown. So I went and go

Please do not give me any bad or good credit. I would check the battery first. Voltage would be 12.6V or more with engine off, and 14 V or more with engine on. If you have a bad battery please replace it. I would drive the car at AutoZone, for ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

EEC? Yesterday I gave my 94 Grand Marquis a tune up and had a mechanic flush the trans and change the trans filter and gasket. The car ran great last night and most of today. I was driving and it stalled like it was out of gas. I had it towed home and added more gas. If I spray starter fluid in the air breather(?) it will try to turn over but just die. Does this mean it is fuel related? Is there a way to check to see if the pump, or relay is defective? Also, when checking the fuse to the fuel pu

Well that sounds like you may have a short to power or a short to ground means you may have 2 wires rubbing against each other or you may have an internal problem with the cars computer.start by back tracking the wires leaving the box where the fus ... 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

Fuel issue I have a 2002 grand prix. Lately when I drive it I lose acceration going up hills when I hit the gas pedal the RPM goes up and I still lose power. Today when I came home I slowed down on to the road and it died I waited several minutes and got it to start. As long as I had my foot on the gas it was ok, once I let up and slowed down it died again? I am assuming a fuel problem, the mass air flow was replaced a year or so ago. Do you think the fuel filter or pump? Thanks Susan

On this on, begin by running a simple compression check on each cylinders, this comparison would tell if there is any mechanical damage to pistons, piston rings, cylinder walls, just to name a few items.Just from the facts you have provided, I wo ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

Have a 07 minni and the engine light came on. Car began stalling out going down road. The temperature light had came on a couple times as well before the engine light. Took car to shop and they replaced mass air flow sensor and filters. By the time I got 30 minutes to home the engine light was on again and the car was stalling out when you press the gas. Also when the car is idle it is reving up and down. Making the worst noise like it is dying and then coming back. Like the engine is louder

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Ok afew days ago my 93 geo prizm started sergeing at an idle and wile driveing then it started dieing as well. so then i did a tune up all filters and good stuff. so all was good no sergeing. then i drove today and know it will not start at all. i got a jump start came home 20 miles all was cool. i went to go to the store and it would not start. i jumped it disconected my amp. went to get gas and nothing agian once agian got a jump comeing home turned the lights on died in the midle of the road.

Hi,Initially, pls try checking the fusible link that supplies the main power from the battery to the electrical system of your vehicle. This wire is inline with the big battery cable on the positive battery terminal. Often, there w ... Geo Prizm

Hi there. Basically I need to do a few jobs. Not long ago bought this & it's Unleaded & Gas. Bloke said someting about a coupling for approx $80 to fix gas? Diff prob needs some love (bit of a ''doink'', metal letting go kinda clunk mainly out of 1st gear, air con is eluding me or been removed (41 degrees in Adelaide 2moro). From cat on exhaust back is buggered. Got another one but will have to modify to include custom bit around gas tank. Also has resonator but should fit back side of the diff.

Not sure what fitting you speak of, but if the part from the dealer is $80, then I'd probably seek a different solution, unless it is a mechanical part, there are a number of different fittings and alterations that could be done to deliver the fuel, ... Ford Escape

I started my 2002 jeep overland today in the morning and everything was fine. Drove to the gas station got gas went to start it nothing. No sound no lights just completely dead. I waited a few seconds and it started. I drove home parked it and shut it off. I noticed my gauges on the dash where going wacky when the car was off. I tried to start it again but nothing the car is completely dead. The day before I drove out to long island and everything was fine and I used the car all night. The bat

I would first clean the battery post and clamps, as a bad connection can cause a vehicle to act like the battery is dead, you can either buy battery terminal cleaner( it comes in a spray can) or you can use coke and a wire brush. Hope this helped Tim ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993 chevy van, G20 350-TBI injection. Stalled at a traffic light, thought I was out of gas, but was not. Started back up, soon as It dropped in gear, it died again, starts right back up, have to pump the accelerator constantly once in gear to get it home, could not go over 25mph or into high gear, it would die. Got it home, it starts right up, but once you put in gear with any type of load, it dies. I just changed the air idle valve on the Throttle body, fiqured that was the cause but did not h

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Today my 95 trooper drove to the store then woodnt start when I came bak out. Tapped on the battery terminal it started n got me home. Then went to leav again and car started then died rite away. It would start n run while I held down gas pedal but stalled out as soon as I took my foot off the gas. Is it the altenator? Or wiring? Or battery? Bateery terminals also looked a lil corroded

Remove both cables and clean the terminals and cable ends with a wire brush , reconnect cables. ... 2000 Isuzu Trooper

I just bought a 2003 Mazda Miata last April when my other car died. Today on my way home I noticed the check engine light. My car has 55,000 miles but looks and runs like new. I was checkingon line and the manual and it said maybe gas cap not tight. I got gas about 40-50 miles before so I decided to check the cap. It was not as tight as it should have been, but it also was not very loose. I tightened all the way but the light is stil on. Could this be the problem???? What should I do?

Good Evening, there are several automotive stores like autozone or advanced auto parts that offer the service of scanning your check engine light for free. It would be very worthwhile to have them do that and retrieve the code or codes that caused yo ... 2003 Mazda MX-5 Miata

The transmission on my 1996 Ford explorer has intermittnly not shifting into the next hiher gear. Sounds like it is revving upp but no increase in speed. When i let off the gas it shifts. Yesterday I noticed a whirring soud up front and with the hood up it sounds like it's coming from the alternator or pulleys in that area although no problems with eletrical. Today my wife was driving the Exp and it got permanently stuck in 1st and wouldn't go over 10mph. When I got home and drove it, it shifted

Sounds like the the black rubber line and plug you found up front is the breather tube for the front differential the plug for the rear end should be on the drivers side of the vehicle like if you crawl under it right in front of the rear tire the pl ... 1996 Ford Explorer

My truck needed jumped today and when i got down the road everything started to go out starting with the radio and then my speedomiter, the gas peddle started to get stuck. it was harder to push the abs light and airbag light came on. and as soon as i got home the truck stalled. please help

Your alternator has failed. Remove the alternator and have it tested at your local parts chain. Please let me know if you have questions or need instructions, and thanks for using Fixya. ... Ford Ranger

Today my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder started shifting in and out of overdrive every few seconds on the way home from work. It doesn't seem related to speed or rpm. It ignores the OD on/off button. Still did it after I shifted from D to 3. I got an oil change this morning. Trany fluid is OK.... car has cooled, going to go drive it in a few minutes and see if it does it again immediately or takes a while... any suggestions?.

Gets some electical parts wash and try to wash the inside of the od button itself you may have to losen the plastic case carefull not to lose any parts if that improves or correct s the problem ,then you know were your problem is . most times people ... 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

I just had the radiator fan relay replaced today because the fan would not shut off when I turned engine off. I had to pull fuse to stop fan.I Stopped for gas on way home from shop. When I restarted car, the check engine light was on? I checked under the hood when I got home in garage and It appears that the radiator fan is not working? Any idea what is going on? The new relay failed? The repair shop was closed shortly after I pick up vehicle so I can't report the problem until morning.

It sounds as if there might be a burned fuse. instead of replacing the rad fan relay i suppose they should have looked further. I'd be willing to bet they would find a faulty fan which in turn is taking out ur fuse or relay. With a faulty fan, it ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My cougar is overheating today sporadically, going from normal to high and back as I drove today. I don't see any signs of leakage or hissing in the engine compartment area, indicating a hose problem. Could this be thermostat related? Prior to noticing the overheating, i also noticed the heater is not working. I'm getting cold air through the vents, defroster.

My 2000 m.cougar is overheating i just spend 400 on a water pump and t-stat and drove it home and the thermostat needle went all the way to red marker fans were running and when i release the pressure cap let some antifreeze out it went back to norma ... 2000 Mercury Cougar



I just bought a used 94 bravada, the woman told me that the air intake sensor thing was not the right one, that it was from a 2000 4.3 astro van and that it needed a tune up bad.I drove the vehicle about 600 miles and then ran real low on gas and had it parked for about 4 days in the cold rain.I went to start today and will not start.I do hear the fuel pump from the tank it is humming fine.I also went to the station and got two gallons of gas and put in.While trying to start I ran the battery do

"as of yet I have not located any fuel rail"\012\012You can see one at this link: \012\012http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fuel_rail.JPG\012\012Yours may look slightly different but you should be able to recognize it.\0 ... Oldsmobile Bravada

My 1997 Geo Tracker sdtarted making a popping/clicking sound today when I pushed the gas. Then it startede making a noise like I scraping metal on the pavement. I got out and looked bu did not see anything hanging down. The noise is worse when I was starting to take off and got better when I went faster. I also noticed that when I was driving the wheels felt very loose. The noise only happens when going forward and not in reverse. When I tried to puul forward it felt like I had vbery lit

Can't tell from here but apperantly one or more parts to your suspension or brake system have failed, sounds more like brake or wheel assembly or trans axle to me. Take the front wheels off and have them checked out before driving again. ... Chevrolet Tracker

86 RANGER 2.9L 4WD When going 45-50 or more for a bit, engine suddenly "logs down" like gas or air shut off... if I stomp on accelerator it will take off.... let up, and it logs down again...... got trouble code 89 which says something about 2 transmission items (converter cluch and lock up) and also "exhaust heat control". But my manual nor anybody around seems to know anything about such a thing..... I'm wondering if the air control on the upper manifold (passenger side) might have something

Try to notice if its always with the pedal in the same location. You may have a dead spot on the throttle position switch located on the throttle body. Try unplugging the sensor and drive. If its better you have found the problem. Be aware the truck ... Ford Ranger

My 2000 Camry has a water noise when I pull away from a stop that sounds like it is coming from inside the dash or under the hood at the fire wall. Also in the mornings when I turn on the heat the windows fog up and the smell is musty. I looked today when I got home and was not leaking any condensate water after driving 55 miles with the AC on. If the drain is stopped up how can I access it and clean it out? I have taken an air hose and blown up into the rubber hose coming out from underneath th

On the bottom of the car,small hole need to be cleaned out,\015\012any shop can kift it clean it out for cheap ... 2000 Toyota Camry

My wife says there was smoke and a burning smell coming from the dash of our 2001 Dodge Neon today. She let it set for 4 hrs then drove home with a fire extinguisher. No smoke I had an old Dodge RamCharger that had a reostat in the heating duct. Leaves got into the dash vent then came in contact with the reostat. It caught fire. Is this going on with the Neon also?

I'd first check for wiring/fuses - make sure all electrics work. If I'm not mistaken, car has a cabin filter that might need changing. I don't think vent/leave is the issue. ... Dodge Neon

I have a 97 6.5 l turbo diesel that i ran out of fuel in got it up and running again after killing the batteries bled both water and air to the best of my knowledege now the truck will start up fine and run normal for about 8 minutes or until its warm blows white smoke when i try to give it gas to keep going also the fuel gauge is stuck new to diesels need some help please......

What a monster sized engine ,we use a engine this size to pull 40 tons across europe ,anyway take the fuel filter off and see if their is any transparant crystals in the bottom of the filter ,if their is your in trouble big time as these crystals wil ... 1997 Chevrolet C3500

Check engine light is on and lately when first starting out in the morning its flashing when pressing the gas. its also missing a little until it warms up. today it lost power going up a hill then started smoking for just a few seconds. smelled like sulfer. then seemed fine coming home.

The flashing light is telling you you have bad misfire,, have the truck scanned to find the cause, will tell you which cylinder it is and thats where ya wanna start, ... 1999 Ford Explorer
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