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Threads to spark plug stuck in head "95 acura integra ls motor"

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Spray a good penetrating oil at the base of the plug. I use PB Blaster. Slowly try working the plug loose. I like to start the engine and let run for a minute so the head gets hot and spray the lubricant and while the head is still warm, try to remove the stuck plug. By getting the head warm, it allows the aluminum to expand a little.
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Threads to spark plug stuck in head "95 acura integra ls motor"

Spray a good penetrating oil at the base of the plug. I use PB Blaster. Slowly try working the plug loose. I like to start the engine and let run for a minute so the head gets hot and spray the lubricant and while the head is still warm, try to remov ... 1995 Acura Integra Coupe

Some idiot so called mechanic has forced the wrong spark plugs into my car and cross threaded them...can i heli-coil all four? is this a good idea...and how can i get the cross threaded plugs out 3 are stuck now and are there any other options for fixing the car without having to buy a new cylinder head. i am unable to get a heli-coil kit here where i live (abroad) and am looking for another solution

Likely, the plugs weren't cross threaded but I'll bet that anti-seize compound wasn't used. Plugs are not replaced as often as they once were and the dis-similar metals tend to corrode and bind so you end up tearing the threads out when you remove th ... 1991 BMW 3 Series

Yesterday, I just got my Acura Integra out of an oil change and fuel filter change from Jiffy Lube. Drving off the lot, the car rode very rough (sputtering), then it cut off after about a mile. And it could not restart. Upon inspection, saw that 2 of the spark plug wires were not connected to the distributor cap, and also saw pool of oil all inside my spark plug wells. Seeing from other posts that leak in head gasket,and what not, but could an oil change have brought this on?

No, and oil change does not cause this problem as oil change places only change oil, air filter and they will ad fluids, oil, pwr steering fluid, brake fluid and washer fluid. They do not do spark plugs/wires etc.. It was more then likely a pre exi ... 1993 Acura Legend

My 91 acura integra with a 95 gsr motor in it starts, then dies right away. I replaced the spark plugs, checked for spark through the wires, and checked to see if fuel was coming from the pump. Everything seems fine, but it wont stay running. I was thinking maybe the fuel pressure regulater. Any ideas what may be wrong?

Did you check the fuel pressur on the fuel rail with a gauge or did you just unplug the pressure reg.. \015\012\015\012also you should try replacing the fuel filter first... this is cheap 6-12 dollars autozone. just becuase the fuel pump ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

Spark plug nut broke off and ceramic came completly out leaving threads and ring stuck in block plugs sets roughly 8 in into head. its is a 98 breeze 2.4 any ideas on getting it out

Yes.....use a good spiral extractor and lots of patience. DO NOT spray penetrating oil into spark plug hole. And don't run the engine to "get it hot" hoping the heat will help loosen it. It will NOT work. A quality reverse spiral extractor and a brea ... Plymouth Breeze

Spark plug threads in the the aluminum head was ruined. Have to pull the motor to replace the heads. Not sure how to get a engine hoist to fit.

Some dealers have special tools to do this in the car. Call a few and ask them. Did plugs break off in head? Or were threads damaged when plugs were removed ... 2000 Ford Expedition

My acura integra wont start...i changed the spark plugs....that didnt work....my fan cuts on and off and my car cant even start...my battery wont stay charged,because after i changed the spark plugs i

... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

I changed all 4 spark plugs and the ignition coils, but the one spark plug i didn't change personally popped out and now there is no threading on the cylinder head to tighten it back up. is there a way to rethread the cylinder head and if not how do i change it out?

A repair shop can install an insert to repair the threads. ... 2002 Kia Spectra

I blew out the #3 spark plug on a 97 ford expidition with the 5.4 motor. I took it to a shop and they tapped it and put in a plug, it would not seal and the plug hit the clyinder they pulled the plug and said the hole was damaged before they did the job. they also dropped the zerk into the clyinder. is there any way to fix it or does it need a new head or motor

... 1997 Ford Expedition

Acura 1992 Integra Hatchback wont start. It turns over but wont crank. Thre is no spark from the spark plugs. Replaced the distruibetor and spark plugs, plus wires. Now still wont fire just cranks

Duh, check the coil. ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

Spark plug stuck in motor

The head? The steel hex is still on it? You'll just have to wrench it out. If the threads get stripped, it's just karma. You can helicoil new threads into place. If you are worried about it being too tight, or rusted, use a lot of penetrating oil b ... Cars & Trucks

Broken spark plug stuck inside head

Get an easy out from your local hardware store, but soak it with penetrating oil overnight first, worst case you can drill i out and get a spark plug repair thread insert which is available from any full servic ... 1987 Ford Bronco

My car is honda 2000 civic si dohc vtec. Has about 45k on it. The motor was replaced with my old one. Anyway when we replaced the motor. It was blowing white smoke at reving rpm. Its not black or blue but it is either white or grey. But im pretty sure its white. But anyway i thought it was the head gasket blown so i changed the head gasket. Torqued gead down to 75-80 lbs. so the results came out that it was still smoking like it was. So i pulled out the spark plugs and look at the piston and i c

Either blown head gasket or cracked head, coolant only escapes into motor in two ways, before you replace head gasket again, pull head, have it magnafluxed ( To Show Cracks) if there arenonehave the head resurfaced ... Cars & Trucks

One of the spark plug hole threads in the head of my 2004 Mini Cooper stripped. We have the tools to **** out the hole, and the insert to repair this spark plug hole. What we need is information on the position or location of the intake and exhaust ports on the cylinder, so we know where to position the cylinder properly. Please refer me to information (book, person, online source, whatever) that will describe or show me what it looks like. FYI, my husband is a gifted mechanic, he jus

These forums below can help you obtain information on the position of intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder\015\012\015\012 ... 2004 Mini Cooper

Mitsubishi Lacer CG 2002 - 4G94 Motor - After having had the cylinder head pressure tested and machined, I've fitted the cylinder head as well as cam and rocker shafts, tried starting the car and there is no spark coming through to spark plugs, what could be the problem - URGENT PLEASE. Thanks Gerard

The problem isn't related to the head, it's either in the ignition system itself (you have assembled it incorrectly) or in the ECM, when you have reassembled the engine back you have forgot to plug in a sensor or a data connection.\012\012\012G ... Mitsubishi Lancer

I have a 1999 chevy venture..my head gaskets blow..I pulled the motor apart got the heads shaved got new plugs new plug wires they all wrking they all throwing spark I also got a new tps I checked all my gas line it the gas it pushing out good.. I keep trying to crank up the van nd it cranking but it not starting wat could it be...

... Cars & Trucks

HELP! I have a 95 gmc 4x4... sank it underwater. replaced fuel pump assembly, distributer cap, rotor, and spark module,ignition switch, computer, fuel pump relay, plugs, and wires. had only 80 psi compression, so I bought a 92 chevy 350. mine had tbi, and the new motor had a 850 4 barrel so i stripped it down to the block and heads to keep my tbi. i changed over all sensors. i now have 150 psi of compression, i have good fuel spray( i drained tank and removed water). I have spark at the plugs, b

The starter could be too close to the flywheel. try adding a couple of starter shims. it also could be drawing to many amps from internal corrosion from water intrusion. ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

How to re thread a head foe spark plug. or were to get an insert to put a smaller plug in

Most auto parts stores have a kit for this repair ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 Ford Super duty 250 4-wheel drive. One of the spark plugs came out and it almost looks like something was hitting the end of it. The truck was running fine till the plug came out,no noise or tapping sounds. I just tried to put a new plug in it and it seems there are no threads in the head.I hade the truck towed to the Ford dealer and they want to sell me a new engine at the tune of 7,000 What can I do to fix this problem? The dealer wont just replace on head they want to do both an

Drill out the spark plug hole, tap it, and put in a heli-coil. I had a 2001 F-250 that did just what you described. The ford dealer will probably not do it because you are not supposed to do it to the aluminum head, but I bet a shadetree mechanic w ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

Sparplug broke in head triton v8. the ceramic is still in the ceramic shield with is lodged in the head. the threads and the top of the spark plug have been remove. This apparently a common problem with this design. I bought a kit that taps the shield to remove it, but the remaining ceramic will not allow it to be tapped. Are there any other option besides removing the head and drilling them out?

You will prob have to remove the head. It is only a common problem when the proper procedure is ignored. I have been doing this for 17 years and never had one break. When you remove these they need to be at a certain temp. (warm) before removal. Befo ... 2004 Ford F150

On a 91 Grand Am 2.3, it backfires, and #2 spark plug is stuck. I tuned it about 2.5 years ago. I installed a K&N air filter and Rapid Fire plugs, I applied anti-seize to the plug threads. Any ideas?

Many times when you experience backfireing the problem is with the timing.Have someone check this if you are unable to do it yourself. ... Pontiac Grand Am

How do I remove spark plug tubes from a 3.2 VTech Acura

... 2000 Acura TL

Broke a spark plug off in the head of my 1.8L, 2002 Sentra

Hello rite this is 1 ive actually done my self on my audi a3 .u need a nice size rachet extention bar with a torx bit(most car parts place stock these should cost about £10) on the end of the bar(similar to a star but with 6ix points on it and ... 2002 Nissan Sentra

I have a 91 acura integra blowin blue smoke an im gettin oil in the plugs an i changed the gaskets around the spark plugs im readin 230-240psi compression on all my clyinders

That is a high compression ratio for a leaking motor. The blue smoke is from oil burning, it's either blown piston rings, valve seal problems. Or possibly a sludge problem in the car. This is a major concern probably need a short block for the ca ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

Help!! i have 91 acura integra. Car died yesturday while driving. The tac went to 0 while slowing down. Has a new main relay. No spark with spark plugs. Do you think it is a fuse issue? and if so where is the ignition fuse located in the car? thank you ~niki

Sounds more like the timing belt broke ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback
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