Having problems with your 1994 Toyota Tercel ?

When stopping cuts off and takes a minute to start and there is a lot of black smoke

\015 Then sputters\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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TUne UP your vehicle. and Run the scanner/computer for diagnostic and fix it.
God bless you
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When stopping cuts off and takes a minute to start and there is a lot of black smoke

TUne UP your vehicle. and Run the scanner/computer for diagnostic and fix it. God bless you ... 1994 Toyota Tercel

I'm the owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe 2007. It ran 56,000 km in 3 years so far. Now as a lot of other Hyundai Santa Fe my SUV sputters some times when starting up. It takes some minutes of sputtering with a lot of grey and black smoke before the engine is running normal. Another time when accelerating (after standing at a traffic light for example) my car bare moves forward and the same sputtering starts again. This does not happen all the time but it does every day. What is the problem with my

Like all cars and light trucks made after the 1996 model year this engine has an electronically controlled fuel injection system, when a problem occurs in the system the computer that controls the engine and emission system ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hi im tring to find out what i need to replace on my truck the is a code po 102 that says mass or volome air flow but i dont no what to buy 1996 gmc 3500 454.takes a while to get running after that its not bad but if i turn it off and try to re start it takes me about 10 minutes a lot of black smoke and fuel comming out of tail pipe,if i let sit till next day sometimes it starts and runs fine and this is when it is warm out side and no rain for weeks any help would be great thanks john

You need to look for a hole or loose fitting clamps where your air duct runs from your air filter to the throttle body where the gas enters the motor. Any leak in this ductwork will make your vehicle hard to start and run poorly because too much air ... 1999 GMC Sierra 3500

I have a 2001 econovan when i first start up get a lot of blue smoke after about two to five minutes smoke stops and theres no more till next morning I can start and stop as many times and it does not



... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Smoke problem started to give smoke, when I drive fast no smoke power is ok, no loosing oil, no loosing water BUT when stop and leave the engine running, after 15 minuts the grey smoke starts to build up very badly, Now after two months I was driving down, first time she started to loose the power then the engine cut off, then I called AA , he checked the wire plug feeding to fule pump, he found no power going to fule pump. Can any body let me know that what this problem could be and the best so

Heythere are couple of smoke type.blue smoke is oil, black smoke is fuel, and white smoke is \015\012water, if it clears after starting and running a few minutes it's probably your \015\012valve guide seals leaking oil down on top of your pisto ... Peugeot Liberte

White smoke and the smell of burning rubber. I have had lots maintenance of work done to my car. I was starting to notice and smell burn oil. I had a small valve cover leak so I just had the whole valve cover gasket replaced and I had a "Roll Stop" replaced. Now I'm starting to get a lot of white smoke after the car run for about 5 minutes coming from the back side of the motor back but I can't tell where it's coming from on the back side of the engine.

Bradley,\015\012\015\012You have stated two problems. Coming to second first. Smell of burning rubber. in the car rubber is only at two places where it can burn, The tyres, unlikely as you have not commented upon your ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have an isuzu fvz1400, 275 hp. It blows blue smoke when you first start it. Then if you give it a rev theres nothing (all clear). When your taking off under half throttle it blows alot of blue smoke and you can feel the truck hesitate. But when you take off under full throttle it blows a lot less smoke then clears. Sitting on half throttle when driving you'll see a light tinge of constant blue smoke and when you sitting on the limiter it will blow black smoke. So if anybody could give me

... Cars & Trucks

After taking van in for a major service, it started smoking thru exhaust. Smokes when you start it and when accellerating after a stop. They changed the oil and filter again and flushed with transmission fluid then changed oil and filter again. It seems to have gotten a lot better but still smoking inconsistantly. I can hear a clicking noise in the engine right before it lets out a large cloud of smoke.

If you are talking about something like a 60 or 90,000 it is possible that they used a injector cleaner which is sucked in throught he intake manifold. 1st, they should have used a manufacturer oil filter which will prevent the clicking from occuring ... 2007 Toyota Sienna

Why would my 2004 mk5 1.9tdi golf have trouble starting in the morning from cold start, it wud turn over as if it was going to start then it wud just cut off, then it wud take between 3-7 seconds of turning over for the car to start then after it starts a puff of black smoke wud *** out, but after it starts in the morning it will start no problem the rest of the day

... 2004 Volkswagen Golf

Have f350 04. About a month ago while driving in town, it cut out blew black smoke, pulled over to side of road waited a few minutes all was well. Now at any given time it will cut out, not idle up or die. Let it set about 4 minutes and it will start up. Last night died while doin 60 down the road. Help????

Could be a problem with your high pressure oil system that fires the injectors. As your oil heats up it gets thinner and less oil pressure is available to fire the injectors. Black smoke is a sign of over fueling. Is it chipped? If so remove the prog ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1997 chevy silverado with a 350 in it. After going 20 to 30 miles with the air conditioner on it startes to run rough it is getting to much gas if you give it a lot of gas it starts to run ok but when you do give it gas it smokes black smoke till it clears up which only takes just a second. I have tuned it up plugs, wires, distrbutor cap and rotor button what could my problem be?

If it is actually getting too much fuel, the injector or injectors are staying on too long. They are controlled by the ECM so nothing to do with the ignition system.Another possible cause is a bad fuel pressure regulator. But none of this shoul ... Cars & Trucks

My 320i takes longer to start and the engine even sputters at first. When it finally starts, the tail pipe exhausts white smoke.. a lot of it! The emission of white smoke doesn't stop even while the engine is idling. What's wrong and what do I do?

Your head gasket is leaking and you'll have to take your car to your mechanic, the wihte smoke is coolant leaking into theengine cylinders, check you radiator it's problably low. ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

Hi my 1998 a4 2.6l is idling up and down sumtimes cuts out and wont start for a minute or two and wen i get it to start and rev it then a bit of black smoke **** out the exhuast its as if the motor floods before cutting out

... 1998 Audi A4

1989 full size blazer with 350 TBI. Starts when cold if I push pedal to floor and won't start at all if I dont floor it. Then motor starts to load up with lots of black smoke out of exaust and stalls after about 10 minutes. I replaced the main controls on the TBI. Blazer sat for a long time and I know it has old gas in tank. Any ideas? Thanks ; Jim

Do a full blown fuel system cleaning and replace fuel filter. If you can, check the SeaFoam.com site on cleaning procedures. It works great for bringing the dead (stored/parked) back to life. FWIW, mashing the pedal to floor on those older TBIs actua ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

If it is very cold outside the car takes a couple of minutes to start when it does it black smokes and misses until it warms up. if it is warm outside the car starts right up.

If you are getting black smoke out of the exhaust when it is cold, you could have a bad Engine Coolant Temperature sensor or some leaking fuel injector problems; I heard that this occurs on F150, Expedition \015\012and Mustangs. Easiest ... 2007 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sedan

Idle stop sensor on my Dodge W150 truck with 318 doesn't seem to be working as it spews black smoke when it is started and then, when it is kicked down, the idle is too high. Idle stop adjustment screw doesn't turn far enought to take down the idle. What can I do?

O2 sensor and fuel sensor. and check the map sensor. ... 1990 Dodge W150

Re Hyundai Tuscon:The air conditioning isn't working......the heating has now stopped working and over the past few weeks the car has been misfiring with a black smoke emmision. It has also cut out on several occasions. It has been into the hyundai garage who cannot find anything wrong although we did not mention the air conditioning at the time and the heating has since shut down. |They flushed out the fuel system and it stopped backfiring for a couple of days but has now started again. It has

Could be the maf sensor for the back firing cond,the a/c and heat could be the blower motor,check fuses and relays\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015 ... 2009 Hyundai Tucson

Hello, I have a 2005 clk 500. I'm having the same problem as the guy above, my car will turn over but not start. It will take several minutes before it will start and then it will randomly shut off and it doesnt seem to make a difference if its while driving down the road or at a stop light. Afterwards the check engine light will go on. It looks like a lot of ppl are having the exact problem as I am. Is this something I could fix myself..There is no mercedes dealership where I live.

Common problem for what your explaining is the crank position sensor. You can change it yourself it's not very hard. It is located on the right side of the of the transmission bellhousing if your looking at the car from the front. You will need a fem ... 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK 500

Hi I have a 1998 chevy k1500 with a 5.7 auto/4x4.my problem is I start it and it fires right up. runs smooth for @ 3 minutes then seems like it stumbles.it will go into a high idle then drop back down.it will do this once or twice then stall.to restart you need to crank it a lot and throttle it.when driving it its smooth and whants to cut out.if you floor it it takes off and is smooth for a little while.it seems to use a lot of fuel? I have replaced the distributor,cam and crank sensors,cap,roto

I would see if the EGR valve is stuck open. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Installed new fuel pump, and now if I drive a few miles and stop for a few minutes when I start driving again the car will start cutting out like it is not getting fuel, but then takes off running nor

Disconnect the MAF sensor and see if the symptom goes away, if it does replace or clean the MAF sensor. ... 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1998, gmc,K2500, 5.7l, 250,000km, starts good but idle is very rough and lots of black smoke, lots of power, runs good, but again, lots of black smoke. After you run the truck for awhile, idle is good, but still lots of black smoke. When fuel in tank gets low/ truck will stall when idling. I had the fuel injectors cleaned and a new fuel pressure regulator installed. this is driving me nuts

A bad coolant temp sensor for the ECM will cause that problem ... they are cheap and easy to replace. One other possibility is a piece of carbon stuck in the EGR causing an internal vacuum leak ..Good luck. ... 1998 GMC Sierra

When i first crank the car it idles at like three or so then goes to zero and cuts of it does this a few times especially if i push the brake, i have learned to rev engine lightly and press brake and put in drive at that time, i can drive it then but it will cut off if i stop at a stop sign within a few minutes of driving.. then it switches to not cutting off just jumping at stop signs/ lights and after a few minutes of driving it stops and starts just fine with no further issues until the next

Might be a leak on your brake booster (this will most probable give you a hard brake pedal or a "sucking sound " when applying brakes) also check the vacumm pipe from the engine to the brake booster. It might have a leak, so when you press the brakes ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Car trouble: I have a lexus ls400 yr 96 so it started heating up: so i changed the temperature thing: radiator cap flushed the old anti freeze out: then it stopped the overheating for a little bit. Then I finally take to PepBoys: they replaced the fan clutch and upper radiator hose clamps: finally problem fixed. NOW the is stalling out, feels rough and is blowing black smoke: did a diagnostic test and the results were to check the mass air flow sensor: my mechanic says that he tested it and it

You need to get this vehicle scanned by an experienced technician preferably a lexus tech using lexus equipment. this will cost you a one hour diagnostic charge but it will save you money and aggravation in the long run. ... 1996 Lexus LS 400

2005 Nissan Xterra (2wd) check engine light flashes then engine stalls at stop lights, driving fast or slow, puffs a little black smoke when check engine light flashes then stalls. Have to wait a minute before it starts (cranks) again. Won't hold trouble codes if not cranked. (resets codes). Percision Tune ran the Diagnostic test for 2 hours and said it might be the computer. Thoughts??

... 2005 Nissan Xterra
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