Having problems with your 1994 Toyota Pickup ?

When i turn on the high beams the headlights go completly out

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The high beam switch may be bad. Fiddle with the lever 10-20 times, the contacts may be just corroded.
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2005 Ford Focus ZX3 SES, the blue high beam indicator in the dash comes on with low beams, and goes off with high beams. The indicator is on at the wrong time! I have tried the following: The turn signal switch, headlight switch, the complete instrument cluster;changed these parts from a same year focus that is working correctly. Still the same. Pulled relays and swopped them also. If I pull the high beam relay the high beams go off,if I pull the low beam relay the low beams go off, if I pull t

It sounds like you are confused about how your headlamp system is supposed to work. The DRL does not run on the High beam circuit, it runs on the low beam circuit. The fog lamps are supposed operate with the park lamps and also with the low beams, ... 2005 Ford Focus

Headlights won't go out. Seem to be stuck on high beam. The dash daytime headlight icon doesn't light, but the high beam indicator does. Using the wiper stalk to try and turn the high beams on and off doesn't affect the high beam dash light. Sometimes, going over a bump, the daytime headlight indicator will turn on and the high beam dash light turn off, and the headlights will do the same. Is there a relay that controls the headlight current?

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Mazda 2001 MVP Lowbeam headlights not working. Yes I replaced the bulbs. I Turn on headlights to low beam setting, btut DAshboard indicated HIGH BEAM - actual headlights do not come on though. Wen I turn to Highbeam, the Highbeam indicator on Dashboard is still on, and High Beams work. Yes I bought new bulbs and installed them - same problem.... It's as if the vehicle insists on High Beam ''mode'' even if I select ''Low Beam'' setting. Indicator Light on dashboard displays ''High Beam'' but head

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My landcruiser 93 sahara high beams dont work, the headlights work fine but as soon as you turn to high beam it cuts all lights completely?? the power windows dont work either except for the drivers side??

Hi! The dimmer switch may be fine and may not need repair. Most of your problems will come from a faulty alternator and a weak battery. The battery may not be supplying enough power to the car thats why its cutting off. The alternator may not be char ... 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

Headlights flickering When I turn on my high beam headlights for about 5-10 minutes, they start flickering on and off, even my low beam lights too. So I turn the high beams off and it's just fine. Then I'll turn them on again and turns the low and high beam lights on and off. If you have any ideas please email me. Thanx.

The "circuit breaker for this vehicle is on the back of the light switch. They get finicky and start blowing after a few minutes on and will reset in a few, but then go off again.You have to replace the switch. ... 1983 Ford Thunderbird

2000 Mazda MPV minivan: When the headlight switch is set at the center position to turn on the low beam headlights, the low beam headlights are not on, but the high beam headlights' blue indicator on the dashboard becomes on. The high beam headlights work fine. When the problem just started a few weeks ago, sometimes the low beam headlights came back working, and the high beam indicator disappeared, but after a few minutes both low beams stopped working at the same time and the high beam blue

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I have a 1998 Chevrolet K2500 that the headlights are not working correctly on. When I turn the headlights on nothing comes on unless I turn on the high beams, only the high beams are on, no low beams. If I turn the switch to the "parking" lights position then the low beams come on. I have tried replacing the headlight switch but it does the same thing. There are no blown fuses. Any ideas?

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I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. For at least the past 9 months, the headlights and dash lights will flicker and go out. I have to either click to high beams or turn lights off completely and back on for them to work. Sometimes it seems like the lights go out more when I use the turn signals. There is no regularity to when it happens. I have taken it to the dealer multiple times but they 'can't duplicate' the incident and have advised me to bring it in when it happens. The dealer is not o

The flickering lights and dash lights on a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee is caused by the Steering Control Module and the Light switch stalk being bad. One being bad will cause the other to go bad. I had the same thing 3 months out of warranty. By talk ... 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Headlight problem I replace one headlight and now when I turn my lights on one headlight is on high beam and the other is on low beam and if I turn on my high beams the just switch low to bright bright to low

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97 linc town car/ at night the auto head lights turn on. on low beam, works fine then when using turn signal the headlights go out. hit signal arm to high beam, and the lights come on, then i put back on low beam. a few minutes later, the headlights go out. this time without using blinker. back to high beam and then it comes back on and then i put back on low again. over and over

I think the head light circut breaker is at fault. I need a wiring circut diagram [email protected] ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

The high beam bulb is dimmed on one side when it should be completely turned off. Prior to noticing this I've been having trouble with the high beams randomly turning on and sometimes not turning off after they've been turned on. I replaced the high beams, but it's still a problem. Could this be a relay problem, and if so, which relay?

Find the ground wire for that headlight and clean the contact points this will fix your problem.... ... 1996 Saab 9000

Headlight problem My car is running DRL's (daytime running lights) at night. When I turn on the switch that usually turns on the regular low beams, it turns on the high beams instead and I can't turn them off. I have to turn off the lights to turn off the high beams. This also turns off the backlight which lights the gauges, so I can't monitor my speed at night. The lights were working fine the previous night.

Its sounds like the either the headlamp switch or the dimmer switch. The dimmer switch may be separate from the multi-function lever or you may have to get the whole thing replaced. ... 2007 Volkswagen GTI

I have a 2000 Mazda B3000 truck. When I twist the headlight switch to the on position, the headlights do not turn on. When I switch the high beams on, they turn on. The fuses have been checked and none of them are open. Is this situation caused by the multi-function switch in the turn signal lever, which also operates the high and low beams?

Check the bulbs to make sure that they are not just simply blown out on the low beam side first. If they are not then I would replace the multifunction switch. ... 2000 Mazda B-Series

Have a 1998 Nissan Altima gxe. I seem to be experiencing a problem with my left headlight. I have changed both headlights with new bulbs. The right side is fine. When i turn on my headlights, only the right one is turned on. The left one stays off, but another event that occurs is the high-beam indicator is always on (in my dashboard)!!??. But, i know for a fact that i have not activated my high-beams. t.y for help...

Hello! The main light switch is defective and needs to be replaced...See photo below...Guru......................Saailer ... 1998 Nissan Altima

When I turn on my headlights, the high beam icon lights on my dash and I have no headlights. They only come on when I pull the lever forward that normally activates the high beams. I have to hold it forward to keep my headlights on. I'm told this is a high beam relay switch problem, that the part is relatively inexpensive, and that I can replace it fairly easily. Can you tell me where it's located and how to replace it?

It should be located within your fusebox either undcer the hood or located inside the car. consult your owners manual for the location. ... 2003 Mazda MPV

My head lights would not work and my high beam switch will not turn on the high beams-if i pull the switch toward me the high beams come on but when i release the lever they go off- after I drove to the auto parts store I turned the car off and when I got back into the car the low beam headlights worked?

Mostly wires problem but it that will happen again try to check your bulb alright.thanks ... 2002 Suzuki Forenza

Headlights turn off while driving. Holding the high beam lever will active the high beams. Headlights may turn on after a period of time. The Lincoln-Mercury dealer advised that the light control module (computer) is defective and that the replacement part was $700 plus installation. If you agree, would it be practical to purchase a rebuilt unit and replace the defective one myself?

Hi,These vehicles have alot of problems with the light control module which\015\012 is most likely the cause. While the problem is occurring, check fuses \015\0126, 15, 21, 23, and 27 in the inside fuse box. Fuses 21, 23, and 27 \015\012s ... 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 1999 volkswagen jetta just recently my passengers side headlight went out then both went out. Even if i turn on my headlights in the car and flick on my high beams there is no light at all. On occassion my high beam indicator will flicker on and off or just stay on inside my car even when my lights are not turned on.

Either the headlight switch is u/s or loose connections ... Cars & Trucks

My 1990 mercury sable dashboard and tail lights went out. but fuses are fine. When I turn on the lights my headlights work fine, and my emergency break light works on the dashboard, as well as my high beam light. but the rest of the dashboard is completely out.

Check the bulbs in the dash they could have blown out ,they aint made to last forever,it may be something that simple. ... 1990 Mercury Sable

My headlights don't work they only work on high beams an when the truck is running an my lights are turned off not sure if it might be a fuse or do i need to replace my headlights because they work just not when my lights are on unless i turn on the high beams

I got news lightbulbs for my driver side headlight and it only works when it is on high beams, passenger side works on both low beam and high beam. What could it be? Would it cost a lot to get fixed? ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

When i turn on the high beams the headlights go completly out

The high beam switch may be bad. Fiddle with the lever 10-20 times, the contacts may be just corroded. ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Headlight headache my 88 jeep wagoneer's headlights will only work on high beam. i had turned on the fog lamps while driving with my low beams on and immediatly lost all lighting. i could smell electrical burning. got home changed fuses still have no instrument lights and headlight will only work on high beam. please help

Soounds like you have a wire problem. Look under your dash at the headlight switch and the connector for any melting....repair as necessary. Look also around the headlight wiring....sounds like you have a wire that is shorting out. ... 1985 Jeep Cherokee

At first I thought I only had a burned out drivers' side headlight. I replaced it and it worked. But neither of the two high beam lights work. In fact, when I turn on the high beams, all the headlights are out. The blue dash light lights to indicate high beams. Fuses look fine under the hood. What am I missing?

Hi, sounds like the hi/lo beam switch is burned out on the hi side. to test, remove switch, using an ohm meter, connect black lead to pin one, connect red lead to pin 2, check reading, it will be either zero ohms or infinite ohms. now write down the ... 1987 Chevrolet Nova

I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. When you open door locks with key remote, the drivers side headlight does not come on. When you turn on the headlights, the drivers side headlight does not come on. If I turn on high beams, the headlight comes on. I then go back to low beam and the headlight stays on.

To me it seems that the dipper switch is the culprit as the lights turn on only when you use the high beam. If you keep the high beam on and then use the key remote, try and see if the driver side lights come on. Turn the vehicle off with the dipper ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

Headlights works on low beam only in volvo 740 when turn on high beam headlights goes off

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