Having problems with your 1994 Toyota Corolla ?

I have hiace 3L with new head water pump,radiator,clutch fan,thermostat,radiator cap,fuel filter,new timing belt and it over heats after 100 km and has blown the cylinder head gasket twice since . any ideas

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Probably a dumb question but was the engine block skimmed and on certain cars you get different thickness gaskets for different performance heads, and is the timing correct?
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I have hiace 3L with new head water pump,radiator,clutch fan,thermostat,radiator cap,fuel filter,new timing belt and it over heats after 100 km and has blown the cylinder head gasket twice since . any ideas

Probably a dumb question but was the engine block skimmed and on certain cars you get different thickness gaskets for different performance heads, and is the timing correct? ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

Is there ant other way water can get into the cylinders other then blown head gasket? Ive replaced the head gasket twice now and water is still getting in causing miss firing, white smoke and milky oil. Can water get into the inlet manifold some other way? Every cylinder had signs of water when i took the head off yet the gasket looked fine.I have had the head preasure tested and it is o.k.

It is possible the block isn't level. I'm guessing you have the shop manual for this and it will have the specs in it for block tolerance. You'll need a straight edge and feeler gauge to check it. My first guess was that your head is warped but yo ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport

My 00 2.0 vw jetta has 0 compression in cylinder#1 the other three have #60 psi. Would a head gasket,cracked head or jumped timing be the problem? I want ideas before I open the motor.

The vw 2.0 are good for having bent valves. just pull the head off . if the head gasket is not bad then it is the head ... Cars & Trucks

I have a '02 Lincoln Ls with 77k miles. Since last July (08) driving home on highway it started overheating. Took it to my regular mechanic as check engine light was on and he told me that I had a blown head gasket. Apprently, the computer told him that there was a misfire in one of the cylinders. Took it to second mechanic... He tested the block and determined that there was no blow head gasket. Replaced the hydrulic fan, changed hydrulic fluid/oil, serviced the cooling system, changed the ther

Guys it is the heat sensor part # TS465 Google it and you shall find it. The tempurature jumps to hot then to low. Shut the car off and just minutes later it is back to normal, does this not send up a red flag that it is a false alarm. The car slows ... 2002 Lincoln LS

I have a 2005 ford ranger 4.0 v6 auto 4 x 2, thermostat stuck and blown headgaskets, cylinder heads was overhauled and refitted after all that the engine sometimes has a little misfire and then looses power but as soon as you let it kick back on the auto box it goes fine for a couple of days and then starts the same problem again, used to get 9km/l but since the heads was done fuel comsumption went to 4km/l what may the problem be. HELP plz

Some times when you blow a head gasket the coolant gets in to the exhaust system .this can wreck the 02 sensors .and the engine will run a hole lot richer. it will run good under load but may **** at idle and low end operati ... 2004 Ford Ranger

I have 2011 dodge 3500 cummins smokes when cold started? when started first thing in morning only around 0 blows lots of white smoke smell like unburnt diesel and shakes a bit for 10 to 15 min has had piston rings, injectors, head, a few head gasket all replaced already still does not start right after sitting overnight seems like cylinder six is missfiring when capped of does not smoke. does anyone have anyother ideas of the cause of all the smoke thanks

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

I've had this start problem since it was new,now it's getting worse. When it first started i had trouble starting if i made more than one stop. Now it does it all the time cold or hot. This is what has been done to try to solve-cleaned fuel delv. components & inside combustion chamber,fuel pressure & volume test,gas cap,fuel pressure regulator (twice),fuel filter,starter,under hood elect. center,ignition lock cylinder & keys,replaced ubec,internal pcm.I'm out of ideas and a lot of money and it's

Take car back to dealer, explane problems and show him your bills.Be nice but tell him you are going broke and need help. ... 2003 Buick Century

My 2006 hummer h3 has blown a head gasket twice. the first time was at 36000 miles and now at 68000 miles. Dealer is telling me this is not a recall and nothing I caused or could have done to prevent this from happening. They can not tell me why it blew and I think its going to blow again since they can not determine what caused it. Have you guys heard of this and what recommendations do you offer???

Aluminum heads they have are terrible. Way too many I have seen with the same problem. Fix it and sell it is my recomendation ... 2006 Hummer H3

I have a 93 Toyota Camry XLE 3.0 L V6 with 131k miles that has a blown head gasket which has caused coolant to leak into the cylinders and overheats the car. If I want to keep the car, is it better to replace the engine or just fix the cylinder head?

If you did not kept driving the car there should not be any damage to the engine i would only change the head gasket be sure to have the heads pressure tested and check for cracks give these websites a try ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Daihatsu charade 1.3 1996 model. I bought the above car 3 weeks ago from a car dealer in WA. A week later the radiator overheated and has done so twice since. The thermostat has been changed twice but has not fixed the problem. The radiator cap has also been changed. large air bubbles can be seen when the cap is off which I am told could be the head gasket has gone. The car dealer is not very helpful so I need to know why the head gasket breaks down and any other information which could help me

Thanks again for your speedy response I have had the car checked out and unfortunatly it is the head gasket. I am having to take the car back to the car dealer and hope he can fix it for me. It did help so much for all the comments to understand more ... Daihatsu Charade

The radiator of my 2003 isuzu trooper has a mixture of water and diesel now, and per mechanic, we have to replace the overhaul gasket kit and cylinder head (though without testing), can we just proceed with the replacement of gasket kit and defer the cylinder head since it will cost a lot to buy a new one?

How did the diesel get in there? are you sure its diesel fuel or is it motor oil? then it could be head gasket problem. Or trans fluid, which would make it milky pink? Then it could be the trans cooler in the radiator leaking. If someone accidently p ... 1992 Daihatsu Charade

My daughter has a 1996 cavalier 2.2l and it has a rough idle like a lug sound it runs fine and everything sounds great going down the road but just when it idles its a bit rough We changed the fuel pump in it a month ago ran great afterward and the external fuel filters changed head gasket a year ago car has only been driven since May 4th 2009 since we changed the head gasket it was blown when I bought it from my cousin. Always ran great for my cousin when she had it. Just need the idling proble

The fuel filter is only about 5 bucks worth of work/material. Most of the time you have to get 3/8 fuel line and clamps and a filter with male adapters and just cut out the old one. But it's still a 20 minute job. Also try some dry gas or fuel treatm ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

1987 Toyota mr2 4age won't start. head gasket blown and added sealer, but won't start now. engine turns and rumbles a bit w/ a slight backfire. Before tearing the head off or swapping motors, I was thinking of trying a few shots of starter fluid to see if it starts. If it does, then I'll have to track down whether it's a fuel problem or ignition. Since it sputters and gives a single "pop" before just spinning and since I replaced the old gas tank and found tons of rust in it. I suspect that the

... 1987 Toyota MR2


Unfortunately no, replacement is the only cure ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I just replaced the intake gaskets on my 2003 pontiac grand am , but when I went to fire it up it was still running like **** come to find out the head gasket on cylinder 3 is blown or the head is cracked. when i go to replace the head or head gasket do I need to repace the bolts on the intake that I just put on or can I get away with using the same ones. I just put them on!

Theres an easier way to fix a blown gasket, its called seal-up you pour it in your radiator and it chemically welds it back together look it up on google most auto shops sell it or something similar, but replaceing the gasket is the best way ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Hi, i have a 1989 eagle summit with a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine that had a blown head gasket when i purchased the car but i kept driving it and had to buy a head. the guy has the head on now but has taken over three weeks to do that and it needs the timing set and finished. so, how do i set the timng and finish the process/ it hasd the distributor in and the head and intake are on it too. he says that the number one spark plug will not back out like it is stripped in the replacement hea

Get a new mechanic. ... 1989 Eagle Summit

1997 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4," Blown Cylinder Head Gasket?"'

... Cars & Trucks

On reffitting cam carrier to head before fitting the cylinder head i found the three bolts shorter than the rest of the other bolts can you help as it has been some time since i removed the head

... Peugeot Liberte

Im working on a 2000 land rover discovery w/4.0 engine had blown head gasket , had heads surfaced and presure tested ,and still getting water in the oil?? is there a cooler or some thing ,i should be looking at . i have the intake off again and i filled the engine with water from the head water ports and the water leval dos not go down . but if i fill the resavore its emty in a couple days when not running the engine .....what can i check any ideas??

Did you bleed the cooling system - that's usually why level drops at "Fill tank". It's not an overflow reservoir, coolant actually circulates through the tank. I would pressure test the cooling system, maybe intake is leaking or there's a crack in bl ... 2000 Land Rover Discovery

I have 1996 mitsubishi pajero 2.8TD, it over heated blew head gasket & blew hole in radiator,had it fixed put new cylinder head & radiator on it, its only bin done for couple of weeks,not sure if head gasket has gone again but as i parked up at my house was getting steam out of bonnet temp gauge was at half way had a look & had boiling sound & steam coming out of expantion tank (bottle)a bit baffled on what problem is any ideas, thanks.

Are you sure you had installed the correct gasket? did you compare it with the old gasket that you took off? I suspect that you got the wrong gasket and blocked up the holes between cylinder head and engine block thats why the coolant are not circula ... Mitsubishi Outlander

2003 mote carlo 3.8l..... not showing hot on guage, but bubbles from radiator into the reservoir bottle..is this normal or a sign of air getting into system from a cracked head or blown head gasket ? how do I check to see if head and or gasket is damaged ? Could it be intake ? Also repeatedly throws code 0300 multiple random cylinder misfire?

As long as the engine is not getting hot then you don't have to worry about a blown head gasket. You would also see fluid leaking form under the vehicle. The coolant jug is designed to send and receive coolant according to the engines needs. If it is ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Toyota surf kzn130 3 litre diesel blown head gasket idea on costs

... Toyota Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 s t s and am having overheating issues have been told by onr mechanic its a cracked head or blown head gasket, spometimes i can drive the car 2 miles and it will overheat other times i cand drive the hell out of it for miles and it wont overheat . any ideas

Use a bottle of Bars Head Gasket Stop-Leak. Only use the stuff with the beads in it. Also use 50/50 water/coolant mixture. Also a change in the thermostat and a 5w 30 or synthetic oil ... 2001 Cadillac Sts

1983 Ranger Water. Where else can water get in my oil besides the head or it's gasket? Both of mine are fine but water finds it's way back to the oil. I've changed the oil twice since I changed the head gasket. Would my intake or block be bad?

You have to pull it aprt again even though you changed the head gasket,did you plane your heads first,you might have an uneaven surface,but once you pull the heads off,try to check the cylinders with a bright light,check around the top of the cylinde ... 1983 Ford Ranger

Have a check engine light on 2003 Kia Spectra GS. Told by mechanic that the codes state cylinder misfire in 2 cylinders and thinks it's a blown head gasket or cracked valve. Could it be that the wires or spark plugs need to be changed? Had this type of engine light code w/ my 1997 Toyota Corolla and a new wire set, spark plugs, and distributor cap fixed the problem for about $300 vs. $2000-$2500 that the dealership wants me to spend to fix this Kia Spectra.

I think he is wrong ....check plugs wires and for vacuum leaks common for intake gaskets i have changed 3 this year and all had cyl misfire related codes ... 2003 Kia Spectra
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