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Water leak under engin it seems like its from the radiator what must i look for

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As a first course of action, Fill the radiator with water and let the engine run for 5mins. then turn it off. Jack up the car and look underneath the radiator. I suspect that the main radiator hose is worn out. It's the one connected below the radiator, if that's where the leak coming from have it replaced to resolve the issue.

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97 Buick skylark w/3100 v6 engine has a water leak from the back right side of the engine after it warms up. The hoses from the engine to the heater core that I thought were the problem are fine. Water looks like it is following the frame and drips out of the frame near the end of the tranny. The water pump and radiator were changed during the summer. All radiator hoses are dry and tight. I can not see where the water is coming from. When I feel the back of the engine it seems dry. The leak seem

Is it water or coolant, and do you have water in the radiator or antifreeze, i asume you have coolant so the leak is water then it coming from the heater box which is normal, the water is condensation from a/c so if the a/c is on or defrost you will ... 1997 Buick Skylark

Water leak under engin it seems like its from the radiator what must i look for

Hello and welcome to FixYa!As a first course of action, Fill the radiator with water and let the engine run for 5mins. then turn it off. Jack up the car and look underneath the radiator. I suspect that the main radiator hose is worn out. ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

I have a leak coming from what I reckon must be the air conditioning system on a Mitsubishi Mirage Asti V 1998. The leak is right at the back of the engine chassis, there are some metal pipes and directly below that looks like some sort of overflow which is made of plastic and comes from within the car. It drips a little water at a time but constantly leaks. It looks like it could be condense from the aircon, the leaky water doesn't have a smell other than stale water and it definitely isn't com

The water drip is quite normal, it is the moisture in the air that has frozen onto you evaporator coils and is now melting. It shows that your aircon is working. Look around shopping mall parking places, you will often se ... 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage

98 ford econovan Gow do you change the water pump i have a leak an it looks like its not coming from the radiator looks like it comes more from the engine side its not leaking from the hoses so im hoping its the water pump but it looks tight to get to

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Leaking coolant I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L Flex Fuel engine. When engine temp gauge is about in the middle there is a coolant leak. The temp skyrockets from then to the redline in the matter of 1 minute. It seems like it's coming from the other side of the thermostat housing (underneath the spark plug hub; i.e. the other end of spark plug wires). The coolant level in the bin is leveled off. It does not look like it's lowering. I looked inside the radiator as well and i can see

The coolant should be right at the top of the radiator if you can see the bottom of the radiator that you have a stuck thermostat ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

The engine over heated, because the fans were not working. I installed a new fan. A few days later, there was a major engine Knock that seems to be high up in the intake manifold area....I removed the right valve cover, and it seems ok there, the car still runs, but it sounds like a major component because it is very loud, and there is no power. could it be the water pump? it isnt leaking water. Is the water pump at the end of the lower radiator hose? where is the thermostat?

If my engine was making a strange sound after it overheated I would be extremely concerned. You need to have someone qualified look at this before you end up destroying the engine. All anyone sight unseen can do is guess. Your guess is ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

My 2001 Chrysler Town & Country recently loss it's heater ability. When engine is warm, it barelys puts on at the highest setting. I changed thermo stat which did look worned but no help yet. I can't find any leake in the system but the water does seem to go about 4 inches low from top of radiator cap and stay there. Also, adding water seems to give a bit more heat. I changed radiator cap too. It seems to be loosing presure on the system a bit too? Thanks

Since your blower is working and it is a heat issue,thats where we'll \015\012start,First thing is have you checked the coolant level in the radiator when \015\012engine is cold,make sure it is filled to top,next verify you have coolant in \015\012re ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

My son's 1997 honda accord starting smelling hot, like something burning. He saw the temperature gauge was getting hot, so he pulled into a parking lot and opened the hood, there was steam coming out from the engine.....Green (anti freeze?) fluid was spilled onto the passenger side front of the engine, and dripping onto the ground. We filled the radiator with water and turned the car on, there doesn't seem to be any leaks in the hoses up top or the top side of the radiator, but the water was com

I have had a similar problem with my son's Accord. You are lucky that your son knew to stop immediately, this happened to my son and we ended up having the head rebuilt. A leak may exist but not show up until there is adequate pressure o ... 1997 Honda Accord

Looks like the water leak in my 89 ford crown vic is coming from above the oil pan. no water in oil far as i can tell. i add a qt of antifreeze everyday. i live in north texas. the heater hasnt worked right for over a year, and i suspect the weird rattling noise that occasionally happens up under the right hand side of the dash has something to do with it. i have had a mechanic replace the radiator, water pump, freeze plug, themostat, and several hoses. my engine acts like it overheats and wate

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1996 Chevy Lumina overheats. Radiator replaced, water pump replaced, thermostat replaced, heater core bypassed, temp sensor replaced. Air blowback into the overflow tank. Looks like it is boiling but it is cold. Car still gets hot. No water in oil. Does not seem to be leaking water. Fans do not seem to come on when they should. Hooked heater core back up. No heat. I do not know what else to do.

... 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

2000 Jimmy, the engine seems to be revving higher than normal, and it gets hot and the Rad fluid overflows from the overflow tank,the tranny was not shifting very well, I changed the Clutch fan, and it seems to be running and shifting better now,it doesnt get hot anymore but it still sounds like it revs higher than normal, i looked around the water pump and the thermosat and they both seemed to be ok, no leaks or seepage, could it be the water pump, that still making it rev higher,any ideas

There is a IAC (idle air control) motor that controls the idle speed. Now there are several things that can cause the RPM's to run higher than normal, one of which is called "backup mode". Backup mode will run any time there ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Wont start my boyfriends mother has a 1996 ford windstar van. I drove it twice today and it started just fine. After the second time i drove it, I got home, turned the car off, and i heard a noise that sounded like gargling coming from the engine. Almost like the radiator needed water. When I got into the van for the third time, it just wouldn't start. I turn it on, and it cranks just once, and then nothing. looked under the hood, and raidator has water, the battery seems to have plenty of juice

Start with charging up the battery and the try to start it.  ... 1996 Ford Windstar

94 Lincoln Towncar with blown head gasket, looking to assistance with another (most likely related) issue with water seemingly dumping, or leaking profusely, from the bottom of the engine. Looks to be coming from the lowest of the 'axles' attached to the belts, near the bottom of the cooling fan. Is this the water pump? Suggestions very much appreciated. -Gina

I have this same issue... it only happens when cold> ill let you know what it is in a few days after i take mine to the shop> ... 1994 Lincoln Town Car

Leaking water When i turn the engine off after driving a get a small puddle of what looks like water coming from the front of my vehicle. The radiator and thermostat have both been replaced. The engine isn't overheating but the hot air/heater doesn't get very hot. any ideas???

OK. I was trying to establish whether you definately have a coolant loss & it's not water dripping from somewhere else - i.e. condensation from the air conditioner.\015\012The cooling system is designed to build up & maintain pressure, ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car was leaking water but wasn't that bad, then it started to pour the water out as soon as I put any in. It looks like it's coming from the radiator but I can't see inside the area that contains the radiator to tell. One person thought it was the water pump but it looks like it's coming from the radiator. My question is how do I get the radiator out in order to replace it and does this sound like the radiator?

Make sure the engine is cold, fill the radiator with water, leave the radiator top, or header tank top off, fill the tank or radiator, and if it's the rad it will leak. I know very little about these cars, but you will probably have to remove the el ... 2000 Ford Contour

01 dodge ram 1500 5.2L. Radiator was empty, filled it up and next day was empty too. No noticeable leak coming from under the truck (no puddles). I used anti-freeze and water from hose (well water) front of engine has rust color look like was sprayed all over. I replaced water pump for 2nd time 6 months ago...

It may only leak when driving..when the pressure increases. this leak could be internal as well as in a head gasket. fill it up and let it idle and get up to temp and check for leaks then.(never remove the rad cap from a hot engine) ... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

I have water coming out of my honda accord 1995 engine. The water is coming out of what looks like a metal tube in the engine about 7mm long. The tube is located on the right side of the engine (when looking at the front of the car) under the timing belts and by the head gasket. My car is overheating and i dont have pressure in the hose from the radiator to the engine. Have replaced the radiator, radiator sensor and thermostat.

Undo the timing belt cover check inside\015\012water pump might be leaking ... 1996 Honda Accord

Hi i have a mondeo st24 2.5 V6 i have recently found an oil stain on bottom of the engine, some of it looks fresh so must have oil leak, i aint loosing water and it aint over heating and there are no funny noise from the engine so i am thinking could it be something simple like rocker cover?

... Ford Escort

Looks like the water pump has gone out in my wifes 1998 honda civic. I want to replace it myself with the help of a retired mechanic but need to know the following questions? 1- Do I have to lift up the engine to get the old pump out and new one in? 2- If the radiator is fine and there is a significant leak in the bottom left of the car underneath the timing belts, is that the correct location of the water pump on the civic? Thanks for your help!

Honda have their water pumpin the timing belt case, it also run with the water pump. so taking out the water pump you have to know what you are doing. you need a person with some experience . or buy the book for your vehicle and do it . ... 1998 Honda Civic

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero, the coolant seems to be leaking from the rear, near the differential. I've tried filling the radiator with water while the engine is running (still leaks like a slow faucet)

Try feeling the floorboards inside the car for any wetness. It sounds like your heater core may be your problem. When they start to leak they can go unnoticed as the coolant goes down to your floor pans and running out anywhere it finds a place to. I ... 2002 Mitsubishi Montero

I have clear fluid..water leaking from under the engine looked at it seems like just clear water dripping from passenger side of my 99' dodge dakota 3.9l v6 and it's a dry day no rain no puddles any ideas

...Please allow me to jump in on this...If you are driving around, and the mode selected is Defrost, the AC compressor runs. Then, there would be AC condensate present, draining from the heater box. ... 1999 Dodge Dakota

Had the radiator flushed on Saturday because it looked like muddy water in the reservor. It also looked and smelled oily. Now on Tuesday it's back. It's a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT. There have been no over-heating problems and the pressure has been checked and is fine. The engine runs well and there are no leaks.

I am assuming this is a 3.0 OHVfairly common problem with the Taurusmost causes were either casting issues with the block or bad head gaskets ... 1999 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a 2001 dodge intrepid. It was leaking water really bad so i bought a water outlet or connector from the dealership and had a local mechanic fix it. He did not replaced the tubing, the one that hooks to the radiator hose (i guess that is where it goes) and the one that looks like it goes straight into the engine. All he did was replace the plastic housing because mine had a big piece missing from one that came off my car. that day my car ran fine on the way home. the next day, i drove it m

Hi:\015\012white smoke usually indicates that you are getting coolant into the engine. This is usually caused by a bad head gasket or worse. You should check your coolant and your engine oil to look for contamination. ... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

Found radiator fluid in motor oil. Oil looks like a chocolate shake. Hoping its only the intake gasket. Must the oil pan be removed to ensure all water is out of the engine?

No, you can flush system with oil after doing repairs. Just ad oil as you would normally do on service then run car for 30 mins to hr then dump oil and change filter. Should be fine. Yes hope that it is a intake gasket. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

My volvo 850 turbo boils the water in the reservoir to the point that water fiend a way out but blown any hoses. then a get low collant level and engine beggins to over heat...it look like a head gasket leak but even after i kill the engine stays boiling for several minutes i dont thing the engine can hold that much preasure or a blown house would haved hapened by this time i been like this for about 6 months mt engine only haves 130k miles on it.. please help me..

Unfortunately, it sounds like you need a head gasket. The system will hold pressure that long because they normally run at 20 psi. Given the mileage on the car and the model, this is a common failure. I happen to own one myself and have been through ... 1995 Volvo 850
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