Having problems with your 1994 Toyota Camry ?

How do I adjust the tension on a Toyota camery hood cable

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How do I adjust the tension on a Toyota camery hood cable

... 1994 Toyota Camry

My 1993 toyota pickup's hood release wont open the hood. The cable still has tension on it but the inside release is loose & flops up & down.Any suggestions.Thank you!

Stretched or frayed cable, or possible mechanism seized or broken. Try looking up under hood in latch area, as someone pulls cable lever inside, & watch what happens. You may see a piece getting pulled , and be able to get to it with a screwdrive ... Toyota Pickup

Toyota corolla hood won't open...lack of tension on the cable inside the car on the dashboard..what could this b

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Hood won't latch completely. Cable has no tension. I have a 2001 Toyota 4 Runner. I'm afraid that it may fly open completely when I'm driving freeway speeds. Can anyone help?

The hood latch is one mechanism controlled by a spring.\015\012The cable is another mechanism to pull the latch. Open the hood to inspect the latch. If the spring of the latch itself is good then you don't have to worry about this after you close it. ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

Pulling the hood latch handle does not release the hood on a 98 Volvo v70, it is not out of adjustment because the cable broke from the latch and pulling the cable itself with vice grips does nothing, there is no movement of the cable at all. I took out the grill and can see no part of the hood latch or cable from there. Pulling the cable while another works the hood up and down trying to get it to release has already been tried. I worked at a number of dealerships, including Volvo and Jag as a

Outer sheath of release cable has perished. You need to disconnect the cable from the inside , hold the end of cable with pliers and push forward the outer sheath with v shaped tool eg clawhammer and there will be movement of the cable on the latch s ... 1998 Volvo V70

Replaced the rear pads/rotors and calipers on a 2000 Mazda 626. Removed parking brake cable as per repair manual. However, after reinstalling the cable, I don't seem to be able to adjust the parling brake correctly. It appears that the adjustment nut on the cable at the caliper is not working, meaning that turning it clockwise or counterclockwise is not making any difference as far as increasing tension on the parking cable. Brakes are working fine, but the parking bake is not.

There should be an adjuster next to the handbrake lever. You may have to remove some trim to see it but it is in the general area of the lever. ... 1999 Mazda 626

My hood will not open, the cable release seems to be broken, how do I get the hood open? I pulled the release latch inside and nothing happened, no tension and no release, i tried to pull it with a pair of pliers at the latch inside the car and the cable end with the little barrel end popped out. I need to get under my hood ASAP and i need a long term solution which may be one and the same. Thanks.

You can pop out the intake plastic grid and access the hood lock mechanism from there ... 2001 Toyota Echo

The adjustment for the rear parking cables is frozen with rust. soaked with pen. oil. no joy. I can't get the p brake cable on the lever for the trailing shoe because to much tension on the cable spring. can't adjust, can't pry on. no leverage. what else can i try?

Verify the parking brake isn't applied. If it's not and the cable is frozen in the sleeve there isn't much you can do short of replacing the cables. ... GMC Sierra 1500

Pulling the hood latch handle does not release the hood on a 98 Volvo v70, it is not out of adjustment because the cable broke from the latch and pulling the cable itself with vice grips does nothing, there is no movement of the cable at all.

The only suggestion that I can think of is to have someone push up and down on the hood while you pull the cable. This might lower the tension on whatever is binding. If there is a way to spray some lubricant with a plastic tube into the latch area ... 1987 Volvo 740

How to Replace the hood cable on 1991 Toyota Corolla

... 1991 Toyota Corolla

When I apply the brakes on my '02Dakota only the forward brake shoe moves against the drum. Have replaced wheel cylinder but makes no difference. Both shoes move when I loosen adjuster cable. Have this problem on both rear wheels. Everything is new. Drums, shoes, all hardware. Seems to be a lot of tension on the adjuster cable. This is causing a horrific squeal in rear brakes.

Some parts on my rear left and right drum brake on my 92 dodge dakota just fell off when i took the tire off to check the brakes--it was grinding real hard on my way home today--some kind of spring fell out of it with a skinny thin metal tail ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Hood release cable is loose at latch. hood is open, how do you adjust cable to make it tight again?

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I have a 94 Blazer I was changing the alternator on. I closed the hood to wait for someone to help me with the tensioner, but then when I went to re-open it, the cable snapped somehow, so that I basically have nothing from the lever inside to get it open. You can't get at the cable from under the dash, and you can get a bite on the ball(I guess you could call it) on the end of the wire by the hood, but pulling on it in any and every direction isn't releasing it. I NEED this Blazer to be runni

Try this while you are pulling on the cable wire to release the hood have someone to pull on the hood and maybe even tap it on the top and see if it will release let me know if this helps ... 1992 Ford Explorer

My 1996 toyota tercel with automatic transmission does not shift gears unless at high r.p.m's I can'y get proper adjustment on kickdown cable. I found that the kickdown cable is let go from the transmission ( housing only) can I just force the housing back down over the fitting in the transmission to get proper adjustment or do I have to replace it.? and can I replace it without having to remove transmission? also do you think this is my problem ?The fluid level is fine

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I replaced the hood on my toyota corolla 1998 and while driving down the road the hood flew up. the hood was bent but not to bad, the hood hindges, and mounting brackets were bent pretty bad will I have to get another hood or just the hindges ?? How do I adjust the hood so it is lined up with the latch so it closes tightly

Look to see if u have slots in the hood were u can slide the hood up and down thats how u adjust it ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

Hello, I have a 1993 Caravan with a 5 speed manual transmission. The gear shifter often won't go into 1st, and sometimes not any gear. A tech at a tire store forced it, and broke the cable that runs just under or near the firewall. There is a 2nd cable to the top of the transmission that you can see under the hood. Any ideas? Are both cables "shift" cables? Are the cables out of adjustment, or is the problem more likely with the transmission? The van was well maintaned, and it runs great outside

If one cable is broke it won't shift right noy need to repalce the cable and cable housing then adjust the cable so it shifts. With the cabe broke it is trying to shift into 2 gears at the same time. ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

I assume that this means "hood won't open" not "hood won open". I have a 2002 audi A4 with the 3.0. The battery is dead and I cannot access the battery because the hood release will not work. There is tension on the cable when it is pulled but no release. I have tried pushing down on the hood while pulling the lever and I have tried pulling on the hood while pulling on the lever. Neither has worked. Is there an emergency release and how is it accessed?

Try getting another person to push down above the bonnet latch as you pull the lever.They may have to push it down a few times,A sudden quick push may do it.Hope this helps ... 2002 Audi A4

Need to replace a hood release cable but first need to open the hood without a hood release lever. Any suggestions? Also may need to adjust the hood mechanism because the hood is so hard to release.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Grab the release cable with a pair of channel lock pliers to pull it open. Lubricate all release mechanism including the release lever, that will easy the release lever.\015\012\015\012Good Luck!! A HELPFUL - 4 THUMB ... 1991 Dodge Dynasty

The hood release cable broke on my 86 toyota camry LE and I cannot open the hood

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Adjusting tension of handbrake cable

... 2006 Peugeot 504

I could not open the hood of my 1998 Toyota Sienna. The issue is not with the release lever inside the car. It was the little thin metal spring at the end of the cable that is hooking the latch that was rusted and broken. To fix that I need to open the hood. But I can't really open the hood. What else can I do?

... 2003 Toyota Sienna

The hood pull cable seems to be disconnected on my Toyota Echo. How can I get the hood open?? I think it has come disconnected under the hood.

... 2006 Toyota ECHO

How do i adjust the tension on a vauxhall corsa handbrake cable

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The hood release on a 2000 Toyota Celica is stuck and can't be released by pulling the release cable inside the car, how do I open the hood?

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Manual 5 speed transmission,can't get it into gear at times,(any gear). Have to open the hood and move the cables manually. It works good for a while then returns. Trany fluild is okay. Brake fluid is okay. Could the cables be worn or need adjustment (if this is an option), clutch problem? Car has 150,00 kilometers.

Replace the cable it is already worn out inside. ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire
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