Having problems with your 1994 Suzuki Sidekick ?

1994 sidekick engine heat stays on cold qnd once in while flicks up about quarter way on the dash then returns to low end cold.?

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Answers :

Sounds like the thermostat is sticking.
A quick check is , after the engine has been run for a while feel the top and bottom hose of your radiator. the both should be hot. A sticking thermostat will not allow the hot coolant in the engine block to circulate through the radiator correctly.
This is the first test for the issue described.
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1994 sidekick engine heat stays on cold qnd once in while flicks up about quarter way on the dash then returns to low end cold.?

Hi, Sounds like the thermostat is sticking. A quick check is , after the engine has been run for a while feel the top and bottom hose of your radiator. the both should be hot. A sticking thermostat will not allow the hot coolant in the ... 1994 Suzuki Sidekick

The dual climate control for the drivers side is stuck on cold. I assume it is one of the three accuators under the dash or may be more than one. Please provide instruction of the best way to get to these and change them out. The blower has stopped working a few times but you can slap the dash pretty hard and get it to turn on. It also fluctuates presseure high and low as your driving. Please fix this!

I work as a gm technician, and have dealt with this many times. The actuators rarely go out. What I have found is the hvac control head in the dash goes out. You can get one at a junk yard, or local dealer. you to remove the plastic trim panel around ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

2000 saturn sl DOHC. tank is over 1/2 full i know for sure. when car is turned on the fuel guage spikes to about 3/4 and then within a minute is down to 1/8th a tank. the low fuel light is also constantly on. the seatbelt light blinks 3 times about every 40 seconds. the temperature guage in the dash steadily reads cold no matter how long it has been driven, but occasionally jumps to abotu 1/3 of the way up and then back down to the cold mark. the car seems to be running normal like it alsways ha

I can't help with all of your problems, but you may be low on coolant. ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have an 02 impala. Check engine light is on. Auto zone says service code 12. Engine too cold for too long. This problem is confirmed as I drove the car about 25 miles on the high way and it never got over 160F. Possible causes. 1) Low antifreez. 2) Sensor. 3) Thermostat. I checked anti freez it's good and no leaks on ground or motor. The thermostat was replaced with the water pump a year ago and the guage seems to work just fine. Does the guage on the dash use the same sensor as the bcm? If no

It's the thermostat. I put them in and replaced new ones a week later. they just wouldn't work right. ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

A/c trouble shooting the a/c system. the switch on the dash is fine ,the low pressure is fine,the high pressure is fine ,using a power point tester at the clutch on the blue wire side when - ground is applied the clutch engages and the a/c blows very cold. this is the only way the system works! is the problem maybe the relay and if so where is it?????

... 1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus Gl with an a/c problem. the a/c compressor comes on, the a/c low side hose is cold, the fan blower works but has only warm air. The a/c low side has moisture and cold, not warm or cool. The a/c has enough freon, how can I check the operation of the heater/ ac box under dash? Seems like the separator door is not working, therefore, no cold air is directed to the dash vents. what do you think?

I do feel you have answered your own question here ,their is something wrong with a flap here thats for sure its not closing ,but the problem here is i have no experiance of this american vehicle to be able to say the flap is here and this is wrong w ... Ford Taurus

For the last few years the dash unit would flash leds, or not let you switch from circulate to fresh air. If the system was on heat when you turned the car on it would not go to cold when the thermostat was turned to the blue zone. The only way to get it to go cold was to shut off the engine, turn it to the cold zone and restart the engine. I could live with this, now it will only blow lukewarm air. I am thinking it is the dash unit, thoughts?

This control head can be tested for proper function by any Chevy dealer, as the control head is around $400.00 I suggest you do that, the problem is most likely the head unit based on my experience with this type of problem, but there is no guarantee ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

Cranks good but cold idle way too low maybe 300 - 400 rpm. Have to keep foot on pedal when cold or may die. Usually dies first time or two right away cold. As warms up don't need to use pedal and won't die . Idle is always too low 300 to 500 rpm even when warm. Runs great otherwise. Good acceleration, no missing. New plugs.

Your EGR valve is bad ... Volvo S40

Question is pertaining to a 1991 audi 90 allowed my oil level to drop way to low at which point the 'alarm' for low oil pressure began to sound. unfortunately, even after toping up the oil and cycling it thru the engine, the high pitched scream of the 'alarm' is still continuously sounding. the sound is coming from behind the dash. we pulled the dash and unpluged the wire but unfortunately many others are tied into the same plug. pulling the plug 'disconnected' every sensor/gauge on the lef

You can stop the alarm by removing the engine, getting the crankshaft out for a regring and fitting new oversize bearings. Unfortunately by the time the alarm sounds the damage is already done. First it sounded because there was no oil pressure. Now ... 1991 Audi 90

Sorry for the lsck of information on the low pressuer swicth on my 2005 uplander the ac started out working somtimes and then not.finally it stopped all together. i can run a hot wire from battery to ac compresser and make the ac run and it will blow cool air not cold out of the upper dash vents and rear cargo floor vent the only controls on that panel that work are the fan knob and defrost button the ac button,vent selection knob and hot cold knob dont work. i was told the low pressure swicth b

It is most likely the control head,you will have to replace it to get the ac to work correctly. ... Chevrolet Uplander

I checked my transmission fluid level and according to the manual it says that when the engine is on the reading that it should be is higher on the stick, and the cold check is lower. However when I checked it hot, it was down all the way to the low check mark, and when it's cold it's way past the high check mark. Basically it's the opposite of what the manual says. Any ideas?

Start the vehicle let it warm up first. Then apply the brake and run it through all the gear positions. This will fill the torque converter up and the valve body then place the car in neutral while still running and check the fluid. It may read high ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Dash warning lights all came on, battery low. Replaced battery. Ran normal for 3 hours, then dash warning lights on again, battery way low. Replace alternator?

Yes replace the alternator Your auto part store can test it once you bring it down as well ... 2001 Nissan Maxima

1989 s10 Blazer, Very little air coming out of dash vents. Blower motor works good all three speeds, Acts like dash vents blocked or door not opening Took inside cover over the heater core off and blows great cold air. soon as you put the cover back on air coming out of dash vents like switch is on low. is there a vucuum actuator somewhere under dash to open up dash vents. Also cant see any change when lever is moved to multilevel.

You need to pop your hood and check your vaccum lines should be by the passenger side should be little tubes and stuff with a TT piece maybe running by your engine or possibly into your firewall.\015\012The distribution of the heat ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 2006 Expedition, when I move the temp control for the AC all the way cold or all the way hot, there is a clicking sound coming out from under the dash. The AC and heat seem to work, aside fro

... 2004 Ford Expedition


If you changed the thermostat then it possibly is the heater core ... Dodge Ram 1500

04 grand prix code po128 car runs great good heat, temp guage in car is normal reading a little below the half way mark. Checked antifreeze level and was low about 1/2 gal. Refilled a little below the fill here when cold mark. Erased code and in 2 days po128 poped up again? Should i add more coolant to the fill. Here when cold mark and try again? Like I say i have great heat blowing and doesn't overheat and temp gage inside reads normal. What next if i add more fluid to the cold mark and the p

Change thermostat could be stuck open. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1992 pontiac bonneville SSEI wont move correctly in low gear. esp in the overdrive position. if i down shift to low and work my way up it works better or once i get past 20-25mph. reverse worked great though and low end gears and reverse r the same. I took it to a buddies shop and they called around it should be a sensor or wires damaged. i don;t know where they are located and if ic an change them myself. But i wld like to since the cost is insane for a tranny shop. If you can tell me locati

Try changing the modulator valve first, it's screwed into the side of the tranny, it's round cylinder in shape and has a vaccum hose going to it, if that doesn't work, then go for a rebuild. ... Pontiac Bonneville

I have 2007 ford ranger fx4 level 2, when driving randomly the, abs light comes on then all at same time the temp, 4x4,4x4low,low tire pressure, low fuel, gas cap, and security light comes on and while these are on my gauges sweep then everything returns to normal this all can happan at an idle or driving. brought truck to ford they said gauges sweep cause have bad diode in altenator, so i changed altenator and dash still did same but no gauge sweep after hour of driving gauges started sweepi

The most common cause of dash problems is either bad dash ground, or alternator spikes from a bad engine ground.In this case I would just add more ground wires, just to be sure.The dash is usually plastic so needs it own dedicated ground ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I am driving my car. On the way to my destination, everything in my car seemed to be running fine. I turn the car off. Five minutes later I return to my car and turn the key, I hear a click and it will not start. With the ignition turned the dash lights are on dimly. The overhead lights inside the car also work dimly. When I try to turn the headlights on, the overhead lights shut off, and the headlights do not turn on. The lights in the dash also flicker when I try to turn on the headlights. Wit

The battery is dead - recharge the battery and or replace it. Best of it. Check to see if you have roadside service many insurance companies include this service with their premium services. ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado. The air conditioner blows cold air but it barely comes out of the vents. The problem is not the temp of the air but the pressure. I have it turned all the way as hard as it will blow and it just barely comes out. There is a difference between each setting. High is like med or low, medium is like low/lower, and low is almost non existent.

When car air conditioning barely blows out air from a/c vents, usually the problem is the blower, its either failing blower or ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2001 2wd chevy blazer with a bad knock and very low compression on two cylinders. Im all the way down the the heads. I will pull them off tomorrow and send them to the machine shop. But can I rebuild the bottom end without pulling the engine? i dont have the means to pull it and I feel like I could jack it up removal all suspension in the way and replace main bearings. Then rod bearings. And of course hone the cylinder and put on some new rings. I would use plasti-gauge of course. This

You can do that. I would check cylinder wall taper and ring gap. If the knock is coming from a rod bearing, I would plasti-gauge that journal first to make sure that the crankshaft doesn't need turned. Besides that, you should be ok. ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1998 F-150 XLT extended cab 5.4 L . 4x4 Lights on dash come on in high and low range but my 4 wheel drive does not engage .All I hear is the faint click for light on the dash no noise from the front end or any type of noise like its even trying to engage . I last used the 4 wheel drive last February worked fine this is the first time I tried to use it sense .

If your lights are working correctly on the dash and not just blinking,Double check the hubs are locked in if not automatic ones. ... Ford F-150

Car stalling Mine started at that same point. Run fine when it was cold and then stall when it got to temp. Now it stalls even when it is cold. When a scanner was hooked up to it, the code said something about the mass meter bank one low voltage. A friend of mine was having the same problem with her 2000 grand prix and it ended up being some regulator. Any advice on this?

It would be the distributor out of timing ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

High range 4 Wheel drive not engaging. Push button on dash for 4X4 with shifter in High. Front end not pulling. Auto indicator on dash is on but wheel indicator does not light when demand is put on front wheels. With shifter in low range position 4x4 system is operating correctly.

... 2000 Isuzu Trooper

Stuck in 4 wheel drive high, Have the ability to go into 4x4 low, wont return to AWD. Dash shows that it is not in 4x4 but it acts like it is in 4x4 high. I have tryed shifting, Placing in neutral and changing drives, Backing up short and long distances and every combination I could think of. I have used the 4x4 often and never had this problem. 1988 jeep yj stuck in 4 high it will go into 4 low & back to 4 high but transfer case will not go into 2 wheeldrive

... 1988 Jeep Wrangler
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