Having problems with your 1994 Suzuki Samurai ?

High revs at idle over 2000rpm when hot thermostat ok choke working ok what other things can cause this problem

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High revs at idle over 2000rpm when hot thermostat ok choke working ok what other things can cause this problem

... 1994 Suzuki Samurai

Heat intermittenly works on 2002 gmc denali.when at idle its so hot you cant put your hand next to the vent when driving its cool the rear heat works all the time no problem there and this happens all the time.I replaced the thermostat which helped cause before it was cool and now theres heat but goes away when driving.I checked for any air pockets none found.Could it be a blend door actuator not working?

... 2002 GMC Yukon Denali

I have a 1993 Subaru impreza L front wheel drive, with 246k miles. I bought it used, at 240k, it was preaty banged up (engine wise) i did alot of work on it, including crank sensors, thermostat, brakes, coils and wires. and the other day the radior kind of exploded on me, The hose came off while driving and there was a alot off smoke. so I changed the thermostat and put new coolant in and fixed the hose, and the car is still overheating, and now it revs at very high RPM on idle as well (problem

... Subaru Legacy

I have a 1997 ford transit 2.5 diesel SWB, 2 things, 1, the blower switch is only working on Setting No,1, The other problem is, now and again whilst going along, the van feels as if its miss fireing, and not pulling, and i find that if i change down at high revs, it rectifies the problem, any ideas as to what may be causing it?

... 1997 Ford Club Super

My 95 monte carlo 3.4 idles really fast and overheats quickly. I had recentlly changed the transmission and this problem occured. I cannot find any wires off. I did find that the passenger side fan never comes on and the drivers side only works when overheating. Swapped relays and swapped fans but still the same thing. Also changed temp sensor for thermostat (not the gauge) but no differeance. I have flushed and filled radiator and opened bleeder screws. I think that these problems are related b

When you say Idles fast if it goes up to 2000 rpm then falls to 600 then surges as motor recovers check Plug wires . You wonder how ****** swap could interfere with wiring order ?? Many mechanics will check wiring of plugs if after Trans swap car run ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

My 1997 Landrover Discovery AC problem is that the system has been checked over and recharged (it was low, not empty) and works ice cold at idle (it's a diesel). However when you rev the engine the compressor stops spinning. It does this more or less from AC switch-on so I don't think it's any kind of thermal load thing on the compressor as it has only just started running. I thought at first it might be some kind of high-pressure switch thing but it did it when the system was half full and it d

I know on some cars that they do, or did incorporate an AC cut-off point when accelerating, as a safety feature, when passing, to allow for maximum horsepower at wide open throttle, due to fact that vehicle was basically underpowered, thus allowing y ... 2003 Land Rover Discovery

I have a 1983 toyota pick up truck with the 22r engine.The problem is it runs rough when it is idling and black soot is coming from the exhaust.I have a manual choke which works fine.I have put a new pvc valve new gas filter new air filter and it did not do any good.I found two wires coming off the idle fuel solenoid that were broke so I got another fuel solenoid and install it but it did not do any good.One thing I did discover that when I disconnected the wire harness from the fuel solenoid th

Check the MAP censor. Manifold Absolute Pressure, that would cause it to run rough. Thats the only thigh i can think of. ... 1983 Toyota Pickup

Idle problem it sounds like it gases its self and then stops .. thats when im at a stop light .... and the other thing is that while im driving i let my foot of the gas but its still going if you know what i mean , so i put my foot back on the gas and it revs up then goes back to normal.. and my ac doesnt work. like it blows just not cold air hot air is just fine. i have a cadillac deville 97 or 96 not sure thanks alot

... 1985 Cadillac Eldorado

My 84 olds cutlass is idling up and down and running a little rough, it is also having problems while driving it is ok but when stoppedn sometimes it bogs down. what is the proper rpm settings when in park and in gear. it has the 3.8 L V6 with 2 barrel carb(dual jet) i have new carb on cause choke(elec.) dosen't work

... 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass

My 1998 mazda 626 will not run smooth when she is idling the rev counter will go from 1000 rpm to about 500 rpm and back up again and sometimes she will just cut out because its gone that low the choke works fine though on drive you wouldnt think there was any problem she drives has smooth has butter

First: check to see if your oil is a milky color, if it is this is a sure sign that the head gasket is blown and needs replaced. The white smoke is a tell tale sign as well. as is loss of coolant.\015\012second: when was the last time that your ... Mazda 626

Hi there! Hi Milespeed, yeah I've posted a recent topic about my Altima 94 that has started rough idling and sometime totally stalls at a stop sign or red light, you told me to check my alternator and it seems to work just fine, it only has low voltage when the car itself is about to stall and chokes so it doesn't seem to be it, im getting pretty mad not finding out what the problem might be, do you have any other idea? because the only thing that is shown on my dashboard is the handbrake

Fuel filter , vacuum leaks are common also.... but if your battery light is on ..even when not idling low .. the system is not seeing the right voltage..have you tested with a volt/ohm meter..dvom...and see 14.7 volts to ... 1994 Nissan Altima

My car is over heating for me to fix the problem i thought the thermostat was bad cause in the car is not working it's cold hair even the heat is not working it's cold air so that will tell me that it is the thermostat i had replace it with new thermostat and still have the same problem??can u please help me what should i do now

You most likely have a clogged heater core. but, to check it, you need to remove your heater hose, on the side closest to the passengers side of the car. if you have fluid there, then you need to see if you have it in the other hose. reason being, ... 1999 Mazda 626

Gas gauge in 1990 e150 not working, could it be a fuse problem or what other simple problem could it be, also engine is running hot, could this be a radiator problem or thermostat issue, the truck only has 151, 000 miles on it and almost all highway, i was wondering if these or any other things on this model had a factory recall that can be fixed. another thing is the trucks secondary tank does not want to work, it has fuel, but i was wondering if maybe it is the primary to secondary switch its

... 1990 Ford Econoline

Have a 90 Chevy 1500 with a 4.3 v6 and a 5 speed I the pickup was running fine left from work no problems then get off the interstate. And the running really rough I drove it to work the next day same thing rough idle and rough running as I make my way through town once I get on the interstate it seems to run fine but goes right back the the rough idle when I get off the interstate I have checked the distributor cap and rotor I cleaned up the build up checked all wires every thing there seems to

Did you change the plugs in it, In That old of a truck depending on the miles on ot , If i had it i would be putting on a new cap and rotor, Not trying to clean it up, Allso it could be the control mudle breaking down, If it was never change, There c ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1995 dodge neon and it is leaking coolant and the fans are also running intermittantly. would the leaking coolant cause the fan problem or would it be a thermostat issue or would the leak cause a thermostat problem. In any case i'm leaking coolant, the engine is overheating and the fans don't seem to work properly. What's the deal.

There are two sensors on that cooling system, one for the gauge or light in the car the other to turn on the fans at operating tempature. to test for a thermostat issue, as the car comes up to temp check to see if the upper and lower radiaror hoses a ... 1995 Dodge Neon

Electrical issues We replaced the radio in the mini and started to have problems with the wipers not working and the windows not working? The original radio showed disabled so instead of paying hundreds to have BMW restore it we replaced it. Might the wiring harness for the radio be interlinked with other things causing the wipers and windows to not work or is it just bad timing and an different problem?

... 2003 Mini Cooper

95 mustang Hi. my problem is the electic fan for cooling the engine does'nt work. when you put power to it the the fan works. the fuse is good and power to both sides. the temp. sender was replaced along with the thermostat. The car runs fine just that when the car gets up to temp. the fan does'nt work. would the relay cause be my problem.

Hi the temp" sender "in this case is a thermostatic switch normaly with 2 connections put an ohm meter across the connections when engine is cold it will show nill or full scale leave meter connected run motor up untill it is hot meter needle should ... 1995 Ford Mustang

I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant. I have a problem with the cooling system and air conditioner. I removed the thermostat and flushed the radiator already but the car still starts to overheat whenever I come to a stop and cool down as I drive down the road, the air conditioner also quits working at an idle. It has an electric [dual] fan system that is not belt drive and the air conditioner works while going down the road. The fan was also working when I let it idle and watched it with the hood up.

Hello! First just a few questions...Is there any debris blocking air flow through the grill area, between the air conditioning condenser and the radiator? if not the radiator itself is to blame...The cooling fins are clogged externally and/or the int ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have a charging problem on my 85 kc laser with the auto choke on and the volt meter on the battery its charging about 13.7 v when the choke is of it stopes charging and as i rev it the volts get lower i have had the aultinator rebuilt and its a new battery so im thinking its a wireing problem why does it charge up fine with the choke on or is it just that its working when its cold many thanks simon

I wouldn't sware to it,..but it sounds like a bad ground,...maybe not the main ground,there is a secondary ground called the body ground,if this connection is week you will have this problem. ... Ford Laser

Hi, I have a weird problem that suddenly developed. 1996 e36 318i BMW (manual) 250,000 kms (not sure if the engine has been reconditioned in the past), should be the M43 engine. The exhaust manifold gasket blew and the car stopped idling. The gasket has been replaced but the idle problem remains. The car starts fine but won't idle and it does not work under light acceleration almost like fuel is not getting through. To drive I have to push down on the accelerator pedal and keep the revs

This is a common problem on car with un-meter enter into the intake manifold.Please clean your intake manifold with CRC Mass Air Fold cleaner.Manufacture link ... BMW 318

I have an Isuzu KB 250D double cab - 1995 model. When the vehicle starts from cold status it does not retain idling speed and then loses power and cuts out. Even by setting the idling speed manually does not help as the problem still persists. However, when the vehicle is warm or later in the day , there is no problem provided the vehicle is allowed to warm up properly. The main problem is first thing in the morning after it has been standing all night. What would cause this and how do I fix it?

... Isuzu i-280

65 mustang, shaking when idling and bogging down when first trying to pick up speed. This is after mechanic put in new thermostat, spark plugs, and worked on the timing, saying the timing was off. It wasn't having these problems before he worked on it, so seems like too much of a coincidence. I had returned to him after he put the thermosta and spark plugs in because it was shaking in idle. He said the timing was off and started working on the timing, changing some type of hose around, connectin

It sounds like he has the spark plug wires in the wrong firing order. Those are the "hoses" you see on the distributor cap. He changed the rotor $7 part. The timing won't make it shake. It can be off 10 degrees from specification an still run ok. Is ... 1965 Ford Mustang

My Jag xj6 gas pedal stops working after I drive it for a while. Then... no matter how hard I push down on it... it just won't move - Then, seemingly without me doing anything different, it will suddenly start working again and allow me to rev it up and go forward again.??? I don't get it. I took it off traction control to see if the sensors in the rear wheels were causing the problem... they are not - my problem still exists.

The electronic control system of your car is in "LIMP MODE" the throttle is a "Fly By Wire" design, and to prevent any possible further damage to the systems of the car like the trans or engine the computer has limited you p ... 1995 Jaguar XJ6

Hi i have problem with my 53 reg 1.8 sxi vectra c when starting engine from cold idling is not right car cannot be driven away until warm because revs are erratic but once the cars warm its fine a few week ago emissions light came on but went out again and hasnt been back on also temp gage doesnt work and central locking plays up abit but the main problem is idleing at cols start got car booked in at electrical diagnostics place but wondered if you have any prior advice ie, would disconnecting b

... 1990 Volkswagen agon GL

99 yukon overheating. I have done all the obivous repair. New Radiator,water pump,thermostats. There are no coolant leaks, compression is fine Running with no thermostat runs cool but heater doesn't heat of course.When the engine runs hot the heater puts out cold air. I have worked on autos for many years and have never had this problem. Is there an unusal cause for this problems that I haven't suggested. RR

Intake manifold or and head gasket. ... 1998 GMC Yukon
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