Having problems with your 1994 Saturn Sl ?

Check Engine Soon light has come on. How do I check for codes?

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Answers :

Take the car to an autozone and they can read the trouble codes stored in the computer.
\015\012If you do not want to go to autozone, take the car to a dealership and the codes can be read by a qualified mechanic. the check engine light means a trouble code has been stored in the vehicles computer.
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Check engine light comes on, car sputters, loses power, and shifting becomes irregular. Dealer mechanics say it's fuel line related (checked gas cap, all was fine) dealer checked codes, but said they couldn't find any problem, reset the codes, two weeks later same thing happened. Have appt to bring back in. When the check engine light is off, the car runs fine, there is no sputtering or shifting issues. Not sure what triggers the check engine light, but once it comes on all the troubles star

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I changed my ECM and now my service engine soon light keeps coming on. When I go to check the codes there are no current codes.

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2003 GMC Envoy - Idles rough when stopped (in gear), already changed engine mounts and cleaned throttle plate. There is a smell of anti-freeze coolant and the Check Engine Soon light comes on and the error code is engine temp too low (usually comes on when on a longer trip. I have had it to several mechanic, they run the diagnostics but find nothing but it definitely is not running right.

Engine temp too low is usually the thermostat, was this replaced too? If not, replace it. Might check out the fan clutch and the engine coolant temperature sensor.\015\012\015\012As far as the vibration, have you taken a look at your tr ... 2003 GMC Envoy

Po300 code Check engine light comes on, car has a stall, but if given more speed it will come out of it. Mazda place got the po300 error code of random misfire. They turned the check engine light off charged for computer hook up, while driving it back home the check engine light came back on.

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Code po480 replaced relay and blown 30 amp fuse, reprogram to turn check engine light off it will go off and when you go 1/4 mile it will turn on engine light again. (if engine is worm the radiator fan will run) like there isnt any thing wrong code po 480 will come on, reflash go 10 miles then check engine light comes back on USING A OBD 11CODE READER thanks for help

Have alook also at link\015\012http://www.automotiveforums.com/t890338-code_p0480.html ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2008 Aspen the check engine light was on when I bought the car from the Infinity dealership, they claim that since they dont have the proper equipment to erase the code, but that the car has no problems. Both the check engine light and the oil change light come on. The code that comes up is the emissions code, they replaced the gas cap but the light came on that sameday.

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I have a nissan altima gle 2001 and it was working normally. Sudenly service engine soon check turned on and everytime I full stop in a red light, it doesnt matter if it is in Drive gear or if it is neutral, motor start shaking as crazy and RPMs goes down until 500rpm. Anytime, when green light comes, if I press accelerator car performs normally. I checked with a scanner and it is showing P0304 code error cylinder 4 misfire How I can solve this issue?

These are notorious for this problem-a leaking intake gasket at #4-it can be verified by using a can of carb cleaner. Spray around #4 intake port, if the idle changes you have the same issue. Do NOT clean the throttle body on these cars, it is so s ... 2001 Nissan Altima

My servie engine soon light is on and sometimes blinks. I took it to AutoZone to check for a code and their machine code reader thing would not come on. What does that mean? I also took it to a sevice place and it wouldn't come on there either.... Whats the problem?

Even a loose fuel cap or distributor cap can bring up the light . Without codes it will be like shooting in the dark to identify why it is light up. Any fault , anywhere in the car can cause the engine light to come on. Unless you face any prob ... 2000 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

P0446 2006 ford explorer xlt 2wd v6 check engine light on, I already scanned P0446 front valve is working and rear solenoid too gas cap tight, but today I run with out the gas cap and the gas cap light didn't come on. I live in Puerto Rico during the day Temperature is around 90's I erase the code after it comes on in the morning and no code during the whole day, but at night or early in the morning during the first start of the day the check engine comes on again with the same code.

Check for any damage to the cap or on the wiring if no damage is visable replace the cap. ... 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I have a 1999 Dodge Stratus and when the car comes to a complete stop after its been warmed up, the oil light comes on. This goes away as soon as I step on the gas. I've checked the oil and there is a sufficient amount. Also, the check engine light is on for an emissions system failure. What is causing the oil light to come on and could the oil issue cause the check engine light to come on?

The oil pump may be going out - the light indicates the pressure is below the proper level and when you step on the gas it spins faster/raises the pressure back up to an acceptable level.\015\012\015\012This is something to get checked RI ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

2002 SAAB 9-3 SE. Check engine light came on. Car was laggin,loosing power,and hard to stay started.Had codes read. 1)crank position. Replaced. car ran good for about a month,then check engine light again.Codes this time was for O2sensor, cat-converter,mass airflow sensor. Replaced both sensors first and check engine light went off but no power,feels like its misfiring now. Bought the cat-converter,but now mechanic says code is not coming up for cat-c anymore. code is for mass air flow again!.go

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