Having problems with your 1994 Pontiac Sunbird ?

Need to replace a heater core, in a 2001 sunbird

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Heater core removal. need some information far more than a chiltons can explain in written for or pictures. need to replace the heater core, i have removed the most of the dash and the blower motor and airconditioning assembly in the engine compartment. I am struggling with the rest of the dash i cannot get all of it disconected to get the heater core out, i took a hack saw to the heater box and broke some things in anger and it is still in there. i now will replace entire heater box but need so

You can find it at www.aa1car.com ... 1995 Ford Explorer

I need to replace a heater core in a 2001 dodge ram, I have purchased the new core but need some assistance in replacing the core. I have called around to some repair shops and they are saying any where from 800-1200 bucks for labor. any assistance you can give in helping me replace the core would be great. Thanks again, Norman

The dash almost has to come out ,and you have to recharge you a/c,the heater core is in the middle of your dash, ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 92 sunbird, 4 cylinder, and I need detailed instructions on how to replace the heater core, as it's leaking.

(very complicated to change)go under the dash behind the glove box. If you go under the hood follow the heater hoses to where they go into the firewall (get a manual and take your time)one piece at a time. you have to disconnect the hoses ... 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Need to replace heater core I need to replace my heater core and want to know the best way to do it

You will have to remove the entire dash assembly and then remove the air conditioning/heater case and this will enable you to have access replace the heater core, this is a really tough job did it 3 or 4 times while working at a Ford dea ... 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX

How much work needed to replace heater core in celica 1990,i know some off the dash etc needs to be removed,or does it?and how long,any idea on areplacement cost off heater core?i've done years ago a commodore vh,and that was a narsty piece off replacement,as evey thing had to be removed,hope this will be easyier thanks

... 1990 Toyota Celica

Need to replace a heater core, in a 2001 sunbird

... 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Went to dealership to repair heater core on 2002 a4 1.8T.they now tell me that after they installed the new heater core and bleed the system the watr pump failed and now needs to be replaced oh and by the way may as well replace the timing belt too. vehicule has 115,000K what does the water pump have to do with the heater core. was fine when I brought the car in

The water pump pumps the antifreeze witch flows through your heater core. if the water pump is shot your car would over heat. BUT i have never heard of water pump failer due to a system bleed? did they give you a reson for the timing belt. ... 2002 Audi A4

I need to replace the heater core, I need step by step instructions because I have done this repair. the heater core is leaking and I have bypassed the heater core. Please Help

Your heater core is behind a cover on the heater box under dash on right side of truck next to the blower motor,( blower motor does not have to come out) you need to remove 6 or 7 1/4" screws that hold on that cover, the core is behind that, now ther ... 1995 Chevrolet C1500

97 gmc heater core diagram paid out the nose to have heater core replaced. began leaking 6months after. dont beleive its the core but one of the hoses coming to or from. Need to know how much of my dash i need to remove to be able to put an eyeball on it. Mechanic isnt standing by his work .... tryin to tell me its the core again...Not buying it. The sound of the leak is more behind the tape deck area water is coming through the vent instead of at the bottom of the core container as before.

The hoses end at the firewall to the best of my knowledge. They have to be serviced from the engine compartment. The heater is another matter. Many of the old GM Truck products could have the heater replaced without pulling the dashboard. I would go ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

1994 Toyota pickup / 4WD / 4 cyl. Replaced heater core. Checked heater control valve- working correctly. Filled system from upper hoses at firewall to fill heater core. Connected hoses. replaced thermostat with known-tested good one. Filled rest of system and went thru 2 jugs of antifreeze to get system to stop pushing air out at the radiator and still very little warm air coming from the vents. Just how much filling of the system needs to be done before bleeding air is finished for correct

You could try running engine and open top heater core hose highest point should bleed it fully, failing that look at manual should tell how much water is in system ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

What are the steps needed to remove and replace the heater core

REMOVE OR DISCONNECT \015\012\015\012\015\012Negative battery cable and drain ... 1993 Pontiac Sunbird

Heater core how to replace heater core in a 1994 lincoln town car? thank you. I have the same problem on my 95 Cartier.  Along with a display head for the climate control that doesn't display that I could replace at the same time.  I understand that the dash needs to come out.  Is dash removal just tedious or is it difficult?  Is there any estimate on the amount of time required or any pitfalls that someone would like to point out?  Also, would there be an advantage to trying a radiator se

I would recommend picking up a Haynes repair manual for your year and make of Lincoln, I have one for my Lincoln and it gives you all the instructions and troubleshooting hints and the estimate time is anywhere from 5-10 hours ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

My heater core needs to be replaced. How do I replace the heater core?

I suggest check the Jeep XJ Cherokee Repair Manual (Section 24-Heating-and-Air-Conditioning).Hope this helped (re ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

How to replace the heater core on my f-150 xlt lariat??? the heater core was stolen from my truck while parked at my work place,is there any tricks I need to know to replace it?

... 1990 Ford F150

I just replaced my 3.4 liter motor in my 2004 monte carlo and I need to figure out why the other motor over heated and blew a head gasket. Before I replaced the motor the heater was blowing cold air and now its blowing warm air out the passengers side and cold air out the drivers side. At normal running temps 1 hose to the heater core is hot and 1 is cold. I've backflushed the core and put a hose to it to make sure there was no blockage. The coolant sensor is working fine and I've got adaquate c

A little tip is to "vent" the topmost hot hose whith the engine running to clear any trapped air in system.....loosen the clip,whilst under pressure,wear rubber bloves cos it bloody hot....... ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have an 1994 ford escourt wagon LX..i have replaced the thermostat and housing back flushed the whole system threw heater core..the air still doesnt blow hot enough air to warm the car up inside..this needs to be fixed this time RIGHT i put 400$ in this car..my lil girl needs a warmer car..both heater core hoses are warm..the air gets warm inside just not enough to warm up inside the car..temp sensor? the gauge should be in the middle of NORMAL?..coolant temp switch? fan switch?

Does the air coming out of the vents change when you move the temperature control knob? If you can't feel it, you should be able to hear the change ... 1994 Ford Escort

Heater core I need to know how to replace a heater core in 91 mazda navajo. I just need some basics as I know allitle about it. Iv'e herd It's a pain? Thank you. Richard Henry.

Http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c15280076cbe ... 1991 Mazda Navajo

Heater core leaking antifreeze need to replace heater core need step by step for diy. HELP!

Advance has a brochure that will help or you can buy a hayes or chilton repair manual from their and it will give you step by step instructions with illistrations. ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

I am trying to replace the heater core, on my 1990 grand marquis but cant get the the dash off i have the whole front face the 4 bolts at the top off by the windshield off i have all most every thing off but the dash still wont budge, also do i need to even take the whole dash out to get to the heater core and how many screws are on the heater core box i can only see three.

There are some on the ends to were the door closes on the dash ... 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis

My father is trying to replace my heater core on 1999 Navigator..he has the bottom portion of dash removed along with glove box..the heater core box is exposed. the left side of box can be lifted exposing heater core but the left side is still bolted somewhere. The top portion of dash is still mostly intact..what most he do to remove this box..he has been trying for 3 days to remove this one section. Also I dont think he has drain radiator or air conditioning system...Please help..need car now..

It is a lenghty process to replace them... i suspect ford/lincoln were the worst i ever worked on. be that as it may there should be bolts in the engine compartment on the firewall that he would need to remove. also to remove the hoses attached to ... Lincoln Navigator

Need to install the Heater Core but can't seem to find where the heater core is placed. can you please help me locate where I can take off the old heater core to replace it with a new one.

Follow the two black hoses that are approx 3/4's of an inch , they will go to the firewall/ rear of engine. it is very likely behind the glove box inside of the vehicle. ... 2000 Dodge Durango

Hello to all yo motorheads out there! I am replaceing the heater hoses on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee (the small one) w/ a 4.0 & a/c. I puchaced the factory molded heater core inlet hose as it has different sizes on each end. I removed and replaced the thermostat & gasket, that was the main problem. When changing the hoses I removed them one at a time and replaced them one at a time so as to not confuse things, but it just doesn't look right. What I really need is an illustation of the hoses as they ar

Don't have a diagram but, the hose from the thermostat housing goes to the top inlet on the heater control valve. Hose from water pump goes to lower port on control valve on same side.port on center of valve goes to firewall lower connection. s ... Jeep Cherokee

I replaced the blend door on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 months ago and the dealer recommended that I cut a hole in the "Black Box" to repair it. That worked great. Now I need to replace the heater core, Is there an alternative way to replace the core without tearing out the entire dash and black box? Thank you!

... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ok i have a pontiac grand am 1999 and i need to know where to find the door that closes the heat cold air, so i can get hot air in my car i removed the heater core thats under the dash so now i see a door that opens and closes but i think thats the ventsfor upper and down, cuse thats all i see i replaced the heater core, heater control valve, control knobs and no hot air so mabe its stuk

Check the heat/Ac control head. That is most of the time the problem. It controls the door. You can find one in a Junk Yard or Savage Yard. Ask for the heat/AC control head. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I need info on the replacement of metal heater lines that go from heater core in front along firewall to metal lines that go rearward to rr heater core on van with frt and rr heat/air.

Not sure what information you need, but before you spend a lot of time call the dealer and give them your vin number. It does not matter how many owners, but there was a recall on those lines around that time. If yours is one of them they will replac ... 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan
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