Having problems with your 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix ?

Car not getting any spark to coils - 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

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Have you tried the crank or cam senser
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Car not getting any spark to coils - 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

Have you tried the crank or cam senser ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

96 pontiac grand prix se 3.1 service engine light is on and flashing. car runs bad. sometimes it has no power to get up an go. goes through alot of gas and smells of fuel bad. had it put on computer all kinds of codes came up. mass airflow, egr valve, ignition coil, coil module, cylander #3, multiple missfire. bought the ignition coil didn't need it. check coil modules all are working fine. any help?

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When i drive the car there is no power and won't get up to any speed what soever. When you hit the gas it just goes blaahhhh. The make and model is the pontiac grand prix le with the quad four engine. I have change the plugs, coils, plug boots, ingnition control module, over head coil housing, fuel pump, fuel filter, and checked all the lines. It is firing on all cylinders. tranny fluid is perfect color and no burning smell. The exhaust is blue and smells like gas. What is the problem.

Tell me something how does it rev when you are in park sitting and throttle up then ,,hows the responce to the throttle and does it start straight away\015\0122/ what type of fuel are you using \015\0123/Air filter when was it last re ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP is not starting, the fuel pomp is working and you can hear it go on when you insert the key, my key does no have the chip in it, so im guessing is the anti theft, i replaced the crank sensor and the spark plug module and i also took the computer of the car to get tested and they said it was working properly so my only other option is the anti theft, i wil like to know where de module is located and how to disable it. THANKS!

If you replaced the crank sensor and it will not start then your car needs a CASE learn. Once the crank sensor is removed and a new one is installed, without a lot of luck it is highly likely that the sensor will be out of range to properly detect y ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 03 pontiac grand prix is getting engine codes po202, po203 my car us a v6 3.1 I have replaced spark plugs and wires whaw

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Multiple misfires 2003 pontiac grand prix i have changed spark plugs,wires,coils all three and my crank postion sensor. I am still getting a multiple misfires code, i dont know what the problem my be. it was cuttin off before this work was done but now it puts our black smoke and smells like burnt fire crackers when i drive.

Try to chang the module that worked for me ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

91 pontiac grand prix ecm getting fire but coils arent firing

... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 97 grand prix. It won't start. It seems that the fuel pump is working. Gas is getting to the regulator. However, I have no spark in the module. I replaced module and one coil because plug was rusty on second coil. However, I am still not getting spark. Spark plugs are good. Getting 12 v across fuses. Any suggestions this one seems like it could be wires or ???. Please help

Check the cam and crank sensors, If no pulse is detected the ECM will not fire the coils. Check your wireing harness at ECM and terminal conectors. Check your ground at coil packs...Last but not least...possible bad ECM.Good luck...i hope this ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Install coil pack 1996 pontiac grand prix - Grand Prix Pontiac Cars & Trucks

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Heater coil 2007 Pontiac grand prix - Grand Prix Pontiac Cars & Trucks

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2001 pontiac grand am 3.4 V-6 Was running fine, stopped. Tapped on igniton coils, started again. Could tap on them and it would hesitate or stop. All coils with good primary and secondary resistance. All fuses with 0.0 ohms. 12.0v supply to ingition module and ground is good. Crankshaft sensor with 200+ millivolt signal. Had excellent spark from coils, now none; have replace ignition module twice! Turns over great, but NO Spark at coil towers or from module. Noticed a 'static' shock when getting

Well I can tell you no matter what your gauge says on the groundwires to the system..... you've got a bad ground or a hot touching ground somewhere and I think that you should recheck your steps. Not all books are always correct in their schematics ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

2001 Pontiac Grand AM, 3.4 V-6 Was running great, stopped. Tapped lighlty on ignition coils, started again. Tapping again would make it hesitate or stop. Have check coils for primary and secondary resistance; all in spec as is the crankshaft sensor signal (200+ mV). Good 12v supply and good ground to igntion module. I HAD a good spark, then none. Replaced the igniton coil module (twice, thought one might be bad, was about 2 years ago); still NO spark, but have noticed a 'static' shock from car d

I have replaced many crank sensors that tested good but would intermittantly fail while running ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

2002 grand prix car was not getting good gas milage changed plugs at 60 so now at 140mi I changed again. I followed a suggestion on line to get to #5 cylinder spark plug. I changed each plug one by one to not cross and confuse. The car also has a new fuel filter and fuel pump and MAF. Car goes past 45 but misses. As per code from Autozone its a compression code. What can this be?

This commpression test may point to your problem. my question is "have you" been smelling a light aroma of antifreeze"? if the answer is yes then theres your problem. pontiac made this model with plastic manifold gaskets. this is a known defect. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

I am getting a misfire on cylinder #5, I have changed the coil, wire and spark plug but still get the misfire error code 0305 on cylinder 5 all the time. Runs pretty rough too. I have the same problem..... I have a 2001 Grand Prix with a 3.6L V6. Error code 0305- Cyl. # 5 Misfire. I've changed the spark plugs, and wires. That didn't help at all. The engine seems to ok untill the RPM gets up to about 4000 rpm then it starts to cut out and the Check Engine light starts to flash. The only code tha

I've got a 2002 Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharged V6, nearly the same motor.\015\012I had the exact same problem, misfire on Cyl. 5 and random/multiple misfire.\015\012I replaced all the wires, plugs, coils, and even the ignition mod ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix. I am having trouble getting the car out of park and into gear. There is a center console gear shift lever. Sometimes I can get it in gear. Sometimes I can't. There is a button that says gear shift lock, but I can't figure it out. I am pressing down on the brake when I try to get the car in gear.

Renew the brake light switch and try that ,because that switch stops you from moving the gearshift its your safety device ,if that doesnt then change the solonoid under the gearshift lever ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

My pontiac grand prix has no spark from coil

... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

No spark on my 1965 grand prix - Grand Prix Pontiac Cars & Trucks

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My pontiac grand prix 94 was having alternator problem change alt and know car want get any power has fresh battery in it and the car wont from the inside head light wont come on or inside light either. i checked the links in the starter wire and its getting power on both sides and all the fuses are good. please help email adress is [email protected] if you caan hlp

... Pontiac Grand Prix

1995 pontiac grand prix with a 3100 sfi v6. the car runs but not well. the car does alot of bucking the rpm drop when car is in gear and gets stuck almost at like 1200 rpm untill you let off or give it alot of gas. the whole car will shake. thought that it might be a misfire in the engine but im not sure what it could be.

Puchase a jet performace stage II PCM chip.. i had the same problem.. installed the chip on my 95 grand prix se.. works perfect ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2005 pontiac grand prix 3.8 standard v6. this problem is so annoying seems worst if i don't let the car warm up. when i pull off under light acceleration the car chugs and shifts hard. i have to stop, turn the car off and back on and it will be fine. i also notice sluggishness and seems like it's not giving enough gas when you start it up, sometimes it will struggle like it's not getting enough gas for about 5 seconds. no one can figure this out or "duplicate" this issue but it's h

... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

In my 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L I just changed the battery, alternator, crank sensor, cam shaft position sensor, and my car service engine light keeps coming on i cant get it checked at autozone or orielly cause of the ob1 system in my car nor can i afford the price for diagnostics at a car care place how can i figure it out without going for broke...i'm a unemployed college student

What was or is the original problem?\015\012\015\012You changed the battery,alternator,crank sensor,cam sensor. Why?\015\012\015\012If you got no OBD1 Codes,why would you throw parts at it?\015\012\015\012You could ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

Hi there, Please help me. I have a pontiac grand am '91, 4 cylinders, 2.5 L, automatic transmission, carburetor with an electric injector(sprayer). Thje thing is that my car engine does not run if I stop the car oance is been running long enough to get normal hot. If I tray to start the engine, the starter will crank the engine but the engine will not run and there is no current at the spark plugs and also there is no gas injected at the carburetor. If I left the car cool down for about 1 1/2 hr

Hi,\015\012\015\012Im going to take a stab at this and say to say fuel lock. this condition arises when the fuel filter gets clogged and the fuel stays pressurized in the system and causes the computer to not energize anything because there is ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Am

I have 1988 pontiac grand prix se with 2.8 v6 i have 3 spark plugs on the back and 3 on the front i replaced the the spark wire but i dont know what wire gose where in the spark coile

This engine is turned sideways in the engine compartment. looking at the front of the engine, where belts and pulleys are mounted, the odd number cylinders are on the left, the even to the right. starting from the front of the engine, counting towa ... 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 200 pontiac grand prix gt... The fan blower will not shut opff even when the key is out so i have to unhook the battery everytime i get out the car so that my battery wont drain. can someone pls tell me where the fuse is located so i can take it out until i can get it fix.. cus unplugging the batterry everytime i get out is a headache especially when u have kids.. pls help (step by step pls)

I suspect you have a bad blower resistor module. You can unplug the HVAC fuse in the fuse block on the end of the dash on the passenger side. If that doesn't work then try the BATTERY MAIN 4 fuse in the under hood fuse block. If that doesn't work you ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

I just received a '92 pontiac grand prix 3.1FI. but it's been sitting in the previous owners yard for up to 4 years. I know it's going to take a lot of work, but I don't really know where to start. I just bought a new battery, which is hooked up now and new spark plugs which I haven't installed yet, I just found out there's no spark. So any idea's what I should/could do next to get it to start?

The first thing to do is, if there was any old gas in the tank, get rid of it, it's no good, you have to drop the gas tank and pour it out, but before you do that, make sure you hear a buzzing sound from the tank, that's the fuel pump, if you hear th ... 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix
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