Having problems with your 1994 Pontiac Grand Am ?

The car is over heating every few days. The only place that we can find a leak is when it is over heating and the leak is at the cap for the over flow. Car has new radiator, thermostat and water pump

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You might have a blown head gasket .....cheers
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The car is over heating every few days. The only place that we can find a leak is when it is over heating and the leak is at the cap for the over flow. Car has new radiator, thermostat and water pump

You might have a blown head gasket .....cheers ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L. 2 major problems: * The car has been having overheating issues for a month now. First I put in a new Thermostat. As soon as I did that the interior heat quit working so I installed a new water pump and timing belt. Everything was working great until the brand new water pump began to leak from behind its pulley. Returned it and put in another new water pump and it is now leaking from behind its pulley! Whats going on? Maybe there is blockage or too much pressure in th

Most parts from the parts store are made in mexico, reconditioned from old pumps that were sent back.Replace the pump with a FACTORY part. As for your poor running engine, I would recommend replacing the spark plug wires and spark plugs. ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L. 2 major problems: The car has been having overheating issues for a month now. First I put in a new Thermostat. As soon as I did that the interior heat quit working so I installed a new water pump and timing belt. Everything was working great until the brand new water pump began to leak from behind its pulley. Returned it and put in another new water pump and it is now leaking from behind its pulley! Whats going on? Maybe there is blockage or too much pressu

Hi, my name is John I will do my best to assist you.\015\012 \015\012After looking over all of your post's in this thread here are my thoughts.\015\012 \015\012\015\012Your water pump does in fact require ... Volkswagen New Beetle

1990 chevy cavalier wagon 4cylinder over heats new flush new thermostat new cap water pump is circulating water has pressure no leaks and still over heats when thermo opens cools down to 180 then wont open agian the fans are wired to a switch in the car so the temp sensor has been removed

Check all hose and radiator for leaks ... 1990 Chevrolet Lumina

I bought a UK spec E39 528i last year with an over heating problem (new head had been fitted)but still over heating.I bleed the water system and drove home just short of a 100 miles with no problem.Next day I drove a short distance,when she over heated,got here home ;et her cool down.Read up on bleeding,got the car front end up as far as possible. Still no luck,changed thermostat water-pump,then discovered the bottle on the side of the rad was leaking so I bought a new one,3 rad's later I dec

Remove the colas and repair or change it because the colas is not straight that's while there's pressure in pipes and inside water system .. the CO2 is going to mixed with water ... 1999 BMW 5 Series

No heat and i flushed radiater twice with prestone solution. had rust build up in lines and radiater. changed thermostat and put new water pump on it. seems to have better water flow and more preasure it is a 99 mercury sable. but still no heat inside the car was thinking it could possibly be the control switch in side the car on dash or heater core could u help with this problem if so ty alot.

Check both heater hoses under the hood and see if one of them has a heater valve make sure its working if it has one if it doesnt have one you may have a plugged heater core. ... 1997 Mercury Sable

The engine over heated, because the fans were not working. I installed a new fan. A few days later, there was a major engine Knock that seems to be high up in the intake manifold area....I removed the right valve cover, and it seems ok there, the car still runs, but it sounds like a major component because it is very loud, and there is no power. could it be the water pump? it isnt leaking water. Is the water pump at the end of the lower radiator hose? where is the thermostat?

If my engine was making a strange sound after it overheated I would be extremely concerned. You need to have someone qualified look at this before you end up destroying the engine. All anyone sight unseen can do is guess. Your guess is ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

I have a 2003 Impala with a 3.4 with 237000 miles . Have a sporadic overheating problem. Car will be running.fine then the heat will blow cool and the car will quickly overheat. After a few minutes the heat will come back on and the temp will return to normal. Sometimes will go for days then happen again . Have new radiator,water pump thermostat and hoses. Not leaking any coolant.Has also been flushed. Any help will be appreciated

The is likely air trapped in your cooling system and as it moves the problem comes and goes. Check your coolant level and apply vacuum to the surge take to evacuate the air pockets. ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

There was an over heating problem. So I had the water pump changed, thermostat changed and the over flow jug changed. The car still goes over 200 degrees F. The radiator had stop leak in it. So it was taken off and with the water hose washed out. But it is still boiling over from the overflow jug. What do I need to do to stop the over flow problem.

200 derees is NOT very warm, only 5 degrees over thermostat opening...normal would be up to 250 or so...Still, boiling out is not normal...Have the cooling ssytem checked for exhaust fumes. There are several tests for this...\012The repair is V ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

My Cadillac 2000 Seville STS having overheating problems after installing a new radiator, 2 new thermostats, new water pump and a new solvent that suppose to plug any leaks, no smoke out of exhaust pipes, no smoke under the hood, consistently use Dexal 50/50 antifreeze in over flow tank - what is my problem? Car was a gift from my son & would love to keep it, great exterior & interior body.

Check for coolant flow at the Purge line,this is a common problem on the Northstar.There is a small diameter hose coming from near the top of the coolant tank,this is the purge line.With the engine idling,pull the purge line from the tank ... 2001 Cadillac Sts

Had new water pump, radiator flushed, new thermostat, and allegedy unclogged heating lines. Still not hot air, car thermostat is also starting to get hot when in city traffic at stop lights. temp goes down on highway. Need help, not sure if heating core needs to be replaced for heat and if water pump that was put in a YEAR AGO is messed up.

Is the engine heating up on the temperature gauge? ... 1996 Ford Taurus

When i went out to the car to start it this morning it would not start its turning over, i can smell gas, and its putting. Yesterday it was hesitating to start but when i pressed on the gas pedal it started...I just got a new radiator 2 days ago, i got a new water pump about a 2 months ago, & i got a thermostat..its not over heating but antifreeze is still leaking I checked the oil and sent a picture to a mechanic i know and he said its not the head gaskets the oil was not mixing with the antifr

Yuo will need to dump the fuel,, under the fuel tank is a bolt,, loosen it and all the gas will run out... place a container under it to catch it,,, and use a hose with running water to wash the ground under the car as fasts as the gas is leaking out ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

2005 ford Taurus is overheating. Innitially I had antifreeze leak coming from the water pump,had it replaced with a new one and that's when it started over heating,replaced the thermostat and no luck.when car is idling car overheats,when in

Maybe blown head gasket or glogged radiator. ... Cars & Trucks

Hello and good morning. I have a 1995 BMW 525i E34 M50, It's over heating,I repaired the hoses that were leaking from the bottom, I replaced Radiator, Thermostat, ACC mono Heater Valve. Now I seen that the car was leaking from the AUX Water Pump Valve that is located under the Acc Mono Heater Valve, I ordered the Aux water pump. I also read that this car has a plastic water pump and it is recomended that you change to the metal one so I am going to order this now. Please help me in some tips on

Hi, using a metal water pump is ideal, it seems that you have everything changed and its good. try to replace the auxillary fans too, try to check the water level on the reservoir, be sure that its sitting on the max/hi level for overfilling it cause ... BMW 525

Help! I'm stuck and stumped. 2001 Beetle GLS 2.0 - Two weeks ago the car was overheating quickly, red temperature light flashing and beeping. I changed the thermostat, flushed the radiator and filled it with new fluid. As soon as I did that, the interior heat quit working, not even warm. So I took on the task of a new water pump behind the timing belt. Sure enough the fan on the water pump was melted and mangled. Put in a new water pump, new timing belt and tensioner from napa. A week lat


I have a 2003 Jaguar Type X with only 43,000 miles. While in for servicing, a mechanic told me that I needed a new water pump, because my pump is leaking. However, I don't see any evidence of a leak, nor to I hear any unusual noices coming from under the hood and my car is not over heating. Another mechanic told me that I shouldn't worry about it unless, I see evidence of a leak, hear an unusual noice from under the hood or my car over heats. Should I be worried?

Hi, all you need do is to troubleshoot the water pump yourself to confirm if you need a new water pump or not...\015\012\015\012Troubleshooting\015\012\015\012\015\012Park your car overnight and p ... 2006 Jaguar X-Type

Heya, I've got a 00 Accord with a cooling issue. The car is overheating, and it looks like there is no water flow at all. I let the car idle for about 10 min and the temp gauge climbs, I check the radiator hoses and I don't feel any heat, the radiator cap is cool. Temp gauge is close to pegging and still no heat, turn on heater....cold air. So, I replaced the thermostat this morning (cheep fix), and no difference....still seems like no water flow. Before I dig in and replace the water pump,


My radiator fan is not working and my car is leaking water ive recently had a new thermostat anew water pump and a thermostat put on my its a 95 buick skylark 4 cyl if you can help please let me know

... Buick Skylark

99 olds alero car over heating rapidly, coolant spitting out thru over flow tube on coolant tank ,you can here coolant gulping thru top hose new hoses water pump and thermostat

Sounds like a head gasket or a cracked head, ... 1998 Nissan 200SX

I have a 2002 cadillac deville, my mechanic is working on it right now as we speak, he has gotten the radiator flushed because at 1st it wasn't getting hot, and now it is evenly on both sides,he has put a new heater core in, and a new thermostat in, the heat is now getting very hot, but the car is still over heating. My problem that began this problem was the heat wasn't getting hot and my car started over heating. He thinks it could now be the water pump because the anti freeze is still not cir

Ok it could be the pump,, the white smoke is the gasket..Try this for the radiator..1.) remove the top cap,,2.) under the radiator is a bleed valve,, open it (its like a bolt)3.) the coolant will start pouring out, ... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1997 vw jetta glx vr6 2.8 v6 and car was over heating so we found out water pump was busted so we fixed it and it's still over heats so we bought a new thermostat to put in and problem is we can't find the thermostat anywhere we have had auto shops look and autozone/advanced auto and they can't find it either....also we have a toggle switch in car that in order for anything to come on we have to flick that switch well it has to blink flashers once then start car well sometimes it keeps

Locate the thermostat intake tube by following the radiator \012hose from the radiator to the point where it connects to the VR6's \012intake. Remove the intake tube bolts with a 10 millimeter wrench. Lift \012the intake tube of of the manifold and p ... Cars & Trucks

My 1999 Grand Am GT has muliple problems but rite now I'm focused on it over heating. It has a new water pump, new coolant tank, and new thermestat. My car has water flow but is still overheating. Im afraid I may have blown a head gasket, my car has also lost power because of this. What do you think may be wrong, and how do I fix it?

To check for blown gasket, open radiator cap, start engine, allow to warm up--thermostat open. If combustion gases are leaking into coolant, you will see bubbles come up in the radiator or reservoir (if you don't have a radiator cap).\015\012 ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Over heating the car heats up when climbing a hill , when heater is put on temp drops to normal , when car is parked and heater is put on temp drops fast to normal , fitted new thermostat , new water pump , rad flushed and has antifreeze.

... 2007 Hyundai Atos Prime


Fill over flow bottle right to the top and run engine....watch for bubbles.If you see bubbles you may have a bad head gasket or a possibly a cracked head.This allows combustion gases into the cooling system and the system just ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2001 sonoma which is running high on temperature. I just changed thermostat and it still running too hot. The heater does not blow heat and when I took out the thermostat it seemes like it needed to be replaced I had noticed that the pressure built up was leaking slowly through one of the mounting bolts. It seems like the coolant is not flowing through the thermostat. Has enough coolant and there is no apparent leaks in hoses, radiator or water pump. Should I eliminate thermostat all to

The radiator might be clogged. Take it and have the system flushed out,and back flushed, that will tell if there is a clog somewhere. If the radiator is too clogged, it will need to be replaced. ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab
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