Having problems with your 1994 Plymouth Voyager ?

I want to replace the valve cover gasket on the firewall side of the engine. Do I have to take the alternator off to do this?

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Beginning in 1980, vehicles were designed with limited access to most components in the engine area. This was intended to frustrate do-it-yourself mechanics, and take it to a dealership for service. Having to move so many components out of the way to access a particular component also increases the labor hours, which benefits the dealerships who charge by the hour to service a vehicle. This is also why most car manufacturers went to front-wheel drive. Front-wheel drives are more labor intensive and have more components to replace than conventional rear-wheel drive.
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I want to replace the valve cover gasket on the firewall side of the engine. Do I have to take the alternator off to do this?

Beginning in 1980, vehicles were designed with limited access to most components in the engine area. This was intended to frustrate do-it-yourself mechanics, and take it to a dealership for service. Having to move so many components out of the way ... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

White smoke and the smell of burning rubber. I have had lots maintenance of work done to my car. I was starting to notice and smell burn oil. I had a small valve cover leak so I just had the whole valve cover gasket replaced and I had a "Roll Stop" replaced. Now I'm starting to get a lot of white smoke after the car run for about 5 minutes coming from the back side of the motor back but I can't tell where it's coming from on the back side of the engine.

Bradley,\015\012\015\012You have stated two problems. Coming to second first. Smell of burning rubber. in the car rubber is only at two places where it can burn, The tyres, unlikely as you have not commented upon your ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Knocking noise. Overheated engine, warped heads, colapesed valve. heads checked, machined to correct warp, replaced 1 valve. Knocking noise present since overheat. Shop pulled valve cover nd replaced all lifters on left side (side with noise) noise got worse. Performance good, mileage same, no smoke. Seems to idle rough and noise is louder when accelerating or increasing rpm in gear with brake.

Overhaul ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wont start replaced intake manfold gasget, replaced head gasget , replaced valve cover gasget, replaced spark plugs , the engine is a 350 v8 290hp crate engine. was smoking from exhaust on left side so i replaced these parts because a friend told me it was my head gasget leaking and now it will trun over but wont stay running sounds like a vaccum leak but i cant find it .

Most vacuum leaks are in hoses that are disconnected or have holes in\015\012them you can also take a bottle of water and spray it along the side of\015\012the intake and base of the carborater if the motor bogs or you here it\015\012**** the water i ... 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Wont start replaced intake manfold gasget, replaced head gasget , replaced valve cover gasget, replaced spark plugs , the engine is a 350 v8 290hp crate engine. was smoking from exhaust on left side so i replaced these parts because a friend told me it was my head gasget leaking and now it will trun over but wont stay running sounds like a vaccum leak but i cant find it .

Check the backside bottom of the carb. there's a vacuum port there. Make sure it's plugged up. How's you timing? Also try rotating distributor back and forth. It may be a timing issue. Not enough or too much. ... 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

84 CK TRK, 2500, 5.7L 55,000 miles have replaced alternator twice - battery still reads 12 volts. Trickle charge on battery OK and engine starts up OK - terminal 1 on alternator wire (brown) reads 2.4volts and wire is good to firewall - I replaced the ignition switch same condition occurs - 2.4 volts at terminal 1 (brown) wire. If I jumper 12volts to the Terminal 1 wire - the alternator puts out 14.4 volts. Take the 12 volts away from terminal 1 battery reads 12.5 volts and starts dropping prett

On some of the older style GM's you can take that brown wire and cut it and take the end leading from the alternator and hook it directly to the hot terminal on the alternator and just leave it hooked up and it will work. But I have ran into the occa ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500

2001 taurus v-6 overheated and now have water leak at rear of engine. Water comes out of starter casing at the bottom also, also from sheet metal cover to bottom of transmission on engine side, also from firewall side of engine drips but cannot see where. Put water in radiator reservoir and immediately runs out from these areas. I replaced the water pump already twice. Any help would be appreciated.

We have the same issue. We had a busted frost plug and replaced it but still leaking out of starter and everywhere else in the engine.... there isnt a way for me to tell where its coming from exactly, because its everywhere? Is it pretty much junk no ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Check engine light on but car runs good then when i tightend up the piece on the right side i over turned it and cracked it witch means i need a new valve cover but if i replace it will it make the engine light go off a dodge neon 2000 ps the engine light was on before i cracked the piece on the right side maybe because the piece was not conected tight enough i don't understand because it was not on 4 a wile about 2 days after i did not tightend it all the way so then when the light came on i ov

You can take the car to your local auto parts store and usually they can check your engine diagnostics code and tell you what part you need to replace. or what is making the light come on by the engine code the computer stored.. good luck! ... 2000 Dodge Neon

2004 Ford Escape XLT. Engine light on for two days - didn't drive. When leaving to take car to O'Reilly Auto to get a code read engine light no longer on. EGR valve blew a hole in the side if it en route. Purchased a new EGR valve and replaced. Car still not accelerating properly and blew a hole in new EGR valve within 20 minutes.

... 2004 Ford Escape

IMT Seals and Valve Cover Gaskets I took my 2004 S-type to the dealer to diagnose a smell of burnt oil and an occasional small amount of smoke coming from the engine (the area right underneath the passenger side wipers).I was told the IMT seals and the Valve Cover Gaskets are leaking. Aside from that, they said the Rear Toe Control Links and Rear Stabilizer End Links also need to be replaced,plus a Fuel Injection service. All for an outrageous amount of money.Car only has 38K miles.I love this c

Now rear toe control links ive never heard of. your saying you saw the smoke and smell the burning right not the dealer. how does the car drive overall? have you checked your oil level? ... 2004 Jaguar S Type

What needs to come off the engine too replace the valve cover gasket on the rt side or rear side (depends on how you are looking at it) of the engine.The engine is a 3.1 liter.Thank you in advance,Scott

Scott,\015\012I would recommend changing both gaskets. You must remove anything that is on top, hoses, wires ect, BUT MARK everything and make a diagram of what you took off, and also take some good pictures.\015\012Make sure you get all ... 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

I just serviced my 1992 S-10 Blazer 4.3L FI, before it was showing in the digital cluster and after the engine had been running a long period a low oil preasure (down to zero), after turning off and let it cool down though the night it will start normally, mechanic sayit was a valve comming into the top of engine on one of the sides covers and had a vacumm hose attached to it, he showed to me and was really cover with oil, replaced that and everything else but the distributor set, after that the

Three posibilities can cause the low oil pressure & light indicating this condition. First the oil sender switch is malfunctioning & needs replace ment. Secondly your engine has excessive mileage & wear. This means a complete rebuild. Thi ... Chevrolet Blazer


... 2006 Fiat 124

94 GMC Sonoma 2wd 4.3 6 cylinder TBI. Rough idle, slow... then stalls. New iac valve, egr vacuum solenoid, and new gas tank fuel pump and filter. Battery will hold some charge After being jumped, but doesnt seem to charge via alternator (might need to replace it) truck sat for two plus years without being started... three possible problems... bad alternator, engine coolant temp gauge, or bad egr valve (stripped the head on the bolt on passenger most side, so it seems really hard to get off with

Could be alternator if it doesnt charge your battery your sensors and computor dont get the right voltage and runs rough and then stalls ... Cars & Trucks

My 69 Chevy Impala is leaking oil out of the valve cover breather. It also blows heavy blue smoke when i'm going down the freeway and press the gas. It only lets out a puff of smoke and then if I keep the pedal pressed at all it won't smoke. The oil splatters all over the drivers side of the engine, so i'm not sure if the smoke is being blown from the engine out the back, or if its coming from the pipes. I replaced the PCV valve, and oil cap, to no change. I don't seem to have any loss

Try replacing the valve cover gaskets ... Chevrolet Impala

My boyfriend & I have a 1999 Ford F150 with the V8 triton 5.4 litre engine. There are black circular components behind each spark plug on the valve cover of the engine. The one on the passenger side closest to the firewall has been broken off at the bracket making the engine misfire resulting in a extremely loud popping sound and smell like fuel extremely bad, it also seems to affecting my plow as I had a hard time raising it to park the truck when it happened in my driveway I do not know if it

I agree. The spark plug stripped in the cylinder head and popped out breaking the ignition coil (COP- Coil on Plug). Ford has a TSB to repair if the plug threaded end broke off. A litle expensive and takes a very good tech. ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My "check engine light" came on and I had heat sersor replaced and it was off for two or three months and recently it came on again and I had a wall sensor replaced on the passenger side and it stayed off for a couple hours and now it stays on again. It was discovered there were small oil leaks around the valve cover gaskets and a small coolant leak under the car. There is a little smell of oil burning when the auto heats up now. Should I continue having sensors replaced, which can become ver

I would recoment getting an OBD code reader so you can check your own codes.\015\012When you go to a garage, they will read the codes. Some times garages do things that arn't so straight. They will see the code and say its this sensor... ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

I bought an engine to replace the one in my 1996 Ford Explore (4.0) and when I took off the valve cover on the driver side I found rust in the valve area. What would cause this and what can I do to fix this?

It's condensation from sitting. Any good HD parts solvent will help get rid of most of it, and make sure once in you do a good couple of oil changes to flush out any residue. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, The front 3 plug wires run in a protective channel behind the engine mount. to get to the wires to replace them do i have to take the mount off to open the channel to get to the wires ? i have been looking at it for a bit, tried to remove the engine mount but cant get the last bolt top of motor passenger side. Im hoping that the cover on that guard just slides off some how. Thanks if you can help me. I had my car in and they poked holes in each wire boot at top of

Hi Ken.If I remember right the plastic cover that the wires go thru slides onto the valve cover.You should be able to slide it up and it should come off.The other way is that the cover is a 2 piece cover and it should snap apart.Look real closely at ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 2004 Dodge 1500 quad cab pick up truck. It has a strong odor of gas, however, I don't see a leak. I took it to my local dodge dealer. They said it does have a fuel leak behind engine by firewall, near valve cover? They also mentioned might be a vapor line? They said I would need to replace fuel line bundle. I tried to locate this part online but have not had any success. I assume this is several fuel lines together? What would be involved the process to replace the fuel bundle and where

Well the fact that one line is leaking dosent mean you have to replace the whole darn thing . there are lots of aftermarket. shops that can repaiar those plastic fuel lines . they sell a kit at napa to repair them . but it be more cost efective to ha ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

My 1994 camaro w/ 3.4L engine has an oil leak in rear of engine. It is running down both sides of the block in rear. Oil filter is wet, but not leaking, the starter and bell housing drip oil and its getting on the exhaust. It doesn't look to be coming from valve covers, but it's hard to see. Oil sensor leaked, but has already been replaced. Could it be a gasket in the rear of intake? Is this common problem? 194,000 miles Semms to drip 1 drop every 5 seconds when running, and leaves 5 spots the s

This is most likely a leak from your rear main seal. It happens and can be a pain to replace if you're a DYI kinda person without the nec. equipment.\015\012\015\012\015\012Raise and safely support the vehicle with jackstan ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Oil leaking from back / passenger side of engine not valve cover gasket as these have been replaced. Could it be head gasket problem??

... 1997 Jaguar XK8

2006 infiniti m35x, 95k miles, oil leaking on dr side car underneath & its dripping from up from the motor somewhere- how do i know cylinder hd vs valve cover? 2 mechanics say it's a bad engine to work on, lots of components to remove before finding the possible problem, r there past problems w this oil issue - how do i know w/out dealer screwing me - i have a feeling once they start taking it apart I am into big $$$$$

I too have an 06 M35x and just had to replace the driver side valve cover gasket. It was leaking toward the rear of the valve cover, as well as around the cylinder 6 spark plug hole. Hope this helps someone. ... 2006 Infiniti M35

Over revving I recently replaced the valve cover gaskets, plugs, wires and plenum gaskets. After this long lengthy repair it's worse. Now when shifting out of 2nd to go into 3rd the engine takes off out of control revving to as high as 5k RPM. When I do put it into gear and let out on clutch the RPM's drop but the eng. is still going on its own like it's in cruise control. I did disconnect that yet it continues. Today I took the throttle body off of the plenum and cleaned all the carbon buildup

It sounds like the spring for throttle return is either disconnected or broken...good luck...Lee ... 1995 Ford Contour

I have a 96 F-350 with a 7.3 diesel skipping on number 1 and 2. It passes injector buzz test. It fails cyl. cont. test on 1 and 2. It has new valve cover gaskets, and i have flipped injectors around. It has a new IDM controler in it as well. The truck didn't run when it got here and after changing the oil it was skipping on 1,2,3,4 but it ran. I replaced 2 injectors and that seemed to take care of 2 cyl. however regardless of new or used injectors in cyl. 1 or 2 they still skip. Engine has equal

... 1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab
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