Having problems with your 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ?

Purchased a bypass hose relating to the coolant system but unsure where it goes

\015 Changing the two radiator hoses and was told this bypass hose goes along with it. Where and what does it do?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Which engine do you have ?
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Purchased a bypass hose relating to the coolant system but unsure where it goes

Which engine do you have ? ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Have new radiator, water pump hoses, belts; system has been bled; experimented with bypassing the heater core; thermostat removed...car still overheats. Also, coolant goes to the overflow bottle, but often does not return to the radiator. Lately, have had to add coolant to radiator, but later it is low on coolant and must add more, even when overflow bottle is at proper level.

The reservoir,and,or,the tubing from the radiator,to the reservoir may have a pin hole in it,or the tubing is sucking together.Replace the tubing,and the radiator cap,and the reservoir top.See if it will work correctly.Fill reservoir,and radiator,and ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

I replaced a busted hose(goes into engine under alternator)in the coolant system in my 2000 leganza 2 weeks ago.Now one of the coolant hose going into or out of the heater core has busted.What could be causing these hose failures.Stuck thermostat? Water pump?

My daewoo 2001 gave me a lot of proplem now water coming from ander the batom i need a plase that work on daewoo ... Daewoo Leganza

I have a 2003 Kia Sedona and i am trying to get the A/C to work. It appears that the system is low on coolant. A gauge and fill hose connected to the"low" side indicates that. I have done this on Ford products and they draw the coolant (R134a) from the can into the system. The compressor kicks in and out until the se system nears reading full. I can not get the compressor to "kick in" on the Sedona. I have all controls set to max AC and have checked all related fuses... We recently had the alte

I have the same minivan and am having similiar a/c problems. Mine reads that it is over full but I had it done at a shop. The compressor works fine, well, I was told it did and that the machine they used to vacuum and frefill the coolant would have a ... 2003 Kia Sedona

I have 2003 Pontiac Aztek. Over the last two weeks the car keeps having overheating issues which is to say the temp gauge goes up and down and occasionally we get a hot coolant light. I have been careful to not run it in the red (shut it down right way). I have had the thermostat changed and the bled air out of the system. When it gets hot the top hose of the coolant system is very hot and the bottom is cold or luke warm. There does not appear to be any coolant in the oil and we do not

You have a bad head gasket. As the piston moves up and down in the cylinder, it creates pressure and when the air/fuel mix ignites creating more pressure to push the piston down the cylinder. The cylinder that has the weak or broken gasket seal from ... Pontiac Aztek

I have a 1995 EF FALCON. I have a constant battle with the cooling system. Loses coolant. I replace parts that fix the problem and not long after it is somethingh else. I have replace hoses, thermostsat, radiator, waterpump twice, coolant overflow container, the coolant level warning switch seperatley. The low coolant warning light has just come on again today. What could cause this to happen so regulary. Is it just a chain reaction of related parts. As far as i can tell there is no noticeable

Your vehicle is what...16 years old? Parts do not last forever. I can't see changing the pump twice unless the old one was defective. There is no reason to replace a pump unless it leaks or is noisy. OK, now the low coolant light is on. Is the coo ... Ford F

Coolant system, thermostat schematic engines runs cold heater runs very weak, temp gauge creeps up slowly on idle goes back to cold range when driving. I suspect thermostat is stuck in open position but I don't see the housing, at least not along the top hose, the bottom hose looks like it could be it, I'm just not sure.

Neither am i to be truthful ,but a lot of vehicles have the thermostat in a housing on the side of the block that the bottom connects to so yes you could be right here,a lot of VW vehicles have the stat in the bottom hose.temporary fixya solution is ... Mazda B2300

Running hot? I have a 2005 dodge neon. Flushed the coolant system,changed oil, replaced spark plugs/wires, thermostat, hoses,and now it runs hot but the gauge doesn't say hot? Ran fine before the tune up. Gauge goes up to the marker above the cold line but not further and then goes down when the fan/thermostat kicks in. What could be making it run hot? What could make the gauge not register hot when it is running/boiling over?

2 possible things. 1st(cheapest) you have air in cooling system. Need to burp it. 2nd(expensive) you may have blown head gasket. I tend to think air is in cooling system and your level is low. ... 2005 Dodge Neon SXT

My 2006 Pontiac Torrent cooling system was flushed. Then later experienced overheating and loss of heat. Heater hoses found leaking were replaced. Problem recurred. Cap was replaced and pressure is good. Thermostat was replaced but probelm persisted. Water pump was pulled but found to be normal. Coolant tested for hydrocarbons found normal and no compression loss. Heater core was bypassed and problem is even worse overheating in low rpms mostly but sometimes in higher. Eratic loss of he

Even if there were no hydrocarbons detected I am almost positive you have a bad head gasket.Usually the back head on the number one cylinder.Almost all the ones I have done with this exact problem has been the rear head and the number 1 cylinder.Hair ... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

I have a leak in the heating and cooling system on a part that i dont even know what its called it is located on the firewall looks like the smaller hose from the water pump comes in one side and another one goes to the exhaust manifold also looks like it has some kind of diaphram valve connected to it the car is old sobut has very low miles want to know if i will be able to find the part easy or if i can bypass it and run with no heat

It sounds like the heater core, thats where the hoses are going to and coming from. I would check for a leak under the dash as well. The heater core is a small radiator that allows the fan to blow and warm the air. A bypass is possible but would take ... 1989 Dodge Omni

How to bleed the coolant system on a nissan 2003 sentra. Overheating and heater will blow cold air after a km of driving and when making a right turn the guege will indicate overheating and goes back

... 1994 Nissan Sentra 4-Door

Coolant filling up overflow bottle and not returning Started intermittently No coolant leaks Changed Hoses Cap Thermostat Cooling system has always had good quality coolant and is clean inside (Checked for blockages and pressure tested by AAA radiators when they replaced hoses.) Start cold fill up coolant - drive - do not turn off - air inside radiator - top up - bubbles and foam coming up inside radiator - no coolant in the oil - no oil in radiator. PAJERO DIESEL 2800

You may need to ask AAA to put a radiator pressure tester on the resevoir bottle and pump it up to operating pressure(Pressure cap rating) and see if it over pressurises while it is running at operating temp,rev engine up and down and watch what the ... Mitsubishi Passenger

I have a 1995 buick skylark. There is a 1/2" hose that comes out of the fire wall on the passangers side of the car in the engine compartment. the hose is a 90 degree elbow and then just stops. There is coolant leaking out of this hose when I fill up the coolant system. What is it? and where is the rest of the hose.

That hose is to let the condensed water out of the box(from the AC system) If antifreeze is coming out there ,has to be a leak in the heater core. Hose is supposed to just direct the water to the ground,open on the end. ... 1995 Buick Skylark

I have a 1994 toyota camry v6, today my car boiled all the coolant out of the reservoir tank. I had a problem with disapearing coolant a few months back. I flushed the system tightened all the hoses and add a stop leak to the cooling system and refilled with coolant, the car ran great for a while. I never let the car over heat I could always tell when it needed coolant when I would hear the fans working extra hard to keep the car cool and when I turn the heat on full blast the temp would fall. I

Auto zone has a nice easy kit to ck head gakts or cracked head \012the fumes from the rad overflow tank Zoroaster rad-cap\012meeds to be sucked into a tube filled with chemical that changes color if it bad real easy to use good luck please re ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Coolant hoses I just had a coolant hose burst,it was a high preasure hose that goes between the aluminum block and a 1/4 " tube to the intake area. Where can I find hoses for this vehicle,as Id like to replace others too? Besides the Dealer...is it a good idea to get them from the Junk Yard?

Coolant hoses should NEVER come from the junlyard, if it is a hose that your local parts store can,t get, then the dealer or internet searches are your only options ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

Coolant leak i have a coolant leak on drivers side below the steering column but above the transmission. cannot find where leak is coming from but it is not the coolant hoses to the engine or the hoses to the transmission. it drips onto the top of the transmission. the leak is only outside and not inside the cab. i don't know if this is related however about 4 years ago my heater blew warm intermitantly and about last winter completely stopped blowing warm air please help asap

Coolant leak may be coming from intake manifold gaskets,4.3 is notorius for leaking coolant from behind the mainfold in those years ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

97 transport 3.4 engine- New radiator, thermostat,temperature sensor, water pump and new low coolant level sensor. Temperature guage goes to 260 degrees but engine does not over heat. Bled air from cooling system, serpentine belt is on correctly. At idle, temp. goes up to red, When driving or accelerating, temp. goes to a steady 190.No water in oil, no oil in water, no smoke and no leaks or loss of coolant. Help me as I am baffled.

Check the operation of the cooling fans at the radiator. While idling disconnect the coolant temp sensor at the top left (drivers side) of the engine. It will be a 2 wire connector near the thermostat housing. When disconnected the coolant fans shoul ... 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport

2002 hyundai elantra service engine soon light flashing. Engine runs rough most of the time but clears up completely occasionally. Radiator blew and was replaced only to have coolant bypass hose to blow within thirty minutes. Replaced this hose and the thermostat plus topped off coolant. After repair car idled for two hours and was Test driven for half an hour with no more issues. Allowed the car to rest and used a water hose to remove antifreeze and acorns from under the hood. Upon restart the

Check the spark plug wells for water. Remove the silver colored cover and remove plug wires to see. ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

I have a 97 88 and the shop put a resistor in the system but my security light still comes on. I did some digging around the internet and found that either a total bypass system needs to be installed or just put in a auto start. Would putting in a auto start work? or is there such a part or product to be purchased such as a system bypass module?

Not sure what the shop did, but the procedure at http://vats.likeabigdog.com/ usually works. Remote start will not work, as it has no inherent bypass. you can install a ... 1997 Oldsmobile 88

My 2002 Chevy Duramax is blowing coolant out the overflow hose. My temprateure never goes above 220 and my trans temp never goes above 200 but it seems that if they both reach those temps my truck blows out the coolant. If I am driving up a grade or pulling a trailer the temps will get to what I consider my "normal" temps but the truck will blow coolant and the temps never drop back down even when I have completed the incline. Once the temp gets to 200+ it just stays there. Is this a thermos

No, if it would have been it the engine would have badly overheated long ago. No, in your case it's almost surely the radiator - it's partially clogged with lime and the water flow isn't up to par.\012\012\012You will gonna have to flush the ra ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

97 transport 3.4 engine- New radiator, thermostat,temperature sensor, water pump and new low coolant level sensor. Temperature guage goes to 260 degrees but engine does not over heat. Bled air from cooling system, serpentine belt is on correctly. At idle, temp. goes up to red, When driving or accelerating, temp. goes to a steady 190.No water in oil, no oil in water, no smoke and no leaks or loss of coolant. Help me as I am baffled.

Are your cooling fans working? that will definately be a problem if not working. if they are working shut car off and feel the radiator is it the same temp all over or is it hot in only top or one smaller area. if you do not have same temp feeling ... 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport

I have a 2001 Saturn SL2 and need to know the part (the conncector/adapter to the engine rear side) that connects from the engine to coolant tank? The hose is the upper coolant expansion hose, but I need to know what is the part that connects this hose to the engine. 2nd- should I have to purchase another Intake Manifold, or just the small connector part? PLEASE! URGENT

The SATURN INTAKE MANIFOLD repair kit is on Ebay with a YouTube movie on how to install it.Great device.Check it out.Car Saturn. ... 2001 Saturn SL

How many gal of antifreeze should i put in the coolant system? I put 2 gal in as there was little left in the system. I went to drive the truck and within 15 min the truck was over heating. The antifreeze that came out of the reserve line froze to the frame. Did I not use enough antifreeze? Has had a coolant system change ie; new radiator, thermostat, water pump, hoses with in a couple of years. nothing appears to be leaking and all was fine until I put in the new antifreeze.

... 1989 Ford F 250

1993 cherokee limited 5.2 v8,runs hot when outside temp is over appx 68 degrees, runs 210 to 230 sometimes goes all the way to 260 resevoir boils over.no leaks in system, got a new 160 therm. 18 pd radiator cap, flused system,have anti-freeze,new top hose,clutch fan seems to be working,has resistence, when i turn it by hand,so it seems normal,engine runs good, and all over systems work,heater,fuel electrical ect., im baffled by this problem and im afraid to go long distences.I blew the top hose

Sounds like a bad water pump. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Issue with coolant system: Issue began after I had radiator shop in Sonora Ca. flush out system and replace thermostats as normal maint. and they put the t stats in wrong holes. I only noticed after they kept insisting that the truck was dumping coolant from air in the system and they kept bleeding it and kept showing me to do the same. I finally got fed up and purchased more thermostats from a factory dealer and upon replacing noticed the radiator shops error. After start of engine in morni

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