Having problems with your 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera ?

Dies after removing jumper cables

\015 We can jump start the car, it runs, but as soon as we disconnect the jumper cables the car dies. I've taken the alternator to Auto Zone and they say it's working but it's for a 4 cylinder and my car is a 6 cylinder. Does this make any sense?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

You need to check voltages and grounds to the alternator.
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If you have everything electrical shut off? You should be able to run it without the battery with the charge from the Alternator. Your alternator is bad. replace it. That is a test that mechanics do to test an alternator. They try a fully charged ba ... Chrysler Sebring

Car with new battery dies when jumper cables removed

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Dies after removing jumper cables

You need to check voltages and grounds to the alternator. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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Sounds like a dead Battery no longer chargable , have it tested if thats not the proble have your alternator tested, hope I helped. ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

My 07 ford F 150 all of a sudden will not start. Lost all electric and no crank. I attached jumper cables and boosted it right over no problem. But once cables were removed and about 10 seconds later the engine and all power dies immediately. It is a brand new battery also. Less than 2 weeks old.

It dosent mean you have a good battery just because its NEW but saying it is and then your Alternator isent putting out its power which at idle it should run at 13.5 volts and charge the battery by just sitting there ,,so turn on the Head lights and ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Car starts when hooked up with jumper cables. when the cables are removed the car dies shortly after. Volt light stays on.

Alternaotr is likely dead. i would remove and take it into the auto parts store with you. They can test it to make your decision to purcahse a new alt. more definative. If you need instructions let me know. ... Chevrolet Lumina

My 1994 buick regal will die with no regularity. when I boost it and remove any of the jumper cables it will die. Mechanic says alternator, battery and starter are good and the crank sensor is bad--what are the chances?

Odds are very good if once you remove the jumper cables it dies that it is the alternator. Once running, the car runs directly off the alternator so if it's quitting, it's a sign the alternator isn't puttling out enough amperage. ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

2003 Elantra-Car ran fine until my son's door was not complelety shut and battery died, jumped car, but once the jumper cables were removed the car dies. Thinking it was an electrical issue, check

Some alternators need battery voltage to stay running and after killing a battery if may not recover and you will need to replace it then i would check the fuses its posible that when first jumped the cable where on backwards ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

My car will start while being jumped, but dies immediately after removing the jumper cables. No lights and won't turn over at all. Completely dead unless connected to cables. Brand new battery installed.

Buy some new wires that goes to the battery and the car. That helps out a lot. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

No electrical power to the vehicle. The battery is Good. If the vechile is jup sarted it runs briefly. As soon as the jumper cables are removed the vehicle will die within 2 min. When it dies some of the warning lights flash, and the warning tone will stop when the brake pedal is depressed

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The battery died on my 2006 Acura MDX. I go to jump it and the alarm system goes off and cant be silenced unless I shut the car off and/or remove the jumper cables. Any ideas???

Hi margie... This happens because the alarm system is sensing that the car is being stolen. To override this function, hook up the jumper cables again and have the car's key fob in hand.. The horn will start to blow. As soon as it does, using the ke ... Acura MDX

Turned car off after driving it. car would not start. jump started the car. when jumper cables were removed, the car dies again. it is a 2006 ford focus

Your battery does not have enough stored power to keep the car running. The alternator may not be charging the battery. Best way to test is to overnight charge the battery on a low amp charge and load test it to see if the battery is still good. Th ... Ford Focus

I have a 2001 mercury cougar, the headlights were left on last night and the battery died. So when jumper cables were connected to the battery the alarm started to go off. The fuse was removed and put back in several times but the alarm keeps going off. Whats a way to fix this? i do not have a remote for the car.

You can probably pull the horn relay to kill the horn while you are working on the problem.With the battery connected to a jumper, try locking and unlocking the driver's door with the key. If that works, make sure the battery gets charged befor ... Cars & Trucks

Engine will start when using jumper cables but when removed the engine dies , also leaking water

The water leak will require hands on checking. As far as the stalling when the jumper is removed that is easy, you engine Alternator is defecive. ... 1991 Plymouth Voyager

I replaced the battery 3 weeks ago and everything has been fine. My wife drove around everywhere on Friday. She did not drive the van yesterday. It is now Sunday night. My wife went out ot start her van and it was dead. I attempted to jump it with her repair kit cables. The van wouldn't take the charge and I noticed the neg jumper cable was abnormally warm. I switched out the cables with my hvy duty cables. I got it started, but I again noticed the jumper cable was warm. I removed the jumper cab

Battery charge voltage should not exceed 14.5V when the alternator is charging.\015\012\015\012Your battery may be faulty- the high charging voltage you observed (15.5V) indicates :-\015\0121) a faulty battery- or poor connection du ... 1991 Ford Aerostar Extended

97 ford escort wont stay running after I remove the jumper cables is it the alternator ? or could it be something else ?

Replace your alternator murf427 ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Charging system car dies out, but when you recharge the battery it will run utill the battery goes daed again. I cranked the engine and removed the battery cable and the engine died. I removed the alternater and had it tseted it tested good. does it aregulator?

Have the alternator tested and the battery to see if you have a bad cell in it also checkout the drive belt too. ... Volkswagen New Beetle

Okay so i left my lights on the battery went dead no big deal. i called a friend to come jump me and the jumper cables got really hot and melted together, we put them on right and everything too. it was snowing lightly out so that could have been a problem. we got more jumper cables tried again but this time my car totally died no lights, turn over, nothing. there was a clicking sound but i couldnt figure out where it was coming from. We got it towed the next day and it would turnover but not st

If the car battery goes flat you must first reset the immobiliser BEFORE you turn the engine over,otherwise it will run then stop .the clicking noise is the starter solenoid trying to engage but not having enough power to kick in properly.reconnect t ... Volkswagen Beetle

My car will not start when i turn the key nothing happens. the radio and lights will not come on there is no response. But if i take a jumper cable and attach it to the positive post on the battery and then touch it to the top bolt of the starter and turn the key the entire car comes to life when you disconect the jumper cable the car stays running but as soon as you start to move the steering wheel the entire car dies. Could someone please tell me how to fix this problem

Sounds like a dead cell in the battery and the alternator and regulator are dead because of trying to charge it. I would start testing those parts first. ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 extended cab. The battery died after sitting for about a week, the battery was dead (battery is about 6 months old) . Hooked up jumper cables and iterior and dash lights came on. Turned the key and all lights went out. I heard a clicking sound from behind the dash near the steering column. Disconnected the jumper cables for a few minutes and all lights came back on. But, once again when I turned the ignition key, all lights went out. It's like tripping a

Check your terminals n make sure they are tight,also just because the battery is 6 mo. old dosen't it isn't already junk,check it too ... 2000 GMC Sierra

I have a 94 saturn sl a month ago my car died in an intersection i tryed to jump start it with jumper cables but when it started smoke was coming out of the engine back around the engine i ripped the cables off and the car died again leading me to think it was an alternator i replaced the alternator and my car was working good till a month later i was driving a long trip when the charging light came on and all electrical went dead before i was forced to pull over on the freeway could this probl

Could be a bad battery and alternator, the alternator should still be covered. But the battery will need to be replaced, and make sure there are no short in the electrical system. ... 1994 Saturn Sl

I have a 94 saturn sl a month ago my car died in an intersection i tryed to jump start it with jumper cables but when it started smoke was coming out of the engine back around the engine i ripped the cables off and the car died again leading me to think it was an alternator i replaced the alternator and my car was working good till a month later i was driving a long trip when the charging light came on and all electrical went dead before i was forced to pull over on the freeway could this proble

It is possible that you got a defective alternator, but it sounds like you have another problem. Of course, you should check that you have +12V on the field connection of the alternator as well as the battery terminal. I think a more likely explana ... 1994 Saturn Sl

Had to jumpstart car. Kills a few minutes after jumper cables are removed but will stay running as long as jumpers cables are on. Replaced alternator, still the same. 2001 Kia Sephia

Hi, check your stator and charge fuses.\015\012stator is powered by the 10 amp ECU fuse.\015\012charge is the 120 amp ALT fuse.\015\012Thanks for using FixYa.\015\012 ... 2001 Kia Sephia

Won't start My 2003 VW Beetle won't start. Used jumper cables yesterday and it started. This morning would not start. Tried jumper cables again to no avail. It would act like it was starting but then it would die. Please help. FYI-I had previously installed a baby monitoring system utilizing an invertor in one of the accessory plugs. Yesterday I had left it on by mistake. We thought that had drained the battery. After the battery had been "charged" we thought that had fixed the problem.

Probability high:Inverter drained your battery.A "jump" was sufficient to start the vehicle.After leaving the vehicle for X amount of time, you found it did not start ....because...............A: poten ... 2003 Volkswagen Beetle TDI


Fortunately, this is more than likely a faulty battery. Take the battery down and have it load tested. You will probably find that it has shorted internally. I highly doubt that it was caused by you(unless you hooked the battery up wrong, but that us ... Toyota Corolla
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