Having problems with your 1994 Oldsmobile 88 ?

1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royal- Intermittent shut down and no restart. I need major help on this one!

\015 Had a question for you, with the pass key systems used on the gm, I came across a thought and found some information about it. There have been cases where the wires that run from the controller that is behind the glove box to the key switch can break open causing a no/ intermittent start or loss of the fuel injector signal. I did check the signal, tossed the column up and down steer left to right ect, found no change at a constant 5volts. Wondering if you ever had this problem. I will go "ground hunting" and see what I come up with. Although I do have a person interested in the car and a did state there is a problem, still want it so maybe ill let it die. Although now, i really want to find out the problem. Thanks again.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Sorry so long to get back to ya..yes i have a lot of expierence in these. there several ways to fix it. 1st and hardest- thw wires that go bad are two white wires right behind the ignition lock cylinder itself. to repair it correctly you must disassemble the steering collumn and remove/replace the ignition CYLINDER with the pass key wiring attatched to it. 2nd you can bypass the cylinder if ya want to do it that way. check the resistance of the key on the pellet(black bump on the shaft), write the resistance down. go to the bottom of the steering collumn and find the two white wires wich sometimes have a third wire being a gound loop/shield. find the two wires in question by inserting the key into the ign. and matching the resistance of the key on two of these wires. should be the outside wires if a three wire set up.
\015\012cut the wires once you have found the wires for sure. go to radioshack and get an assortment of resistors. you need to match the resistance of the key with a combination of resistors that match the key resistance. Take your time to watch the scale on the meter wether it is reading k-1000= ohms or whole ohms. solder the resistors together and solder them inline with the two wires going to the theft deturant module and wha laa youv'e bypassed the ignition. 3rd- if you want to bypass the system all together then you have to pick up a 60hz generator and wire it onto the ecm. i can get you the pin# and generator info if ya need. i am not on here everyday so give me a little time to respond. good luck- you know where to find me ..scott
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1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royal- Intermittent shut down and no restart. I need major help on this one!

Well dan after 13 yrs at gm I have found a couple of these. one really got me. First I know it sounds funny but you need to pull the carpet back on the dr. and pass. side and check the ground splices as they are connected to every thing in the car fr ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royal- Intermittent shut down and no restart. I need major help on this one!

Sorry so long to get back to ya..yes i have a lot of expierence in these. there several ways to fix it. 1st and hardest- thw wires that go bad are two white wires right behind the ignition lock cylinder itself. to repair it correctly you must disasse ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

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I would check the ignition coil(s) and if they are ok then the next culprit would be an ignition control module. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

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Sounds like the tps sensor ...is there any warning lights on? ... 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

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Try a new PCM relay or swap the ABS and PCM relay temporarily. The push start is a good clue that the relay contacts may be pitted. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

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Hi Eason, The fuse which keeps blowing is the ECU fuse, which means the computer isn't working. That being so, the vehicle will will not start. The starter motor problem is separate and will need the starter relay or the solenoid replaced. The fact t ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 88 ford taurus.... and recently i've enountered a problem that i need help trouble shooting with.. i was driving on the high way and when i pulled off the off ramp and stoped at the light .. the engine began to go faint on me like it was running out of gas.. it did not fail to run until after the light turned green. i hit my gas peddle and the car acted like it ran out of gas.. it shut down... i could manage to restart it at that point, park it, then restart it again after 15 minutes..

It sounds like there is a good chance that either your fuel filter is getting clogged or your fuel pump might be worn or faulty. The first thing to do is check the fuel pressure. If it is OK then you should check to see if it has spark. I ... 1988 Ford Taurus

Please help i am needing a 94 thunderbird relay diagram,,,,my fan stoped working and i was told i need to check my relay switches,,,but it says on the little box to see owners manual and mine has been misplaced,,,so i have no clue what one i would need,,,i need a diagram to show me what one is what and the numbers so i can buy one,,,,im talking about the little black box thats right above the battery,,,,i hope thats what the relay thing is,,,i hope u can help me,,,lol,,,im sure i sound crazy,,,l

The motors typically go bad, not the relay ... 1994 Ford Thunderbird

My 1998 Honda Odyssey shuts off while driving, everything turns off. I try to restart it and it cranks then turn off...after like the sixth time it turns. then back to normal. its been doing it for awhile.. no clue, I changed my Distributor, Cap & rotor. spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump, can't figure it out.. NEED HELP!!!!

Did you check the starter? ... 1998 Honda Odyssey

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DTC P0507 ISC SYSTEM PFP:23781\015\012Description EBS00C2G\015\012NOTE: If DTC P0507 is displayed with other DTC, first perform the trouble diagnosis for the other DTC.\015\012The ECM controls the engine idl ... Nissan Sentra

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It would be best if you took it to a dealer and left a mechanic take it home over night,that way he can have the Chrysler drb hooked up when the problem presents its self. ... 1999 Dodge Durango

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Hi\015\012It means that there is a malfunction in your anti-lock brake system(ABS). Your abs is shutoff by your computer until the repair is made. you have regular brakes until the repair is made. Usually it is metal shavings ... Nissan Maxima

Do you need special steering fluid and is the holder marked? I have a 1997 4d automatic transmission Have had the car for 10 yrs no major problems but it has no manual where can i download one for free thanks for any help

You use power steering fluid in there. (older vehicles could use trans fluid but it's no longer OK) Reservoir should be marked or you can follow the hoses from the pump and one of them will lead you to it. ... 1997 Toyota Corolla

Hi, i have a W reg mazda premacy 2.0 turbo diesel, intermittion non start! vehicle turns over but won't fire! no fuel out off pump or power at glow plus! i think i need a wiring diagram can any one help?? thanks

Sounds like the immobiliser is trying to tell you something....remote batteries? key left ontop of microwave oven(like mine)? try reseting system ... 2004 Mazda MPV

Sunroof on 1990sr5 hilux wont open and shut with motor something has let go motor and cable still working i need to find a break down diagram of the workings of it to see what part has broken so i can get one i think its just a plastic clip that attaches the sunroof to the cable.any help would be great.

... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

My intermittent windshields wipers on my 2003 olds aurora 4.0 can't stop goin on and on..i try to stop it but turning the lever off but nothing happen..it even keep wiping when the car is off..some opinion say its the on/off switch that is going bad.i'm suspecting the moisture sensor going nut but .i dont know i need somebody to pint me in the right direction to avoid crazy dealer expenses for dignostics..please you are the oldsmobile expert..help me.

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