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1994 nissan pathfinder, stalls out of the blue. New neutral safety switch and adjusted to a perfect point where starts in park and neutral. Car will just begin to run a little rough, sometimes when co

\015 Just replaced timeing belt, full distibuter, plugs, wires, cap, etc.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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How bout the fuel filter and pump sounds like a fuel delivery problem
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1994 nissan pathfinder, stalls out of the blue. New neutral safety switch and adjusted to a perfect point where starts in park and neutral. Car will just begin to run a little rough, sometimes when co

How bout the fuel filter and pump sounds like a fuel delivery problem ... 1994 Nissan Pathfinder

I recently bought a 1993 Lexus SC 400 a month ago. The car ran fine. Then it started running rough. At start up it still runs fine. Once it reaches operating temperature the engine idle fluctuates and when put into park or neutral the rpm jumps up. At the same time black exhaust come out and smells like raw fuel. When you step on the gas pedal the engine bogs down and wants to stall. At this point, if you put it in gear the car stalls. After the car sits for a while, it starts up and runs fine u

Well as to what you'r describing above, if there is indeed black smoke and raw fuel smell then you vehicle is running rich. That means that insead of having the perfect 14.7 mixture of fuel and air, your engine is burning more fuel then air. The prob ... 1992 Lexus Sc 400

I have a '94 accord LX 5-speed with 111k miles. When I drive above around 70ish mph, the car starts to run a little rough, it begins to shake a little. There is no CEL light on and the oil was just changed. It seems to run fine under 70 mph and at various RPM's. It does seem to idle slightly rough lately, but NOT badly. The temperature gague is not reading hot when this problem occurs. This car seems like it may have sat around for a while before I got it. Thanks to anyone that can help/ reads

Seem like you need to have at-least the two front tires high speed balanced. This shaking at high speed is most likely due to the tire being out of balanced. Good luck and thanks for us ... 1994 Honda Accord


... Chevrolet Camaro

My 2003 Camry starts slowly. It started having this problem a few months ago, and sometimes it has a rough idle when the A/C is on. I had the 90K service performed in June. In July the car wouldn?t start, I replaced the battery and it seemed to fix the problem. Until now. It?s starting slowly again. Sometimes if I haven?t run it very long and stop and re-start it sounds like it won?t turn over so I?ll give it a little gas and it does the trick. I never used to have to give it gas. Just turn the

... 2003 Toyota Camry

My buick Century (2000) is running ragged and rough.. (Started sunday) and the Service Engine light is FLASHING!!! --Service Engine light has been on, but it has never flashed. I notice when i speed up a little bit--the car seems to run better but when I slow down or begin to take off you can hear that sound much more noticeable..and the roughness seem to vanishes after it has pick up speed.. I have change the wires, plugs, and the one of the coil packs (3*6)..It is still not running like it sh

... Buick Cars & Trucks

My 1997 Plymouth Breeze has a very loud screeching sound when I put it in Park or in Neutral. When I put it in gear it quits making the sound. when left in park it blows the fuse to the starter. I turn the car off right away and it will start right up again without the noise. Only after I run in gear and put it in park or neutral the noise returns. Note I did change the fluid and pan, gasket and filter on the transmission a little over a month ago. Thanks for any suggestions or advice you may ha

Im hoping this is only a loose drive belt ck the belt tension by moving it up and down you should only have 1/4 play on the belt more than that you belt is loose ... 1997 Plymouth Breeze

I too have had issues with the elusive trans plug. Unfortunetly i think the previous owner did not change the fluid. I noticed my car running rough and found out the fluid was dangerously low. After I had it filled, it has run much better since. My car runs failry well but i fear the trans has been slightly damaged. It locks into gear a little hard sometimes and doesnt shift as smooth as it should, espeacially when i first start to drive it. What do you think the damage is and how much do yo


Missfire This car has a bad miss when first started when cold. It idles rough and sometimes dies, surging up and down. After it runs a while it clears out and idles up at a normal rate. Then I will start to feel a little miss, and the idle gets low going down the road and it loses power. It always starts back up and goes on. It has 188000 miles, new plugs, air filter, fuel filter and fuel injection cleaner run through. The check Engine light has flashed on and off for a year or more. Do you have

Locate you computer (right front kick panel) and tap on it with a pen while the car idles... Also flex it back and forth with your hands to see if the car runs rough or quits... You may need a new one. ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Engine runs perfectly but dies suddenly while driving. No trouble codes stored. No check engine light. Sometimes it will start back after a few seconds, while still coasting, by shifting to neutral and turning key. Other times it will start after a few minutes, sometimes half an hour. The problem went away during the cool months, but is now back with a vengeance. This is a 1999 Buick Regal 3.8 liter with a little over a hundred thousand miles. Started acting up last summer. The car is well maint

U need to go with a good car technision ... Buick Regal

Hi I have a 2000 MX5 Miata lefthand drive car. I has a problem with the CEL coming on occasionally and sometimes when you have been driving the car and start it again it runs really rough like it has very little power. It sounds a bit like a tractor and has very little power and hard to keep going feels like it is going to die on me all the time. After a while it or when you stop it again it seems to come right again until next time.

Check Engine Light is turned one when the engine control module detects a fault in the ECM system - usually in the emissions system. One or more diagnostic codes will be stored in the engine module and these codes are the information you must use use ... 2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata

On my 89 Park Ave the gas filter has been replaced because it needed to but that did not solve the problem. The car runs good when its cold but around 4 or 5 miles the engine is sputtering and cuts off when I come to a stop unless I ride the brake or put it in neutral and sometimes it will cut of at 30 mph if I let up off the gas. It starts up ---no problem. I know that the wire to the coil has some carbon on it but would that cause it to run erratically. The car has 75,000 miles. My mechanic j

Hi, if the car runs fine while driving and cuts off ONLY when you are idling (foot completely off the gas pedal and RPM's at idle speed) then your idle air control valve my need adjusting or need to be replaced, or idle air ... Buick Park Avenue

95 Camaro 3.4l starts great runs really rough. So you turn it off put it in neutral and then its runs fine. Sometimes you have to do it more than once. But the kicker is you have to open a door to cut all power to the car (radio stays on for ten minutes after you turn car off if you don't open door.) What would cause this to happen????

Replace the gear selection switch on the transmission ,it is on the shift shaft. ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Sometimes when you put the car in park it doesn't always lock in gear. the will make a tick,tick,tick sound as if the teeth are trying to catch but not quite. must use the parking brake always. car also must be started in neutral sometimes. alway will start in neutral and sometimes but not always in park.

Check Park lock , probably needs replacement or adjustment ... 1992 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 300 Class

Emissions I have a 1999 Acura 3.2 TL . my idle seems to go up and down, hanging around 1000 to 3000 rpm at times and sometimes the car will shut off when the car is in park. I changed out the map sensor, due to hooking up a code reader that said that code was aa possible cause to the problem. Yet the same condition came back again. When i drive my car it does seem to run a little rough than normal and before i changed out the map sensor, the car would shut off on me while in bumper to bumper tra

Try fuel system cleaner clean air filter then if that doesnt work check the throttle body and make sure its clean check the idle air motor it is what helps the vehicle start in the cold its on the throttle body and then give a tune up ... 1999 Acura TL

Enissions I have a 1999 Acura 3.2 TL . my idle seems to go up and down, hanging around 1000 to 3000 rpm at times and sometimes the car will shut off when the car is in park. I changed out the map sensor, due to hooking up a code reader that said that code was aa possible cause to the problem. Yet the same condition came back again. When i drive my car it does seem to run a little rough than normal and before i changed out the map sensor, the car would shut off on me while in bumper to bumper tra

It sounds like an intake gasket leak, buy some carb spray and spray around the top of the eng. if a leak is present the engine will change tone. ... 1999 Acura TL

The car runs fine when it starts. But when it has a hard time with starting. The whole system shuts down, all warning lights come on and panel does not operated properly. Then car starts running rough, gear shift lights go off. But warning lights are still on. However the car starts studdering and acting like no gas is getting into the system. The other day the car would not go into parking once I returned home. Finally after trying to get car in park for one hour, my son disconnect the batter

I would first have the computer checked for trouble codes AFTER the problem occurs.It will be very difficult for a mechanic to fix if the problem can not be duplicated. ... 2000 Volvo S80

I have a 1997 Pontiac sunfire 2.2 engine, I replaced the sub frame and the car was laid up for about a month now when I start it, it sometimes stalls, I did have a code coming up po171 ( system running to lean) still on with a yellow light I changed maf or map sensor, fuel filter, now when I drive it ,say for about 15-20 mins, shut it off and start it again it starts idling rough so I gave it a little gas and it quits then a code of p0335 came on the last time it fell on it's face which is crank

Why was the sub frame replaced was the car in a wreck? i would check and see if any grounds were left off or broken.next test for a vacuum leak at intake. and or vac. hoses installed incorrectly.if you have a large library in your town you can look u ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

I recently purchased a used 03 cadillac cts with 90k miles. It was running fine, smooth idle, even with the AC turned on. Then I had the timing belt and water pump replaced. When I got the car back, I was at a light with the AC on and it felt like the car was going to turn off. The rpms started bouncing from 600 to 700. Very rough idle, to the point you can feel it in the seat and shifter. Same problem in park and neutral. I have had it to two cadillac dealerships in NC, and neither can figure i

It sounds like you may have bad plugs or wires However if they changed the timing chain I would be very concerned that it is doing what your saying, I would suggest you take it to an independent shop that is ASE certified and has the scanners t ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Engine Trouble Just got my truck back for my mechanic, with re manufactured engine from Jasper. It has run good for a week, then all of a sudden it started running rough, like water in fuel. While in park or neutral it idles fine and revs great, but when I put it in gear the problems begin. I just put ''HEAT'' to dry any water out in the gas and also changed the fuel filter. After doing that now the motor doesn't want to spin over and the battery is good

Time to unbolt torque converter, and see if it will spin over better? ... 1981 Ford F 100

I have a 83' lincoln Mark 6 with a 302 V8 and a 2 Barrel thottlebody. My condion is When I start the engine idles high and then drops to a low idle when it warms up and then it runs rough surging high and low until I place it Drive and then it smoothes out and sometimes stalls in Drive. This surging rough ilde only happens in Park and Neutral. What is my cause and correction?

Put a throttle position sensor on the throttle boby this should fix the problem! ... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

My 2000 Mitsubishi Galant starts hard and idles rough. Sometimes it almost dies when just starting in the morning or randomly when I'm going slow in a parking lot. It also acts like it's not getting a steady flow of fuel when it's going up and down hills. It kind of chugs. The check engine light is on constantly now. It used to turn off and on. It also sounds kind of like a unlubricated gear or belt or something when idling. It usually runs a lot smoother in neutral at stop signs.

Hi there,\015\012\015\012Your vehicle's computer will reveal the problem/s, if you're willing to access it.\015\012\015\012You can do this by locating the Datalink connector (found under the dash, above your knee) which looks ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

1998 Toyota Corolla, automatic. I have trouble starting my car. When the key is engaged to the start position sometimes I just get a click. I have checked the battery w/ a hydrometer and have cleaned the battery terminals. Sometimes, if I jiggle the automatic gear shift while in Park the car will start. 1) Does the car have a neutral safety switch and if so, where is it located and what's the easiest way to replace it? 2) Are the ignition switch and the neutral safety switch the same thing

\012I tried to find a \012Toyota Corolla \012Wiring Diagram 1998 | If you go to your library y ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

Hello to start with thank you for your help i bought this car and it was not running i was told the car ran fine and one day started to stumble and next day it wouldnt start and thats when i got the car i put cap rotor wires plugs and it starts now but runs realy rough but when try to put the car in gear it will not go anywhere it just bogs out like its not getting gas if you unplug the maf it runs a little better but still dont have any power i did a fuel pressure test and had 37-38psi at idle

... 1998 Volvo V70

1996 jeep grand Cherokee lerado, straight 6 cyl 4.0 l, auto, a/c, 2wd. the car sporadically loses spark. sometimes it won't start, sometimes it will start and run and die out and repeat this several times and will usually run ok after several of these cycles. sometimes it will die and not start back up for an hour of continuous trying and then it will start and run ok. sometimes it will die while driving and fire back up on it's own while coasting and other times you have to pop it in neutral an

I can not see the advise that was given by someone else, that is how this site works. Any way, what did you check from the advice given? Have to checked for DTC??? I would suspect the ignition coil at this point. How many miles are on the Jeep? ... Jeep Grand Cherokee
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