Having problems with your 1994 Mercedes-Benz S-Class ?

Car runs then stops unexpectanly

\015 Will start then sputter off or may run ok for awhile cut off then run again after the car sits\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Ck thermostat - cooling system may have air in it - what service did you most recently have performed?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1994 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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I have a 2003 Buick Park Avenue with 114000 miles. I had a tune up 1,000 miles ago. When I start the car in the morning every thing runs fine, starts good every time. I drive for .7 to 1 mile and the car stops dead when I slow down or stop. Car starts fine and runs very good for about a mile then the tachometer drops down to stop but the engine catches and runs OK till I stop. If I slowed down or was stopped the car engine would stop dead. After not running for a few hours it does the same thing

... 2003 Buick Park Avenue

Car runs then stops unexpectanly

Ck thermostat - cooling system may have air in it - what service did you most recently have performed? ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Car starts up and runs with no problem. After engine warms up the car will stop running when I have to stop at stop sign or even just stopping for taffic. I can put the car in neutal and it will start right up, but when I put it in gear it stops. 1999 Ford Taurus SE

Hello rgoltz.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012If your check engine light isn't on, the first place I would look is to \015\012make sure the throttle body is clean around the area of the throttle \015\012plate.\015\012\015\012A certai ... Ford Taurus

Abnormal idle Hi I need help with my car, everytime I refuel my car and then run a few blocks the idle change and go up to 900rpm, so I need to stop and turn off the engine to keep the idle back to its normal state, because if I keep on running the "service engine soon" light will come on, or if i run and then stop and keep the the car in idle for about 10 minutes and run again a few blocks it cause the same problem, please help me.

Cahnge ur fuel cap it pressurezes the fuel system when the cap fails it can cause this ... 2003 GMC Envoy

My friends car will run fine when it is first turned on. when it runs for awhile if she comes to a complete stop the car will shut off. the car will start on the first turn of the key and run but if she shifts it into gear it shuts off. this will happen several times until in stays running but will shut off at next stop


2005 ion-2/ check gas cap light came on.... I stopped the car(still running) removed the gas cap & tightened it back on. When I got in the car the gas cap message was off but the engine light was on. drove for a little while(car acting normally) then stopped & shut the car off for a few minutes. Turned the car back on...Engine light still on. Help.... Car is running normally...accelleration is ok. What is possible problem or Sollution? Thanks for your time. Marc

When you remove the cap it set an evap code nothing to worry about. take it to a garage and have the code removed. ... 2005 Saturn ION

Car in park idles fine, when driving seems ok. notice engine run a litttle rough when slowing down to stop. The car only has 84000 kilometers.when stopped idle drops below 500 rpm. not always . when it does act up it engine runs rough. I have taken car then out of gear and back into gear and the engine idles back close to normal but with engine slightly running rough. I have noticed that my gas milage has dropped slightly as well.

... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

On the way home from vacation ( car had been running for 4hours -- we got caught in traffic -- stopped for 25 minutes with the car running/ and AC -- we stopped at rest stop 2 minutes after traffic began to move-- car was off for 10 minutes-- when we started it again -- it was very rough and was likeit was not getting enough gas -- we waited 30 minutes and it started and ran well enought ot drive 1 more hour -- hit traffic and had to slow down -- it virutally died agian --gas had little o

The three things your vehicle needs is spark fuel and air. so check to see if all your wires are getting good spark. now for the air you have the air filter then right behind it you have your mass airflow sensor then you will follow the air induction ... 2001 Chevrolet Suburban

Starting problems when cars has stopped for a few hours. Car starts and stops after a 2 seconds. After a couple of times it keeps running. If you start driving no problem at all. In the winter i had another remarable issue: The temeperature of the coolant rises to maximum and the cars says: stop the engine. The temeperature decreases directly and motor is running fine.

Mcdevito75 here, The temperature riseing to max the cooling off fast, could be a stuck thermostat of the fan switch for the radiator could be faulty. The hard start after a few hours could be a dirty gas filter. Bset Bet, have your local auto repair ... 2006 Fiat Pininfarina

Car occasionally dies while @ idle speed (like @ a stop light) mainly just runs sluggish but has died a couple times, and restarted with no problem....I found if I hold foot on gas pedal slightly while applying brake at a stop then it will stay running, because if I just put it in neutral at a stop then that's when it dies....other than this car runs fine at normal operating speeds on expressways, in-town roads, but as soon as I put it in park it does it as well. Some one said idle switch, or id

... 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Gauges stop working, car keeps running fine. Air conditioner stops working, engine keeps running. To fix both problems I stop the car, turn the key off, restart. Everything works fine. I have to do this every time I start the car. Suspect computer. Where is computer, how many computers, best way to remove and replace computer..

... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

Car sputtered and stopped running then wouldn't start. Tried again three hours later; it started and ran fine (seemingly). We drove approximately 80 miles with no problems. When I started the car back up it sputtered and stopped running. I attempted to start the car again. It turned over but would not start. Three hours later I tried again and it started right up. I watched as it drove off (someone else drove back) and a little white smoke came from the exhaust but it stopped and ran normally f

O2 censers tell the ecm if u are burning lean or rich,,so it can correct it by telling the injectors to add more or less fuel,,, ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2004 Kia Optima 4-cyl w/AT. I was driving about an hour ago. The car was running fine and I made a left turn. All at once the car started running rough. Then the check engine light came on, but would go off if I left off the gas (although the engine still ran rough). A minute or so later I stopped at a stop sign. I turned the car off and cranked it up again. Still ran rough, and now the light stays on. Could this be a simple fix? About 64,000 miles on the car.

1. First time you can try this simple procedure: \015\0121.1. Ensure ignition switched OFF. 1.2. Wait for at least 3 minutes. \015\0121.3. Disconnect battery earth lead for at least 10 minutes. 1.4. Rec ... Kia Optima

My 1999 Alero has been stopping, especially while idling at a stop light. As long as the car is in perpetual motion, it runs relatively fine. When it stops, the engine oil light and the batter light come on. All that I have to do is restart the car and it runs until it stops again. Do you have any idea what the issue could be?

You don't have right AIR: GAS ratio of 14.6:1 at idle. If you don't have idle adjustment, you need to have throttle valve clean.If it doesn't work, then your Fuel Distributor is drifting out of calibration.Don't worry about check engine l ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

My 1999 Intrepid blows blue oil exhaust after I take off from a stop sign or stop light. Seems to be worse after the engine gets warm. The car has 137,000 miles on it, and my husband thinks there is no alternative to fix it other than major engine work. It's embarrassing - but the car seems to run fine. Approximately what is entailed in fixing this, and how much is it likely to cost me? I need to keep this car running for another 2 years! Thanks.

Blue smoke always means oil burning, place cardboard under your car at night probably entire engine area, it will steer you into the right direction, with it smoking it has been working extra hard in that area, so look forward to replacing something ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

2003 Jetta car will start and run for a few days, then all of a sudden, it stops running. It also seems to drain the battery. I replaced the battery twice with a brand new battery. I pulled the alternator and took it to advanced auto and they test it on the bench. It was working good. When this initially started, I was driving and the dash lights all blinked a few times and then the car stopped running. After we jumped the battery, it ran fine for a few days. The weather has be cold as

Not to disparage Advanced Auto, but you should check it yourself with a voltage meter-when the car is running, voltage should be over 14 volts, measure it at the battery posts AND at the reat post on the alternator-the readings should be within .02 v ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

My range rover 1996 model with a milage of 55000km, gave me a problem of the engine stopping to run after starting and running for 15min, when it stops running the car can not be started again until after 30min at times until the following day. I wonder what can be the problem please help me I like my car. Resently I took it to the experts who deal with the range rover and I was told everything seems to be fine on wires apart from the key that shows a problem on the computer.

If they told you the actual error codes you would have gotten a more precise idea what went wrong and why. Without them all i can do is to make an educated deduction: from what you described that looks like a bad connection on the ECM so their diagno ... 1996 Land Rover Range Rover

1994 Chrysler LHS, car starts and runs fine but then the speedometor will start bouncing from 0-120 even when you are stopped, that makes the car start to have a miss and not run right. When you first start the car the windshield wipers will come on for a few swipes and stop in the middle even though the switch is off.

Welcome to FIxYa.com\015\012\015\012 \015\012there is an electrical problem behind the instrument cluster. as far as the speedo --do you have a check engine light come on when engine stumbles? ... 1994 Chrysler LHS

We have replaced battery in car while driving and then comming to a stop it shuts off. Put in park then restart it runs stop again it stops again. What could this be? Car was running fine before.

Check your alternator. Get a Voltmeter and test voltage at the battery with the vehicle running. It should be about 13 or 13.5 volts. Then check it at the alternator. It will be the red cable at the back of the alternator (the side not by the belt) I ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

Describe your 1988 buick park avenue electra fuse Problem: My car would not start after running many stop and go errands. It would not turn over at all or crank. After it was jumped with the other car running for awhile attached to my battery, it started and has not stopped. I found later that my lighter for my charger has pieces of my phone charger in it. So I wondered if the charger was possibly still charging causing the battery to run down. or because of that error, it trip a fuse in t

... 1988 Buick Electra

2000 Daewoo just stop running in middle of road. When turning key sounds like fan turns but engine does not turn over. Just before stopping made a very loud noise as if something was hammering under the hood. Car did not indicate getting hot. Dummie lights came on: check engine, oil and battery lite up and then car stopped running. Had injector fluid sprayed in to carb and nothing happen when key was turned.Has only 56,ooo.oo miles. Prior had problems of over heating, new thermostat put on and f

It sounds like the Timing Belt has broken causing major and expensive engine damage. Have it checked out by a mechanic to confirm this. ... 2000 Daewoo Leganza

Transmission shudder My 1993 Honda accord anniversary edition transmission "shudders" when I start accelerating at any speed i.e. freeway stop and go traffic, then runs smoothly. If I accelerate rapidly the "shuddering" does not occur. Sometimes the D4 light flashes and the car will not go at all. If I turn the engine off and then restart, the D4 light goes out and the car runs again but still has the slight "shudder" upon acceleration. A couple of times the car would not start after I stopped f

I had a similar problem on my 93 Accord after I accidentally threw the car in reverse at 50 mph, obviously wrecking the transmission. When I got it rebuilt I was told the transmission pump was to blame (clogged with "shrapnel"). I, and your car manua ... 1993 Honda Accord

1994 S10 Chevy Blazer 4x4 w/4.3 Vortec engine stops after 6 minutes. Car runs 6 minutes then stops. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, temperature and spark ignition all good. Fuel injectors not energized. Exhaust coming out of exhaust pipe when running. Service engine soon light doesn't come on. Wait half hour, car will restart for 6 minutes, then stop again. Changed ECM and still has same problem. Do you think ECM, PROM or sensor problem?

... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer


... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2001 325ci BMW that I replaced the cam sensors on 2 weeks ago, with BMW parts. The car has been running fine all together. Today however I was driving everything was going fine and stopped for construction. The car was running while at a stop but when I tried to pull away it lost all power and stalled. I tried restarting several times. The engine would start run at about 800rpm but when I would apply the throttle it would die. If i feathered the throttle i could keep it at about 800rpm

Hi I'm litoshop that sounds like the fuel pump by removing the back seat and the insulation on the floor you'll see a cover remove the cover and your going to see fuel tank and fuel pump cover before removing turn car on and listen if you hear the pu ... 1996 BMW 318
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