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My mercedes e250 ,1998.start and drive but alarm is went off

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My mercedes e250 ,1998.start and drive but alarm is went off

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My s class 2004 mercedes wont lock. I try to lock it from the inside, it doesn't work. I press the remote, the light flashes, but it doesn't lock. When I drive; the doors doesn't lock like usual. The trunk wont pop open. The problem seemed to start there. I can only open trunk with key. The alarm went off when I opened the door. Is it a fuse?

Hi, if any doors, boot or bonnet is open it will not lock. there are SWITCHES that has to be set.for the system to recognize it is closed. please check all openings even windows. ONLY DO THIS IF.if the BATTERY HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF OR BATTERY HAS BEEN D ... 2004 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz S Class

2003 Saturn L200 (153,000 miles) 1. Gas gauge occasionally fluctuates between empty and full while driving for no apparent reason at the same time the car alarm light flashes. 2. Sitting at a light idling, put car in park and car alarm went off, could not get it out of park (no, I did not accidentally hit the alarm, yes I tried to shut off the alarm). 1 hour later (after towed) put it in drive, no problems except odometer jumped from 153,000 to 910,000 miles. 3. Went from 20+ mpg city down to

Take it to Oreilly and have them test your battery might want to have them check the alternator as well. I had similar problems and apperantly my battery was good enough to start the car, but not to maintain all the fancy electronics ... 2001 Saturn L-Series

1989 300e. The anti theft alarm went off while driving the car now the engine won't start. We shut the car off and locked and unlucked the doors several times. The alarm reset and we began driving again. A few minutes later it went off again. We repeated the above steps. Now the engine won't crank and every now and then the door locks try to lock on its own and the marker lights will flash about twice and hour. We tried disconnecting the battery and alarm module and letting is set. We hooked eve

This is the problem due to your anti theft alarm system. You have not mentioned which brand of anti-theft alarm system you have? Anyhow, most of the systems have a reset switch inside the kit, open the kit and on the main board, u will find the reset ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

Driving today and was making a left to enter onto the highway. I head my audible alarm to check gauges and then notice my oil guage dropped low and then went back up after a I eased off the gas. I was about t pull over and then it went down again and then went back up. Eveytime it went down the audible alarm would sound. I notice once I was leave my foot off the gas is would then rise back up and then at about 20 seconds go down again. I drove all the way home as I did not hear any rattles , clu

Did you check the engine oil level? A fluctuation in oil pressure is most often caused by low oil levels in the engine. First, make sure the oil is filled to the correct level on the dipstick. I shouldn't have to say this but just to make sure I'm cl ... Dodge Pickup

Okay I got in my car and when I was driving my theft light came on, and when I stopped and went to get out of my car, the alarm went off, so I disconnected something and my dome light and cd player don't work now. But when I connect the thing again the alarm starts up. How do I shut the alarm off for good? and without disconnecting my dome light and cd player.

If it's after market, just disconnect the power source. If it's factory, good luck! You might verify when you lock with the key, you unlock with the key. Don't reach through the window and unlock. (if window is down!)A lot of cars are integrati ... 1999 Ford Escort

The battery for my honda civic type - r went flat and when i put a new one in the alarm went off so i tryed to sync the keys to the car ( it tuns the alarm off and u can drive it but once u lock the doors with the key as the buttons on the fog dont lock it the alarm goes off again once to try to open it, help!!!

... 2005 Honda Civic

Have a 1996 Volvo 850... left the light on and drained battery... nothing worked except that: I jumped car and noticed that alarm went off and I actually did the above and took neg. lead off then alarm went off then I put neg. lead back on and then started the car with the jump... it took about a minute of the engine barely turning over to get car to start... then I took it for a 10 min. test drive and then turned car off... then same thing happened... then I did same charging procedure with sa

Sounds like you need a new battery, also have the alternater checked. as far as the alarm, you should be able to disarm the system by locking and unlocking the passengers door, then the drivers door with the key, when the door are closed ... 1996 Volvo 850

I recently replace the battery in my 2005 Ford Mustang GT. After I installed the new battery the green light for my dealer installed alarm keeps flashing even when I am driving the car. I went to the dealer and asked how to reset the alarm so it wouldn’t keep flashing when it was turned off and while I was driving the car. The Tech told me to push the button under the dash and the green light should also be a button and to push it at the same time. I told him the green light is not a button, on

... 2005 Ford Mustang

I recently purchased a used 95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible. I believe there is 2 separate problems. The alarm has gone off twice for no reason and one time the parking lights were flashing for no reason. Is there a way to disconnect this factory installed alarm? Recently car would not start, would turn over but wouldn't start...after it sat a few hours I went out and it started. I started to drive a few blocks and the car shut off while driving down the road. I scanned the engine and found co

... 1995 Chrysler LeBaron

My 2004 C240's alarm has been going off for no reason and today while driving to work it went off while i was driving. I came out for lunch break and the outside lights and interior dome light was on. The alarm will disarm and everything seems fine. When i rearm it that's when it begins to act funny again. What should i do? Thanks

... 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sedan

2001 Toyota MR2 alarm went off while I was driving.

... 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder

My 2004 honda oddessy - i hit the panic button on key chain on accident. could not get it to shut off, had to drive away. it finally stopped beeping, but a flashing red light on the dashboard kept flashing - a button I ahve never seen flash or light. Got the car home and in park and it went nuts with panic alarm again. There is no alarm on van for security. the panic alarm has stopped, but flashing red light is still blinking. worried this will eat up my battery. please help.

... 2004 Honda Odyssey

Mitsubishi lancer gsr 1992 has no power whatsoever. Car will not start when turning tthe key. Battery is not flat. Alarm not going either. It happened as I had just started to drive in first gear. The car just stalled and the alarm went off. Could only turn alarm off with key. Now nothing going at all. Was told it might be a fuse that has blown. Have checked all of the fuses and they are all fine. However I was told that there should be a 60 amp fuse but could not locate it. Any ideas?

... Mitsubishi Lancer

After recharging battery on my 1992 Mercedes e300 24V W124 the alarm fob does not reset the alarm and the car is steanded on the drive. I cannot isolate the alarm unit as the Security key foir it is missing. The Key Fob has a good battery and appears to be sending a signal out. Is there a reset procedure that needs to be followed after disconecting battery ?

... 1992 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 300 Class

Changed the battery. The alarm went off, tried to reset but will not work. When driving push on the brakes and the car shut down. Is this an alarm issue or an electrical engine issue. Don't know what to do. Tried the reset button but not sure if I reset the alarm right. Any suggestions?

Yes this is an Alarm issue that's why your vehicle is shutting down as soon as you press on the brake pedal. Is this an aftermarket alarm or stock alarm? Sounds like aftermarket alarm to me and if it is, the way fix this issue is as soon as you put ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Our 2002 volvo s60 alarm (sounds like a bird half-chirping) will go off intermittently. Also parking lights flash when it goes off sometimes. We have 3 differrent remotes at tried locking with all 3. Alarm went off today when using key to lock door. Usually alarm quits when un-locking car but today it sounded off for a couple of minutes of driving.

... 2002 Volvo S60

My tach does not work. What should I look for to repair it. How does it work? Where does the gage get its power from? I have a 1984 GS. I was driving along, not going very fast and the over rev alarm went off and I noticed the tach went above red line and then went to zero. It has not worked since. Any suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated.

The tack runs off the ignition module\015\012another tach would have to be tested off your module to determine if the tach or module is at fault\015\012check your wiring for any loose connections first ... 1984 Mazda RX-7

Hi there, My mercedes vito van CDi-110 A/T has transmission problem. the ATF hi temp alarm always light-up & the then the car will not move , but the is still running. I have to turn-off the engine & re-start again so that i reset the alarm & the car will move again. as of now the it will only take less than a minute to a drive the car & it will alarm again. Can you give what the problem of the transmission & can you provide me diagrams of this transmission. Also, i already make ATF change o

Heres just a guess from me im not for sure it sounds to be a faulty sensor telling your van its over heating when its really not so if your van is not really over heating and its a faulty sensor where is this sensor my guess would be its internal ins ... Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

My son was driving a 1991 Nissan Maxima and left the lights on when he parked. Got the battery jumped and the alarm went on. How do I reset the alarm. I bought the car used and they did not know anything about the alarm. Don

Sorry I lost your chat line: Did you fully charge the battery ,but before rehooking up the battery,did you power-down the E.C.M. and let it clear it's memory of the "GLITCH" and then re-power the vehicle? ... Nissan Maxima

After recharging battery on my 1992 Mercedes e300 24V W124 the alarm fob does not reset the alarm and the car is steanded on the drive. I cannot isolate the alarm unit as the Security key foir it is missing. The Key Fob has a good battery and appears to be sending a signal out. Is there a reset procedure that needs to be followed after disconecting battery ?

... 1992 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 300 Class

Remote keyfob on 1999 Rav4 Freesport - went to shops, locked doors with fob. Came out, fob lights work but won't lock / unlock doors. Have changed battery in fob, still no joy. Alarm goes off but car will still start and drive once alarm goes off after 15 secs. Alarm then goes off again once you turn ignition off and get out of car. HELP!!!!

... 1999 Toyota RAV4

I have a problem with my Mercedes C230. The alarm just went off and now, the remote key no longer works. I successfully turned off the alarm; however, I cannot lock or unlock the car using my remote k

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If your remote is attached to the key in the ignition, it could have been bumped setting off the alarm. It is also possible for the lock button to be depressed and lock the doors, if you do not notice this and get out of the car........! ... 2002 Toyota Camry

1991 Mercedes 300 e will not start fuel pump ok distributor ok coil and module are ok also but no sparks alarm was on and blinking but went away after charging the battery and locking and unlocking the car with the keys could it be the alarm please help

If there is no spark, either no electrical at the primary coil or the coil is not working.if you already measure primary/ secondary resistance to confirm it is OK. Here is to test it - making electric pulsed signal at the primary terminals t ... Mercedes-Benz 300-Class
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