Having problems with your 1994 Mazda MX-6 ?

94 mazda mx6 wont start,getting fuel, got spark, what could it be?

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Answers :

First check your air flow to your intake. To have combustion you gotta have fuel, spark, and air. Also check your MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) This is located just before the intake. If its not this, your engine timing may be off.
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94 mazda mx6 wont start,getting fuel, got spark, what could it be?

First check your air flow to your intake. To have combustion you gotta have fuel, spark, and air. Also check your MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) This is located just before the intake. If its not this, your engine timing may be off. ... 1994 Mazda MX-6

I have a 96 mitsubishi colt it wouldn start seen as i had to change a ignition i was told it cud be de ecu and immobalizer so i got them it didnt fix it den i got a fuel pump wasnt it either i finally went off and bought an engine tat i seen runnin and took it came hme and fitted it but still wont fire its gettin spark to de distrubator and fuel into the injection so wat else could it be???

Hi! ECU and immobilizer is no good, ignition and fuel pump is no good either. Seems like you missed one, the PCM (powertrain control module). The PCM has connectivity on car's power supply, this is whats missing. Have the PCM resetted first and see i ... Mitsubishi Colt

Wont start I went to start my car today and I am not getting fuel or a spark. So I went to the junk yard and got a used (CCRM) and that didn't fix it. I can rig a jumper wire from my pos batt terminal and my fuel pump will pump but it's still not getting any spark. The car will turn over and I have checked the inertia switch. What could be the problem?

Inertia switch might have been pressed of you car has one or the ignition switch can be bad ... 1993 Ford Taurus

Wont start Hay guys, im having a nightmare with my civic. PLEASE HELP!! i got a 1996 1.4i Honda civic was driving it one day i was in 4th gear then all of a sudden it just lost all power and cut out. it tries to start but just wont fire up. it has spark so plugs and distributer are fine, the fuel pump is working fine fuel is getting to the rail ok, ive changed the injectors but still no joy. Any ideas on what it could be, where its located and how to resolve it? i have some knowledge with

Sound like a bad main relay, If the distributor is good as you said then the main relay is at fault. This relay control the injector pulse. To check to make sure that the injectors aren't working by using a can of intake cleaner, spay in ... 1995 Honda Civic

I have a 96 chev blazer it had a leaky fuel line i replaced it it fixed the problem , after a few months it wouldnt start so i sprayed starting fluid and it got me 60 miles now wont start i replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator checked relays still has spark n suffecient fuel pressure up to the injectors but injectors are not spraying fuel what else could i do?


Ive got an vl commodore rb30 checked airflow spark fuel done evry thing i could fink of itl turn over but just wont fire up properly wot could it be its starting to frustrate me

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Hi, i havea 2002 sierra 6.0L. just replaced faulty ecm. new one is programmed for my VIN. cranks over good. no spark though, but the tips of the spark plugs are wet and smell like gas. no security light did the relearn steps correctly. fuel pump works. took skid plate off cant see any loose/bad wires. could the ecm be faulty again? got one error code p1336 thats it even after the security relearn steps and it wont clear either. absolutely lost

I suspect the CKP (crankshaft position sensor). The code is due to the PCM (ecm) variation is not learned, this is most likely due to no input signal from the CKP. I know the CKP have a testing procedure, but without a scope, the test is never trustw ... GMC Sierra 2500

95 xr7 wont start after head gasket up replacement,got spark got fuel set timing. only thing is intake blows instead of sucks? is that normal? what could the problem be?

Do you mean the air intake? If your air intake blows and the motor doesn't run it may mean your valve timing is wrong. How did you set your valve timing after you took off the head? If you weren't careful you may have set the timing for number 1 ... Mercury Cougar

Got a mk3 golf vr6, wont start? been lyin for 8 months, then started first time and ran for 10mins and cut out, hasnt started since. feul pump was not pressuring on ignition so i bridged the fuse to get a constant feed and got fuel to ingection rail and blead it, doesnt seam to be cuming back through the return though?, i have took out the plugs and cleand them up but still no joy. not sure if a spark is present as been warned if you take out the plug and test i could fry the coil pack. really s

Hi I have golf car and I got the same problem.need to check the fuel pump.If it is ok then you need to need to disconnect the oxygen sensor 4 pin found on the left handside of the engine.try this.ok ... 1993 Volkswagen Golf

1999 mazda 626 v6 2.5l barely starts, runs/idles horrible,smells very rich,stalls, pretty tough to keep it running. after a few minutes of keeping it running, its even harder or wont restart, ive tred a crank sensor, i have good fuel and pressure, i have strong spark although I suspect spark timing off. I only get pcm dtc p1604 pcm comminication error with immobilizer. From my automotive experience on other makes,the immobilizer only is involved in starting not running the vehicle, could an inte

... 1999 Mazda 626

2001 jetta 2.0 5speed. It wont start, i got spark, fuel is coming to main lines under hood, what could be the problem?

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98 dodge ram 1500 5.9 truck has been sitting for 2 years with a blown ****** got the ****** rebuilt and installed it back in the truck but wont start has spark and fuel at rail but injectors wont fire

98 so its a older vehicle ?? Well i know nothing about layout of this american vehicle but for its age check the fuel rail as on the end is a vacumn controlled valve so make sure its connected and the vacumn pipe isnt cracked or perished ,Anything el ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Hi i got a 2001 mazda protege it turn over but will not start i check fuel its getting alot i chech spark it getting notting so iam trying to determing what is causing it i change crank sensor,plugs wires,plugs iwondering if coil could be it? thanks

Both coil at same time i dont think so key on do you have a check engine light on if not check all fuses let me know hope it a fixya thanks pierre ... Mazda Protege

Help 94 mazda mx6 v6. wont start, got spark , getin gas, in time, need help please.

Search for MX6 HEI conversion, should solve your problem for $50.\015\012Ed ... Mazda MX-6

I got a 93 ford areostar. i just replaced the front caliper and rotor. i started it up went to push the gas and it dies. empty tank. i went o put gas in the tank and it has spark and fuel delivery but it wont fire what could it be?

In replacing the caliper and bleeding the brakes ,could you have disconnected any wiring to mass \015\012airflow sensor? ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Mazda mx6 1992 wont start and plugs getting very wet, prior to this problem was running fine. too much fuel getting in? plugs sparking ok.

Hi Mike, Sounds to me as though you have one or more injector leaking. First advice is to check the oil in the sump. You may find that the fuel has leaked past the piston rings and contaminated the lubricating oil. Please make sure you check th ... Mazda MX-6

Hi i have a 90 mod rx7 turns over it has spark its got new plugs it has new battery and is getting fuel but still wont start what can you sujest could be rong with my car

Take a spark plug out, reconnect it to the spark plug wire and check for spark at the plug. Repeat as many spark plugs as you can. If you're sure it's getting fuel, you'll need to do a compression check, or make sure the tiiming is still correct. By ... 1990 Mazda RX-7

1993 mazda mpv engine started cutting out and died but wont start again has a charged battery and getting spark. could this be a fuel problem?

You would suspect a fuel problem. the easiest way to diagnose is to disconnect the fuel feed line from the injector rail point it into a suitable container and have someone turn on the ignition. Fuel should squit from hose. ... Mazda MPV

Got spark and fuel put a new starter in car wont start. Could it be a cam sensor if so where is that located on the car?

Unless the cam sensor is totally shattered which is rare that won't have a lot of effect.(it wears yes) On the 3800 90-94 models it is located bottom of motor left side as you face motor (very difficult location)On the starter its possible your ... 1986 Buick Regal

I bought a 99 vw jetta 5 weeks ago and check engine light is on got it diagnosed at auto zone and three codes came up it is now stalling out after I drive down the street and we replaced fuel filter, spark plugs, wires, tune up and still stalling and it wont start up for hours after I know the other code was for secondary air injection but there are so many things that could be wrong with that and the air pump for that is almost 400.00 !! Please help narrow it down I cant spend alot on parts I d

I have a 99 vw cabrio and it was doing the same thing. It would just stop in the middle of the street. It ended up being a sensor. I am not very car smart so I can not tell you which one it was. I will look at my repair paperwork and get back to you. ... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

My car wont start and it gots fuel and spark?

Double check the timing belt. It might be on but stripped. Have some one crank it over and look in the oil fill cap to see if the rocker arms are moving when you crank it. ... Ford Escort

1999 toyota camry wont start i have checked the fuel pump to see if it is working,it seems ok, ive checked the relays on the fuel injection and the main motor and ok, ive checked for spark at the plugs and ive got spark. i pulled to see if the timing belt is broke and its not. the starter turns over just fine. i checked the fuel filter and ive got fuel coming through when i turned the motor over.

You most likely have no injector pulse,this is caused by a bad cam sensor,or pick up coil,or crankshaft sensor. ... 1999 Toyota Camry

We just got a brand new battery and starter(i know the solenoid is on the starter) for our 98 windstar. 3 weeks later we got an oil&filter change,as well as fuel filter&fuel injection cleaning, and now it acts like it doesn't want to start(could the guys have knocked into something?). it's not turning over all the way.my husband has pressed the fuel inertia switch in the past, and its worked before, but not now. it could be a # of things(distributor cap, pcv valve,fuel pump relay, spark plugs, i

Does it just crank and crank,or does it barely try to start.Check fuel pump relay under hood or for a fuse..Or turn the ignition to the run position but dont start it and have someone listen by fuel tank for the fuel pump to make the humming noise.Mo ... 1998 Ford Windstar

1996 chevy s10 4.3 liter wont start got fuel 60 to 65 pounds strong got spark at the coil im stummed it wont start smells like its flooding but wont try to start any ideas

... 1997 GMC Sierra

1993 Mazda 323 Won't start -Fuel Pump Hums -Got no spark from distributor or from the lead line. -Fuel is coming through fine -Fuses are fine -Can't Bump Start -Belts Move on attempt to crank -Little computer looking like thing with two wires into it (Red/white) and dark coloured wire. gets warm when iginition left in on position. -No warning lights -Sounds like it's trying to turn but again no spark.(tested for spark) -Mazda say it don't have immobilizer thou we did break the or

... 1993 Mazda 323
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