Having problems with your 1994 Lexus GS 300 ?

I am changing the serpentine belt on my 1994 Lexus Gs300 and cannot find the tensioner bolt to apply tension to put the belt back on. Where is it located?

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Answers :

The tensioner is generally spring loaded. check that you have the belt correctly routed. then you may need to attach a socket/rachet to the center bolt of the tensioner to move it enough to slip the belt on. if it moves freely it likely needs to be replaced as well.
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I am changing the serpentine belt on my 1994 Lexus Gs300 and cannot find the tensioner bolt to apply tension to put the belt back on. Where is it located?

The tensioner is generally spring loaded. check that you have the belt correctly routed. then you may need to attach a socket/rachet to the center bolt of the tensioner to move it enough to slip the belt on. if it moves freely it likely needs to b ... 1994 Lexus GS 300

Can't get tensioner to budge. Tensioner is locate below power steering and belt goes up to generator. Tensioner needs to swivel up and to the right. I think it's spring-loaded. Can't find a bolt to loosen or a good way to apply levered pressure.

Your tensioner must be replaced the spring is worn throuh and arm is frozen is this a 3300 engine? if so remove tensioner at center of swivel. ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 2000 dodge neon that the tensioner pulley is bad on it looks like i can take the tensioner arm off with a torxs or a allen wrench but i am not sure if the motor is original to car and all the parts stores are telling me it is non serviceable part I have changed them on fords and chevy's and had no problem finding the part is this a major job or is it going to be like the fords and chevy's i have changed one bolt put the new one on and slip the belt back on and i'm done. Please help

It is a removable part pull it off take it to them if not part store it may still be dealer only small chance but it is still serviceable ... 2000 Dodge Neon

I just finished repairing the valves in a 1999 Daewoo Nubira after the cam belt broke. It now has new cam belt, pulleys, tensioners, head gasket, head bolts, and valves. I put it all back together and hooked up the battery and it started right up! Only problem is that it runs wide open all the time and won't idle. The throttle linkage is not stuck, and is sitting in the idle position against the idle speed screw. I can't find any sensor connection plugs that got missed, and my ODBII reader doesn

Map sincer check that if shorted to low or high it will make it do that check your throttle return spring it may be broken or out of ajustment ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

I need to change a power steering pump belt on a 1997 VW Golf Jazz 2.0 engine with a/c. How do I go about doing that? What do I need to do to release tension on the belt and to put tension back on the belt. Are the bolts metric? The belt is not associated with the serpentine belt. It's a different belt. Thanks for your help.

It is more then likely metric due to it being a VW. You will need a large wrench to loosen the tensioner pulley (can rent one at most local auto parts stores in the US) unless you have a large breaker bar the will also work. The tensioner pulley wil ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

1991 Nissan Sentra SE with GA16DE engine (with AC) I had to take the water pump/power steering pump belt off to replace the alternator belt behind it. Now the power steering pump pulley doesn't want to move. It shifted easily towards the engine when I originally took the belt off and put it back on, but now won't budge no matter what sort of force or leverage is applied to it. This particular model has both an adjusting screw and a lockscrew that serve to tension this belt but it makes no

The way the steering system is set up you have to loosen the bolts up to get enough travel to get the belt on. how ever if you take a small screwdriver flat tipped the pocket type. Put it between the belt and pulley then get a ratchet and socket to t ... Nissan Sentra

My boyfriend has an '95 F-250 XL Ford diesel pickup. He recently had the water pump go and replaced it, taking the fan and belt off to do so but it would appear the fan belt wasn't put back on properly. The only diagram he's been able to find has the belt rubbing on a bolt. I need a fan belt diagram for this type of truck. Any help?

... 1995 Ford F250

Can't find Tensioner to put belt back on

Http://files.automotiveforums.com/gallery/watermark.php?file=/500/1724872200.JPGthis link should be your motor. the red arrow points to the tensioner ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I know just enough about car mechanics to be dangerous. I replaced the water pump and put the timing belt back on just the way it came off and it must have slippied a tooth. I need to know how to reset all the timing marks. 1 of the manuals send that when you release the pin holding the belt tensioner, the holes should still line up. My plunger moves upwards about about 1/4 inch, does that mean it needs replacing. As far as aligning the timing marksI know it all starts with find the TDC but how

TDC can be found by re-installing the cover and referencing the "0" mark on the timing scale with the hash mark on the pulley. If there isn't one, your other option is to make a reference mark on the pulley and a reference mark in the same place on a ... Chrysler Sebring

I just changed the AC compressor on my 01 Hyundai XG300and im putting it back together and i cant seem to get the Serpentine Belt back on that runs the alternator and AC Compressor. I looked for a tensioner like most other vehicles have but i cannot seem to find one on my make/model. Thanks for your time and hope you can help me out.

I have never done work on this specific car but I have run into an Acura where the alternator is actually on adjustable bolt holes so it doubles as the tensioner. You can give that a look and see if that helps. Sorry if its not, but I have seen that ... 2001 Hyundai XG300

Tensioner im changing an alternator for 1997 sunfire.. i got the new parts on but i cant put my belt back.. i know there is a tensioner but i cant locate where it is.. pls. help!!! if u have a pic. what it looks like, i would be greatly appreciated.. thanx

The tensioner is a little pulley.You would see the smooth side of the belt running on it.This puley carries a bolt to fit a socket.If you have enough room to fit a wrench or socket you press hard on it you will see it flexes.If there is not enough ro ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

My serpentine belt came off and i need to find the tensioner pulley to put the belt back on. 2000 chevy camaro 3.8L v6

Under the intake manifold on the left when looking inform of the engine is your tensioner. The belt routing diagram can help you to confirm, as it is located under the hood on the driver side of the car, ... 2000 Chevrolet Camaro

Belt tensioner i have installed a new water pump on a 91 accord & started going back together. after putting the timing & oil pump belts back on & trying to get tension on belts the still feel loose. i was wondering if there is something i missed or will the get tension after it is started? thanks for any feed back. john

Take all the slack out of the long side of the belt and I like to use a pry bar to push against the tensioner and it'll take the rest of the slack out. Rotate the engine by hand twice forward and once backwards and double check to make sure your timi ... 1991 Honda Accord

Cant find drive belt tensioner bolt to loosen serpintine belt

The serpentine belt tensioner / pulley is on the front of the engine, and part of the belt 'routing'. \015\012Its job is to put tension on the belt as it drives the other devices\015\012like the power steering pump, water pump, air condit ... Ford Windstar

HI I cannot find the bolt to relieve the tension on the power steering pump. where is it located? Maybe on the back of the pump? Thanks Bob

There should be a belt tensioner somewhere in the route. one belt controls everything. most are auto tensioners nowadays. why do you need to loosen the belt ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

I changed the altenator, but cant get the belt to go back on right. I tried putting it on the back half of the double pulley, but the car sqealed and didnt run right, but when the belt is angled funny when I put it on the front half. Do you have the diagram for the tensioner belt? (My car actually has 2 seperate belts and I have no picture diagrams on this car to tell you which way to run the belts)>

If the belt is angled funny, you do not have it routed correctly. \015\012There should be a belt routing diagram under the hood somewhere. Check that the pulley position of the new alternator is the same as the old alternator.\015\012 ... Hyundai Accent

Well, I set mt crankshaft @ zero TDC my cam shaft gears arent at the timing mark they spun like a spring because if a incident I caused with a t-shirt anyhow I putv the timing belt back that was after I took off the timing belt tensioner, well I put the belt back on and tried to aline the camshafts but they just dont aline and the timing belt thats on sounds like doesnt look good it sounds like it slippen in side the crankshaft gear but it does catch enough for me to turn the carnk and put it on

Messing with the crankshaft gears is like suicide. I know each gear has a specific position to function right. You can find that at youre local library. They have many re-pair books. Lots of them are good with large pictures and detailed instructions ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

Looking for a serpentine belt routing diagram. I have a 1997 Buick Lesabre 3.8 engine, Type II, W/AC. It is a used vehicle that I purchased. I was told it had fornt end damage, before I bought it. IThe belt has come off. I am simply try ing to put it back on to take it to a service center to find out what the real problem is. We currently have over 18" of snow in the area. I do not want to risk overheating the engine to get there, if I can put the belt back on and better help my car.

Hello there:here is the diagram for you just click on the routing diagram in blue and it will show you the routing diagram \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I still have not got my problem fixed. my 1990 mercedes 300sl 3.0 i took the power stearing pump off to get to the tensioner pullys there was a plate and i could not figure out where it goes or how to get it all put back together. I took all the tensioner pullys and tensioner rod off and also the belt, i need a digram to put it back together.

I don't know if this will do you any good, it's the only thing they put in the manual. ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz Sl Class

The last bolt holding the pump is masked by the belt tensioner wheel. Have marked the belt and pulley wheels with tippex. How do I back off the wheel to access the water pump bolt. The casting which I think holds the tensioner spring (??) is held on by one bolt. Do I remove this and if so will I be able to reinstal it easily after changing the pump please?

Yes remove the tensioner. on the tensioner there should be either a square hole, made for a rachet, or a square knob, made to slip a wrench over to pull the tensioner back to put the belt back on ... 1992 Toyota MR2

1998 audi a8 serpentine belt tenioner diagram trying to put the belt on my car I need to find out the location of the right tenioner so I can put the belt on my car it looks like there are two belt tenioner's ..and what tool to use to ajust the tenioner so i can put the belt on.

Autozone can print you out the correct belt routing and you can rent a serpentine belt tool to do the job right ... 2003 Audi A8

How To Install Replace Serpentine Belt Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004 4.0L? I know where the tension pully is located at but the only bolt I see on there is a star type bolt on it but everything else I have seen calls for a 1/2 inch or 15 mm wrench? How do you release the tension on the belt?

Go to u-tube and they will have videos on that I just did the samething with a ford taurs ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

99 isuzu amigo 2.2l changed water pump and put old timing belt back on. the cam pulleys had white marks and so did the crank that all lined up before I took off the belt. Put it back on without moving anything and now engine loafs and shakes slightly when idling. How can I insure I have the timing correct without relying on marks. I know how to find TDC on number 1 then what??

... 1999 Isuzu Amigo


Look @ Autozone.com under repair then input your vehicle info ,they have lots of info free!!Hope this helps!Dan ... 1990 Dodge Shadow

1994 Talon 2.0 liter DOHC screeching belt and I can't find a tensioner or anyway to get the belts off to inspect them. Looks like they both need to be replaced but the problem is getting them off first so is there a tensioner or do I loosen the alternator? (looks like theres a sliding bracket its connected to) If thats the case which bolt do I have to loosen? I can't seem to get a rachet in with enough room to do anything on the bolt I believe it to be.........

Yes you are correct the alternator needs to be loosened to remove the belts. You are going to need to get a flat wrench or box wrench in there to loosen the bolts. Both need to be loosened to move the alternator. By the way screeching belts are a ... 1994 Eagle Talon
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