Having problems with your 1994 Land Rover Discovery ?

How the spurk plug wiring at the coil packs are connected for 1992 descovery

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How the spurk plug wiring at the coil packs are connected for 1992 descovery

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2001 ford windstar-new coil pack,new spark plugs and new wires....same problem. cyl. 3 & 4 not firing. Plugs good wires good. Getting signal from comp. to coil, 2nd coil pack. No corrorion on wire connections on comp. or coil. Were do I go next?

Head gasket?? blowing between two cylinders ... 2001 Ford Windstar

The wiring diagram for a 1997 ford F-150 plug wires from the plug to the coil pack showing where to connect the wire on the coil pack

I hope this helps you!... WF\015\012 ... Ford F-150

1993 Buick Lesabre. Car dropped dead while driving. Something caused fuel pump fuse to blow. Traced short to coil pack assembly. Changed module assembly and coils. Fuse no longer blows out but..sometimes there is spark on lower two coils and car tries to start. No spark from top coil, and it gets hot. Have studies schematics. Have checked wires in harness from 8 point connection on manifold, to crank sensor and to cam sensor and 14 terminal coil pack assembly plug, Continuity exists on all simil

... 1993 Buick LeSabre

1997 bmw z3 1.9 do i connect plug wires to coil packs same numbers as cylinders. such as #3 on coil pack to #3 cylinder

... 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster

I have a 1996 Plymouth grand voyage 3.3 V6. Started vehicle low power and hard to start. Replaced cam and crank sensors. Would not start. Replaced coil pack spark plugs and wires. Would not start. Have replaced pcm factory programmed for vehicle id number. Have had valve and heads reworked. Will not start. Have spark on all six plugs and. Only # 1.2 and 3 injectors light with noid light. Have noticed eatx relay clicks when I connect the negative battery cable. I have checked all super wiring and

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Having troubles with my Camaro stalling while idling. The coil packs, spark plugs and wires are good. Just replaced the module that the coil packs connect to. Someone said it might be the alternator but the voltage reads 13-14. Any ideas?

Stalling does not sound like an alternator problem. You have concentrated on ignition issues, have you looked at fuel related issues, including fuel filter and injectors? Much, much less likely, but air filter would also come to mind.\015\012 ... 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

On my 1988 Olds Toronado , 3.8L, I replaced the ignition coil pack after it was determined faulty and now it cranks but no spark is reaching the plug wires. I cheked all wiring and relays and was wondering if it could be the ignition control module or computer. Also i was wondering if anyone knew the check engine codes ( by the flashes) without having it hooked up to a scanner and the exact placement of the jumper wire for the scanner connection.

Check the fuses. ... 1988 Oldsmobile Toronado

I have a 1996 Plymouth grand voyager. 3.3 V6. Will not start. Ran low power and replaced cam and crank sensors. Replaced coil pack plugs and wires. Have installed New timing chains and gears. Have replaced icv had heads completely done. Have 150 lbs on each cylinder reworked all upper wiring. Checked all wiring to newly programmed pcm. Only 1,2 and #3 injectors light the noid light. Have noticed eatx relay clicks when connecting the negative battery cable. Still Will not start. Took it to a so c

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I didnt understan the response regarding spark plug wiring arrangements in escort 98 for which i got this answer (Firing order 1-3-4-2 --- | 1 | front | | | 2 | of | | | 3 | vehicle | | | 4 | --- --- coil |1 3| pack |2 4| --- distributorless igntion) would u explain further , as a suggestion IF WE always START FROM THE PASSENGER SIDE TOWARD DRIVER SIDE numbering the CYLINDERS as 1,2,3,AND 4. ALSO FOR THEIR CORRESPONDING CONNECTIONs ON THE DISTRIBUTER start with the two connections on the front a


I have a 1999 Ford F-150 with a 5.4 Triton My #6 cylender injecter is not firing (seems to be no power at the electrical connection from the wireing harness that connects to the #6 injecter). I have replaced the spark plugs -the #6 coil pack and #6 injecter. The service engine light is still on! I went back to auto zone for test and test still saying misfire from cylender #6. Does this mean the problem is in the PCM

You may consider tracing back from coil back to the main plug and checking wires going into and coming out of the plug for any broke wires make sure to look for collapsed casings sometimes the wires will break internally ... Ford F-150

I have a 1998 Saturn SL2. It acts like it isn't getting any gas and I have a hard time keeping it running. I've had the following done to it: EGR valve replaced, Spark Plug wires replaced, Coolant Temp. Sensor replaced, Cam sensor (wiring breaking down in Coil pack), Cleaned connections for the ignition modual, Cat. Convertor and Flex pipe replaced, Oxygen Sensor replaced. What else can I do? It's the only car I have. Thank You.

You can replace the fuel pressure regulater in the car. ... 1998 Saturn SL

Hi I have a 97 rrv fireblade and I have lost sparks to 1&4 cylinders I have checked all 4 plugs ok then I got a coil pack still no joy swapped 2&3 coil pack onto 1&4 wires still no joy put 1&4 coil pack onto 2&3 wires sparking well now at a lost cause as I no nothing about electrics I did find a earth wire that would reach the coil pack but as I have never had the tank off I don't no if this was ever joined up to anything

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1989 pontic grand prix not getting fire in sprake plug wire that our connected to coil pack

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2007 Chevy aveo,. Ran fine, started missing one day periodically, now it misses all the time computer says coil pack, plugs and sparks plugs. Also and ECU CODE. I haven't replaced the coil pack as of yet but looked at all plugs and plug wires, they are fine. Recently replaced. Cleaned MAP Sensor with appropriate cleaner plus throttle body. Any other suggestions before buying a coil pack ?

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Won't start plug wire 6 was burn up, change the plug and the middle coil pack, ran for about 3 mile. tried to start it the next morning, now all it does is turn over, will not crank. so the people at a parts place told me that I had to change all the coil pack, plugs and wires, and the module, what do you think, thanks amanda

Probably the module, Id start there because it might be the least expensive part. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

I have a 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE, V6 3.3 engine. It's not getting spark from the 3rd and 6th ports from the Coil Pack. I have changed the coil pack, plugs, wires, and even tried a different PCM. I went ahead and changed the crank and cam position sensors too. It's still not getting a pulse from the same plugs. Could it be a wiring, or wire connector issue? Could a bad relay keep those specific ports not to fire? Please help, I am stumped.

Have your ECM (Computer) checked out, it coiuld be bad. ... 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Need healp to connect spark plug wires correctly. Toyota Tundra 2004 V6 3.4 . Has 3 coils on left side of engine whuch wire from each coil goes to which spark plug in the opposite sida?

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Replaced alternator, Again, on 1998 Ford Contour SVT, 2.5L 6 cyl. Alternator working fine but engine running very rough, not good power, etc. Checked power to coil pack, 12.5 volts, no power to plugs or wires. Car won't start. Cranks good. Replaced Coil pack, it was cracked in several places and thought it might be the problem. No start. Checked power at coil connector plug only one post of 4 has power when unplugged. All have power when plugged in. Is this correct or bad plug? Any ideas on no s

First off,I hope you are using a digital,not analog meter,the analog meter can blow the computer.Check all fuses,and then the crank shaft sensor maybe the problem,they are bad to go out on these models.It is mounted most likely on the transmission,le ... Ford Contour

I have a 2002 ford taurus SE, coil pack has been replaced because Advanced Auto ran a diagnostic and said my coil pack was bad. Well its not and im still not getting fire on #3 and #4 spark plugs. changed the plugs and checked the wires. Could it be crankshaft sensor, which im guessing would fire all not some, camshaft sensor but that regulates fuel, a break in wiring harness but is it common or should i look towards EEC(pcm)?

... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a plug on my 2000 impala,3.4 base model that is not connected to anything. It is located near the alt and coil pack. It is two wire but I cant find anywhere it might go. Any ideas.

... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

On a 1994 Ford Ranger with 4.0 ltr engine,in what order are the spark plug wires connected to the engine in relation to the coil pack?

Firing order is : 1-4-2-5-3-6\015\012\015\012The coil pack is set up like this :\015\012\015\012 3 | 4\015\012 2 | 6\015\012 ... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6L V-8... Chronic misfire #5 cylinder. I have had this intermittent problem for some time. About 6 months ago I replaced plugs and wires and seemed to fix the problem. Now it's back and I have double-checked plugs and wires, even replaced them again!! I have also tested the coil packs according to Haynes manual as well as looked for obvious vacuum leaks. My next step is to swap coil packs so that if it is defective the problem should move to cylinder #8 unless someone has a

WELL destindave i see this was back in 2009 did you ever get it fixed U see I have the same problem.p0303 cylinder 3 I to have checked coils swapt and same chaned plugs and wires and injector and checked compression nothing checked spark at plugs ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

I just purchased a 93 Crown Victoria with the 4.6 litre V8. It idles ok but bucks under any acceleration...misses badly. To the point where I went over an overpass and begin losing speed. All the spark plug wires are marked with tape, which leads me to think someone has altered them, poss. at eh plug and at the coil packs. need to know the exact location of wires at the coil packs and engine block.

Your problem is not wire location, it sounds like bad wire or wires, also those engine are pron to bad coils,but i think you should start with wires,also check fuel filter or just replace if you can check fuel preasure.hope this helps. ... 1993 Ford Crown Victoria

2002 FordE250. 4.2 Liter Started misfiring and running badly. Checked plugs, wires and ignition coil pack and seem to be functioning correctly. Plugs, wires, and coil pack were replaced in March 2010 Troublecodes are: P0420 Catalyst efficiency Bank 1 P0301 cylinder 1 misfire P0300 random cylinger misfire Misfire 1st 1000 ROMS P1406 Downstream EGR off or blocked Maufacturer Control Auxilary emmision controls What is Up? Thanks

Check the voltage at every cylinder and its coil one by one.Any of the one is not getting appropriate voltage.,Either its got loose or overheated .The overheating can be due to many reasons.Oil got leaked or spilled on the injectors.Check the voltag ... Ford E-250
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