Having problems with your 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

Won't the diagnostics tell you if your computer is bad?

\015 My crank sensor went out on my jeep. The mechanic is wanting to charge me $500.00 to repalce it. He then tells me that he thinks my computer is fried and will have to charge me 2000.00 to fix that. Shouldn't the diagnostics tell you if the computer is messed up? I think they are trying to rip me off because my jeep is a 94 and is not worth 2000.00.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

I removed mine in about two hours. It is located in the front where th engine and transmision connect. I think it was a 1/2 or smaller tool used. cost cheep-under twenty bucks i think.
They are definetly trying to rip you off the crank sensor should run about 175.00-225.00 to replace and the computers are nowhere near 2000.00 take your jeep somewhere else fast
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Won't the diagnostics tell you if your computer is bad?

I removed mine in about two hours. It is located in the front where th engine and transmision connect. I think it was a 1/2 or smaller tool used. cost cheep-under twenty bucks i think. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My Grand am wont start it turns over has power and We have already replaced the entire egnition system, the fuel filter, and have tested the injectors by sticking a needle into them and fuel spurts out...it almost wants to start but doesnt, we also changed the crank shaft sensor, and the IAT sensor. We rented the tool that you put on your computer to see whats wrong and all it said was that the IAt sensor was bad. Something is tell my fuel injectors not to shoot fuel so I can get theproper start

Do you have fuel pressure ? that needs to be tested ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Car is in shop due to deer damage ... car wont start need to know how to tell if the computer is bad..... and how or if i can rest it ....

You can reset the computer 2 ways. Hook an obd2 scanner to it and tell it to reset or unhook the battery for 30 minutes. You may want to look into the safety features for the fuel pump. In case of an accident they have safety features to turn the fue ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 98 ford expedition will run for 4minutes and kill and wont start for a few hours a mechani changed my fuel pump and filter but its doing the same thing, then he said it could be my coils or my computer gone bad if so how can i tell what one to change ?

I CAN tell you that its probably not your coils packs. Possibly yoyur computer if you haven't gotten it fixed yet. But if you have I would like to know what it might have been.\015\012\015\012\015\012R/\015\012Brian\015\ ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Fuel injectors wont open, fuel pressure ok, fuel regulator ok, fuel injector fuse ok, everything is ok they wont open, we ran diagnostics test with the special computer and tried to open the fuel injectors using the computer but they wont open, maybe some with the MAP sensor but its too late now any ideas ?going to sleep

Hello! I just read your second post...I sent a solution from information in the first post not knowing there was a second...The culprit is the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor...It is called the "fuel boss"...Loss of s ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

Got a good one. my 91 coupe original 5.0 car. motor is new. it ran for two days then went to fire on third day and now will crank and crank but wont fire. got 42psi on fuel pressure 148psi compression on all 8 cylinders and timing is dead nuts. spark is great but the car just wont fire. ive tried new tfi modules, new distributors, new computers, new ignition coil. i even pulled the computer harness out to check for any bad wires and they all look good. it seems all 8 injectors are firing at th

The fuel injectors are fired by computer producing a ground signal to them. so its unlikely they are fireing at once.possible power supplie problem but that would cause no injector pulse.beings how the engine was just replaced i would go over every w ... 1991 Ford Mustang

1995 pontiac transport my side door is acting up and messing with my transmission. Everbody tells me its your trans. but i refuse to belive that because when i mess with the power button to open my doors my van runs just fine then after a while it acts up and wont even take off on drive would on L1 but now nothing. When i unhook battrery ground and mess with the door switch again it will work fine. I figure if a trans is bad its bad it wont work sometimes and sometimes not HELP .

... 1995 Pontiac Trans Sport

I have a 1992 k 1500 the spark advance is not working i have replaced the MAP, electronic spark control, tps, distributor, checked for vacuum leaks. its also not throwing a code when you disconect the blk/tan wire for for timing (static). i am under the impression that it is either a bad wire or the computer if you could tell me what wires to check, and if or how i could tell its the computer that would be much help

I would check the Knock sensor. It should be on the drivers side of the engine just above the line of the oil pan and to the rear of the motor mount. A parts store can test it for you. Lee ... Chevrolet 1500

Can you tell the difference between a pcm problem or passlock anti-theft with diagnostic computer

Your mechanic was wrong. My uncle runs a shop in my town and i had to take my 2001 grand am gt to him over the same problem after i towed the damn thing home and changed the fuel pump. My uncle hooked it to a computer and told me i need a pcm but he ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I I have a bad computer in my 2007 Lincoln MKZ- How much does it cost to buy a computer?We have run a diagnostic and found that it is not a spark plug problem, or ignition coil problem. The computer is not providing a signal to the coil which is why it misfires.

There is A TSB on this problem. TSB 14-0059. Bad PCM sending high voltage to coils. If your car has under 80,000 and you fix it at dealer before car is 8 years old , It will be covered under the 8/80 warranty. They will replace PCM, Bad coils and spa ... 2007 Lincoln MKZ AWD

1998 Lincoln Continental air ride problems I was told by a mechanic that by air ride computer was bad. I took it in and the mechanic put a diagnostic machine on the car and he overrode the air ride computer and the car raised to proper level it has lasted 6 months and now the rear air bags are are starting to lose air. Is this possible. If so were do I find this air ride computer.

Yes its the air bag module that's bad because he over rode the system the bags are not getting any air from the pump and are slowly deflating. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

I have a bad computer in my 2007 Lincoln MKZ- how much is but a computer?We have run a diagnostic and found that it is not a spark plug problem, or ignition coil problem. The computer is not providing a signal to the coil which is why it misfires.

There is A TSB on this problem. TSB 14-0059. Bad PCM sending high voltage to coils. If your car has under 80,000 and you fix it at dealer before car is 8 years old , It will be covered under the 8/80 warranty. They will replace PCM, Bad coils and spa ... 2007 Lincoln MKZ AWD

Wont run i hav a vr6 that iv just built.. it starts but runs for 5secs and cuts out. all the ecu wiring is correct.. it does have a transponer key.. and u cant get into the ecu with the diagnostic computer, wont let it in.. will the car start if the clusters are faulty.. thanks

If you have transponer key . it have to be reprogramm .a regular scanner .will not let you in . dealership job . your car ignition switch in the steering column. i dont think cluster is faulty. ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

Wont start have replaced starter battery in the past 3 months and agian it wont start how would i be able to tell if the ignition switch is bad

Well thats kind of easy :)now by kind off you will see what i mean..\015\012\015\012turn ignition on so that the lights on the dash board come up,\015\012get a large scre ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wife went to store and she calls me telling me truck wont start its just clicking so i go over and it or i thought it was a bad connection negative was loose i tightened it up and after a jump it started ran fine rest of day went to work that night started right up after work started fine this morning no prob later in day no start got a jump and its running would it be the battery is bad?

Probably the starter is going bad. it hits a worn spot on the inside so it can't engage to turn over but most of the time it is not at the warn spot so it engages fine. make sure the ground is tight and not corroded and the battery post and clamps a ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

I took my jeep in to the mechanic and he ran a scan. the scan resulting in a misfire of the # 2 cylinder. Then he changed the ignition coil, replaced 5 of 8 spark plugs (because there were all bad). He then suspected a problem was electrical and checked that out. He told me he had the computer taken to a "computer guy" and it was returned as ok. After he then heard a hissing sound inside the cylinder casing (not sure if that is the actual term). He ran another diagnostic and codes PO301 & P

Well, this ones up to you. it sounds like the rings are bad. maybe you can buy another engine for what the mechanic wants to fix it. get some prices from a local junk yard, for a low milage engine in ok running condition. then find a friend or some o ... 2004 Jeep Wrangler

My 1997 lumina 3.1L V6 Wont start,When you turn the key on everything turnes on ,but when you go to start it it wont engage the starter,You can jump the starter with the key on and it will fire up then die! I have replaced the starter and had it checked its good ! Could the ignition Key & Switch be bad telling the anti theft not to start the car?

Yes is there a little ristor chip in your key is there a secuirty light onif it is then theres something wrong with the switck/key ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

My 97 Cavalier wont start.I took it to Goodyear & they had me replace the battery & still doesn't start. The Anti-Theft wont go off. They did computer diagnostics & the error code is B1028. They said they have to take it to a dealer & get the chip re-programmed. Can someone offer me advice?

Yes u need to take it t the dealer, they have the san tool needed to fix this code. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a serious problem with my chevy silverado 2008 4wd the computer keeps shutting down the traction control and stabilitrac resulting in lost power. the check engine light comes on too. the computer diagnostic i got fromn the dealer today said the throttle body sensor was bad which was messing everything else up . he said the whole throttle body needed to be replaced. can i put an aftermarket throttle body on myself and fix the problem ??

... 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

How do i know what O2 sensors to order, there are several on my 2002 ford expedition V8/5.4ltr. engine? The diagnostic machine can no longer be used to tell which sensor is down due to my cigarette lighter not working (bad fuse I guess). My error code was previously read as 2 bad 02 sensors, but I cannot find the paperwork with the specific sensors causing the problem.

Hi, I work for Bosch and I run the line that makes the sensors. I have replaced the mine in a 2001 expedition. It's fairly easy, except the driver front. When you go buy your sensor, buy the aftermarket. It has been tested on the line just as the OEM ... 2000 Ford Expedition

My 2001 Buick regal will not turn over has been working fine until know first all the dash lights went of but the car would still run so i was pulling fuses and the big block circuits to see if they were bad they where all ok but know my car wont start was told that the computer needs to be reset so i unhooked the negative cable for a couple minutes that didn't work is there a different way of resetting the computer on a buick regal

Try using the OBD II SCAN tool to reset the computer, you can use one for free at your local Autozone (auto parts store) It plugs into the bottom underneath the drivers side steering wheel and it will give you the option on ... Buick Regal

I've got a '95 aurora that won't shift to 2nd or 3rd gear. I took shift assembly apart and checked shift solenoids and they tested fine. I dont have easy acces to a diagnostic computer. It was parked for a long time and I've noticed the parking brake is stuck on and I dont know if theres a saftey switch there to keep it from shifting or not. Any suggestions? well my 95 aurora is doing the same thing, it doesn't want to change gears! It's like somethings not telling the computer to switch gears.

I had this problem and dealer said I needed a new tranny. Took it for second opinion at local trans shop and they replaced the shift switch in the tranny for $250. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

2001 jeep grand cherokee limited v8.Skipping/misfiring.the fuel filter has been changed,plugs have been changed.the diagnostic computer said the coil was bad on #2 cylinder its been changed.now we are getting multiple cylinder misfire and bad O2 sensor. codes HELP! could the O2 sensor cause all these problems?

No o2 couldnt do that it would have jump time you need to ****** your timing back to its time to get them ploblems fix then get a new timing belt dampner to keep it on track dont run anymore untill you get this fixed ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hesitation My Toyota has 122,000 miles on it but I replaced the engine last December with a compatible engine with 50,000 miles. About 2 weeks ago, my car started hesitating badly. Thought it was bad gas and used a fuel infecter fluid to solve problem. No good. Brought it to a mechanic who checked everything out on his diagnostic computer, checked timing belt(recently replaced also) and then gave up. Suggested taking it to a dealership but I am not close to one and would like to use that as a la

Try changing the knock sensor ... 1996 Toyota Camry

My mechanic tells me that the computer "E-Prom" is bad in my 1993 Buick LeSabre, and that he cannot find one. The vehicle seems to run rich and he says that the E-Prom is bad. We have already replaced the throttle control module and the oxygen sensor because the engine would intermitantly idol fast and the "Service Engine Soon" light would come on then go off .

Ok, If you have 2- 02 sensors, the front sensor does the primary fuel adjusments and the second one basically monitors the cat conv efficiency and trips the light. So the front, or #1 02 sensor shoul be changed also. E-proms to me are. "I don't k ... 1993 Buick LeSabre
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