Having problems with your 1994 Jeep Cherokee ?

94 jeep wont start after trying for long time a few days gose by and it suddenly starts replaced lot of parts still wont start only when it wants to.

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Answers :

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Have you replaced the coil pack? The coil pack supplies current to the plugs. If the coil pack is faulty it tends not to give current to the plugs. One good reason why it won't run most of the time. I strongly suggest that you replace the coil pack and observe how it goes.

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94 jeep wont start after trying for long time a few days gose by and it suddenly starts replaced lot of parts still wont start only when it wants to.

Hello and welcome to FixYa!Have you replaced the coil pack? The coil pack supplies current to the plugs. If the coil pack is faulty it tends not to give current to the plugs. One good reason why it won't run most of the time. I strongly s ... 1994 Jeep Cherokee

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Have it properly diagnosed at a repair shopYou can not guess at something, you don'thave an understanding, of how the product works. ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

1986 dodge power ram, im seventeen and dont know to much about Chrysler but it wont start replaced the battery and alternator still wont start. its not getting any spark and it is still getting gas i can smell it when i turn it over some one told me it could be a modgule but i dont want to spend a bunch of money on parts if it isnt it. any help??

\012Hi, Hope I can help you.I do not know how you have checked for spark, but lets start from the beginning.Lets start with an ignition systems check.1. I want you to remove the high voltage coil wire. ( That's the wire in the ... 1986 Dodge Ramcharger

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Starter may be bad, or connection to the starter could be corroded or broken. There also may be a fuse, I'm not sure. Locate the starter and try running a jumper wire to it. Mini jumper cables will work. Hook those up to the battery and then run it ... 1999 Ford Ranger SuperCab

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Just had clutch replaced on 2003 hyundi tiburon 2.0 now car wont start it turns over sounds like it wants to start but wont and it started fine b fot clutch was replaced comp said to change crankshaft sensor we did and still nothing

If the problem is related to the clutch replacement, there is most likely an electrical connector that did not get plugged back in or a ground connector that did not get put back where it came from. I would also suspect wires getting pinched between ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

My celica used to start with no problems starting before. now all the sudden the car will not even attempt tostart. ive replace the wires to 8.5 replaced all fuses checked all relays, checked with a power tester and all were powered up. i have a brand new battery and still nothing . its a manual transmission so i tried push starting it and still nothing wont even try im lost i know it has to be electrical but where

Double check all engine grounds ... 1990 Toyota Celica

Have replaced several parts for my jeep and it still wont start what could it be have replaced battery plugs and wires and water pump it acts like its not getting gas but it has gas and the gas pump is fine it will try to start but it wont

First I would make sure that the lug wires on the distributor are correct. Sometime when replacing the wires is is easy to get them crossed. Below is the firing order on both engines for the Cherokee. I have also had the module go bad before as well. ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

So the other day i was driving and my jeep just died on me, now it wont start but it wants to. we justy replaced the coil, and still wont start. What can it be now? Also a couple of months ago we replaced the plugs and wires.

Check the fuel pressure, it could be the fuel pump ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ive had alot of issues with my car. it began when the car didnt want to pull its self up hills and didnt want to go once i stopped. then it went further to where if i turned the wheel when i was trying to go from a dead stop it would die. then it just stopped starting. thought it was the fuel pump, replaced it and still wont start. hooked it up to a computer and it said that it wasnt getting a signal from the ecm or pcm. got a new brain for it and still did nothing. now they say that the infecto


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Another thing to try is the plug that connects to the alternator. You can get it at an auto parts store and it is cheap. \015\012We had the same problem with batteries and several alternators and all it ended up being is the small plug.  ... 1993 Ford Mustang

I have a 91 mr2 n the other day I was driving n sudden it started to vibrate n speed starting to drop smoke starting to come out the back. And when get it home I check and the stock header n cat. Part was red hot. So I replace the header n the down pipe part figure it would solve the problem but when I started up it fine but speed but the car still couldn't pick up speed above 40..

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Ok. My 2000 alero. I replaced the air intake temperature sensor and it still has an error code for that because im pretty sure the wiring is bad.. and I replaced the oxygen sensor that needed replacing so no codes for that. The car started after that a couple times. Now its doing the same thing turn over once then cuts off. Been having this problem for awhile. car starts when it wants to. Today I tried something since I replaced those parts. I turned the key to on position for 30 seconds then tu

My first question is for clarification - - is it not cranking or not starting ? ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Ignition problems The key will start the car, but wont shut it off. I replaced the ignition but it wont lock in properly and still wont turn the motor off someone told me that I may have to replace the entire steering colume. can the part directly behind the air bag be rebuilt

You have an issue with the mechanism that operates the iginition switch down low on the top of the column, this is the electrical switch, you must pull the column apart and see what is broken, but be warned it is a really hard job unless you have all ... 1985 Ford Thunderbird

2002 grand am echotech 2.2 wont start replaced crank sensor and ignition module and still wont start has no codes in computer and turns over fine has both spark and plenty fuel pressure i pulled breather off and sprayed gas in it and engine will hit and barely start i just didnt want to keep doing that

Sounds like you dont have enough fuel preasure. if you say you do then check injectors listen to see if you can here them clicking or use an injector test light to make sure they are pulsing. go with and see . good luck. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1997 cutlass supreme and she wont start i replaced the fuel pump and found out when i i pull the curcuit breaker and use a jumper the pump runs. I also put fuel in the intake hose and she want s to start so i got spark.I replace the ECU inside the car still no start. Is there something that runs the fuel pump and injectors only .help....lol

If it runs with a jumper wire the fuse is most likely blown ...check all the fuses with a test light do you mean a jumper wire to the pump itself ? if so follow the wires up and ensure they are not corroded or broken also a test light will dete ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I have a 2001 Zuzuki Vitara 2.0. I'm having trouble with it starting after I have driven it for about 30 minutes. It cranks over and acts like it want to start, but it doesn't. I have to wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then it will start right up. I have replaced the fuel pump and the filter in the pump. It still does the same thing. Today, I noticed that when I drive it, it surges. I have research and it could be many things. The fuel filter replacement seems to come up a lot. Could someone

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Wont start 94 toyota camry...was driving took a corner and it stalled out..replace the fuel pump,but still wont start...cranks like it wants to but doesnt turn over.

Have you checked the fusebox in the engine compartment? If you have any shorts in the ignition circuits that can point toward a failed component. ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Mustang i read what you wrote to another guy and i think you may be right i just wanted to tell you what my problem is. I have a 87 mustang 5.0 i turned it off and went to restart it, it just makes a kind of machine gun noise and wont turn over. I let it sit for a while came back out and it started after grinding a bit. a guy comes up to me and says sure enough its the solinoid so im thinking yeah it heats up and wont start so i replace it and im still having trouble. im wailing on the starter a

Your bushings in your starter are probly worn out. Its a fairly common problem on fords. My own mustang did it often as well. The starter is right near the exhaust manifold so sometimes when it cools down it works again a few times but you will want ... 1987 Ford Mustang

I have a 1991 f150. this morning when i went to start it the ignition felt loose. the key would turn with no resistance and no ignition. i w replaced the ignition switch and the electrical part to the ignition and stil it is loose. if i take a screwdriver and move the electrical part of the ignition the truck will start but it still wont let me take it out of park. any sugestions.

There is a linkage in the steering column which interlocks with the ignition switch. On a vehicle this age, and given that Ford is prone to this problem, look here first. The pot-metal linkage rod often breaks. ... 1991 Ford F150

A few months back my 2004 Xtype 3.0 engine light came on and the engine started chugging. it appeared to happen about the time when it wants to shift. So I went and had it scanned and it came up O2 sensors. so I replaced them (ugh) and the chugging still is happening and the Code that it is saying is still O2 ... What sensor or part is before the O2 sensor that may be erroring this out? What questions or answers can I ask or provide so I can get this resolved and fixed as I want to sell the ca

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Usually swaping engines is cheaper than fixing the problem. If it is the bearings locking up thengine, then yes it would save you money to replace the engine with a used one. Unless you plan on doing the work your self, then bearings and a crank woul ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Died at stop light. Wouldnt start. Replaced the fuel pump and filter and still wont start. Sounds like it wants to but it wont.

Your starter is is out or your alt ... 2001 Nissan Xterra
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