Having problems with your 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol ?

I can't turn the key in the ignition in my 98 honda civic. i know the car starts b/c i have remote start and used it. i checked that the wheel isn't locked and the car is in park.

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Answers :

Your ignition has gone bad do you have alot of key chains on your keys if you do that will cause it you need to replace it it is very easy all you have to do is open the colum and pull out the old one and put the new one in
You may need a new ignition key cylinder or your key grooves may have worn down and no longer mesh with your ignition cylinder. Good luck. Mark
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I can't turn the key in the ignition in my 98 honda civic. i know the car starts b/c i have remote start and used it. i checked that the wheel isn't locked and the car is in park.

Your ignition has gone bad do you have alot of key chains on your keys if you do that will cause it you need to replace it it is very easy all you have to do is open the colum and pull out the old one and put the new one in ... 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol

I have a 1998 Ford Contour. When I insert the key it will not turn. I have tried the standard stuff like wiggle the steering wheel, push in the brake and try to move the car from park, nothing! If I use the remote start, it will start, but when I insert the key it will not turn so the steering stays locked and it will not come out of park?

You will most likely need to replace the ignition lock cylinder.\012\012Functional Lock Cylinder \012\012Disconnect the negative battery cable. \012Remove the upper and lower steering column co ... 1998 Ford Contour

No juice!!!1998 Civic LX---no power at all--showed symptoms before---jiggled steering wheel and started then. For months steering wheel no longer locks but car starts. Mechanic thought switch tumblers hanging---used graphite--2 months no problem--did it again--put key in shifter lock to roll into a parking lot---dash lights came back--car started--started again today?? Switch or lock on wheel/shifter?? who knows??

I'd'd say your switch-the lock cylinder. Isn't the wheel lock just mechanically operated? ... 1998 Honda Civic

I have a astro start remote starter (series 120A) on my camry 98. I am only able to lock the car using the remote. Car doesn't start and there is no parking light indication as well. I am also not able to unlock the car using the remote. Is it a programming issue or starter brain is gone?

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1998 Legacy Outback's alarm will not behave, I don't need it-never use it-how can I disable it? I never ingage the alarm but It still goes off on it's own,occasionally, when I try to start the car. This has happened both locked and unlocked ,and the car doesn't start. My car battery may be weak and my alarm remote(which I carry but never use to set alarm or lock doors) has no effect on the alarm. I tried inserting the key and turning it 3 times in 5 sec to no effect. My car is parked now,unloc

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2007 Grand Vitara. After starting following routine 5 km trip it locked in Park. Lock light on dash came on. Used shift lock to get it going. No gear shown on dash (automatic). Engine light now shows on dash. However car seems to be operating without mechanical noise and is changing gears successfully. Cruise will not activate. Cannot start car with keyless instument but can be overridden by using the actual physical key. We are remote for another week and not got access to Suzuki dealer

Hi.The shifter stays locked in park before an electrical problem in the brake wiring system.There is a circuit connected to break pedal and park brake that release the shifter from park position lock when brake pedal and handb ... Suzuki Grand Vitara

2002 Saturn sl2 power locks were fluttering, clicking, opening on their own when the car is started. I was reduced to opening the car using the keys. For few days car is parked and untouched, yesterday I found the car doors all open and car will not start. Did the power door relay (which one, the lock or the unlock relay? there are 2 different relays!) cause the car battery to get drained? How to check?

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1997 Carrera Targa. The remote fob unlocks the car and disables the immobilizer so tha car can start, but when I park the car and lock it using the key fob it locks but after a while the hazard lights start flashing. This seems to have started after the battery drained completely and was replaced.

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How to use the remote start for my prado? the remote start indication off is not lit, when the car is parked a press the organge start button on the remote box but nothing happen, if I check the info button on the remote box I get info that the engine is off. What do I wrong for be able to start my Prado with the remote starter?

When u click orange button with letter E on your remote , its blinks 4 times, within that time( 3 seconds) press start button on your remote. Thnx nasar ... Toyota Land Cruiser

Hi...we just replaced the battery in my 99 Toyota 4runner Limited. Now when I use the remote key to unlock or lock the vehicle it no longer makes the beep horn sound. The remote itself still works to lock and unlock the vehicle. Could it be a fuse or something? Also note I have a aftermarket remote keyless start. It still works ...just not the beep. I guess it shouldn't be a big deal but the beep is nice whenever I park in a huge parking lot and can't quite remember where the car is and let's me

The aftermarket remote starter probably reset. Do you have the instruction manual for it? You should be able to run it through the initial 'start up' options and set the horn to beep for you. ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

Car has been running fine. Parked and locked from the inside, not with remote. Few hours later unlocked with remote and car will not start, not even a click. Have checked all connections, wires, fuses everything. Chip in key is loose so we had the Buick dealership cut a new key. After that it started once only to shut down immediatey like the fuel just shut off. I feel this is a security system issue but do not know where to start to fix it.

Call ONSTAR ... Buick Riviera

My car won't start but I have power for lights, radio, etc. The alarm won't go off either from the remote start but I can use the fab to lock and unlock my doors and trunk. As you are sitting the in the car with the key in the start position for the radio to run the securtiy prompt above the speedometer continues to display. I tried using both original keys to see if the chip was bad but that had no impact. The DIC displays two prompts: check gages volt and service theft system. Would this be a

Take it in. it can be a bad ignition switch or a bad starter. or a bad relay, or broken wire somewhere. A scanner will rule out a couple things so the tech wont waste time guessing ... 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

I went to start my 2004 Suzuki Verona 6 cylinder car and the key will not turn at all allowing the car to start. I have checked the fuses, and attempted to ensure it is all the way in park. The wheel is locked and no matter what I do it will not ublock and I cannot move the atomatic shifter out of park, Suggestions?

Try turning the key while rocking the steering wheel off the lock, sometimes the lock will bind up the ignition cylinder. If this doesn't work, try a different key ... Suzuki Verona

Security ovveride My volvo was low on power steering fluid. I added the fluid. (some did spill as I poured) The dip stick seemed to be at the correct level after I filled it up prior to that it was at add. When I went to start the car The hazard lights began to flash. And it sounded as though some type of alarm went off. I am unable to start the car or use the locks. I checked to see that The power steering cap was put back on tight it was. My mom just gave me this car and I dont have the remote

Ok Stephanie I just fixed the same prob on mine im not sure what caused it but try puling the #13 fuse it shoule be a 15amp pull that fuse start the car then stick the fuse back in you should be golden. ... 1998 Volvo S70

Hello my husband is stranded in a parking lot right now. He owns a 1995 Cadillac seville when he tried to start his car it would not start his security light came on telling him to wait three minutes and try again didn't work. He also tried locking the car and using the key to unlock, checked the fused, cleaned the stupid key and so on anything else we can try? We only have one key to the car any way to know if its the key and not the steering column wires or whatever else? Thanks Kristin

You can check the resistence of the ignition lock cylinder by putting the key in the ignition anb follow the two small white wires coming out of the bottom of the steering coloum disconnect them from the connector and use an ohmeter if you do not ge ... 1999 Cadillac Seville

If I unlock car with key, horn blows. If I start vehicle, it starts okay but shuts off immediately afterward. I tried unlocking manually, then relocking manually. Batteries are NEW in remote and Reily's checked the remote lock pad and it is okay. Can I disable this alarm temporarly? Relay? Right now I have it parked in a high crime area....

Did you try doing that with other door?if not i would try then unlock doors then if horn don't blow put key in and cycle 3 times then turn off wait a few then start you may also find a reset procedure in the owner manual hope this works 4U if it dos ... Dodge Durango

My 2008 Outlook is locked up - the key goes in and comes out but, will not turn, car is stuck in park, steering wheel will not turn. Lights work, locks work, remote start does not work. Cannot get it towed to the local dealership since it is stuck in park - anyone out there have some advice?

This problem was part of a Saturn recall at one time, although I am not sure of the year. You should definitely press the dealer on this. Anyway, to get your key to turn, pull on the steering wheel and turn it sharply and hard to the left while try ... 2008 Saturn Outlook

Parked my land rover 2003, went back in 2 hours used remote key to unlock the car, but steering wheel would not unlock, could not start the car, could not even turn the steering wheel, help.

Sounds like\015\012\015\012\015\012your key has been damaged\015\012or locking pin the the steering lock meck has jammed or \015\012the mech at the back of the lock with the wires has j ... 2003 Land Rover Discovery

1995 ford t bird lx v8, a relay? "switch clicking" on and off sound from behind digital clock which also blinks. it happens when doors are opened by remote, when car ignition is started, stops after speeding up, comes back on when slowing down, and when remote door locks used, the sound and blinking lasts about 3-4 minutes. i dont know if this is relavent but this all started immediately after i loaded 4 big bags of topsoil into the trunk. also, it isnt the airbag sensor as it was dismantled yea

You have a ground wire loose somewhere in the car. This would explain both the clicking (the noise you hear is caused by electricity as it jumps from the loose wire to a nearby metal surface) and the blinking (bad grounding contact). You will need to ... Ford Thunderbird

I have a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer, and sometimes when the car is in park, the steering wheel will not lock, and then I cannot turn the lock cylinder to start the car. I cannot engage the wheel lock to be able to start the car and take it out of park.

Make surethat the car is all the way into parkwhen you turn the key off. If yourparking the car on a hill or on an obstruction. you should try to avoid this as the park has too big a load on it as it's parked and you have to force it out of park ben ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT

There is a clicking noise for about 3-4 seconds that repeats 2 or three times during my ten mile drive home. It seems to come from the doors as if the locks were going on and off. This happens while I'm driving, and when I park and lock using the inside button on the door, the horn sounds about five minutes after I leave the car. It can be stopped with the remote unlock fob. This started two days ago after a hard rain and some rain got into the driver's side door which may not have been tig

Unhook negative battery post for about a minute then reconnect. never hurts to change remote batterys, make sure you get all the water out of doors drill a whole in bottom of door if you have to ... Saturn Vue

Key stuck in ignition of 2005 Ford Focus. Tried jiggling steering wheel while turning key, tried moving from Park position. Car starts, but I have to use the extra key to lock car. Also, does the key-in-ignition warning alarm drain the battery life? Have heard from some that I would do more damage by spraying lubricant. This is 2nd time it has happened.

Your ignition have to be replaced\012focus 2002/7 have that problem and a lot more often if you have a lot of other keys with it,try some wd40 ,but if you do take the key out replace the ignition or you going to get stuck. ... 2005 Ford Focus

Sometimes when starting the car the key does absolutly nothing. Car is in park, steering locked with no preasure, foot is on brake. Key will not turn. I try moving steering wheel, tapping on key with screwdriver handle works sometimes. After some time passes it will fire and start/run fine. The key is old however using newer valet key has the same effect at times...nothing. Any clues as to what the problem might be?

It sounds like the ignition lock cylinder has worn out. This is the part you put the key into. It has tumblers that can wear out and when this happens, the key no longer pushes the tumblers in the correct sequence or position to allow the cylinder t ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have an o3 ford escape with an aftermarket autopage remote start system.when i try to use the remote start it flashes the parking lights and all the accesories fire up but will not ingauge the starter. the security light in the cluster is flashing during this.if i put my factory key in ignition (not start it) then try the remote start, it works fine. obviously the vehicle ''thinks'' its being stolen when just using the remote start. i have also checked all doors hood etc to make sure they are

The issue is the securilock system I installed one in my 03. You need a spare coded key (one that starts the vehicle) and a Bulldog 791 kit. ths will store the spare key and tell the vehicle it is not being stolen. Its the only way unless you want ... 2003 Ford Escape


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